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Brothers Internet Café

Wang Zheng and Zhang Shan were in the hall. At this moment, the hall was overcrowded. If not for Wang Zheng being an old customer, they would not even be able get some space to stand.

Ever since there were more challengers, the Boss' business became better and better. The hall was transformed into a viewing area and the hologram was updated. Its clarity was higher now. Looked like the Boss had been earning quite a lot recently.

The commentators appeared.

They were Old Deer, who was a familiar face, and also the newbie, Ailun.

Ailun, who had strong support from the Skeleton Corps, was also quite arrogant. Although his commentary was lacking due to inexperience, he could hold himself well against Old Deer. Previously, Bubbly Foam was always suppressed by Old Deer. She was, after all, a girl. But Ailun was not intimidated at all.

In 007, Ailun was the most eloquent amongst them. He was also the most incisive speaker, often going directly to the point, especially when he wore his pair of exclusive gold-rimmed glasses.

Using Ailun's words, there were different glasses to be worn for different occasions. This was his style.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the intensity of today's battle is unprecedented. After a few days of working together, I believe that our Solar System Team should have built a certain level of team spirit and understanding. They are the top competitors of the Solar System and are sure to defeat any invaders!"

Ailun gestured using his hands, raising the emotions of the audience as soon as he came up.

Old Deer's opening was usually calmer. "This time, the lineup of our team is the strongest that we've ever had - all the members are Kings of the Solar System's CT. Of course, the opponents from Locke's Star have also exhibited their strong ability in previous battles. This round of battle opens in the five-on-five format; it will definitely be a very exciting battle."

The Solar System team: Prince (Earth), ROOM (Mars), Ice Wall (Moon), MATA (Caragal Republic), Hammer (Earth)

Actually, Solon had used his power for the battle this time. After he referred to his subordinate's analysis, he invited three other external helpers. All three players were the Kings of their respective regions and had great abilities. They were a;sp very interested in this round's battle. Actually, the Earth region was not the strongest in the Solar System, it's just that it was the most popular. These Kings could not do anything if no one looked for them and only looked for players from the Earth region.

Locke's Star's team: Zha Rang, Piglet, Helpless Thousand Army, IQ Suppression, Solo Wind.

This was a battle with three rounds. The final winner would be the team with two wins. The mecha used were also the fanciest. When choosing the combat mode, the citizens from Locke were indifferent; they did not care at all.

It was well-known that citizens of Locke had the most comprehensive understanding of mecha in the Milky Way Alliance. They knew the advantages, disadvantages, as well as the optimal environments for usage, and at the same time, they themselves had mastered the usage of various mecha.

Their mastery of mecha extended to the fact that did not merely seek to pilot the mech, but rather to excel in it.

Hence, they were not really affected by some of the rules in the CT battle.

Zha Rang looked at the name list of the opposing team quietly. He was a little surprised. "Which one is Skeleton?"

Prince smiled lightly. "You have to beat us first before we will talk"

As there were participating players from other districts, this battle attracted quite a number of spectators from other districts. At this moment, the number of spectators online had hit more than 8 million. It was amazing for an invitational battle to attract such a high level of attention.

"If we beat you guys, will he come? Is this guy so afraid of losing?"

Zha Rang quipped, using a common phrase in CT. Playing this round was like beating primary school students, and there was not much suspense.

"So much talk, fight us before you talk so much."

The commentary area online was already full of quarrels. Old Deer made his analysis based on the situation, while Ailun analysed the situation based on the data available. For this battle, the two of them had the same stance.

Comparing mecha, the two parties were about the same, both used the standard high-end models.

Comparing abilities, because of the addition of three external helpers, both teams seemed very balanced. Also, on Earth's team, there were Prince and Hammer, who fought well together. They had won the title of best partners for two consecutive years in the Solar System.

Countless people were already screaming for the battle to start, they were very enthusiastic. In the first five minutes of the battle, it was difficult to predict who had the upper hand.

However, everything began to shatter when the opponents started showing their power.

Immediately, the score was 2 to 0.

Old Deer and Ailun were prepared to show off their grasp of the details in this competition, but the pace of the battle was just too quick. The two of them were at loss for words.

There was nothing fancy about the battle style. The style of the citizens of Locke was very clear - they simply oppressed their opponents.

Whatever knowledge the members of Earth had, these individuals also possessed. However, what differentiated them was their high level of mastery.

On the other hand, whatever knowledge the members of Earth did not have, the individuals of Locke had that as well! This was compounded by the fact that they also had a high level of mastery.

So based simply on the battle situation, there was not much to be amazed about. It seemed as though the opponent would win in such a scenario as the battle progressed.

The people from Locke were relaxed and chatting. Laughter could also be heard coming from their mecha.

They were not even taking this battle seriously.

It was too pathetic.

This outcome was unexpected. This team line-up may not have been the strongest in the Solar System, but it was definitely the strongest line-up that could be assembled within this time period. The key point was, this was the level of ability of the Solar System.

After the battle ended, everyone was discussing the reason for the loss, what went wrong and what should have been done to have secured victory.

IQ Suppression from the Locke's Star team could not hold back his laughter, and he laughed not only loudly but also mockingly.

"Are you guys kidding me? Look at the level of ability of the Solar System - you guys are just third rate. You really thought that we were here to take a look at your abilities? Please stop joking. Get Skeleton to come out and let us finish beating you. What a bunch of pigs."

Old Deer and Ailun looked at each other. They were at loss for words. IQ Suppression's tone could not even be considered sarcastic, he simply did not mince his words. His words had shocked awake a group of people from their wishful thinking.

Even Old Deer and Ailun subconsciously ignored his words. The gap between the abilities of the regions was too wide.

How wide was it?

It was so big a gap that one would even be willing to look at it.

Old Deer looked at Ailun. "Hey, Ailun, as an officer of the Skeleton Corps, in this situation, where is Skeleton? Don't tell me he's scared."

Ailun grit his teeth. Old Deer was trying to pull a fast one. He knew that he was just riling him up, but at this moment, even though he knew that it was a trap, he had no other choice but to fall into it.

He could not retreat. "Skeleton will definitely come."

"When is your definitely? The Locke's Star team has already fought all the way to your front door."

Old Deer pressed harder.

Ailun had no idea either. He could not contact Skeleton at all.

At this moment, Yan Xiaosu and An Mei were enjoying a passionate summer vacation together. He did not expect An Mei to have so many close girlfriends, this allowed Xiaosu the chance to show off. He enjoyed himself so much that he forgot about his work.

"Damn it, this is a sh*tty fight. What is wrong? Wang Zheng? Eh? Wang Zheng???"

Zhang Shan was very upset. He could not stand it. Who gave these Locke's Star citizens the courage to be so arrogant? Sh*t. When Earth existed, they weren't even born yet.

This was, after all, the home ground of the Solar System. Furthermore, it was not only just the Earthlings who could not tolerate those words. Even the people of the Moon and the Martians could not tolerate it. These outsiders were insulting them on their own territory. This battle would only escalate in intensity as time passed. To them, the key point was that these people would not be allowed to leave after being so arrogant!

A large number of high level players volunteered for another battle, swearing that if they did not beat the Locke's Star team, they would not be human.

"Boss,customer service is barely handling the flood of requests. The Moon region is requesting to send their champion team to fight."

Xiao Ya said. Ever since Solon told her not to wear any revealing clothes, she had switched to wearing tight-fitting clothes. Her impressive cleavage was very distracting.

Solon looked at Xiao Ya. This woman was a little weird. He was originally going to fire her, but he could not. She had a strong background supporting her.

Seeing Solon fall silent, Xiao Ya revealed a look of indignation. "Boss, don't you want to contact Skeleton? If not, I can also contact him. I think that it is easier for girls to communicate with him."

Solon took one look at Xiao Ya. "Did you undergo breast augmentation?"

Xiao Ya was stunned. "Boss, are you joking? I'm..."

This was not a question to be discussed in the office, especially when the boss was clearly very stressed..

"Go out, we'll wait."

Solon said lightly. He was waiting.

Although he had managed to get some high level players from the Solar System region to join the team, they still had no chance of winning. Solon was very clear that this was the strongest team he could muster on such short notice. It was just that he did not expect the opponent to be so strong and that they would beat them without mercy.

But wasn't this attempt just another desperate decision on his behalf?

He had no other way. This was the only method Solon could use to force Skeleton out.

And at another place on Earth.

Luo Fei was very surprised as he looked at Lear. "This? Boss, what happened today? You're letting me watch a battle?"

Luo Fei actually wanted to say "Boss, did you take the wrong medicine, or did you actually forgot to take your medicine?" but when the words reached his mouth, he swallowed them down. If he were to voice his thoughts aloud, he would definitely be the one eating some form of medicine…

"Damn it, this team sucks. Let me go up and beat them!" Fatty said arrogantly. Every time he was alone, Fatty acted very heroically, as though the only opponent that deserved to challenge him was the universe itself!

"Wait and you'll know," Lear said lightly.

Seeing Lear so serious, Fatty did not dare to be proud. He quickly sat up properly. Even though he did not know the level of Lear's true ability, if he wanted him to watch the battle seriously... especially when it was CT, Luo Fei was stunned and a little confused.

Skeleton? He seemed to have heard of him somewhere - he heard that he played well. When did Lear start being interested in this kind of stuff?

It seemed like many people were looking forward to his appearance, but the guy had yet to appear.

Hong... (Sounds of explosion)

The door was kicked open. "He's here, he's here, Boss!"

Solon immediately stood up and waved his fist fiercely. "Make an announcement immediately. F*ck it, it's time to kill them."

Solon could not help bursting into foul language. Ever since he became the boss of the Solar System region, Solon thought that his life was complete. Yet it seemed as though there was someone who did not want him to live too comfortably.

The number of live viewers online had dropped below 2 million. Those who had not left were most likely paid viewers.

Solon just waited quietly, 5…4…3…2…1…

"Boss, 10 million!"

In just that few minutes, the number of live viewers rose rapidly. The rate of increase was like the explosion of a planet.

Zha Rang and his team also realized that the main character was finally here. Once they beat him, their mission would be complete. They really did not want to waste too much time in a place like this.

Except even they were quite curious at this point. The number of viewers had exceeded 10 million instantaneously at just the appearance of that one person. This was indeed too exaggerated. They heard that the Solar System had a large population, looks like it was true.

Ailun adjusted his bow tie and stood up. "Ladies and gentlemen, the official battle is starting. What you are going to witness soon will be the beating of the kids from Locke's Star!"

"You can walk past, but you cannot miss this. Little Kiddo Skeleton has finally appeared. Don't be shy, everyone was waiting for you." Old Deer did not change his style of teasing. He was getting into the rhythm of things. After all, they were all counting on Skeleton to turn the tables. He thought in his heart that the people of Locke were too stupid. If they had not riled them up, Skeleton might have left them some face. Now all they had to do was sit and wait.

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