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The strong shockwave that came from the college was of near inhuman level. It had gone beyond the normal Ability X's range. Ever since she dropped out of Academy X, she did not have a clear understanding of the levels of Ability X, but this level of ability....

Zhang Shan was training happily. His confidence was boosted by his bursts of Ability X. He could not wait for the IG selection. He wanted to beat those people who looked down on him. He wanted to beat them until they were scared witless and let them experience first-hand the power of Ares College.

Just as he was weightlifting excitedly, his facial expression suddenly changed. The dumbbell fell instantly and it almost hit his feet.

Suddenly, he lost his strength and fell to the ground. As he sat on the ground, he looked out of the window, stunned. What was that? Was that just his imagination?

After he awakened, he became obsessed with Ability X. This was especially after he found out that his ability was more uncommon and of a higher level.

But what was that wind just now?

Wang Zheng's dorm was already in ruins. At this moment, Wang Zheng was floating mid-air.

He was glowing an eye-piercing gold color. This kind of glow did not spread outwards, rather it looked solid and was contained within.

Was this his Ability X?

Wang Zheng was not sure, but he finally had a breakthrough for the Primordial Regression Technique!

The Primordial Regression Technique's Second Level!


At this moment, Wang Zheng became incredibly big and imposing - like a statue to be respected.


It had no borders. To you, it was an immeasurable existence. You might be able to see it, but you could not understand it entirely.


Wang Zheng's hands started burning, but it was not burned by natural flames. Wang Zheng did not have any feeling of being burned at all, but a strong invasive strength burst from him.


Elusive and unpredictable. Wang Zheng's body started flickering as though it was weightless.


Wang Zheng disappeared.

Like an illusion, after a while, Wang Zheng's body slowly appeared and slowly landed on the ground.

About an hour later, Wang Zheng opened his eyes. There was a ray of gold light that looked solid. His pupils were golden. Gradually, the gold light dispersed and his eyes returned to normal.

Wang Zheng stood up. There was a very intriguing feeling throughout his body. The world around him became clearer and more familiar. He felt closer to his surroundings.

At this moment, outside the window, a little bird flew in from the balcony. It looked at Wang Zheng curiously and Wang Zheng smiled at the little bird. The little bird did not seem to be afraid of him at all and flew onto Wang Zheng's shoulder. It lightly pecked at Wang Zheng's shoulder twice and flew away happily.

This was probably how an Ability X awakening would be. It was a feeling that could not be described in words. It was like getting a new life.

But his situation was completely different from that of others.

Ability X?

He did not have it at all, yet he had it all.

Most people knew Ability X, but they did not understand it. He, on the other hand, started with understanding Ability X, now he was gradually beginning to know it.

This was a wonderful feeling.

It was actually the result of the mutual confirmation of the Primordial Regression Technique and the breathing technique. Of course, the meetings on the Norton Star and Mars helped a lot, and he eventually achieved an understanding.

He did not know why, but Wang Zheng felt that there was a special connection between these things, even though they did not seem to interact at all.

However, as he grew stronger, he would understand everything one day.

That figure, the smile of the Sage. What was he smiling for? What was he waiting for?

Tsk tsk, it seemed like he really was a genius.

Wang Zheng could not help but be cocky. "Eh? How did it become like this?"

The whole dorm looked like it was robbed by robbers, and it was by a robber that had a strong desire to destroy everything. The dorm was completely destroyed.

A terrible scream came from a certain guy's dorm.

It was not just his things that were destroyed. Zhang Shan's and the other guy's belongings were also destroyed.

Sh*t, no wonder people always wanted to look for an empty secret chamber to train. Perhaps they were afraid of destroying public property.

"Boss, what's up? Don't tell me you did something wrong? I'm most definitely picking Princess Aina's side!"

Once he came up, Tyrant Su could not stop declaring his stance. Looking at Wang Zheng, he knew that he was in trouble.

"Oh, shut up, look." Wang Zheng pointed to the dorm.

Yan Xiaosu's mouth dropped wide open. "What the! Is there anyone who likes to rape dorms?"

"What? Can you use a different term? I had a little accident. Can you find a place for me and Zhang Shan, and also find someone to repair these? School is starting soon."

"A small matter, just leave it to me. Boss, you and Meng Tian have been spending a lot of time together; please do not let anything happen."

"How did you know that I was spending a lot of time with Meng Tian?" Wang Zheng waited for Tyrant Su. This guy was hiding something behind his words.

At this moment, another head popped out. "Wang Zheng, you chose Aina, we have nothing to say. However, if it is not Aina, it can't be anyone else."

Once An Mei appeared, Wang Zheng understood everything.

"Well, you're nothing special - you are a normal human with two shoulders and a head. I really don't know what they see in you."

At the side, Tyrant Su was winking furiously. The girls' dorm was separated into two factions. Even though they knew that they had no chance against Princess Aina, even if they had to give up everything, it was unlikely that they would reject the chance. Life was short and no matter what happened in the future, An Mei could not find any reason.

This opponent was powerful, but that was no excuse to give up the battle. An Mei was impressed with Zisu's calmness. She was never interested in quietly supporting anyone. It was something only the foolish would do.

"Xiaosu, please educate your An Mei. We are all classmates and comrades."

Wang Zheng could not do anything. It was completely useless to reason with An Mei. Only Xiaosu could stand her character.

"Xiao Mei, how could you speak to Boss this way?" Yan Xiaosu made a fierce face.

At one side, An Mei bowed very gently. "Prince Wang Zheng, please forgive me."

Wang Zheng covered his face. He had nothing to say to this pair of clowns.

Yan Xiaosu had gone to An Mei's house. An Mei's parents received Yan Xiaosu grandly. Even though An Mei's mother was quite a difficult person, that difficult mother-in-law was very good to Yan Xiaosu, her future son-in-law. If An Mei dared to cause trouble, without having to wait for Yan Xiaosu to say anything, she would be destroyed by her own mother.

Of course, there was also a fun little brother-in-law who could boot-lick very well.

When Zhang Shan returned, he also had a shock. He looked at Wang Zheng from top to toe. "Don't tell me you actually have the tendency to be violent?"

Wang Zheng did not know whether to laugh or cry. "It was a little incident, looks like we'll have to stay out for these few days. That's right, there is somewhere where we can do that."

The club card that Yan Xiaosu owned could provide them such a place. The conditions inside were better than the dorm.

Zhang Shan did not really care, but when Chen Xiu and Allen Yao returned, they would definitely get Wang Zheng to pay a lot for the damages.

"Let's take a break today. The brat Ailun became a commentator. I heard that he is doing well. There's an important competition tonight, let's go support him."

Zhang Shan said.

"Eh? Weren't you not interested in this?"

"It's not like that. It's just that recently as I practice more, I want to know more about mecha. But our conditions are too limited."

The mecha world was like a bottomless hole. It was very difficult to even own a complete set of mecha on CT, not to mention in reality. One should stop dreaming about it.

Even the average financial corporations would not dare to do so.

OMG was already considered impressive, but their accumulation in this aspect was still nothing compared to that of those military giants.

"I heard that there's one person called something like Old Deer who claims that he is the number one commentator in the whole of the universe. Ailun's nickname is Better than the Best Commentator in the Universe. This guy is really a troublemaker, daring to challenge the highest authority in the new field that he entered. What character! He is no doubt from our 007. Anywhere he goes, he's a king."

"Sure." Wang Zheng was also in high spirits. He finally had a breakthrough in the problem that had been troubling him for months.

"...What's that smell?"

"Ahem, let's go. There will be someone coming to clean up."

Wang Zheng's whole body was sticky. He needed to wash up and clean himself completely first.

Far away in Aslan, the daily life of Aina after the adulthood ceremony was in the eyes of many people, full of glory. However, only Huiyin understood that it was something that was full of struggle and hardship.

On her return journey, Huiyin shared all details of her experience on Mars with Aina. On the other end of the Skylink, Aina smiled very brightly. Huiyin had sugarcoated the events without a doubt.

The higher the position, the bigger the responsibility. That was why Huiyin did not want to lose her freedom like her cousin, but Aslan needed such a person to inherit all the responsibilities of the nation.

On her way back, Huiyin chose three places to have three more concerts. From a monetary aspect, there was obviously not much significance, but politically, the meaning was significant. Actually, unknowingly, Huiyin was also fulfilling the obligations of an Aslan Princess. It was just that she was using another method.

Aina was gradually coming into contact with the different aspects of the Aslan Empire - formulating national policy, proposals regarding the country's macroeconomic aspects, etc....

Although at the moment, she was just watching and listening in to the process and not participating in sharing opinions, but one day, these would become her responsibilities.

Compared to Huiyin, she was indoctrinated since young with the idea that she was living for the sake of the country. Aina was also rebellious, but compared to the average youth, she was a lot less rebellious. The only time she was rebellious was when she met Wang Zheng. This had already become the main reason for her to persevere.

It was only when she could do better that she would have more rights to speak. This was what Aina really wanted to do.

"Your Highness, the documents from the Mara Nine Countries Summit."

Aiken Forli, the heir to the eldest son of Duke Forli, looked at Aina respectfully. He had been Aina's assistant for a month already. Actually, the assistants were also the Princess' aides. The team was formed from the youths of Aslan's elite groups and elites from various colleges. They would accompany the princess as she grew and ultimately became the future queen's right arm.

This was also a period of observation for those elites. At this moment, they not only looked at one's background, but also their ability in carrying out daily duties. Aslan was a very rational country. They would not ignore the importance of the power of teamwork, much less the importance of a talent. One great person was enough to change the world.

But who was that great person?

Everyone said that they were the genius. They always said that they simply lacked the opportunity, but gold always glows.

Today, Aiken was on duty. His heart was filled with aspirations and admiration. Youths did indeed have passion. He was willing to give up his life for the Princess. Nothing could be compared to the Princess's praise.

Not only that, he was convinced that he could be a power for the Princess. He need not say anything for himself - a top student of the Royal College Business School and he was from a family that owned a massive range of interplanetary supply routes.

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