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The feeling of returning to Earth was amazing. Meng Tian and Zhang Runan were not gossipy. Zhang Shan, on the other hand, grabbed Wang Zheng to ask him all sorts of questions. Meng Tian and Zhang Runan couldn't help but smile. It looked like the Mountain Maiden was seeing his lover.

"Ah! The Sage taught you!"

"Sh*t, what bull! It was a pity I didn't go!"

Wang Zheng found Zhang Shan slightly bewildering. "Just say it. What good thing has happened? Looking at you, it seems like you can't wait to tell the whole world."

"Haha, it seems you have seen through me," Zhang Shan bragged. "Ten thousand words are not as effective as showing you."

"Ah. You improved your mech piloting abilities?"

"What do you mean improvement? I will let you see a legendary ability that allows me to blitz through the universe!"

Today was going to be his first time using his ability on a mech. Zhang Shan climbed into the Bata Type V and steadied his breathing.

Wang Zheng and friends moved a short distance away. Looking at Meng Tian and Zhang Runan's mysterious behavior, Wang Zheng was curious to know what was going on. "What is he trying to pull off? He seems so cocky."

"Why don't you see it for yourself? Zhang Shan is about to pull off something amazing," Zhang Runan said.

Zhang Shan was extremely confident as he sat inside his mech. "Good afternoon, everyone. Take a good look. This is the time of a miracle!"


The three of them watched silently. A loud bang resounded and the three of them were eagerly anticipating the result…

A moment later, the cockpit opened and Zhang Shan jumped out while waving his arms. "How was that! Wasn't that awesome? Wang Zheng, you don't have to worry. You will awaken your Ability X one day!"

The three of them glanced at each other before peering at Zhang Shan curiously…

"Why are you looking at me? It was such an awesome warp through space-time. Aren't you guys jealous?" Zhang Shan was not satisfied with the expressions of his fans.

Meng Tian helplessly pointed behind her. "Why don't you see for yourself."

Zhang Shan turned his head. Ah. It looked a little familiar.


Zhang Runan walked over. "The distance travelled was about 10 feet. You took 3-4 seconds to move over. I think this is enough to get you killed."

Zhang Shan wanted to kill himself with a block of tofu. Granny's leg. He wanted to look cool, but he had been thwarted.

However, Wang Zheng did not speak. He was really quite surprised and shocked. Something wonderful and mysterious had taken place.

"You awakened your Ability X?"

"Yes! Granny's leg. It's so weak. F*ck. It's downright useless. I can't even use it to move more than two steps. This will really get me killed!"

After fully exerting himself, he was only able to warp just a short distance. It was worthless. Although the Ability X's energy consumption was large, it was unusable in times of danger.

Wang Zheng nodded his head before clapping Zhang Shan on his back. "Rome wasn't built in a day. You brat, you're quite impressive. How awesome!"

"Really?" Zhang Shan was a little nervous. He was one that sought Wang Zheng's approval.

"B*llshit. Are you trying to demoralize me? Even in my dreams I'm trying to find a way to awaken my own Ability X." Wang Zheng rolled his eyes.

"However, it doesn't seem to be very useful."

"You need to train. You aren't an old man. What you have is time."

Zhang Shan was extremely excited upon hearing Wang Zheng's words. He immediately began to explain to him how he had awakened and how he understood it.

This experience was extremely valuable to Wang Zheng. Especially as he had yet to awaken his own Ability X. It was clear that Wang Zheng would not awaken his Ability X naturally. He knew that he had to do so in a way which was similar to Zhang Shan. However, dangerous situations would not be enough. Even if death was on the line, Wang Zheng had been trained to stay cold and calm.

…the more excited Zhang Shan was, the more Wang Zheng yearned to have his own Ability X.

Meng Tian and Zhang Runan also wished to assist Wang Zheng. Deep down, they felt that Wang Zheng could lead them to victory in the upcoming IG selections. However, the lack of an Ability X was a crippling blow to his potential prowess. Even Zhang Shan had one now. If Wang Zheng had his own Ability X, their team would rise to an unprecedented level of power.

"It is as Zhang Shan said, it's all up to fate. Even if I was anxious, it would be useless. I have to wait for the right opportunity," Wang Zheng said as he helplessly shrugged his shoulders. Raston and Lie Xin were similar in this regard. The moment they awakened their Ability Xs, they had transcended in terms of strength.

Zhang Runan suddenly nodded her head. "Wang Zheng, I feel that you do not need to worry about this. All roads lead to Rome. Amongst all those Ability X users, how many of them actually got to the peak without the support of their Ability? Too many to count! Too many things are still unknown right now!"

"Manly Sister, Mighty Meng, and Wang Zheng! I will protect you during the next stage!" Zhang Shan grasped Wang Zheng's shoulder as he proclaimed his words. "We will use our intelligence to beat our opponents!"

It has to be said that the two most intelligent individuals in IG were most likely these two.

Training resumed as per usual. Other than normal training, Meng Tian, Zhang Shan, and Zhang Runan also had to train their usage of the Ability X. They trained relentlessly every day. However, this training was mostly to develop and further their understanding of their own powers. During this point, Wang Zheng became their audience.

He could clearly feel the difference between the three, yet he could not control this power.

Student Wang felt a little down. Why couldn't the heavens illuminate a path for him?

The Sage was the same. He chose to obscure his face and hide. Since Wang Zheng was a fated person, why did he not provide any guidance? Why couldn't this be like the stories where a powerful elder would come and save the protagonist in a time of danger and guide them to greater heights?

Wang Zheng felt more depressed at this point. At the same time, the Kings were feeling pretty depressed as well.

In the livestreaming area, Yao Ailun and Old Deer were staring face to face, arguing to no end.

"He really is a person from Locke. When did this team change?" Yao Ailun was shocked.

Locke's Star. A famous location in the Sagittarius constellation. As the situation in the constellation was always unstable, a lot of events had also occurred there. As a result, the people of Locke's Star had also become hardened by the situation. It was a star full of professional soldiers. All of the youth from there were conscripted since young, so they did not possess carefree lives like other children.

In Locke's Star, they had recently started numerous mecha courses. They chose the most outstanding youths to be trained and developed. At the same time, they reached out to intergalactic corporations and private arms dealers to set up there.

Hence Locke's Star was essentially heavily militarized.

The soldiers there were known to be professional and dedicated. Mineral-rich planets liked to hire mercenaries from Locke. What differentiated them was that these mercenaries from Locke followed certain guidelines. They would never join the army or take part in political struggles, they would only be part of commercial endeavors. This was what made them so attractive to certain intergalactic corporations.

Although Locke's Star's strength was not at the peak, compared to a power like Aslan, they were still quite well rounded. Other than Atlantean mecha, the moment any country had released a new mecha into the market, the people of Locke would immediately begin to research it. They were extremely professional in this aspect as well.

Furthermore, the people of Locke did not research anything other than mecha, not even spaceships.

Hence even the Immortal Barbarians knew that if there was anyone that could beat them at the usage of the Jungle Scamper, it would be the people of Locke.

The people of Locke did not participate in IG. However, no one would look down upon their abilities, especially regarding their research and understanding of mecha.

Some had said that the people of Locke were money-minded. They would not do anything without profit. Naturally, they had their own CT region. People were not machines, they enjoyed the occasional game and would even play in the Earth region occasionally.

However, they were not people who merely sought simple-minded pleasures; this was not how a person of Locke was like. The people of Locke were pragmatic.

They originally thought that these people had faked their identities as people of Locke. However, after looking closer, it was clearly not the case.

Bragging Simon pounded the wall in anger. "D*mn it. Where did these brats come from?"

Losing was not depressing. What was depressing was that the Pentastrike used by the enemy outdid Bragging Simon's own Hexastrike! This was simply a taunt.

They had used the exact same move, but the enemy had grasped the essence of the move even better than Bragging Simon himself. They had truly completely comprehended the mysteries of the move.

As a professional player, they took pride in specializing in a particular mech or move.

Prince was no different. Although his temper was better, he too was outmatched. It was essentially adults beating up children!

"It looks like the opponents prepared themselves before they came over. I think they would like to say something." Old Deer was very experienced with such matters. Deep down, he knew that the opponent had come with certain intentions.

The people of Locke were vicious and brutal. Their match was akin to crushing dried leaves and rotten twigs. They had completely suppressed the opponents.

At this point, a transmission was sent from the Locke's Star's team leader.

"I am Zha Rang. I only have one aim here: send Skeleton out and don't waste my precious time!"

Following which, he stopped the transmission. He was truly acting tyrannical.

Prince and the rest finally understood why they were here.

They were here to cause trouble and enhance their own reputation. The Earth Region was just too hot right now. Numerous players from the Solar System had come to play in the Earth Region, bringing life to it. In fact, a lot of experts had come here to bully the players of Earth, and many of them chose to declare war openly. It has to be said that this was an effective way of gathering attention.

Such a situation was nothing special, and it was all in the name of fun. However, for the people of Locke, they had come banging right on the door.

Prince and friends were infuriated, but they were helpless. This was something arranged by Solon.

However, Solon was equally infuriated. Didn't friendship come first?

In the past, when Solon was merely the vice president, he envied Mclaren. However, now that he was in his position, the stress was even greater than he had imagined.

Occasional inactivity was still a good thing. However, when things got heated, people would literally be banging on the doors!

This battle was like that. They had welcomed challengers from everywhere, regardless even if they were Atlanteans or from Aslan. All of it would improve the reputation of the region. However, these opponents were clearly not here to do that.

A normal match would definitely be exciting and anticipated. However, they had received a message from the CT board of directors to arrange a proper match.

There was no explanation nor any reasons given. A match just had to be organized. Even the chairman of the Solar System had to act on their words. If the board wanted to do so, they could have him removed with just a sentence.

The people of Locke. Was this a joke? They were a group of professional mercenaries who came to play CT. Wasn't that quite shameless?

Prince and the rest were professional players, and they had never been scared of players from the army. Although there were commonalities between real life and CT, they were still two completely different things. However, for the people of Locke, this too was also completely different. Most of the players from Locke were professional mercenaries, and CT was another source of income for them with just lower requirements.

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