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Huiyin wanted to leave a message for Wang Zheng. It was mostly to tell him that in the future, if he had anything he wanted to tell Aina, he could just send her a Skylink message. She would pass the message on to Aina immediately.

After thinking over things for a bit, she went to take a bath. Hugging her teddy bear, she entered a blissful dream.

This experience was both harrowing and intense. It felt just like a movie…

Zhang Shan was very hardworking. He had attained the fabled space-time type Ability X. It was incredibly awesome. However, after that incident, Zhang Shan was unable to utilize the ability again. He had no idea why this was the case. It was all like a dream.

Meng Tian and Zhang Runan wanted to help out. However, their situations were not the same. Once they had awakened their abilities, their Ability Xs could be used as easily as breathing. This perhaps was due to the way their Ability Xs were awakened.

However, they couldn't just try and stab Zhang Shan to death again! If he was mentally prepared for it, this would not work anymore. They had to leave it up to him to re-awaken his abilities.

"How about we reenact the scene and see if you can get a feel for it?" Meng Tian said. This was honestly the only option they had.

"I think this might be possible. We will just mock fight and see if Zhang Shan can remember the feeling he had then. Zhang Shan! Use that big brain of yours to try and recollect!" Zhang Runan said profoundly.

Zhang Shan scratched his head. He had already been conditioned to her insults.

Meng Tian and Zhang Runan entered their mecha. They would try to mimic the last battle as much as possible. At the same time, they hoped that Zhang Shan would remember what using the Ability X felt like.

Zhang Shan was not focused on the mock fight. Instead, he was searching for the feeling he had felt that day. The feeling which allowed him to warp through space-time.

Bang! Meng Tian and Zhang Runan approached each other. Titanium blades clashed and sparks flew.

Zhang Shan's eyes turned sharp. It was this very moment!


Zhang Shan's entire body's muscles swelled up. All his energy swelled up to a tipping point. "Let me warp!"

Kong Kong Kong!

Ah Ah Ah!

Gua Gua Gua!

Oh Oh Oh!

In the training ground, the two who had been fighting suddenly stopped. They turned and began to observe Zhang Shan, who was standing on the stage.

Looking at him screaming strange sounds, the two were puzzled. Was he trying to act out a joke?

Zhang Shan jumped a few times vigorously, trying to mimic his movements from before. His face was flushed red from his exertions. It was good that he had not fainted from restraining his breath.

With such a comical scene in front of them, Zhang Runan and Meng Tian were unable to continue fighting. They erupted into unrestrained laughter.

Zhang Shan was helpless. Could it be that his ability was short-lived? He even wanted to show Wang Zheng his ability when he was back.

"I think I'm just too stupid." The disappointed Zhang Shan had a face of helplessness. How was it that other people could do it so easily but he couldn't?

Meng Tian thought about it and replied, "Ability X is an ability that lies in the domain of your mind. The body is merely a carrier for it. When Ability Xs are unleashed, one will enter a very delicate state. It is not necessarily linked to an outburst, especially when you use it normally. The more agitated you are, the less likely you're able to use it. Why don't you try calming down?"


Meng Tian's words seemed quite sensible. The power was all in his mind. He had indeed approached this problem wrongly.

Zhang Shan closed his eyes and began to let his mind wander. He tried to think of nothing. Absolutely nothing. No thinking…


Student Zhang Shan had actually fallen asleep. To be honest, ever since he had awakened his ability, he had not had a good night's sleep.

An hour later…

"Why did you not wake me up! It was a whole hour! An entire hour was wasted!" Zhang Shan said regretfully as he slapped his thigh.

"More haste, less speed. Perhaps resting might have helped."

Zhang Runan couldn't be bothered with him. She just had an entire hour of peace, and it was wonderful. However, Zhang Shan woke up and interrupted her. The very fact that she had not beaten him up was already very nice of her.

Meng Tian spoke again. "Try reimagining the feeling you had when you were in danger. It might trigger your ability again. Don't worry. Since you have done it once, it can be done again. It's just a matter of time."

Frankly, Meng Tian did not understand this very well. She had awakened her abilities naturally and was able to use it easily. It was difficult to explain how she was able to utilize her ability. It was something as easy as breathing to her.

Zhang Shan listened attentively and then was harassed by Zhang Runan once again. After taking into account their suggestions, he found a small corner where he continued his training…


Once again he fell asleep…

It seemed like this would take some time…

Meng Tian and Zhang Runan glanced at each other. The two of them understood that Zhang Shan's effort was due to his low self esteem. He did not want to be the one dragging the team down. Meng Tian and Zhang Runan possessed strong abilities and Wang Zheng, although he lacked an Ability X, possessed peak physical prowess.

In the end, Zhang Shan had broken through. Inspiration was not something that could be based off memory. It came through seeing and understanding.

He was an amazing physics genius, so why did he keep on thinking of those strange, improbable ideas?

What was space-time movement? It didn't require one to change. It required one to warp the fabric of space-time. When one moved from one coordinate to another, the body didn't actually move!

What changed was space-time itself!!

Ability Xs were unique. Everyone understood it differently. Meng Tian's and Zhang Runan's understandings were only applicable to themselves. The more they tried to explain their way of using it, the more Zhang Shan would be misled.

Upon reaching this new level of enlightenment, Zhang Shan felt that he was invincible. This belonged to him. Although his path had been long and arduous, he had finally found the key.

This point was as Meng Tian and Zhang Runan had said. Sometimes after resting and relaxing, one would be able to reap even better gains.

Zhang Shan was not willing to bring the team down. He sought to show his prowess during the second phase of IG training. This was what he had to fight for!

It gave him a goal. He would shake the Milky Way!

Meanwhile, a huge situation had developed in the CT world. Lady Goddess Bubbly… had been stolen away!

Those who were smiling were congratulating her, those who were crying… were scolding Little Red Noob. That b*tch. He acted decisively and had captured the Lady Goddess. It was just too despicable!

Regardless of what people said, Rainbow only replied, "Thank You!".

The angered crowd gestured obscenely. One was in so much pain that he couldn't help but lament, "Rainbow, you beast! What did you do!? Did Bubbly Foam's family actually agreed to let you marry her?!"

Dating was one thing, but marriage was a huge affair. Furthermore, wasn't Bubbly Foam a student? Wasn't this just too quick? Regardless, how could Bubbly Foam's family agree to this?

Little Red Noob was just too quick. The word "fast" had a lot of legends associated with it. As of now, "Ice Cream" was the most famous one of those legends...

"What is Ice Cream?" Bubbly Foam's fans asked curiously.

"Ah. At midnight, Little Red Noob brought a box of vanilla ice cream. This act had moved Bubbly Foam's family."

"F*ck. A box of vanilla ice cream? Who are you trying to fool?"

"Bubbly Foam's family are very kind people. Little Red Noob was extremely earnest and they were very happy. Of course, showed up driving his 'Deep Freeze' supercar. If he used a normal car, the ice cream would have melted on the way there!"

Regardless of who the girl was, the family would definitely have accepted. The key to chasing a girl had to do with the word "fast", whether it be a fast car or acting fast…

However, the one who had replaced Bubbly Foam was also a famous personality, although he was a newcomer in the commentator circle. It was the legendary Yao Ailun, the one and only Super Xiu and the person who had formed the Skeleton Corps!

"Brother Ailun, its time."

Chen Xiu connected a holographic device to the network. In a minute, Yao Ailun would connect to the commentator's channel to perform the first commentary of his life.

When he received the offer, Yao Ailun did not hesitate. Furthermore, he was quite free during the summer holidays. He also wanted to spar with that Black Deer!

The first battle…

He was commentating a game on behalf of Bubbly Foam for the Earth's Professional Summer games.

Super Xiu was actually a famous name in the CT circle. He had won numerous accolades and his analyses had also received over 10 million 5 star ratings.

When he entered the commentator's channel, the holographic device not only transmitted his image onto other's screens but also the live images of the battle to his screen.

In an instant, all the sounds were transmitted through the device into his ears.

Yao Ailun adjusted his spectacles and quickly composed himself. Without a doubt, Student Ailun was in his best attire today.

On the other hand, right beside him sat Comrade Black Deer.

"Let me introduce him to everyone, this is our new commentator. He is one half of the legendary analysts 'Super Xiu', Super Ailun! However, deep down, I am extremely sad. Bubbly Foam has retired from the commentator circle and has been replaced with a spectacled baby," Old Deer said as he asserted his dominance.

"Hello, everyone. I am Super Ailun. Firstly, I would like to congratulate Lady Goddess Bubbly Foam. I believe that my insight can make the commentary more professional and persuasive, preventing others from talking crap."

After which, he gave Old Deer a slight smile.

The Skeleton Corps erupted into laughter. Chen Xiu truly understood Yao Ailun. He had never seen him act this way, but the more he did, the more excited he got.

When it came to commentary, it was also a cooperative role. Old Deer was also a form of entertainment.

"Haha. The new person seems quite excitable. Excellent. You can learn from me and become more professional." Old Deer shrugged his shoulders. He knew that the other party was not a friend of his. That b*stard Solon didn't have any good in intentions.

Yao Ailun smiled. Was this a market? The crazier others were, the more HIGH he would be! "Instead of learning, I believe my brothers hope that I will be able to do something more meaningful. I think everyone knows what I'm trying to say."


Before the battle had started, the discussion forums had already heated up.

"The Deer Fan Club has come to watch!"

"Team Baikai wants to fight! If Black Deer does not die or surrender, kill him!"

At this time, the professional team's manager had also joined the discussion. The Baikai team had not performed well recently and was on the brink of relegation. At this point, Old Deer had opened the floodgates. It has to be said that it made many people furious, and a few of the neutral audience members started to lean towards the Baikai team.

"Old Deer will definitely not die. The Baikai team wants to borrow my luck and fame? Impossible. They need to pay for it!" Old Deer smiled and rebutted. Meanwhile, he sent a private message to the team manager. "Are you trying to play with me? Let's discuss fees."

The opposing manager replied, "OK."

This was a normal match. Both of the teams were also playing normally. However, Yao Ailun and Old Deer's struggle had attracted the attention of numerous eyes. Although Ailun was a newcomer, his words and resilience had stirred the audience. He had even aroused the support of some of Old Deer's supporters.

Both battlefields were equally exciting. Chen Xiu's three sisters were also rooting for Ailun. It has to be said that this brat looked quite handsome when he was doing such great things.

Solon watched the screen with a smile on his face. Although it seemed like a small thing, he believed that this would be an important decision in the times to come. Although many people had talent, few could recognize talent in front of them. He was one of those who could.

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