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Locke's Star's Kings were essentially famous individuals in the Great Mercenary College of Locke. In the eyes of the people from Locke, other than those who hailed from the strong empires like Aslan, the rest were no more than drifting clouds.

They possessed a complete and systematic form of training and were able to develop invincible individuals and small squads.

There was nothing one from Locke could not do nor did not know,

A wealthy patron had paid a large sum for these individuals to come to Earth to trounce Skeleton.

It was a simple job for Zha Rang, and he would earn a tidy sum upon completing it. Of course, the patron also had their own request. They had to suppress and utterly decimate their opponents with what they were best at.

This was what the people of Locke were good at and something they could accomplish.

Locke's Star's Institute of Tactical Skills specialized in research and replication. Frankly speaking, a normal star was not able to do what they did. This was the specialty of those from Locke. In the entire Milky Way Alliance, this was what they were known for.

There was a rumor that said that they were even able to utilize Atlantean mecha. They had discovered a method to do so, but it required them to pay a steep price.

Solon had expected this. Under pressure, he advertised the match on the official website. However, he did not put great effort into advertising. Even though this was the case, with how hot the Earth Region was, such a message would not go unnoticed.

Although it was a disastrous defeat, the audience was excited.

Someone was looking to die again!

It was simple: Skeleton just had to appear and they would be crushed.

This was what everyone wanted to see. However, a headache was coming.

Old Deer possessed the insight of an experienced professional. Yao Ailun, on the other hand, possessed an eye for extremely technical analysis, albeit the fact that he was an amateur at it. However, both of them were very enthusiastic. Locke might not have been the region with the best CT players, but when it came to understanding the essence of a mecha, they were definitely one of the best.

It was an irreconcilable fact to say that they understood all mecha.

What was often whispered amongst experts was that if one wished to beat the people of Locke, they had to rely on heaven-defying talent and that it was futile to beat them in terms of technique.

These individuals had made the mech a part of them, a part of their lives.

Thus, these individuals were both arrogant and unrestrained.

It was all backed with skill though. Still, they were professional and ethical. If the price was right, regardless of whether it was a noob or an expert, they would fulfil their patron's words to the letter.

Although he was Earth Region's best support player, Hammer was tricked in a matchup.

Support-type mecha fulfilled a strategic role in a team. They sought to protect key players. In reality, support mecha were not so weak. They were hardy and could easily survive. However, in CT, they were usually the most easily killed due to their actions taken to protect their teammates.

Hammer was used to getting destroyed in place of his teammates. However, he had never felt so depressed about being destroyed. The opponent was also a support player and had actually tricked him. For the entire match, the enemy's support player did not appear and it seemed as though he was not planning to support his team.

The opponent's support player possessed a greater sense of the general situation and made better decisions. Frankly speaking, even the defeat against the Immortal Barbarians was not as depressing. The opponent was strong and he was defeated resoundingly. However, this time, he was defeated at what he was best at. He was completely outclassed in the way he supported his teammates and the understanding of the battle. This sort of defeat was truly depressing, and he even felt like retiring.

As for the opponent's arrogant declaration of war, it was nothing more than a feint.

Solon held on to the faint hope in his heart that Skeleton would appear again.

He contacted Yan Xiaosu, but Yan Xiaosu was actually not in the Asian Region. He was actually in the American Region doing some marketing work. The Yan family possessed superior business acumen and, combined with how famous the company was, everyone fought for the placement of their goods in their markets! Of course, they still produced sanitary napkins due to the fact that the investment in the space project would not see any returns in the near future and they still had to run a business. Their family did not possess the accumulated capital of OMG, so it was crucial for them to run their original business effectively.

Who said that selling sanitary napkins was a pointless endeavor? Yan Xiaosu still wanted to do his best in this market. A young man spewing fanciful words coupled with a sincere face did wonders. He was truly an amazing businessman.

He was persuasive and his products were appealing. This in and of itself was also an effort in publicity. There were beautiful women and handsome men used to advertise his products in the past year, which facilitated sales. However, even if he was not as good-looking and his personal approach seemed to run contrary to the original advertisements, it also worked in its own ways in facilitating interest.

This was especially so because Yan Xiaosu often finished his speeches with a single sentence: "Being a woman is great after all," which would cause the entire audience to erupt into laughter.

After receiving Solon's message, Yan Xiaosu felt slightly troubled. Wang Zheng was busy training, and he was busy with work. Everyone had to grow up eventually. CT was just a hobby. Sometimes one would enjoy the rush of unrequited gaming. However, what was important was that Yan Xiaosu could feel that Wang Zheng was gradually losing interest in CT.

Solon's message was filled with tears and wet noises. It painfully narrated how the people of Locke were barbaric and overbearing and he requested Skeleton to come and administer justice.

It was a pity that Yan Xiaosu was not a greenhorn anymore. CT was a huge corporation. The message was too exaggerated and this situation was likely caused by Solon himself.

In Wang Zheng's words, this was just a game. Win or lose, it was just for enjoyment. It couldn't possibly be a situation where every blow was met with a reaction, could it? How would that be fun anymore? It was obvious that the current trend was unsustainable.

Yet Yan Xiaosu still gave him a chance and asked Wang Zheng for his reply before euphemistically rejecting him. Wang Zheng was currently training and could not afford any distractions. What was more important was that Zhang Shan had awakened his Ability X. Originally, he thought that he had one foot in the door to awakening his own powers, but it seemed that success was nowhere in sight.

Wang Zheng had a stubborn personality. He felt unconvinced. There was definitely something different about him. He could clearly sense others' Ability Xs, but why was it that he could not use it?

He was not against playing CT, but the opponent had to be strong and he had to find the right opportunity.

Yan Xiaosu did not think much of the people from Locke and hence no longer brought it up.

Solon already knew in his heart how Wang Zheng would reply. Upon seeing the message, he could only let out a deep sigh.

This was not acceptable.

The opponent was just too overbearing, and merely relying on the Kings from Earth would just lead to another defeat. There was no doubt about it, if the opponents were mercenaries, it would not have been that bad. CT and reality were still considerably different after all. However, these opponents were students from a mercenary college! They were clearly experienced in CT and could adapt quickly.

Furthermore, the people of Locke had a habit that often caused their opponents to fall into despair. When they received a mission, they would actively research their opponent.

This was their professionalism. It was also why the people of Locke were famous. Word of mouth was incredibly important to them.

Solon did not have many chances left. Although he did not know who was pulling the strings, there was a 80-90% chance that someone wanted to suppress the Solar System region. Considering how popular the Solar System was now, it likely gained the ire of some other individuals.

There truly had been an endless number of battles this year.

However, he still had a trump card up his sleeve. He was no longer just the guardian of the Earth Region, he was the CEO of the entire Solar System!

The entire Solar System could rally to fight them!

With a beautiful girl inviting him over, Wang Zheng was compelled to acquise. All the more considering it was Meng Tian.

Looking at Wang Zheng eating with large bites and gulping down drinks, Meng Tian couldn't help but let out a slight smile. "You don't seem to have met up with Ye Zisu recently."

"Isn't Ye Zisu busy designing a mech?" Wang Zheng said. "Don't you two stay in the same dormitory? Should you not know more about this than me?"

Meng Tian stared at Wang Zheng. This boy was a genius at times, but sometimes he was denser than a brick.

"Ye Zisu and I have different aims in life. Wang Zheng, I have a plan for you that might awaken your Ability X," Meng Tian said wryly.

"Cough cough." Wang Zheng grabbed a glass of water before gulping it down in one go. He had almost choked on that piece of meat.

"Really? What's your plan?"

No one could stay calm in the face of these words, especially Wang Zheng. Pretending to be nonchalant would just give him momentary peace. He would rather die than be unable to awaken his abilities.

Meng Tian's face turned red. "Resonance. As you said, you can clearly sense and feel other people's abilities. That shows that you have the potential. You just need to find the way to unlock it. As life-threatening situations are unable to shock you, we have to use other means."

Only someone like Meng Tian, who had gone through Academy X, would have thought of such an idea.

"Resonance? What is resonance? Could you explain it in greater detail?"

"It is to use one's ability to stimulate your potential. However, it requires both participants' mental states to merge. At the same time, one's capacity to do this is limited. It requires one to consistently activate their ability."

Wang Zheng understood. Zhang Runan possessed the ability to release incredible strength for a brief moment and Zhang Shan possessed the ability to warp. These were abilities that were not consistently maintained. However, Meng Tian's ability could be sustained.

Student Wang Zheng felt as though he could finally see some hope. This could possibly awaken his ability through closely experiencing another's Ability X.

"Thank you, Meng Tian. I owe you a great favor. Whether it works or not, regardless if I have to go through a sea of knives or an ocean of flames, I will do something for you."

"One look and I can tell that you are insincere. Where in the world can you find a sea of knives or an ocean of flames? I am not doing this for you, but for the team. Its to prevent you from lagging behind in the second stage."

Although Meng Tian spoke as such, they both knew that she didn't truly mean it.

"We have gone through life-threatening situations together, so let's get it on. Who is going to follow who this time?" Wang Zheng began to feel a bit mischievous.

Meng Tian blushed. "I have to tell you something in advance. Once we merge our mental states, you might be able to see my memories. You have to promise not to look at mine!"

Wang Zheng was shocked. He had not thought of this. To infringe upon a girl's inner secrets was truly the greatest taboo.

"Relax, I will not do anything unrestrained!" Wang Zheng said as he patted his chest.

Unfortunately, this situation was likely to be something that neither party could control. However, Meng Tian was determined to get it to work. She was already mentally prepared for that result.

She watched Wang Zheng train relentlessly day by day. Although Wang Zheng might not have noticed, she knew that Wang Zheng was frowning more often. If not for the fact that there was no other solution, Meng Tian would not have resorted to such a method. It was akin to letting someone peer into their deepest and darkest secrets.

It was a pity that the dense Wang Zheng was unable to understand this point. He had not attended Academy X after all.

Meng Tian's bedroom was now empty. When Wang Zheng walked in, he was glared at by the lady managing the area as he made his way to Meng Tian's dormitory. As he was a student of the college, she did not stop him.

The female dormitory was truly different. It was cleaned spick and span, but there were rumors that not all dormitories were like this.

A short distance away, a room to a dormitory opened and a girl walked out wearing only her panties… Looking at Wang Zheng following Meng Tian, she merely smiled calmly and then walked away without a care…

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