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LMPO revved up his engine and dashed forward in a straight line. He had completely disregarded his own personal safety. Even if he were to be hit twice, it would all be worth it as long as he managed to cut down the opponent.

Anger could also be a source of strength. As the distance between the two sides decreased, the beast-type Jungle Scamper made its move and retreated three paces. It then transformed into its semi-beast form and fired off yet another shot.


The shot caused LMPO to stagger and he immediately came back to his senses. He realized that his way of perceiving matters was too naïve.

The durability of his energy shield was now down to only 43%. F**k! The shield had hit its limit.

LMPO dared not delay any further. There was only one way out of this situation. He had managed to execute the Bewildering Repeating Steps when he charged at the opponent just now. Given the difficult terrain as well as the speed at which he charged, he had done well to pull it off.

But why did everyone feel that the situation was so bleak?

There was no need for the Jungle Scamper to transform again. It made some minor adjustments and fired off another shot.

LMPO watched as the shot travelled towards him. The outcome of this battle had already been decided.

Even up until the end, he had no idea why all the shots were so accurate.



It was the ultimate lethal shot!

Wang Zheng was ecstatic. He was like a child who had just received his favorite toy.

Only two people remained, Virbius and DADI.

Their energy levels were full, but what could they have done?

Virbius charged in followed by DADI. There was only one thing on their minds: KILL!

The pair received hits while in the middle of their charge.

Both of their mecha crashed to the ground loudly. They had been shot out of the sky!

Ella rushed forward with the beast mode activated. Skeleton's Jungle Scamper charged in with equal speed. Were they going to engage in melee combat?

The distance between them closed to five meters. Ella continued advancing in the beast mode; this stance was at its strongest in melee combat. But Skeleton's Jungle Scamper transformed into the semi-beast form.

Lightning was too late! Using the javelin at this distance, was he seeking his own death?

Was he trying to throw the battle on purpose? Boom! Boom! Boom!

The spikes from the Lightning Javelin created a curtain of light.

One could imagine the amount of shock and awe that Virbius must have felt.


Jungle Scamper's weapons blasted away.

DADI was the only one left lying on the ground. But there were no signs of resistance from him… he had lost all of his fighting spirit.

Prince and the others had only managed to cover half of the distance. All of them stopped abruptly. There was no more reason for them to continue on.

At this moment, all they felt was self-pity. Was all this really necessary?

Why had they come to Earth?

DADI closed his eyes, but his opponent merely stared at him. He wished that his opponent would just pull the trigger and kill him already.

Dying in battle was honorable.

But right now, pressing the surrender button was all that he could do.

There was no glory in killing an opponent that had lost his will to fight.

Team eliminated!

As the duration between kills was too long, there was no announcement of a godlike streak. But in this one battle, they had experienced fear that was even greater than a god!

Earth Region Team: WIN!

The broadcasting studio was silent when the announcement was made. All eyes were focused on the mecha that had gotten slashed in half. Its weapon, the Lightning Javelin, pointed straight at the sky.

The sky was the limit!

Not just the opponents, even the viewers were totally captivated by this scene in front of them.

If a person who possessed the strongest restraint had to be named, it would be Old Deer.

"Alas, it seems like the legend of Skeleton will only end when I finally retire from the commentator's circle."

This unfunny joke shook the audience to their senses. The roar of cheers that followed was deafening.

The entire solar system was cheering. The Norton Star was filled with heated arguments, while not a single voice was heard over at Immortal Barbarian Star, whose audience numbered at 3 million. It felt as if the entire studio was empty.

"Formidable! Ferocious! No mercy was given to the opponent!"

"I am not interested in anything else right now, I just want to analyse the video the moment it becomes available. I feel that this will become a textbook method of handling beast-type mecha. I've seen quite a few of those battles, but all of them were kindergarten-grade compared to this one."

The commentators on Mars laughed as they spoke. They now felt that the incident involving Lie Guang was an insignificant one.

How could anyone believe it? Such an overwhelming victory was achieved while using the same mech as the opponent.

Skeleton did not turn on his energy shield for the entire battle. In fact, due to her lack of self-confidence, Virbius had already lost the battle the moment she turned on her shield.

But did such a god-like warrior even exist at all?

Inside an internet café, a certain tyrant wailed and howled like the wolves. It was a good thing that the entire café was filled with similar howls, though they were not at such a loud volume.

Solon sat like he was a wealthy landlord. He had one leg over the other and was holding a cigar in his hand. On his right side sat a bottle of champagne. He was clearly celebrating.

In actuality, the President's head was just blank. Every person's mental capacity had its limits. In all his years of managing CT, never had he seen such mastery or control of a mech.

Even for a godlike person, it would already be an amazing feat if such level was achieved within eight to ten years.

Chen Xiu and Yao Ailun started to busy themselves, it was their chance to shine.

Chen Xiu and Yao Ailun were two theorists who knew a great deal about the capabilities of mecha. Even before the battle began, both of them were already discussing the possibility of killing from an extreme distance. In the end, their prediction really did come true.

However, both of them were still stunned. They were not alone in this feeling…the entire region felt the same.

The initial hits were nothing, but the final few shots were of a whole new level.

The distance was accurately judged down to the millimeter. The Jungle Scamper's leap backwards was not to dodge an attack, but rather to create the right amount of distance.

Everyone's eyes were set on the first kill: PPA.

That was when the slaughter began. Initially, everyone expected the opponents to escape unscathed.

But in fact, the Jungle Scamper had already transformed into beast mode and given chase the moment the opponents intended to retreat. The opponents retreated quickly, but...

"Everyone, please observe that running on all fours result in the fastest speed. However, humans are not animals and thus, continued usage of this method after a certain distance results in this moment..."

Every explanation given was exciting.

Naturally, Skeleton had been in complete control. In that split moment, he had closed the gap between him and LMPO. As Skeleton entered the optimal range, he began his transformation into the semi-beast mode and finished even before he had landed. Any loss in control during the transformation would surely have resulted in an embarrassing sight.

However, the Jungle Scamper's shot was executed superbly.

"Did you see that? That display of self-confidence. He knew the shot would find its mark even before he pulled the trigger. If that shot had missed, there was no way he would be able to give chase afterwards."

Norton Star's commentator, "Number Seven", explained.

Not only this, he had discarded the Lightning Javelin and then proceeded to transform. This execution not only demanded strong control, but the ability to multitask as well. This was a method of accelerating quickly, just like the Immortal Barbarian Star's special swift beast variant mech. When the prey entered optimal range, the various limbs accelerated at different intervals to provide the sudden burst of speed. Although this method was not suited for long-distance travel, its strength lay in its ability to provide a burst of instantaneous speed.

Everyone knew that PPA was dead the moment this maneuver was used.

In the viewers' eyes, this was no longer a normal mech but a living demon king of the jungle.

Watching the game provided a feeling of enjoyment, but watching the analysis video gave them a sense of fear!

A crushing blow such as this would definitely take first place on this week's CT video rankings in both this solar system and Andromeda.

This would not be surpassed by anyone else!

The multiple precisely measured distances were the icing on the cake. No words of praise could do justification to the amount of precision displayed.

"Those reckless players all died in the end."

"It's better to be dead than having to face such an opponent."

"How absolutely terrifying! Where did Earth find such a person?!"

"Could this person have come from Atlantis?"

"I doubt it…the people of Atlantis would have definitely used their own mech variant. I think he's from Aslan."

"Judging from the ferocity of the killing blow, I think he is a blood soldier from the Arbiter Republic. He was so calm and collected, even when delivering the lethal strike. Ordinary people would have been too caught up in the moment to make such calm calculations."

Bragging Simon was happiest when bragging. He was grateful to see Skeleton's Wargod No.1 banned, which forced him to pick the Jungle Scamper instead. Had he been put in the same situation, he would have already thrown in the towel.

He felt that after this crushing defeat, the opponents would surely be forced to retire and become amateur streamers instead.

When the Immortal Barbarian Star team entered the battle, no one expected it to end up with such a result.

This was a team battle?

A solo battle?

No one knew that it would take just one person to put the entire audience in a state of frenzy.

God knows how many people stayed up all night just to watch this one battle.

One thing was for sure, the CT area would soon experience a surge in activity again.

This sort of atmosphere was what the Jungle Scamper thrived on.

This unrivalled killing power…this was a god-tier mech!

When Wang Zheng went to find Tyrant Su, Student Su had already entered another battle.

He was using his limited edition Jungle Scamper camouflage.

Everyone was filled with all sorts of idle talk, but Tyrant Su was searching for the same feeling that Wang Zheng had during battles.

"Brother Tyrant, please don't struggle."

"The opponent's jungle has been cleared…it must be Student Tyrant!"

Actually, right at that moment, Wang Zheng thought that Xiaosu had begun to slip up, but then something unexpected happened.

Yan Xiaosu had suddenly entered a wonderful state of mind. No one knew Wang Zheng better than Yan Xiaosu. Watching Wang Zheng in combat had put Yan Xiaosu in to a similar state of mind.

They were definitely not equal in terms of individual skill, but Yan Xiaosu was still bronze-ranked after all. Also, the opponent had viewed Yan Xiaosu as a nouveau riche without morals and had focused all their attacks on him.

The first shot that hit was followed by another one. Yan Xiaosu was in a wonderful state of mind. Although he did not quite know how to explain it, this mech suited his character well…he was afraid of dying yet he desired to show off his capabilities. Thus, he had fired the Lightning Javelin and then made his escape. Meanwhile, the fatty's wretched heart was able to sense and predict the route the opponents intended to retreat by.

This was because it was what he would have done in their position.

With just a simple group assault coupled with five of the ten javelin shots hitting their targets, the battle came to an end.

There was a roar of approval. Tyrant Su's heart felt greatly satisfied. He had finally found a mech that suited him.

Legend had it that every mech in the Wargod Covenant contained a spirit. When the spirit was paired with someone compatible, the individual's power level would instantly increase a rank.

No doubt, Tyrant Su had found his spiritual mech.

It was the Jungle Scamper with its hit-and-run play style.

It was because he wanted to hold on to that state of mind that Tyrant Su quickly entered another battle. Wang Zheng could not help but applaud him. His performance this time was actually pretty good.

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