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"That little rascal on the other side is really good at jumping around, we must kill him soon!

"If we don't crush him, we will have to hide our faces in shame!"

"But he still has his energy shield, so everyone should still be cautious."

"I don't believe that he has such good control over that mech. Whether he is faking it or for real, there are only a handful of people who can use the Jungle Scamper properly. I don't believe that Earth has such people among them!

Everyone was still confident regarding this point.

Beam sabers started being unsheathed. Just then, the Earth team switched to the light beast mech, the Swift Dragon Second Generation. Without the constraint of long-ranged battle, this provided much needed flexibility to the team.

This was a battle without retreat.

The five mecha advanced forward towards the center of the battlefield. They maintained the exact same formation with the flexible Jungle Scamper leading in the front.


It was obvious that the movements of Virbius's Jungle Scamper were much more flexible and smooth. The terrain was very rugged, but his entire movements were flowing without a hint of stagnation.

On the other side, Skeleton was moving at a fast speed, but it was also unstable. Looking closely at the Jungle Scamper's legs, it was obvious that it had to force itself to keep up with the formation.

Both sides were getting closer to each other, then they entered optimal shooting ranges. Both Jungle Scampers switched into the semi-beast mode simultaneously.

When the Lightning Javelins were drawn, Ella felt a strong sense of provocation. Who did Skeleton think he was to use the Lightning Javelin? Only those with the instincts of a beast hunter could use it effectively.

Wang Zheng held the Lightning Javelin. The mech was nothing more than a medium at this moment. He had to feel like he was one with the weapon.

Time to strike!

The Lightning Javelin roared.

Virbius's target was Skeleton, while Skeleton's target was the swift scout-type mech on the enemy team.

The instant that his shot rang out, Wang Zheng's Jungle Scamper switched back into the beast mode. The shot from Virbius's Lightning Javelin roared past him. While on the other side, Wang Zheng's shot had scored a hit on the enemy scout mech and instantaneously cut its shield to less than half.

"LMPO, what the hell were you doing? You actually got hit by that?!"

His teammates could not help but feel infuriated.

LMPO did not know what happened neither. Damn, he had been too careless.

But the morale of the Earth team was high!

"It actually hit. Dare I say this is beginner's luck?" Old Deer said.

Time stopped at this moment.

If God gave the Immortal Barbarian Star another chance, they would never have come to Earth.

But alas, the technology for time reversal had not yet been invented.

With this hit, Wang Zheng instantly felt good. He had practiced with the Eighteen Armaments of War in the Rubik's Cube, but this was not the main point. To Bonehead, these were nothing but basic tools.


Shouldn't all this be instinctive to a Super Soldier? Would he need to practice it at all?

A robot did not care about momentum, it only looked at the results.

But Wang Zheng was a living thing. In that moment, he recalled the accumulated muscle memory in his body.

Both Jungle Scampers retreated almost simultaneously while the other mech warriors advanced. The Jungle Scamper was a sniper after all.

Maybe Wang Zheng had been faster to switch to the beast mode, but after bounding backwards two steps, he switched into the semi-beast mode even before he had landed. He once again fired the Lightning Javelin.

Another shot rang out. PPA was engaged in a duel with Prince when the shot surged towards them. Without thinking, PPA dashed towards cover to hide. But he discovered that the shot was aimed at where he intended to take cover.


PPA's shield was cut in half instantly, and he even received a slash from Prince.

At the same moment, Virbius's shot was avoided by Wang Zheng.

Virbius was infuriated. "Skeleton, charge at me if you got the guts to!"

Only now did the audience realize that Virbius was actually a female.

But the battlefield did not discern between one's gender. The moment the voice transmission stopped, Wang Zheng fired his Lightning Javelin at Virbius. Wang Zheng's strategy of attack was to cover the entire battlefield, he did not focus on any particular person. That would not be realistic, the key was to establish a global advantage.

Ella sneered as trying to mark her was simply…..


Ella's Jungle Scamper got hit and was staggered. She had dodged the shot but was not able to entirely avoid it. Her energy shield immediately decreased by one-tenth. was this possible?!

Wang Zheng paid no attention to her, his opponents' movements were too inconsistent. The King from the Immortal Star was operating her mech elegantly, spinning round and round. A shadow surged towards the King, and with strong control, the mech rotated and avoided the attack. This was the ultimate trick to avoiding long-ranged attacks!


The audience, which numbered at more than 20 million, was silent.

It would have been better if that rascal had not dodged. In that moment, her energy shields were instantly cut by half. She had been distracted for a brief moment and was caught by Hammer. It was a pity that the strike from Hammer was an average hit and not a fatal one. But it caused the Immortal Barbarian Star to break out in cold sweat.

What the f**k kind of hit rate was that?

Ella became anxious and infuriated. She switched to beast-mode and charged towards Skeleton. Almost simultaneously, Skeleton's Jungle Scamper switched to beast-mode and made his escape.

It seemed like he was still wary of engaging Virbius in direct combat. This was a sort of tactic, avoiding the strong points of the opponent and striking at their weak points.

But....what the f**k was this? Skeleton did not turn around and flee, but rather faced his opponent and took three leaps backwards. He switched back in to the semi-beast mode and fired off another shot before he even landed.

Ella had not expected her opponent to attack, but the Jungle Scamper was indeed a versatile mech. She viewed herself as someone who had unequaled knowledge of this mech.

This sort of evasion was instinctive. That was the strength of the beast-type mech. As long as you operated the mech well, you were able to attack more aggressively.

The Jungle Scamper instinctively moved away from Skeleton's attack.


A direct hit!

Another direct hit! The audience screamed in surprise. This was unbelievable.

It felt as if the opponent had slapped her directly. This shot shattered Ella's confidence.

She had dodged it, so why was she still hit?!

"Team Leader! We have to disengage and retreat for now!" Starry Sky said. Their energy shields were damaged and the enemies' morale was high. This was a situation to be avoided at all costs.

"Withdraw!" Ella said, clenching her teeth. It was not easy to remain calm in such a situation.

Yuan Long did not blink, so he could see the entire situation clearly. His defeat was not accidental, this situation was the same as the last time. With the foreshadowing of a battle, Skeleton had already mastered the momentum of his opponents.

The speed of their reactions, their dodging habits. Even their instinctive reaction to attacks! Every move that the opponent planned to do had already been predicted.

What kind of a person was he? He was able to keep as cool as ice in the heat of battle.

While everyone was consumed in the heat of battle, that person had kept a cool state of mind.

The others immediately withdrew upon Virbius' command. The viewers watching on Earth were howling with ecstasy. The second battle had the opponents on the run.

Those with a calm mind would understand that this was an important part of the battle. If the opponents managed to make it back to the spaceship to recharge their energy shields to full, then all the damage done previously would amount to nothing.

Everyone realized that this gang had chosen the scout-type and warrior-type mecha. The Immortal Barbarian Star's mecha were chosen for their dexterity and mobility, but…..they were still not able to catch up.

But then a figure sprang out, it was Skeleton's Jungle Scamper.

This was also the Immortal Barbarian Star's mech. But Skeleton was quite a distance away, would he be able to catch up?

"What a pity, Skeleton has quick reactions, but his position is a little too far!"

The Jungle Scamper switched into beast-mode and executed the Eight Consecutive Steps. Its explosive velocity instilled fear amongst the viewers.

Ella suddenly screamed, "PPA, look out!"

PPA was one of those in the rear. He believed that he was at a safe distance, but he had misjudged the explosive velocity of the Jungle Scamper, and in an instant, the Jungle Scamper switched to the semi-beast mode and fired off a shot with its Lightning Javelin.

PPA heard Ella, but it was too late, there was nothing he could do. As long as he was not destroyed by this shot, he would be able to regenerate his energy shield levels.

After Skeleton's Jungle Scamper fired its Lightning Javelin, it switched back into beast-mode with a deafening roar.

Switching to semi-beast mode, firing it's weapon, and then switching back into the beast-mode. The entire process was as smooth as flowing water, there was no wastage of energy.


All four limbs burst into action and the Jungle Scamper lunged towards PPA like a cheetah.

At the same time, the shot from the Lightning Javelin hit PPA, and his energy shield exploded instantly.

The mech warrior was so shocked that he froze. PPA wondered if that was a fluke, then he felt the murderous aura from behind him.

The Jungle Scamper descended from the sky and landed directly on top of the scout-type mech. Its four huge claws clamped down on the mech's head and ripped it apart.


The body of the scout-type mech was still standing, but its head was missing. Then the Jungle Scamper proceeded onwards.

The 20 million viewers were all stunned. How was this possible?

PPA was hunted down and destroyed even though he was at what was considered to be a safe distance.

At that moment, the mech and its javelin seemed to have merged into a single line, it was too good to believe!

This blow thoroughly impacted the Immortal Barbarians. Who the hell was this guy?! What sort of monster was he to be able to pull that off?!

Once a person got jumpy, his reactions would become slower. He would also feel paranoid and would evade based on instinct.

Ella wanted to shout out, but it was already too late. This was something that could not be avoided.


This shot not only hit, it also caused an explosion!

Wasn't the shield the only thing that would explode?

Why did the mech also explode?

Ella was sweating. Firing the Lightning Javelin at its optimal distance would cause the greatest damage. She had practiced a hundred times and could only pull it off once.

The opponent was actually able to use it in battle.

Starry Sky was dumbfounded. Having half his energy shield level destroyed must have been a fluke, and he had assumed that he would be absolutely safe after that.

A moment later, only three people had returned.

They had the advantage of high ground, so it would not be easy to rush up from below. This terrain also limited the speed of the others, so they would not be as fast as Skeleton.

But Skeleton's Jungle Scamper had no intention of stopping, it continued its rush upwards.

Ella fired off a shot. She had to hold on and buy time for the others.

But the enemy Jungle Scamper easily shrugged it off, it then switched into the semi-beast mode and fired off a shot in return.

Ella's eyes widened. She would definitely be able to dodge this, definitely!


Everyone was stunned. Why was Virbius standing still and not moving at all?

Before the sparks made contact, LMPO pulled Virbius back and rushed forward with his beam saber. It was crazy to be beaten like this.

At this moment, LMPO was like a mountain tiger ready to devour Skeleton.

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