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There were many such experts within the amateur circle. They mainly focused on one mech. They could be said to have understood the essence of the mech, so much so that they were considered to be more skillful than the professionals. The reason behind why they were not able to make a career out of it was because they did not have a broad selection of choices. This was a disadvantage as their mech would be easily targeted and countered. But then again, the pilot could enjoy playing only the mech that they loved.

This was one of the reasons why CT was so addictive, there would always be a mech that suited the player.

Yan Xiaosu was ecstatic. Never did he expect to carry the battle using his own abilities.

Although Wang Zheng had given Yan Xiaosu some tips and tricks, it was mainly because this mech suited Yan Xiaosu. To put it simply, no challenge was too difficult if the pilot enjoyed using the mech. Fatty loved using hit-and-run tactics. He had become accustomed to switching between the semi-beast and beast-type modes. With more practice, he would become a master at utilizing it. As for the Lightning Javelin's accuracy, it would be up to the pilot's instincts. Judging from the impact fatty made, it seemed like he had a talent for sniping.

Yuan Long had already sent the entire video to his master. 

"Master…this was my misperception. The opponents' level was higher than ours. But Ella and I have totally different styles, how is it possible that we were totally subdued?"

Yuan Long's master, Black Decisive Fist, was a famous person in the Norton Star. He did not accept disciples easily.

Black Decisive Fist watched both videos seriously. "There are definitely discrepancies in virtual battles, but…..this person was able to wield this sort of control in CT, so his physical condition is not that different from yours and Ella's. He displayed great awareness….I heard of it a long time ago, but such a scene has not appeared for more than a hundred years."

"Are you saying that the long-lost civilization of the ancient Earth is reviving?"

Yuan Long was alarmed. The Norton Star and Earth had a special connection. Although there had not been direct contact for many years, some of the older traditions of the Norton Star contained traces that originated from Earth. His method of tempering the body was one of them, but with Earth's decline, no one wanted to acknowledge it. Of course, these methods were also adjusted accordingly to the characteristics of their respective planets and bodies.

But from just one glance, these methods' origins could be traced back to the highest realms of Earth.

Only the people from Earth could have done this!

"I can't draw a solid conclusion from this. I'll have to get it accredited by the league. We can only make conclusions if this is the real video of that battle."

Black Decisive Fist was very excited. If it really was true, then a lot of things would be set into motion.

Human civilization had experienced two significant leaps. Although these events had faded into obscurity, they were not completely forgotten. Instead, they had been hidden away. The Norton Star was one of these sacred locations, and the legends surrounding it were true. A god-like person did appear on the Norton Star, that person originated from Earth. And he considered the Norton Star to be his second home.

As for the earliest civilization, it became lost to time immemorial as its records were difficult to trace. The records of the second civilization could be found on all the major planets, but they were in the hands of very few.

The separation that had happened that year…..

Black Decisive Fist's eyes were full of longing. These were events that took place during his childhood. His teacher passed them on to him by word of mouth as these matters could never exist in writing.

Tracing its history to its roots, Earth might have been weak, but one individual had appeared amongst the humans. He went on and become the strongest individual recorded in legends.

Those times had seen great transformation and changes.Things were changing and history might repeat itself. The outcome was still uncertain.

Yuan Long did not ponder much about this matter. He was curious about this opponent, and he hoped that he would be able to meet him one day.

Ella must be feeling miserable right now; that girl was just too proud.

After the last battle, PPA and the others were totally crushed. They had lost their momentum and it had affected their state of mind. They might not be able to perform at even half of their previous ability anymore.

But for Yuan Long, this sort of crushing feeling had been reigned in.

This rascal was even more formidable than he had thought. Hopefully, he would be more than just a mere gamer.

A CT fanatic might have been able to perform those moves with enough practice. However, to do the same in reality would require completely different competencies.

Solon was ecstatic. The Jungle Scamper mech variant had sold more than 5 million models. This mech model was unpopular when it was introduced to the CT stores and remained so after God knows how many years. No one bought it even during promotions, but right now it had become insanely popular.

Most importantly, as president of the Solar System, he had won unprecedented glory for the Solar System region.

Not only was he proficient in a civil war, but also in a foreign war!

Skeleton was amazing when he was serious, he could totally trash the opposing side.

"Boss, the audience is waiting for Deer to fulfil his promise."

Solon laughed. "That is true, how could we have forgotten that? Give comrade Old Deer a close-up special."

The other regions were not interested in that matter, but the audience of the Earth region was totally absorbed by it.

Old Deer had attempted to slip away, but he eventually got caught and brought back.

"Old Deer! Don't even think about running away! Big Brother has bought a hundred milk cartons just for you!"

"Lewd Deer! Hurry up and eat the milk cartons!"

The audience was extremely enthusiastic. Old Deer was helpless. "Oh! Why bother with just these few milk cartons? Looks like I'm actually getting more famous. Excellent!"

"F**k! To hell with all of you! I will destroy another one hundred!"

"Brothers! Advance forward! Let's smash Old Deer! He dared to underestimate us, let's show him!"

Immediately, the milk cartons began to pile up. Old Deer was stunned. "What a fierce grudge! Why bother wasting so much money? It would be better spend it on actual milk instead."

The more sarcastic Old Deer was, the larger the pile of milk cartons grew.

A milk carton was finally brought up on stage. Old Deer's expression perked up, and with a big smile, he started eating it up by the mouthful.

The audience very quickly grew suspicious. What sort of milk carton was that? Why did it sound so crispy?

"All finished! This small, crispy brand milk carton…nutritious and healthy!" he said while flashing a peace sign.

The audience then realized that they'd been had! The comments section exploded in anger.

"Shameless Old Deer! Could you be anymore shameless?!"

"Who knows Old Deer's address? I'll carry explosives there tonight!"

"How sinister! This rascal can go no lower!"

Old Deer's personal forum also exploded in activity. But Old Deer felt pleased with himself, he did not care that this was being broadcasted live.

"Thank you, friends from all over the galaxy! You'll need to be more specific next time. And never underestimate the number one commentator's IQ. Thank you for tuning in and we'll see you again next time. Also, don't bother trying to find my address, as I live at a hotel. Thank you."

Bubbly Foam was stunned. He...actually dared to twist the viewers' words. What audacity!

Wouldn't he receive numerous complaints?

Solon was stunned too. But the data revealed that besides the unhappiness, there wasn't much else of note.

Only now did Solon realize that Young Deer really had become the Deer God. His unique style of ridicule would have made others get beaten up, but only he alone could remain unscathed.

"Xiao Ya, immediately issue commentator Deer a five-year contract. And remember to be respectful!"

Solon was a businessman, and a sensible one at that.

Actually, teasing Old Deer had become a necessity in the show. It would feel empty and dull if he was not around.

To be honest, it was impressive that he had endured it for so long. No one knew how Old Deer had managed it.

Yan Xiaosu was hopping mad. He had bought 5,000 milk cartons, but in the end....

"Boss…I've always thought that I had thick skin. But I am nothing compared to him! His level of audacity! Does he not fear death?!"

Yan Xiaosu could not hold back his laughter after that rant. "This is definitely someone who dares to play with his life."

Wang Zheng smiled. This guy had piqued his interest. Wang Zheng could tell a lot from just looking at a person's eyes. No matter what had happened, Old Deer's eyes always displayed firm resolve. This showed that in his life, there were things that he firmly believed in. That was his harbor; no matter how fierce the storm outside raged, he was unaffected on the inside.

Such a person would not have evil intentions.

"Actually, I would love to learn from him," Wang Zheng said, laughing. "But that is a discussion for another day."

Although Old Deer was not in the strongest league, he was still a diamond-ranked master after all. He would definitely stand no chance in a fight against Skeleton, but it was not a matter of the outcome but rather how many people would tune in to watch the match, at least on Earth.

Ye Zisu had also finished watching the battle. She particularly loved watching this battle as Skeleton was able to fully utilize the full potential of the mech. The CT data did not produce much information for reference, but for a designer, this would provide a lot of inspiration when it came to designing a mech.

On Earth, in the Asian region in Beijing, the temperature was 35.4 degrees Celsius. Category three winds with a cloudy sky, this was the perfect weather to go out and play.

"Zisu, the weather is really good today. It is not good to stay at home the entire day."

Ye Zisu lifted up her head from a countless pile of drawings. "Dad, I just sorted out some clues. Why would I have time to play? Besides, I just came back from outside a few days ago."

"Alright, alright… daughter is all grown up now, so she knows best. But Zisu, you're the future head of the group. As long as you have enough knowledge on mecha, that would be sufficient. What you are studying right now is just supplementary. This is not the direction our OMG business is taking."

Ye Bingwen shook his head while looking at the table full of drawings. He had sent his daughter to the machine department not to research on mecha but rather to gain an in-depth understanding of them. But then again, Ye Zisu spent her time outside school to experience how the company was managed. The rest of her time was spent on inheriting the culture of the company. The future of the business lay with her. Not having a deep understanding of the mecha would create additional difficulties down the road. Although it was a difficult path, this was the right way to go.

Ye Zisu laughed and said, "Just understanding mecha is not sufficient. As OMG grows larger and larger, the technical expertise that we have accumulated is still inferior to that of those large military enterprises. We still have many gaps to fill, so we must work hard in order to succeed."

Of course, Ye Zisu had her own selfish motives behind it. She had hoped to do something for a certain person.

Ye Bingwen was startled, but then he smiled. "Alright then, I did not choose the wrong person to succeed me. Dad is getting old now, so my views may be getting more conservative. You are right, if we are able to do it, then why don't we go for it?"

"In that case, Dad, if you have no other matters, then why don't you go watch television? Or perhaps play some golf?"

"Okay, Daddy will go play some golf. I won't be back for dinner tonight. Oh, right, the Norton Star celebration feast will be held tomorrow afternoon at home. The company's directors will all be there, and you will be required to attend too. Have a good rest and sleep early tonight," Ye Bingwen instructed.

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