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Hammer entangled the remaining scout desperately. The scout had almost killed Hammer with just a few hits. In this sense, Hammer was also quite skilled for being able to survive, but Bragging Simon's Pentastrike was no joke either.

Bragging Simon was a man of pride, and he was pissed off by the current situation, so he started hitting at things without thinking it through.

If he did not land his hits, Hammer would be screwed. And if Hammer was screwed, so was he.

The mech roared and the beam saber crackled with lightning.


Hexastrike! He had broken his record!

At the same time, Hammer used an especially despicable move! It was the Sliding Shovel. To think that he could use such a move at such a desperate time to deflect the enemies' attack! It bought him another moment of respite.

This was sufficient. Bragging Simon was at the enemy once again, unleashing another Hexastrike while roaring ferociously.

After executing the second Hexastrike, Bragging Simon could no longer move as his mech's arm had been blown off by the force from his attack. But even if he were to be destroyed while standing right now, it would all still be worth it. The enemy had been dealt with.

Wang Zheng chased the Jungle Scamper in his Wargod No.1. The Jungle Scamper switched into the beast mode, which increased its movement speed by 20%, making it difficult for the Wargod No.1 to keep up.

The moment the distance was created, the Jungle Scamper turned around and fired off a javelin at close proximity.

There was nothing anyone could do about it.

It was useless. Given the Wargod No.1's current speed, there was no way in hell it could have caught up to the Jungle Scamper.


With a strongly controlled rotation, the Wargod No.1's chassis let out a shrill creak and dodged the incoming javelin.

But if the Wargod No.1 retreated, the Jungle Scamper immediately give chase. The Jungle Scamper's intuition was unbelievable; it was as if it knew exactly how the Wargod No.1 was going to respond. Another javelin was fired at the Wargod No.1.

Predictive ability.

Nobody could compete against this sort of mech coupled with its pilot's skills. This was a precarious situation. The Jungle Scamper's pilot could fluidly switch between the different modes and still maintain its battlefield awareness, staying one step ahead of her opponents.

It was as if a God was piloting the mech.

The distance between them and the others was too far apart now, so no one could come to their rescue. Both sides' offense and defense had turned into an array of lightning sparks.

Had it been another person in this situation, their brain would not even be able to respond.

However, it was as if time had stopped for Wang Zheng. It was under these situations that his brain was at its calmest and his body was most steady. The greater the pressure, the better he responded.

While the Wargod No.1 was rushing along, it suddenly started rotating. What…

This was not a time for acrobatic performances!

Rotating would only cause the Wargod No.1 to lose its balance. It was okay if he wanted to show off, but it might result in him losing his bearings.

But this rotation slowed down the Wargod No.1's moving trajectory by half a second, and the shot from the cannon had been aimed ahead of it.

But at almost the same time, a white light streaked out.

The titanium sword flew towards the Jungle Scamper's face with deadly accuracy.

The children from the Immortal Barbarian Star were stunned. Was Skeleton going to maintain his balance by controlling his mech with sheer force? Even if he maintained his balance while spinning, how did he manage to aim that throw?

But it was as if the Jungle Scamper did not even give it thought and turned on its energy shield.

This was definitely the awareness of a God.


The titanium sword was aimed directly at the Jungle Scamper's face. There was a burst of energy and the hit caused the Jungle Scamper to stagger backwards.

The audience let out both a cry of surprise and a sigh of relief. Had the energy shield not been turned on, that blow would have definitely caused significant damage.

Virbius's reaction time was unbelievable.

And at this moment, the Wargod No.1 planted its left hand on the ground and lowered the entire mech in preparation for the upcoming fight.

Thud thud thud thud thud…

The ground began to shake. Rushing towards Skeleton was not a mech but a giant prehistoric beast!

However, even without its weapons, the Wargod No.1 was no less ferocious!

Virbius was planning to retaliate brutally! Just merely comparing the speed and agility of their mecha, hers was definitely better! She definitely held the advantage in a close-quarters brawl!

At this moment, the Wargod No.1 threw itself forward with great effort, soaring momentarily..... but it looked as though he was going to fall out of the sky!

My God!

The audience could see Virbius's mocking smile.

However, the Wargod No.1's right arm suddenly jerked out mid-air and caught hold of half of the Jungle Scamper's neck when they briefly moved past each other.


It was directly dragged to the ground.

Inside the cockpit, Virbius was thrown around like a rag-doll. The sudden unexpected inertia nearly caused her to throw up.

But Virbius was no common player. Moreover, the CT environment was not as harsh as reality. Had this happened in actual mecha training, the pilot might have been unable to stand for half a day.

However, the Wargod No.1's reactions were quicker, and with a flip of its body, it rolled over and directly tackled the cockpit of the Jungle Scamper.

Holy f**k, if the Jungle Scamper got rammed, it would definitely be the end.


The energy shield was turned on.

The energy shield rippled, but the Wargod No.1 had pinned the Jungle Scamper beneath its body. The Jungle Scamper had excellent flexibility and agility, but what good were those if the mech was pinned under the Wargod No.1?

A deafening roar.....

Punch after punch was rained down upon Jungle Scamper's energy shield. There was a limit to its energy levels after all, and after six consecutive punches, its energy shield was shattered.

Ella looked at the giant face that raced towards her.


The Jungle Scamper's head was punched clean off its body.

This was too f**king ferocious!

At this moment, Bragging Simon and the others were all standing behind. Even though they were on the same team, they all felt intimidated by the scene in front of them.

Those who had dueled against Skeleton begun to rejoice. Although they had been defeated, at least they were not totally humiliated. To be totally crushed in this manner would definitely leave a psychological scar.

"Bo...Boss! We've broken 20 million viewers!" one of the staff members jumped up and yelled.

Solon looked on with a calm expression. "Calm yourself, we've all seen the size of the galaxy. What is 20 million compared to that?"

All the staff in the hall looked at each other. The boss had learned to play it cool too.

Alas, his teeth betrayed him. The chief executive could not hide his smile.

Ross was ecstatic too. God damn it, could such a crushing defeat be any more humiliating?

Just a single substitution had gchanged the entire outcome of the battle.

The Earth region team had achieved victory with no losses!

Prince, Bragging Simon, and the others had all displayed their full potential. Every single one of them had proven themselves

Under the same situation, anyone else would have been terrified to not have a weapon to wield. But Skeleton was like a monster.

A slow-motion replay was a must. The killing blow must be included!

Except this did not appear as if there was a technique used...It was just a display of brutish prowess!

In a way, it was cool beyond words!

The flames of the Skeleton Corps' banners were burning up and they were rushed into the Immortal Barbarian Star's discussion forums.

This was a banner of conquest, the second planet outside the solar system had been crushed

God damn it, their opponents had come to their doorstep by their own accord too!

Yuan Long was not too surprised, as Ella had performed as expected of her. However, against an opponent of the same capabilities, an average performance would surely see her defeated.

But this opponent was too formidable. He not only accurately assessed his own capabilities, but also that of his teammates.

He must have predicted when and where Prince would descend with his War Emperor mech.

The first parse of the video came out. It came from Yao Ailun and Super Xiu.

The video showed the moment the War Emperor descended. It could be seen that the Wargod No.1's legs were offset at an angle.

Chen Xiu drew a red circle on the video. At this moment, the War Emperor's Lightning Trident had not landed completely yet.

Skeleton knew that Prince would arrive as quickly as he could, and he showed no hesitation in his assessment. He knew exactly what Prince should do, as well as what Prince would do.

Student Ailun cried out passionately, "This was a moment that required decisive action; any hesitation would hinder any follow up attacks. This was a sign of trust, Skeleton trusted that Prince would do what was required of him. He also trusted that his teammates would do what was required of them."

In fact, Prince did arrive and perform what was required of him. Both he and Tyrannosaurus Rex destroyed another opponent.

"Provoking his opponents at the start of the battle was to draw their attention on to himself. This was very obvious, everyone could see that the Immortal Barbarians' attention was not focused.

Yao Ailun was a master of tactical analysis. Although Tyrant Su wanted to do the same, it was a pity that his brain was not as brilliant.

After all, Student Ailun's genetic score was above 90, which was considered a genius.

After such an analysis, who would still not understand?

This was the power of leadership. F**k whoever said that Skeleton was only good at duels!

The Skeleton Corps was howling in victory.

Psychological warfare was levied against his opponents, encouraging his teammates, inciting the situation while having impeccable judgment. What was most amazing was the trust he had at critical moments in battle.

In a team battle, if there was no trust between teammates, then it would only result in a disaster.

Since you had chosen your teammates, you had to place your trust in them. Only then would the team be invincible.

Prince and the others were watching this analysis. Although they had won, they did not feel exceedingly excited. They were professional players, and having arrived at this stage, they had no need for Yao Ailun's words. This was the kind of captain that could be trusted.

They did not need to say anything, they fully understood everything just by looking at each other.

The Earth Region was not that weak, but there was indeed a gap in raw power. But they were not weak to the point of being considered newbies.

There were more than 20 million viewers in the live broadcast. This created a new record for the Solar System.

Moreover, this was merely an amateur game.

Everyone was howling with joy; it was as if the Earth region had won the CT championship.

The advertisement boards in Tokyo as well as other major cities were live broadcasting this battle.

"This rascal is just like a crazy demon!"

"Such ferocity!"

"Heh heh, where can the Immortal Barbarians hide their faces this time? They could not even defeat a brittleskin."

"I heard that the one using Virbius is Ella. Heh heh...the goddess got destroyed, we could laugh about this for an entire month."

Only the people from the Norton Star could have said such mean words. The people of the Immortal Barbarian Star felt uneasy at the start, and the unthinkable had happened...they were worse off now.

Wasn't there this saying....the defeat of an opponent was a success for oneself.

Ross was lucky that Skeleton had chosen Hercules when he played against Norton. That mech had weak mobility. He would have been the laughing stock if Skeleton had selected the Wargod No.1 and crushed the rest of them.

Solon clapped his hands and said, "Very has ended. The bonus for this month will be three times the normal."

Before the crowd had a chance to cheer, a staff member hurriedly said, "Boss, Immortal Barbarian's Virbius wants another battle. To be honest.....they demanded another battle.

Solon laughed. "Heh, they refuse to admit defeat, eh?" Looking at the amount of viewers, he of course wanted another battle to take place.

"Let him wait for a while."

Solon had to communicate it with the other party, but he got his answer very quickly.

As long as the opponents were up for it, Wang Zheng would not shy away from a challenge.

"What format does the other side wish to fight in, a duel with Virbius or a team battle?"

"Boss, a team battle of course! Just him alone would definitely get destroyed!"

Actually, it was not that Virbius did not want a duel. Her teammates were infuriated, they had been too careless the previous battle and ended up getting destroyed. They could not stomach being defeated by lower ranked pilots and wanted to vent their frustrations. These newbies from the Earth region! The Immortal Barbarians would definitely annihilate them so badly that their moms would not recognize their faces!

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