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Truth chose a tank-type mech. It had strong firepower when it came to long-range attacks, but was incredibly inaccurate. By sheer luck, it was a beast-type, which assured that the mech was sufficiently mobile. If it were a humanoid type, the pilot would probably start crying at how ineffective it would be.

The audience started to cheer and scream the moment the ten mecha appeared on the battlefield. The audience became silent when the safety light was turned off. The galaxy-wide broadcast had started. Countless people had their attentions focused on this "friendly" competition.

As the name suggested, competition came first and friendship came second.

Truth took the lead and set up a trapezoidal formation. He would try his best to cover the Wargod No.1. Otherwise, Skeleton would not be able to play to his full potential.

"Brothers, take the front. I am counting on you," Wang Zheng suddenly said.

Prince and the others were desperate, so they did not want to complain about Skeleton's choice of the Wargod No.1. However, looking at the map that their opponent had chosen, the situation seemed bleak. This was not a solo battle!

But what had Skeleton said just now?

Brothers? Counting on them?

Damn, that meant he actually trusted them!

Prince and the others felt a power surge inside their bodies. Even their thoughts became clearer.

Damn! Weren't the enemies just a group of uncivilised barbarians? They really thought that they were better than us? If they were talking about raw skill, Prince and the rest were not any worse! The opponents were not necessarily better than them!


"Truth and I will take the front!" Hammer said. This was what support players did.

I am the best support of all!

Hammer felt that he was about to ascend to godhood!

Truth's eyes shone brightly blue. "I am the Truth. Remember this old man's name: Liu Dongliu!"

All ten mech warriors on both sides charged furiously at each other with laser weapons blazing.

The Immortal Barbarians were quite confident in their ability to suppress their opponents at long range.

The moment the battle started, the entire Immortal Barbarian team focused their attention on Skeleton. They aimed to obliterate the puny Wargod No.1 mech. Even if they did not succeed in blowing it up, the Wargod No.1 would surely be severely crippled.

There were still people that dared to use the brittleskin.

But Student Wang was quite wretched. In team battles, the first person to run out alone would definitely get destroyed instantly, even more so for a famous pilot. But it was a different story if there were teammates.

The top pilots of the Earth region were on his team, and they were not lacking in awareness nor experience.

They were just a little low on morale.

Truth was a flexible pilot, he could use both damage-type and sniper-type mecha. He rarely played as a tank. When he did play as a tank, his main focus was on suppressing the enemy and not dealing damage. At this moment, he demonstrated his strong piloting skills, suppressing his opponents' wholly!

People did not hesitate when they were inspired. Through this, they would be able to unleash their full potential.

While Hammer took up the support role, he did not expend his resources on offence but rather focused on defense. His full attention was placed on covering his teammates.

This role was dependent on technique, thus it was the most difficult role to perform. Some attacks were fatal and it would be silly to even attempt to block them. Other attacks had to be met head on as avoiding them would result in his teammates being isolated and attacked.

This role required critical thinking skills as well as excellent judgment, and a support that lacked self-confidence was useless.

Only one thought occupied Hammer's mind right now: Skeleton was totally dependent on his protection in this battle. Hammer knew that he was the key to victory in this battle.

Hammer entered an extremely focused state of mind to perform his support duties. He used the excellent capabilities of his energy shield to improve his team's defense. He not only helped the Wargod No.1 get into advantageous positions, he also helped to protect his other teammates.

The laser shots coming from the other side were accurate, but the Earth team responded with equally accurate laser shots. This was because Skeleton's attacks were so ferocious!

No, perhaps it was wrong to say that the Wargod No.1's laser shots were overwhelmingly ferocious, it was more correct to say that they were highly accurate.

With ten rapidly fired shots, he had suppressed two of his opponents. Everyone knew that there was no way a mech could be destroyed by those shots, as their energy shields were full. But the key in this battle was preserving their energy shield levels. Some attacks required a great amount of energy, so it would be a disaster if someone got hit while his energy levels were low.

With Wang Zheng's suppression, the pressure was lifted off the defense. This allowed his teammates the time and space to make better tactical decisions. The opponents' intention to focus down Skeleton was all too clear. Hammer and Truth performed defensive duties, Prince and Bragging Simon also went forward to block a volley of attacks. They could not leave Hammer and Truth to absorb everything, it would be too punishing for them.

Their opponents displayed their trademark flexibility. Although this did not give them a decisive advantage, it was obvious that they had the upper hand.

By the time both sides came within fifty-meters of each other, the Earth region had expended 40% of their energy shields and the Immortal Barbarians had expended 20% of theirs. Of course, the Wargod No.1 did not have any energy shields and thus both sides were closely tied when it came to individual energy levels. This result was much better than the previous battle.

Prince and the others then realized that their opponents were not that strong! They had not been able to crush the Earth region team!

Both sides engaged in melee combat and beam sabers were drawn from their scabbards. The Wargod No.1 also drew its titanium sword. The Wargod No.1 then left the protection of its teammates and dashed towards the frontlines.

The Jungle Scamper on the opposing team suddenly switched modes and with two pounces, leapt to the front of its team. It then switched modes again into the semi-beast mode and revealed the Lightning Javelin in its hands. In a flash, the Lightning Javelin was launched outwards!

To be honest, Prince and the others were taken aback upon seeing this scene. They felt intimidated.

At this moment, the Wargod No.1 moved a distance of five to six body lengths away from his teammates. There was a flash of energy from the opposing side, Wargod No.1 tilted its head sideways, and a shot from the Lightning Javelin streaked past its head.

There was a burst of exclamation from the live broadcast area. The audience could feel their palms getting sweaty. Holy f**k, that shot was aimed directly at the Wargod No.1's head.

What great self-confidence!

So close....

Both sides continued to close the distance between each other. The second blast of the Lightning Javelin was ready.


Amidst the howls of surprise from the audience, the Wargod No.1 executed a strong horizontal movement and abruptly dodged a shot. This shot nearly hit Prince and it startled him.

Since the start of the battle, Yuan Long had his aim focused on Skeleton and Ella.

As Yuan Long observed silently, he had a bad feeling in his heart. Because from the point of view of Ella's group, he knew that they did not pay heed to the Wargod No.1.

The mecha were getting closer and closer, it was going to be a bitter battle.

A scout-type mech dashed out. It was obvious that it intended to obliterate the brittleskin. How dare a brittleskin do this! At this moment, Virbius had already prepared the third Lightning Javelin, getting ready for the crucial strike.

Ten meters....five meters....


The beam saber was ferociously swung towards the Wargod No.1, and the Wargod No.1 suddenly staggered back a step as if it were about to trip over. The opposing scout-type mech hesitated for at most a fraction of a second, but that was enough. The Wargod No. 1 executed its Leaning Landslide!

Almost at the same time, a volley of shots was fired. Virbius was ruthless, he had fired preemptively. This volley of shots was likely to injure her own teammates.

But Virbius was confident in her actions.


The scout-type mech was hit and its energy shield started to ripple. At this moment, there was a bang....

The Lightning Javelin had hit!

But it did not hit Wang Zheng, it had hit the scout-type mech of the Immortal Barbarians instead!

The mech's energy shield was not full to begin with, and in an instant, it had been brought to below half. Wang Zheng did not stop there and proceeded to throw his opponent outwards. Behind him, the ferocious Tyrannosaurus Rex rushed forward.

This was a direct assault. Moreover, it was a heavy tank-type mech assaulting a scout-type mech. A crushing blow was dealt.


Someone on the opposing side got destroyed.

Truth howled like a wild beast from within his cockpit. The sound of the explosion had released him from his two days of torment!

Wang Zheng's target was very obvious, it was the opposing team's Virbius.

Although they had lost one teammate, the Immortal Barbarians still did not seem to realize the situation they were in. They continued to regard everyone except Skeleton as newbies.

Entering melee combat, the adaptable enemy mecha gave way to the stampeding Tyrannosaurus Rex. Each mech was matched against another, but their attention was still focused on Skeleton.

Generally, a team would be at their most relaxed after defeating an enemy. Virbius brandished her Lightning Javelin again. Wang Zheng avoided the javelin, and with a roar, he dashed towards his opponent.

At this moment, the Tyrannosaurus Rex was pinned down by two mech warriors of the Immortal Barbarians. And in an instant, the Tyrannosaurus Rex's energy shield was broken by the duo and it seemed doomed to destruction. Suddenly, the Wargod No.1 dropped from above, slashing violently. It had to give up its pursuit of Virbius. The Wargod No.1's titanium sword blocked the beam saber from the first mech while simultaneously kicking the other mech, sending it flying.

And at this moment, the Jungle Scamper, which was a distance away, suddenly switched back to semi-beast mode. Without hesitation, it brandished its Lightning Javelin and fired off yet another javelin.

Fast! Accurate! Ruthless!

If Wang Zheng wanted to rescue his teammate, he would definitely get hit by the volley. It could even be said that if he hesitated, both of them would be destroyed.

Yet at this moment, a roar was heard. An Electric Halberd descended from the sky! It was Prince's weapon!

What the f**k, the Immortal Barbarians really regarded us as newbies?!

The Electric Halberd strike bought a little time for respite as it forced the enemy back. The Wargod No.1 was given a little bit of time to avoid the Lightning Javelin. But then Virbius fired off yet another javelin. This was absolutely frustrating!

At the same time, the Lightning Javelins had suppressed both Bragging Simon and Hammer.

The Immortal Barbarians had displayed their ruthlessness! Virbius was feared not only for her offensive prowess but also her suppressive ability.

Tyrannosaurus Rex's attacks lacked technique, so it had quickly gotten overrun. Its energy shield was destroyed and it put the Wargod No.1 in a difficult situation. Should the Wargod No.1 save itself or save its teammate? But no matter who was saved, the result would be disastrous.

Virbius's Lightning Javelin was ready once again.

This battle had come to its conclusion.

The entire audience was silent. This was the deciding moment. There was no room for newbies here, every available teammate was a critical advantage. By common logic, the wisest choice was to abandon the Tyrannosaurus Rex and pursue Virbius in order to suppress it. If Virbius was not suppressed, the entire Earth team risked being annihilated.

The Wargod No.1 gave up on the Tyrannosaurus Rex without hesitation. It had to consider the bigger picture. But it still hurt a little. Were they going to abandon the Tyrannosaurus Rex just like that?


The fatal javelin was fired. With his energy shield levels depleted, Truth calmly accepted his destruction. Suddenly, a figure descended from the sky.

War Emperor Type V!

Prince had arrived.

Prince's energy shield was destroyed instantly, but he did not shrink from the blow. He pulled out the War Emperor's Electric Halberd and kicked out while the Tyrannosaurus Rex rushed forward.


Prince's strong engine control together with his Electromagnetic Gravity System came into play!

This was also known to the Earth region as Prince's Double Kill!

Only Prince could have pulled this off, and no one had expected him to arrive at this moment.

Although he lacked his energy shield, because the opponents had one less scout, they now had the advantage in numbers.

Some children who had come from foreign lands were stunned....these were the same people who got destroyed last time?

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