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Two battles!

Yuan Long, who was about to leave, felt stunned. Why was the battle still ongoing?

Ella was a little irrational at this point. She had prepared herself before coming here. If they had lost, they would need to first reflect on what went wrong, not enter another battle directly. On her side of things, she had predicted one move ahead, but her opponents had predicted two moves ahead. She should have realized this from the previous battle.

Ella predicted that her opponents would use a control-and-avoid strategy, she also believed that they were capable of it. But her opponents had thought one step further, they had predicted Ella's way of thinking.

This was the difference in consciousness. When both sides were evenly matched in terms of piloting skills, the level of consciousness would become the deciding factor.

The number of VIPs kept growing, this time mainly from the Norton Star and the Immortal Barbarian Star.

What sort of situation was this?

Prince and the others had regained their confidence. They were now calm and collected. They were very clear about the strengths and weaknesses of the Immortal Barbarian team.

Another battle was nothing to them.

But the opponents had selected a competitive lineup, this was to say that the previous match was merely a warm-up.

But what was the difference from an official game?

One could ban certain mecha from being used!

When everyone saw the mech that had been banned, their hearts skipped a beat. It couldn't be...they targeted Student Skeleton?

Upon seeing this, Solon was overjoyed. Who the f**k do you think I am? Do you think I would be fooled twice?

You can go ahead and ban whatever you want!

On the Immortal Barbarian side, the moment the selection came up, they instantly banned the Wargod No.1 and the War Emperor Type V. These mecha were obviously important to the team.

Was there anyone that had banned the Wargod No.1 this year?

Looking at Earth's team...

They were very confident, they did not ban any of their opponent's mecha.

"This is being a little too overconfident." Old Deer frowned. Although they had won the previous battle, 30% of the reason they won was because the opponents made mistakes. And it was obvious that they did not use their full strength. The opponents would not give them a second chance.

Banning the War Emperor affected Prince, but not significantly so. He had other mecha besides that.

Everyone's gazes fell on Skeleton. What was he going to pick?

The mecha library opened.

A stunning array of choices was inside the library; the full collection of CT was available to him to choose from.

Solon gripped his cigar with his teeth. "See that? Everything, including the limited editions! This is what I can do as the president!"

Even the professional players did not possess this sort of extensive mecha collection.

Wang Zheng was also stunned by the amount of mecha. He knew that some additional mecha had been prepared as precaution, but he never expected so many.

In the end, Wang Zheng chose the Jungle Scamper!

The comment section exploded with activity. This mech was the most unpopular of the unpopular choices. Only people who specially trained with it could control it effectively. Was Skeleton going to school Virbius in the use of this mech?

The Immortal Barbarians could not help but sneer. "This kid is too arrogant, he really thinks he can use it effectively."

Ella looked at her screen coldly. "Don't be careless, this guy is a sneaky one. He clearly intends to agitate use, but we will proceed as usual."

"Old Deer, do you think that Skeleton has a reason for doing this? Is he trying to provoke his opponents?" Bubbly Foam asked.

Old Deer had a grave expression. "In a way, yes. But the Jungle Scamper is a difficult mech to operate, it is not your run-of-the-mill mech, As we all know, all the contestants will pick a particular style of mecha that is similar to what they are used to. This would be easier for them to adapt to. The Hercules mech is similar to the Wargod No.1, but this time...I can only say that Skeleton finally has an energy shield."

The commentary on the Immortal Barbarian Star was even more passionate. "The team from Earth actually selected our mech, the Jungle Scamper! Let our Virbius teach them a lesson, not everything can be imitated!"

Norton Star's CT live broadcast room.

"Skeleton from Earth has finally picked the Jungle Scamper. This choice will surely agitate his opponents, but it might not be a wise choice. The Jungle Scamper needs to be used by a calm person; even among the Immortal Barbarian population, only a select few are able to fully master this mech. A person with average skills will not be able to grow accustomed to its performance. He will lose momentum when switching between the different modes. We do not know where Skeleton got his confidence from, but we shall see in this battle."

Moon's CT live broadcast room.

"My god, Skeleton actually picked the Jungle Scamper! How stylish!"

"Ling Ling, this guy is so cool! He does not give off the vibe of a person from Earth. If he really wins this, I wish to date him!"

The two commentators from the Moon were two beautiful babes.

Actually, even Prince and the others were very curious.

"Skeleton, have you practiced with this mech before?" they asked frankly.

"Of course he has, how else would he know how to use it?" Prince said.

"Nope, this is my first time using it. It feels very interesting," Wang Zheng said.

All of his teammates suddenly became quiet.

Was he for real???

It did not matter now, the battle was about to begin.

Map: Battle to the End.

This was a very meaningful map, and it was picked by Virbius. This map was also targeted towards the opponents.

As this map had a restriction on lasers. After all, in the Milky Way, there were some planets that interfered with the operation of lasers.

At the same time, there were energy resupply ships that provided limited energy supplies.

It was obvious that Virbius had been deeply provoked. This sort of insult must be answered in kind!

Even using lasers to kill her opponents would not pacify her.

Winning or losing was not the main point, the focus was to prove oneself!

The ten mech warriors entered the battlefield.

Upon entering the map, everyone felt that the Immortal Barbarians were too....wretched!

The map used the landscape of the Immortal Barbarian Star!

Could this be any more imposing?!

The Immortal Barbarian Star landscape consisted of rugged terrain filled with multiple craters. The problem with this landscape was that it was considered an irregular landscape, which added considerable difficulty for the mech warriors.

In the history of mankind, there had been several battles surrounding the Immortal Barbarian Star, and these battles had devastated the mech warriors.

They were using the landscape to increase their advantage.

But Prince and the others were professionals, so they had undergone training in this sort of landscape.

"The Immortal Barbarians have offered themselves as a meal," Simon boasted. Having executed the Hexastrike previously, Simon felt highly confident. He had always been adept at covert operations.

"Be careful, they have an advantage, do not be careless." Prince was the more cautious one.

Hammer and Truth both nodded. The opponents were careless in the previous battle, but that would not be the case this time. It would be a disaster if they were the careless ones this time.

The map forced both teams to battle each other in a narrow lane. Both teams had a ship behind them that could recharge their energy shields. However, there was a limit to the amount of energy available. At the end of the day, the only way to win was to eliminate their opponents.

This sort of mechanic would lengthen the battle's duration, as it allowed the participants to fully display their mastery of their basic skills. One mistake would not cause one side to lose the battle instantly.

It looked like the Immortal Barbarians had made their preparations. This sort of battle was either a win or a loss, there was no luck involved.

"Old Deer, Old Deer."

"Huh? What?"

Bubbly Foam laughed. "Aren't you going to say anything?"

"What is there to talk about?"

"You always provide commentary before the battle, it feels weird if you don't say anything," Bubbly Foam said, laughing.

Immediately, there was a wave of agreement in the comments section.

"Don't fret, I am observing Skeleton right now. The playstyle of this mech is different from what he usually uses, and I am not sure about his level of understanding of this mech." Old Deer observed Skeleton with an expert's eye.

"If Skeleton picked it, he must be very confident about his familiarity with the mech," Bubbly Foam said, laughing.

Old Deer shook his head. "It does not appear so."

Just as Old Deer finished speaking, the Jungle Scamper looked excited. It was as if it had been thrilled by something.

The battle had not begun yet, so what was it excited about?

The Jungle Scamper switched between the beast mode and the semi-beast mode. The semi-beast mode was easier to operate as it sort of resembled a human. The beast mode needed much more practice to accustom to, as it moved on all fours.

If the pilot was not careful, the mech would trip over itself.

Wang Zheng did not trip over himself, but...the mech was violently shaking. The human mode only required the pilot to balance the mech, but the beast mode was a different matter. It required the pilot to use both hands and feet to operate all four limbs of the mech. On top of that, there were two alternative ways of moving.

Operating the mech was easier said than done.

The others were stunned. Skeleton was not kidding when he said that this was his first time using the Jungle Scamper.

This sort of heedlessness could be taken as a form of ridicule.

The other team saw this as an insult. How dare Skeleton belittle his opponents.

There were no problems telling if it was real or fake, everyone could tell at a glance. If Skeleton was pretending to use the Jungle Scamper for the first time, the mech's center of gravity would be stable no matter how he tried to fake it. But...right now the mech was struggling to hold on to its center of gravity, so everyone could definitely see its pilot struggling to maintain control.


"To me, this is daring to push a person's own limit. But Skeleton, do you know that this is a team battle? This battle is even more important than the previous one," Old Dear said earnestly.

Unknowingly, when the battle was against foreigners, Old Deer changed from Black Deer to Beast Deer. Winning or losing was an important matter to him.

His words were not wrong at all, they carried a lot of weight.

"Maybe Skeleton has a plan, you never know," Bubbly Foam said.

"Then I will wait and see."

"Which reminds me, Old Deer, you were saying something earlier. What will you do if they win this match? Everyone is very curious about this."

Young Deer gave a carefree smile. "The battle has not ended yet. My reputation is well known in this galaxy, when have I ever said something and not backed it up?"

Just then, Skeleton cheerfully pulled out the Lightning Javelin and injected energy in to it. It was a wonderful feeling. The Jungle Scamper pointed the weapon at to the sky and made a firing pose.

"Skeleton, have you played with the Lightning Javelin before? The weapon's strength decreases if it is not used within the optimal distance," Hammer said. As a support person, he had studied a lot of different mecha types.

"I have never played with it before, only read through the datasheet. But I have thrown a javelin before," Wang Zheng said. Chen Xiu had provided him with a very detailed datasheet, which Wang Zheng studied seriously. Bonehead had also covered all aspects with regards to Wang Zheng's weapons training.

Looked through...the datasheet...and threw the javelin before...what the f**k sort of reply was this?!

Hammer and the others were speechless, but....forget it, all they could do at this point in time was to press on.

The Immortal Barbarians were very conceited about their own weapons expertise, they had a long history after all. Compared to the Earth team's history of weapons expertise?

Was this a challenge to their ancestors?!

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