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An Shijie also rolled his eyes. Well, at least his sister would not run out of tampons anymore.

"So what if he sells tampons? It is also a business," An Mei argued.

"Business? There are tons of businesses in the world, do you think they are all on the same level? Can tampon sellers be compared to spaceship builders? Oh God, I am so angry I could die!"

"Why not!? Who says a tampon company can't build a spaceship!?" An Mei knew her snobbish mom too well. If she did not tell her about her boyfriend, she would not even have a proper summer holiday.

"Huh, if it is really like what you say, I will not care about your business from now on. Haha, maybe pigs can fly too."

"Have you heard of Little Lucky Star Company?"

Han Susu was stunned. Of course she had heard of it.

According to rumors in the commercial circles, it was once a mediocre small firm, but it had gained popularity all over Earth all of a sudden. It was said that the young heir was a business genius. He saw the world with extraordinary insight and he also took part in some major projects in the Milky Way Alliance. This was the hot topic at their tea parties recently.

"Sis, are you telling me that Yan Xiaosu is your boyfriend? Seriously? He set his eyes on you?"

An Shijie was also in a state of shock.

"Hey, what are you talking about? I think it was his luck to meet An Mei. "

"Sister, my dear sister. You are my idol from now on. I will do anything you ask me to do. Mom, why are you so snobbish? Don't you know the saying 'follow your heart'?"

Laughter appeared on Han Susu's face. "Aww, that's my girl. I knew my daughter wouldn't settle for some low class man. Let's talk over there. When do you plan to invite him over to our house?"

"I don't know, he is busy."

"Well, he can't be too busy to spend some time with you. By the way, how many sons does his parents have?"

"Mom! Stop talking like that, or I will break up with him."

"Don't! Well, I asked that for your own good. Fine, I'm not going to ask you, I will ask someone else about it."

This good news was more than enough for her to brag about in front of her "friends" at the tea parties.

But An Mei did not cheer up at all. She did like Yan Xiaosu, but she did not need anyone else's approval to do so. The love between them was something very pure and she did not care what Yan Xiaosu was like before, nor who he was going be in the future. She had the confidence that she would stay the same, ever confident, but…

A snobbish mommy wouldn't necessarily rear a snobbish daughter…

Another day had passed, and by 7 PM that night, the final battle between the Earth region and the Immortal Region was about to begin.

Both sides had picked their team members from their respective strongest Kings, with one exception.

The name lists of both sides were confirmed:

Earth: Skeleton, Bragging Simon, Prince, Hammer, Truth.

Immortal Barbarians: Virbius, LMPO, PPA, King of the Stars, DADI.

Commentators: Bubbly Foam, Young Deer.

Twelve million people had booked the tickets for the streaming event, which was an unprecedented record.

Everyone wanted to see how Skeleton could reverse the result even when he was fighting against the strong enemies from the Immortal Barbarian Star, especially after his teammates had been brutally defeated. They were all suffering from low morale. Could Skeleton alone change the tide?

"Hello, everyone! I am Bubbly Foam, welcome to the CT invitational meet. We have the top professional and amateur players from Earth and the Immortal Barbarian Star today."

Bubbly Foam appeared on the stream with a smile on her face. This immediately caused chaos in the comment section. Goddess Bubbly Foam became even prettier in just a few days' time.

Meanwhile, Old Deer had a gloomy look on his face. "Hello, I am Young Deer. The Earth region has been pushed to the edge of a cliff. It is time for the decisive battle, and the burden will be on Skeleton. I hope he will perform to the best of his ability in the team battle."

"Old Deer, what do you think the key to winning in this battle is?"

Bubbly Foam asked. Generally, on occasions like this, Young Deer would stop trash-talking. After all, they were facing enemies from the outside.

"The key in this battle will surely be Skeleton," said Old Deer, and the crowd raised a cheer. Old Deer had finally yielded.

But Old Deer still looked gloomy. "In a critical contest like this, my opinion is that Skeleton should put his individualistic pride aside and focus more on the teamwork. I would recommend the most deadly mid-lane mech to him, the Holy Paladin Type M. It will provide a balanced performance in this battle. Moreover, the energy shield of the Holy Paladin Type M could show its full potential in this battle."

Old Deer was talking with great confidence until he got hit by a sudden wave of passion. "Skeleton, you must win this battle! Otherwise, you will become the sinner of Earth!"

Bubbly Foam was dumbfounded by his comment and so was the chat. 90% of people thought that Old Deer had planned to surrender, because trash talking Skeleton at this time was equal to denying his standpoint as a person from Earth. Who could have thought that he had come up with a new scheme?

They could only say that the people of Earth could not stop God Deer from trash-talking Skeleton!

Some in the audience had to agree with Old Deer. After all, it was not a solo battle. This was a decisive battle that determined the honor of Earth. With the protection of the energy shield, the mech itself would be under less pressure because the energy shield could absorb 50% of the damage. Without the energy shield, just one shot from the Lightning Javelin could easily end the game.

The exhibition match was one thing, but this one battle held much more significance. It was being watched not only by the people of Earth, all the other regions in the solar system were paying attention to this battle.

There was too much drama surrounding this battle. And as a consequence of it, too much attention was drawn to it.

"Boss, the CEO from the Norton Region, Ross, wanted to purchase the broadcasting rights for this battle," said the secretary, Xiao Ya. She was wearing a white, low-cut shirt, so he could see her cleavage when she stooped down.

Solon smiled. "Charge him two percent higher than the standard price."

"Won't it scare him away?" Xiao Ya asked.

Solon looked at her. This woman was really thickheaded, did he really need to explain it?

"Besides, you should wear more clothes at work," said Solon. A man in his position had seen all types of women, and he really did not understand why the human resources department had recruited her.

Ross had just lost money. Why would he be so kind as to spend money on the Earth Region? He was up to something— perhaps killing two birds with one stone.

The Immortal Barbarians had won, and they had also vented their hatred. After all, it was a competition among their own Andromeda galaxy; if the Immortal Barbarians had lost, it would have been even better. It showed that the Earth team's power was not inferior and the Immortal Barbarians would have lost face as well. An experienced publicity head knew publicity could be done from many different perspectives.

In his position, no news was the worst news.

On the other side, Ross was pissed off, but he had to agree to the deal. This high level of interest guaranteed an abundant advertising fee.

The solar system did not possess a large influence on their market. But once the Immortal Barbarian Star was involved, the market would follow.

As for what was to be advertised… it was better to stay neutral before the results were out.

"Boss, there were ten plus media companies that requested the broadcasting rights. Additionally, the Moon, Mars, and the Caragal requested VVIP level HD signals for streaming."

Solon was commanding the situation on hand calmly like a general. For requests within the solar system, they would pay the standard price. Although he was directly in charge of the Earth Region, as the CEO of the Solar System region, he had to consider every planet separately. Not to mention the fact that he was bound to see much more business from them in the future, it was unnecessary to take advantage of them right now.

Adding in the revenue from the overseas market, they would still make a sizeable profit regardless of the result. But half of the revenue would be donated to a charity of Skeleton's choice. Indeed, it seemed like Skeleton was super rich.

Solon was quite amazed, but he admired Skeleton's decision as well.

In actuality, Wang Zheng was in the Brothers Net cafe with Yan Xiaosu. They were drinking the free drinks given by the boss. Even though they had to pay, it cost only five dollars.

"Boss, watch out for the Lightning Javelin. I tried it a few times, that s**t is so hard to aim with, but that guy was so accurate with it. It was unbelievable."

Yan Xiaosu was the Tactical Analysis Officer. He talked on and on about his opinion of the Jungle Scamper Type-M. Wang Zheng was listening while reading some other stuff. What Yan Xiaosu said did not really matter. He would just let him talk if he wanted to.

"Boss, I have been talking a lot. Do you have any comments?" Tyrant Su had a chance to be a professional, and he felt like he was making some kind of contribution.

"Hmm... well...the Immortal Barbarians are on the same level as the Norton team," Wang Zheng commented.

Yan Xiaosu was stunned. "And?"

"And what?" Wang Zheng did not know what else to comment.

"Boss, the Immortal Barbarians' style is completely different from the Norton team's. Didn't you see that they were quite the opposite? Do you have any particular tactics? That way, I would be able to go and comfort the guys in the Corps."

What Xiaosu truly wanted was to impress them with words.

Wang Zheng thought for a while. "Well, just don't get shot...I think."

Yan Xiaosu was stunned again. "What kind of tactic is that?"

What the hell... if he had to tell this to the other guys, it would be better off if he just killed himself.

Meanwhile, various other players were contributing their ideas and suggestions. It had been almost a fortnight since the Immortal Barbarians invaded Earth. The team from Earth had only lost ever since. Now it was time for the final battle. They would finally get their revenge, but if they could not win the battle with this lineup, then it would truly be over.

"I think Skeleton can beat the s**t out of his opponents as long as he chooses a more advanced mech."

"I don't think it will be so easy. After all, they are still a bit higher level than us. I think if Skeleton chooses the Wargod No.1, the opponents will have a 70% chance to win."

"The key was that Prince and his teammates were too weak, they couldn't play their roles well. Look what happened in the last battle, a brittleskin took the lead and got all of them killed. I think Skeleton will have a lot of pressure on him this time."

"Virbius had an insanely high hit rate in the previous battle. He could totally end the game with one shot this time."

"If I were the players on the Immortal Barbarians' side, I would just focus on hitting Skeleton or use the laser to interfere with his ability to dodge. I would let Virbius kill him with one javelin strike. This will surely end the game with the video topping the charts."

"If I were Skeleton, I would choose the Holy Paladin Type M. It is pretty well balanced in terms of powers, its play style is familiar to Skeleton, and it is the best continuation of the Wargod No.1 series. It could definitely save the game."

What people cared about right now was not victory or defeat. Instead, they were discussing about whether Skeleton would change his mech. The Hercules was obviously not a good option. If Skeleton won this game using the Hercules, the whole world would eat milk cartons together with Young Deer.

The Hercules was an agricultural machine after all; it had too many limitations. So the choice had been narrowed down to the Wargod No.1 or the Holy Paladin Type M.

If he made the right decision, the odds of winning would definitely go up, but if he didn't ...honestly, people were still quite worried. The javelins from Virbius were quite scary and the teamwork of the opponents was exceptional. Sometimes they were just like a bunch of well-trained actors. They prepared traps and feinted their actions so that Virbius could go hunting with his javelins.

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