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The Immortal Barbarian Star was the biggest competitor of the Norton Star as it was booming in its production of mechs. As humans were engaged in skirmishes with the Norton Star before conducting expeditions in Andromeda, this created historical resentment between Immortal Barbarian and Norton. Although this has faded over time, the rivalry between them has not as both wanted to be the main star in Andromeda.

Solon had a headache because this affair was caused by Skeleton, who had displayed his capabilities and taught the people on the Norton Star a lesson. This allowed the Immortal Barbarian players to find a target.

Abusing people on Earth would equate to a lesson for the people of the Norton star. Since you were abused by people on Earth and if we manage to return the favor to them, you people of Norton would have to fear us Immortal Barbarian people more in the future.

The challenger team from Earth in the Immortal Barbarian region was of top quality. Members of the Throne Masters' team were on the same level and would contest players on Earth at eight o'clock every night. They were open to any players and any play styles.

Many responded and competed with them, but the big and famous teams on Earth lost without much of a fight as their opponents displayed terrifying battle prowess.

"Oh, get in touch with the prince and the others, we are inviting them to a battle", said Solon.

"Yes, Boss." Xiao Ya wanted to say something but hesitated as she noticed that her boss was not in the mood to talk.

This was not unprecedented and should be kept low profile. Solon felt that he needed to adjust his mindset. He should be happy that he had reached this point and should not disrupt Skeleton's daily routine.

This shift in mindset would prove to be a mistake as Earth would go on to face its worst battle.

At the school cafeteria, Yan Xiaosu joined Wang Zheng for a meal. He then told Wang Zheng about his greatest achievements in an overly excited manner. The farmer was able to turn his life around completely.

As he continued speaking, the signal system rang and it was Chen Xiu.

"Xiao Xiu, did you grow one?" said Xiaosu as he felt ridiculed.

"Xiaosu, it would not be this quick. Since Wang Zheng is around too, you guys should come over to my place to play. Alan will be there too."

Speaking of the limelight, the beach was sunny and filled with beauties in bikinis. Alan was following the beautiful girls running.

Wow, he has having a good time in life.

"Which one is Wang Zheng? Let us take a look at the hero of 007!" Three beautiful ladies surrounded Chen Xiu and Tyrant Su started salivating.

What kind of situation was this???

These two people had been complaining about how tough each day was throughout the whole semester. Chen Xiu in particular was young and was at a disadvantage while searching for a girlfriend. Sometimes, having your intellectual capabilities develop too quickly isn't a good thing.

How had things changed so quickly during the holidays?

"Third Sister, can you not fool around?"

Before Wang Zheng responded, Xiaosu followed up with some quick thinking and said, "Sister, how do you do, I am Wang Zheng."

"Then who is that beside you?" laughed Chen Yan.

"He is my buddy, Tyrant Su. He grew up wearing the same pair of pants," said Wang Zheng calmly.

Yan Xiaosu didn't know whether to cry or laugh. They never really wore the same pair of pants.

"That does not feel very mighty."

"Sis, a man's might is not based on his appearance. I am mighty too!" said Xiaosu seriously.

"Haha, you must be Xiaosu. That must be fun, you little fella, tricking your sister and all!" said Chen Yu.

Wang Zheng smiled and said, "Next time when there's time. Recently I have been practicing because I would like to avoid being eliminated in the second round."

"Oh, true."

"What a pity, I shall wait for the next time too. I need to take care of this kid, else he would not be able to take care of himself", said Tyrant Su regretfully.

"Screw you. Go if you want to."

The people around them felt ridiculed. Xiaosu did not go and closed the Skylink. Xiaosu still could not get over the fact that Chen Xiu had three sisters like that. Life was really filled with all types of surprises.

"Boss, I found you the best training center. The equipment there is very comprehensive and you should try it out."

He then pulled out a gold card with the words "The Strong Ferocious Club" written on it.

Why was this name such a good fit with Tyrant Su?

"Ok, I will give it a try later."

Wang Zheng shrugged. He felt like he was reaching a breakthrough soon but simply could not finish solving the final piece of the puzzle.

After eating, Xiaosu left as he had plenty of things to settle. Wang Zheng followed the map to the Strong Ferocious Club.

188 Zhuo Lun Street. The area was not too bad, but the door of the club was rather dull. However, once he was inside, the spacious hall was rather overbearing.

Wang Zheng had actually seen the sights of the world and this club could compete with the one on Paradise Island, since its facilities were rather comprehensive.

The attendant at the entrance assessed Wang Zheng, who was in a student uniform. The sight seemed strange.

"Hi, do you need any help?"

Wang Zheng smiled and said that he was a club member here who wanted to take a look at the gym.

The attendant was dumbfounded but responded quickly and asked him to display his membership card.

Entry here required 200,000 dollars. Although the name was overbearing, it was the best club here in the city. It was no surprise to wonder whether the person resembling a student in front of the attendant was at the wrong place.

After all, it was a high-class club and they could not show dissatisfaction towards customers.

Wang Zheng touched and inspected many items and the attendant did not show any dissatisfaction.

Looking around him, the attendant said softly, "You might have walked into the wrong place. With all due respect, students cannot afford to use the facilities here."

Exercising was a small aspect of the Strong Ferocious Club. Other areas, like physiotherapy, were all-rounded and there were only a handful of people who came here to work out.

Wang Zheng took out Tyrant Su's gold card and said, "This should be it. Look, it says Strong Ferocious Club on it."

Wang Zheng passed the card over and the attendant almost didn't receive it after a slight shiver. He thought to himself, "Isn't this a number one card? How could this be here?"

"Isn't it here? I'll leave then, my apologies." Wang Zheng was fine with that.

The attendantwas shocked and said, "No, no, it's here. Please keep your card properly. Sorry, I just started working here and I do not know you."

Wang Zheng smiled and said it was also his first time here.

"Please follow me."

Wang Zheng's card gave the waiter a shock. It seemed like Tyrant Su was wasting his money again. He did not mind, however, as long as the place was good enough.

Wang Zheng's body was getting stronger. With insufficient weights, he would have to waste a large amount of time, making it ineffective. It would also make him miss IG.

He was probably the only person who would miss IG training.

"The gym room is here. It is made according to the highest standards in the solar system. The swimming pool is opposite and our water is filtered through eighteen layers when it comes from the Na Si lake. At the same time, live water that is nutritious to our bodies is retained. Over there, we have physiotherapy facilities boasting the same standards as Paradise Island and we also have a top-class spa."

Wang Zheng waved and said he didn't need those and only needed the gym room in front of him.

"Yes, yes, please," said the attendant as he wiped his sweat.

The gym room equipment here was exceptional. Xiaosu understood him very well and two to three hours of practice here a day was sufficient.

When Wang Zheng trained, he needed to train till his body surpassed the first stage of fatigue. An ordinary training session could not make him feel much. He also felt that his strength had increased after the IG selection trials.

This club had a decent amount of privacy and not many visited it. The facilities were high-end, but it was a pity that Wang Zheng was only interested in using the gym equipment.

Others who came here did not really work out but rather chose to swim, undergo physiotherapy, or relax.

The swimming pool was not simple. It covered a large yard and was built similar to a beach. On the top side, there was an automatic shelter too. It gave people the chance to experience leisure in a beach setting in a city.

There were a few people drinking and chatting by the pool. Some were discussing business, while some were relaxing. Going for a spa after swimming would eliminate the fatigue accumulated in a day. Although it was pricey here, the membership rates here were rather stable after the opening of the club.

There were not many like Wang Zheng who came here to train and exercise, since others only came here for mild activities.

"OMG is so lucky, it's unbelievable that they managed to create a market in the Norton star."

"They are now filled with momentum and are unstoppable according to my analysts."

"I should have bought more of their shares since the price of their shares quadrupled over a mere six months."

"I think the outlook is still positive and they are still worth investing in."

"Do not be too optimistic. They have invested excessively in space technology, and working with a financial oligopoly could harm you."

"That makes sense, it will then depend on luck. If they make it, then the situation will turn for the better and they will not be constrained to Earth anymore."

"If they fail, however, they will just be erased from history."

OMG was the most famous organization in the business circle at that point in time. They managed to partner with big interstellar projects and were able to create markets in other planets. Their brand value had improved rapidly and it was rumored that they were in talks to work with circulation channels on the Moon. This reflected high ambitions.

The weights room was not used by anyone in this type of place. This was to Wang Zheng's delight, however. He shifted equipment he needed into the room and decided to start from five times weight.

The one at his school was rather poor and his school was stingy with the usage too as usage was limited. It felt like it was to save electricity.

The weight started increasing, and under ten times weight, Wang Zheng was sweating profusely as two hours passed by quickly. He also managed to consume some snacks and drinks for free.

Wang Zheng showered and ate to his stomach's delight. He could not help but acknowledge how good life would be if he was rich. He was not aware of what type of card Tyrant Su had signed up for.

As he ate, a waitress who looked like she was twenty years old came to him. She was shocked at how much he ate but tried to hide it.

"This really is free of charge?" Wang Zheng felt like he had eaten too much. He, however, felt more confident and felt like he should thank Solon, who helped him through difficult times.

The waitress smiled and said, "You can eat as much as you want, it's all free."

"Aren't you busy? Why are you only serving me?"

"I am your exclusive assistant and I am Xiao Yun. I will serve your needs during your time at the club."

Wang Zheng was surprised. Tyrant Su really knew how to spend money. "Oh, it is fine. You can rest. If there is anything, I will call for you."

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