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Xiao Yun smiled and nodded. Customer service was the highest priority here. Besides, it was her first time meeting such a friendly VIP.

Wang Zheng had finally succeeded after all his failures. But on that very night, Earth's CT region encountered a disaster.

Bragging Simon, Prince, Hammer, Truth, Demon Dragon's Arrow.

They were the best of the best in the Earth Region. All of them were within the top ten of the Clash of King rankings.

This formidable team could easily qualify for the grand finals battle in the solar system. Of course, the opponent had formed their own dream team as well.

The presence of Skeleton had pushed the popularity of CT in the Earth region to a whole new level. The previous battle with the Immortal Barbarian team had brought in over six million subscribers. Under normal conditions, even if the charisma of those five players were added up together, it would not even come close to this level of interest.

Bragging Simon took the middle lane. Prince and Hammer took the top lane. Truth and Demon Dragon's Arrow took the bottom lane. All three lanes were covered.

No matter who they were matched against, they had a fifty-percent chance of winning the battle.

Yan Xiaosu and the others were also online, they were hardcore CT fans after all. Moreover, these five players had a large fan base. It was time to show the Immortal Barbarians the meaning of power.

The battle went into full swing. There were around two million viewers watching from outside the Earth region. A few other major television channels in the Earth region had also purchased the broadcasting rights.

Frankly speaking, this was the first time that the Earth region players had gotten a chance to play against the top players from outside the solar system.

In the past CT competitions, the Earth Region players had all returned disappointed. It was always the Moon Region players that represented the solar system to fight. This was a precious opportunity to prove their worth and to display their capabilities.

The members of the Skeleton Corps were shouting and cheering as well. At this point in time it did not matter which corps they belonged to, everyone was supporting Bragging Simon's team in their bid to bring glory to the Earth region.

Numerous net cafes had also seized the opportunity to cash in on this event; they had rolled out various kinds of promotions. The lobbies were fully packed with viewers that drank beer and ate fried chicken while waiting for the battle to start.

The Immortal Barbarian Star was not widely known amongst the people of Earth. Reason being that it was not as famous as the Norton Star. When speaking about the Immortal Barbarian Star, people usually referred to it as the star situated near the Norton Star within Andromeda.

The players, including Prince, were quite confident. Moreover, they had studied the battle records from the archives. The Immortal Barbarian players were highly accurate with their ranged attacks and they had good reactive abilities. But when it came to the melee combat, they were merely mediocre.

The Immortal Barbarian players were different from those of the Norton Star. The Norton Star players were known for their basic skills due to their special geographical conditions and their genetic lineage. However, the Immortal Barbarian players were different, the density of that star was very low and the gravity was only about 0.6 times that of Earth. The Immortal Barbarian players had some similarity to those from the Moon, which meant that there was nothing to be afraid of.

Prince and the others had worked out some tactics as well. For battles at this level, it was impossible to win the battle by a using a wave of ranged attacks. According to the Immortal Barbarian team's weakness, they ought to adopt the tactic of approaching quickly and suppressing them. They would fight firmly and aggressively, and then destroy the Immortal Barbarian team with their solid skills in melee combat.

But then again, if given a choice between the Immortal Barbarian players and those of the Norton star, the Earth team preferred to fight against the former.

Mid-lane "Killing God" Bragging Simon also said some words of courage. He swore to teach the opponents a lesson.

After the battle had officially started, the viewer count skyrocketed. Interest in this battle had soared to unprecedented heights. Everyone was eagerly anticipating the clash of the mecha.

The staff members of CT were also full of confidence. But Solon's mind was far away, he was not even thinking about the number of viewers.

No one knew it more clearly than Solon, the Earth region's standards did not see any fundamental improvements, at least not any major improvements. He had the rankings of each region in his hands. Though it might not be totally accurate, it had important value for reference. This was the internal data of CT, and as the CEO of the Solar System region, he had access to it.

The Immortal Barbarian region was at least a hundred ranks higher than the Earth region.

Was this factor going to play a part in actual combat?

The first five minutes of the game were spent probing the enemy team. Prince and Bragging Simon were very aggressive in scouting the opponent.

After about 10 minutes, they achieved the goal that they had set before the battle.

They had to make use of their advantages and work around their disadvantages. After all, both sides had their own unique points, so neither was capable of totally overwhelming the opponent easily.

Because of this, there was a sense of anticipation. However, it was right then that the nightmare began.

Everyone remembered a name: the number one killer of mid-lanes, Virbius. He was not particularly brilliant in the games before. He was seen as a proficient shooter; however, in this battle, he truly showed what it meant to pilot a mech.

The mech he chose was a special variant that was unique to the Immortal Barbarian Star, the Jungle Scamper Type-M. It was a mech that possessed the ability to transform. After humanity created the first mech, further development took the direction of creating an all-rounded mech. But their efforts were unsuccessful. Transformation consumed too much energy, which led such mecha to be considered aesthetic but impractical.

The Jungle Scamper Type-M was commonly known as the Orc. It was unable to stand up completely straight; it could only stand with its legs arched at an angle. When running, it ran on all fours like an animal, which was well suited to the Immortal Barbarian Star's terrain. Though it was a non-mainstream model, this mech was flexible and well suited to the Immortal Barbarian team.

The weapon on the mech was special too. In addition to the laser gun, it was equipped with a Javelin Barrel which could generate a lightning javelin once every ten seconds. It only needed two shots to break the energy shield of any conventional mecha. Who would not find it impressive?

Unfortunately, this barbaric and primitive weapon depended on the speed and instincts of the pilot. A normal person would not be able to hit anything with it.

However, this was the beginning of the nightmare.

In the streaming room, screams were followed by more screams. Another direct hit!

"F**k, what is happening? Does his Lightning Javelin have an auto-lock feature? Why were we not able to avoid it?"

"We are doomed! Prince, please be careful! Damn, he hit us again!"

Prince was shot twice and his energy shield had been shattered. He was immediately destroyed by the Immortal Barbarians.

"He is coming at us again! Hide! Quickly, everyone hide! Owwww!"

Hammer stepped up and took a shot for Bragging Simon, but he was destroyed in the process.

Bragging Simon would risk his own life to destroy Virbius, but Virbius had already transformed into beast form and fled.

Bragging Simon was almost in range to strike at his opponent. But then suddenly, Virbius turned around and transformed. The mech then proceeded to fire off another lightning javelin.

Bragging Simon's mech staggered from the impact and was surrounded by the Immortal Barbarian team in an instant. There was a sudden flash before his eyes and then he exploded.

Team destroyed!

Earth's strongest team was destroyed even before they had a chance to damage the energy shield of their opponents.

There were more than eight million viewers online, and they had all witnessed this humiliating defeat.

They all understood why the Immortal Barbarian team was considered a worthy opponent for the Norton Star team within Andromeda.

The Norton Star team had steely determination, while the Immortal Barbarian team had beastly agility.

The outcome of a battle between these two teams would be determined by who could suppress the opponent's play style as well as who could control the pace of the battle.

In this regard, the Earth team lacked both.

Virbius had destroyed three mecha by himself, and his teammates destroyed the remaining two mecha. However, those two mecha had also been shot by Virbius.

The slow-motion replay started. Honestly, no one wanted to watch it. This was adding insult to injury, but they were not allowed to leave the game yet. What had happened? All of them had put in a lot of effort to control the mid-lane. Everyone knew that their mid-lane was the strongest. But why had they still missed their shots?

After looking at the slow-motion replay, the viewers were in for another shock. They realised that the opponent's formation was unbeatable.

In fact, they were trained to withstand the armored assault of the Norton Star team, so the Earth team's attack would be a piece of cake for them. Virbius had dashed forward in order to draw the attention of his opponents. This showed that he had absolute confidence in his piloting skills. His flexibility was incredible.

Holy s**t! The mech had executed a strange torso twist in mid-air. What sort of flexibility was that?

Of course, the flexibility of the mech was unlimited, but the human body's flexibility was limited. Was that guy even human?

In the face of Bragging Simon's pursuit, Virbius even beckoned towards Bragging Simon while fleeing.

What audacity! How arrogant!

The MVP's play-of-the-game replay was even more tormenting. Eight out of ten attacks had hit the target. The opponents were all top players of Earth who, under normal circumstances, were capable of dodging these laser attacks. But why were they unable to dodge these slow lightning javelin shots?

Prince and his teammates were baffled. They had tried the mech in a private battle before. This was a unique mech that no one would use in actual combat, because as long as your opponents were of a decent skill level, you would not be able to hit them. Once you missed, it was not easy to escape as the mech did not have sufficient suppression capabilities, and any retaliation from the opponents could potentially be fatal.

The audience had to watch the five Immortal Barbarian players celebrate, and out of nowhere someone shouted, "Skeleton"!

Inside the whole VIP streaming room, the shouting became louder and louder.

Skeleton! Skeleton! Skeleton!

Skeleton was busy doing calculations at this time. Wang Zheng had improved physically, but he felt that his brain was dull. When Old Merchant was here, they had discussed so much that all those formulas and laws were imprinted in to his head. Now he had to conduct his own research for that, but Wang Zheng actually really disliked those complicated formulas as they were too time-consuming. He was not that familiar with the Chekhov Carlo's Number Theory. It took at least half a day for Wang Zheng to derive the whole thing, and he had no interest in it. Were it not for the space movement project, he would not have been this patient.

An idea suddenly popped into his head.

He had the most gifted mathematician in the Milky Way Alliance on his side; it would be a terrible waste to not consult him!

Wang Zheng had a group chat set up on his Skylink; it was set up by Mu Fengchun. Wang Zheng never spoke in the group chat after he joined, thus he also did not know if anyone else was online.

Wang Zheng typed in the group chat with two "S"s following the Milky Way Alliance insignia. This was code signifying the highest confidential level on the Skylink. People with access to this confidential level could even brag about it.

SS was a confidential level in the Milky Way Alliance. If someone wanted to read Wang Zheng's Sky Message, he would not be able to if he was only of the "Earth" clearance.

If he possessed "Solar System" clearance, it was still too bad! He still would not be able to read it.

That's right, this was the SS confidential level of the Milky Way Alliance. Only through the Milky Way Alliance's direct approval could a person read the message.

It was this exclusive.

This was understandable as the discussion among the top scientists, even the completely informal ones, involved top-notch technology in many different fields.

Those in the group were already qualified as "top scientists", except for Wang Zheng.

Wang sent the question into the group chat, with the idea of "just give it a try".

The group chat was quiet for a long time.

It seemed like he was hoping for too much. The idea of having to spend half a day on this gave Wang Zheng a terrible headache.

When Wang Zheng was just about to exit the Skylink when a bunch of replies popped out on the screen.

"Who the heck is this? How did he get in?"

"Boy, who let you in here!?"

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