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This was too inexplicable.

It was obvious that the gaze of the young prince showed that he was puzzled too.

"It was nice meeting you all. Please excuse me."

The strange little prince left after this short meeting. It was as though he had come just to meet Wang Zheng.

Just like what they guessed, this prince was indeed of mixed blood. Atlantis citizens seldom married outsiders, but there was this one bloodline in the royal family that would definitely marry humans. This was also one of the conditions that the Atlantis Republic had to fulfil in order to join the Milky Way Alliance.

And this little prince belonged to this bloodline. At the same time, they were mainly in charge of the communication between Atlantis and humans.

Hao Lin did find it strange. He had received Ya Shuman's report. Who would have thought that he would have the chance to meet him here? So he decided to come over to take a look. He did not expect to really feel a certain strength from Wang Zheng. Although he had to admit that it was very weak.

This was indeed a very rare situation.

Aina's friendliness and great hospitality made the whole team extremely excited - as though they had received another award. This was such a great honour.

An Mei and Yan Xiaosu returned to the room. The whole way to their room, An Mei's mind was blank.

When the two of them sat face to face, Yan Xiaosu did not say anything. He knew that An Mei needed time to digest the news.

To be honest, even though he was the first to know the truth, many times, Yan Xiaosu felt that it was all just a dream. It was too unrealistic, yet it was the truth.

"You knew already?" An Mei asked quietly.

Yan Xiaosu nodded. "I did not hide from you on purpose. I promised Boss."

"How? The princess of Aslan? How did she come to like Wang Zheng?"

An Mei felt as though this world was a little out of order. At this stage, it would seem too childish of her to challenge Aina. This world was never fair. Aina was the type of person that stood at the tip of the human pyramid. One would not even have the confidence to reason with her.

Even if An Mei had always believed that qualifications were not a problem, she also lacked the courage to do anything. Even when Aina was just before her eyes, she could not bring herself to speak.

This was a regal presence. The presence of a princess.

No wonder every time An Mei saw Aina, she was speechless. All the words that she had prepared would not come out. Now she finally understood.

She also understood why Ye Zisu could not take the initiative. When facing Aina Aslan, the only thing her love rivals could do was to wait.

"Earth will enjoy a boost in reputation. Even the Princess of Aslan is gracing them with so much honor. Even a minister would not enjoy such a reception."

"Yes, we are enjoying this because of them. Moon citizens are prideful and Martians are barbaric. It is true that only Earthlings are more magnanimous."

The people of Caragal also enjoyed the honor. Xiao Fei did not forgo her invitation to leave together with them just because of Aina's invitation.

Xie Yating, on the other hand, was quiet. This was all too amazing. How did it end up like this?

Her girl's intuition told her that the way Aina looked at Wang Zheng was special. The two of them definitely knew each other. That was not the attitude one held towards strangers. She studied bionics under bioengineering and was very good at observing such behavioural cues. She was such an excellent physics student, and not only that, she was also an participant. Was this all a coincidence, and only the name was the same?

Raston had a very high opinion of Wang Zheng. Putting aside ability, this person knew how to take good care of the team.

He really should not belittle anyone. Wang Zheng also did not expect that Raston would have such a high opinion of him.

Wang Zheng and Aina had three more days with each other. However, they had to part ways soon. Even though the two of them were very level-headed, they were a little reluctant to part ways.

Throughout this period of time, Ye Zisu seemed normal. She did not do anything out of ordinary, so An Mei lost her courage to confront Aina. This was the first time she did not say anything. Perhaps she was too loyal, but she felt that this extravagant trip was nothing to be too happy about. On the other hand, Ye Zisu was calmer and toured around the Princess. To her, it was a good experience.

Xiao Fei and her group, on the other hand, borrowed this good environment and continued to rush their work to complete their scientific reasoning. The spaceship was in a special atmosphere.

It was a pity that even though everyone seemed busy, Wang Zheng and Aina did not have many opportunities to be alone. After all, there were eyes everywhere on the Princess. But the two of them were happy just being together.

That strange little prince from Atlantis did not appear again.

Three days later, the spaceship left Immortal Puluo's Galaxy. The two of them had to resist the urge to hug each other as they said goodbye. Aina's reluctant gaze was melting Wang Zheng's heart.

At this moment, Wang Zheng resolved himself to get qualified for the IG preliminary competition. Not only that, he wanted to beat all his enemies at the capital of the Aslan Empire.

This was the present he wanted to give to Aina.

Some say that people meet to separate; all meetings are short and separation is the only constant.

After they switched to take the Milky Way Transportation line, the atmosphere became livelier. An Mei, who had been acting strangely, finally resumed her usual self as a mature woman. According to An Mei, the atmosphere there was too pressuring. Everyone was always so polite. She could not withstand that atmosphere. Now she could speak to her heart's content.

Sometimes, true happiness was living life the way you wanted to.

Actually, Yan Xiaosu had been holding back for very long too. He was mainly afraid of bringing shame to Wang Zheng. They were brothers, closer than blood-related brothers, so if Wang Zheng really ended up together with the Princess, he would be the most suitable candidate for the best man position for their wedding. He would fight whoever who dared to compete for that position with his life. So, no matter what, he needed to leave a good impression.

Xiao Fei and her group also heaved a sigh of relief. The environment now was really unsuitable for research, so the whole team could now take a break. They have learned a lot from this Roland Garros trip.

At this moment, what happened at Roland Garros had already spread through the Solar System and reached Earth. It gave the lukewarm state of the Solar System's science world a boost in confidence - a feeling of having signs of revival. Obviously, this would maintain a period of high morale.

Except to Wang Zheng, this meant that there was only a little bit of time left during the holiday, and he needed to enter the training mode. The second phase of training for IG was definitely not going to be easy. The key point was that now he had a great goal that no one else had.

Even the Aslan Empire, who was hosting the competition, would not dare to claim that they would achieve victory. This was because the Atlantis Republic, the Arbiter Republic, and other first class countries would be sending their young elites to participate in the event .

But no matter who it was, no one could stop him!

Except Wang Zheng was not the only one who wanted to win this honor. All of the participants' determination was no lesser than Wang Zheng's.

There was a mysterious district on Mars that was surrounded by a restricted area measuring about 1,000 miles. Only the powerful officers in Mars could enter this district. It was not much of a secret that the district was the center of faith in Mars.

The Sage Sect - Mars' pride and its centre of spiritual belief. Only the Lie Family from Mars had survived the revolution that year. The Lie Family's survival was not solely due to their own ability though. To put it shortly, it was a type of luck, it was destiny. Even the more powerful Saint Church was destroyed, but the Lie Family survived, and it was because of the Sage Sect.

You could say that the Sage Sect had borrowed divine power to do things that surpassed normality and saved the Lie Family. At the same time, they saved the Sage Sect. But after that time, the Sage Sect retired into the background and became purely a place of worship. Or perhaps more accurately, the symbol of Martian civilization. On the surface, they did not interfere with worldly matters.

"Sir, Lie Guang wishes to meet you. He is outside."

A little boy, about twelve years old, bowed and reported to the Sage.

The Sage that the little boy addressed was very plain-looking. He was dressed in linen and wore no shoes. He looked to be around forty, but one could not guess his real age based on his appearance. Upon hearing the boy, he opened his eyes.

"Bring him in."

The Lie Family and the Sage Sect had a close relationship. They were almost like one body. In history, there were even cases where the Lie Family head took up the role of the Head Priest of the Sage Sect.

When Lie Guang returned to Mars, most of the time, he stayed at the Sage Sect as its member. Every day he was there, he lived as though he was a monk in training.

Lie Guang walked in and bowed to the Sage. "Teacher, your disciple pays his respects."

That wanton and unrestrained playboy disappeared completely. Even his hair was cut short. He was wearing the white Sage Sect robe and his temperament had changed a lot.

The Sage, Sarah Odin, smiled. "That's enough, there are no outsiders here. You don't have to act anymore"

"Only teacher can understand me! Nature is the divine way - that was what you said. But I did feel some change after this period of tough training. I will work harder!"

Odin's gaze seemed to have the power to see through worldly matters. "500 years have passed, time passes really quickly."

Lie Guang was stunned. Teacher had not been behaving normally recently. Sometimes he would have his head in the clouds and sometimes he would be anxious. You should know, in the hearts of the Martians, every generation of the Sage was an existence equivalent to God. He could point the direction for Mars. While Martians did not dominate the Milky Way in these last few years, no matter how horrifying the wars were, Mars could always hold its invincible position, and the reason was that the Sage's shadow was everywhere.

"Teacher, you are lamenting again. Your disciple has really changed for the better."

Odin smiled. "The Divine Secret Key has appeared. The new generation is rising. Do what you want to; you do not need to care about how others look at you."

"Eh? Teacher, you know that I'm here to bid farewell?" Lie Guang said. He was surprised.

Odin smiled. "Go. The IG that you wanted to participate in this time - I have already arranged everything for you."

Lie Guang was stunned. Teacher always said things half way, but no matter how rebellious he could be, and while he dared to talk back with his father, he would never do so with the Sage.

Lie Guang bade farewell to his teacher respectfully. This period of time that he spent at the Sage Sect seemed to wash away the impurities of the world. He was like a new person.

That year, the reason he could leave home was because his teacher did not stop him. If not, he could not have left. He could ignore his old man, but he would never not listen to his teacher.

As Lie Guang was going to leave, Odin's voice sounded from his back. "No matter what, on the Lie Family's genealogy, you will always have the surname Lie."

The Lie Family...

The oldest family on Mars. When humans were just exploring the Solar system, the Lie Family already existed, and they were already a glorious family. Over thousands of years of time, the power ruling Mars kept changing. Super strong kings appeared as well. However, these families or powers eventually disappeared or weakened and died. Only the Lie Family remained on Mars. They built their base there and their position never changed. Today, the Martians started to be proud of having the Lie Family on Mars.

You should know, there were similar powers on Earth and the Moon that reached the height of powers many times. They were all destroyed, but not the Lie Family. This was the pride of Martians.

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