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Chapter 187: Even This Can Be Happiness

A milk carton was overdramatically tossed over. After the battle ended, viewers lingered in the channel as they were still not over it. Old Deer's words incited ridicule and people discovered that it was fun to tease Old Deer in the days without Skeleton.

"Although the professional league has ended, the channel will not be closed. Young Deer has announced his intention of leading a battle team with fans in three rounds of friendlies to beat some students! What are you waiting for? The registration address is right below..."

CT jumped at this opportunity to broadcast advertisements on the channel to the viewers.

What! Old Deer needed to personally take part in the friendly match? It was a chance to beat Old Deer!

Countless people wanted to register but were forced to reconsider upon looking at the registration terms and conditions. Registration was only successful if people became members of the Young Deer Fan Club.

Looking at Old Deer's sly smile on the logo of Young Deer Fan Club caused people to hesitate.

After nail-biting considerations, many decided that they would go ahead and join in order to battle with Old Deer.

Old Deer had a huge smile on his face since his fan club's popularity went off the charts. As he slowly opened another room for people to join, he said, "Do you know why Skeleton was able to win? It was because of my commentary!"

The hidden message behind was that if Skeleton challenged him, he would be extinguished quickly if he entered the battle.

The chat exploded instantly and countless people were fighting for the opportunity to challenge Young Deer.

Money? That was like the floating clouds in the sky!

CT officials were responsible for the three friendly matches since they were highly efficient. The games were ready and the contestants were selected using a lucky draw among members of the Young Deer Fan Club.

This was to Young Deer's advantage since the quality among his fans was diversely variant. A single weak player would drag down the team.

When the battle started, Young Deer was overbearing and headed for the bottom lane. He employed the global voice chat and said, "My fans, do come after me. I will kill every single one of you that comes for me."

Everyone, of course, was not shy and five people rushed to the bottom lane to gank Old Deer.

Old Deer tapped into his team's channel and told his four teammates that he will treat them to a nice meal another day and hoped that they would push faster on the top lane.

"No problem."

"Old Deer, it has to be a big meal. KFC is not an option."

Upon receiving the replies, he decisively guarded under the tower on the bottom lane and continued teasing the opponents in the global voice chat. "Where are you all? You are too slow; if it was me, I would already be here."

Five mecha appeared and dived under the tower for a kill!

As for the top lane, which was being pushed in quickly… Who cares, it was worth it to have an attack on Old Deer!

Old Deer maneuvered well and was able to escape gank attempt after gank attempt and even managed to get a kill on an opponent who was inexperienced.

Just when Old Deer was about to be owned, victory!

The top lane was pushed in and the throne was taken.

Old Deer roared and said, "Call me God! Victory! Did everyone catch the exciting kill I pulled off? Five-man gank? You guys ignited the inner beast within me! Seems like if I were to practice more, the Skeleton's winning streak will be ended by me."

In this moment, Old Deer was fidgety.

After that, he won yet again in the second game.

In the third game, there were two more half-professional players. Perhaps Old Deer was too excited since he rushed out of the defensive area. Others were like wolves who gathered immediately in an attempt to assassinate Old Deer.

Deer God was crushed amidst fire and smoke to the delight of hundreds of thousands of viewers on the channel. It was as if they were celebrating during a festival.

Countless requested for an additional game to be played. Many who paid five hundred dollars to have a chance of playing were not selected since only five people were lucky enough to be chosen.

After a day's work, Old Deer went backstage and massaged his own shoulders. He had over-exerted himself just now.

A staff member walked over and said, "Boss Deer, someone has delivered five big boxes of milk for you. Are they yours? If not, I will get someone to chase him away."

"No, I ordered them. I will go and retrieve them now", responded Old Deer quickly.

The staff member was shocked. "Boss Deer, are you addicted to milk? They actually delivered five big boxes?"

"That is still fine, thanks." Old Deer changed hastily and rushed out.

He signed some documents and got them to move the boxes into his car.

Old Deer looked at the time while driving. He was not returning home but was headed towards the suburbs. He also listened to the news on the radio, which talked about Andromeda pirates taking a huge hit and the scattering of smaller pirates in all directions.

He slowed down his car and slowly turned into a modest area. The houses here and the surroundings were rather poor, and the facilities were inconvenient.

As his car stopped at a front yard, a bunch of kids happily came out to greet him.

"Old Deer, Old Deer, what good food did you bring this time?"

"Old Deer, Old Deer, I want to ride a huge horse."

"How many times have I said this? Call me Young Deer. Have you seen such a young and handsome Old Deer? I brought everyone milk and toys. Xiao Dou, have you been studying well?"

"Old Deer, I got an , which is the best grade."

An old lady who looked to be in her sixties walked over with a warm smile on her face. "Mr. Lu, knew it was you. You're so punctual each week. You should get some rest first since you've been working so hard."

"Haha, I miss the kids." The Old Deer now was a different person than the one who was at work previously. He was so much more relaxed and free.

"Old Deer, Old Deer, last time you said that if I

if I got an A, you would take us to the aquarium for a tour."

"Haha, when have I not kept up my end of a promise?"

"Old Deer, hurry over here, I've painted you. Do you think it's nice?"

There was a tag on the door that read "Happy Community Private Welfare Home for Disabled Children".

What do humans live for?

Everyone had a different answer to that.

Upon returning from a space expedition, the others were still very excited, but Wang Zheng felt a sense of belonging upon returning.

No matter where he went, the warmth felt on Earth was incomparable to other places.

Although he had not travelled to many places on this trip, Wang Zheng still felt that there was no planet that had as much energy as Earth.

Wang Zheng occasionally doubted his own subjectivity. The type of indescribable feeling he was experiencing could be due to subjectivity factors.

The small team dissolved after returning to Earth. An Mei left, Tyrant Su was alone, and Xiao Fei and Marcus took a vacation after submitting their research topic. Everyone had a high workload during this period, so they needed a break, or else their brains would have exploded from the stress.

Wang Zheng rented an apartment near the school. He was no longer a poor student and was actually quite wealthy now. He chased Tyrant Su away when he brought up getting a presidential suite at Shangri-La.

Xiaosu and others such as Chen Xiu were having eventful lives as they were enjoying their youths. Wang Zheng's life was not like that, however.

School, apartment, and training took up most of his time. When he was free, he would attempt to work on assignments left by Old Merchant.

He was different from others as he did not have much interest in shopping. Using Tyrant Su's words, others would have a hasty look at most but Wang Zheng's thinking was hasty instead. He was already beginning to lead a middle aged life.

Xiaosu had plenty to brag about as he went to Roland Garros and knew many important people. Tyrant Su had regained his former glory as he was flaunting off to kindergarten kids.

Xiaosu loved crowds and had no intention in belittling others when showing off in front of them. He loved making new friends.

The old contract with Solon has reached maturity and the new contract was on a per-battle basis. Wang Zheng did not have much interest in CT anymore. Solon wanted to invite the Skeleton for a battle in order to put up a performance but Wang Zheng was not interested at all.

Although feeling slightly regretful, Wang Zheng was the person who understood Xiaosu the most and knew that Xiaosu was an adventurous person who did not fear his opponent.

As Xiaosu rejected Solon and indicated that the Skeleton might retire, Solon did not take the news well.

The secretary knocked on the door and went in bravely as it was quiet inside. He discovered Solon sitting there with a pale face.

This shocked the secretary and she wanted to use her skills to resuscitate her boss who had an overbearing presence in the CT scene.

Solon was indeed dumbfounded as his biggest worry had turned into a reality. He knew that a person who could even tame the experts of the Lie Family and Norton Star would not stay for long.

However, unknowingly, having a Skeleton battle each week was becoming an important aspect of his life. It was the same as becoming the biggest Skeleton Corp in the solar system.

The only thing that Solon could take comfort in is that the opponent did not outright reject him but only commented that there was not much meaning behind Solon's arrangement.

"What's the matter, Xiao Ya?" Solon looked at his new secretary. He did not want to recruit her. However, this was the standard procedure for the president of the solar system region. He thought of a classic phrase: Let the secretary handle things to be done, if there are none then do the secretary. Unfortunately Solon did not have such a poor habit.

"President... The situation is pretty bad. Players from the Immortal Barbarian star in Andromeda are making a huge commotion after 18 straight victories....", said Xiao Ya.

Immortal Barbarian star and Norton star were the same as they were both main planets of Andromeda. The story behind Immortal Barbarian star's name is that in the early days, explorers who discovered this planet felt that it was similar in appearance to when Earth was undeveloped. There were already habitants on the planet with decent intelligence. However, the planet was relatively undeveloped and was culturally distinct as well. They were only considered to be a semi-mechanical civilization with well-maintained environment conditions. Of course in that era, humans invaded that planet without any hesitation.

After thousands of years of change, Immortal Barbarian became an important force to the Milky Way Alliance.

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