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Chapter 191: A Rarity


The name sounded familiar. Was he the guy who defeated the Norton team?

The number of users online suddenly dropped by 50% as soon as Solon published the news. This drop was a pleasant surprise to all of them.

It was time to sleep!

The crowd finally felt relieved.

Many still had to go to work tomorrow.

The Skeleton Corps was still bustling with activity; some people were obviously planning to stay up all night. What they were worried about was if Skeleton would fight in a solo battle or a team battle.

They were considering what the lineup would be like in the event of a team battle. The abilities of the Immortal Barbarian team was beyond their imagination.

The CT forum of the Solar System had reached unprecedented activity on the morning of the second day.

The people from Mars, the people from the Moon, and the Caragal all paid close attention to this matter.

Actually, the Kings of the Moon had considered offering aid, partly because letting the Immortal Barbarians bully them on their own turf would be embarrassing to the whole Solar System.

However, the challenge now was still on the planetary level; it had not escalated to the interstellar level yet. This meant that seeking aid from outside would give the impression of weakness.

However, the Moon had sent out a message stating that if the Earth team could not succeed alone, the strongest King on the Moon would come to win in order to regain their reputation.

After all, were the lightning javelins really so difficult to dodge?

This question was also on the minds of many people. The weapon did not have the ability to lock on to the target. It was a manually targeted weapon. Honestly, it was more or less a specialised weapon that was only used in certain environments with certain cultural roots. In the whole Milky Way, there were only two planets that still equipped the Lightning Javelin as a conventional weapon. The Immortal Barbarian Star was one of them.

It was a result of their special geographic environment.

On the other hand, it was difficult to utilise such a weapon well and it only served to restrict common players from using it.

The situation with Prince and the others was also quite bad. They had received a lot of criticism. The discussion forums bashed them, saying that they were only experts when fighting locally, but insignificant when compared to others. Others

said that all of them were mighty and arrogant in peacetime, but weak and useless during critical moments.

Weren't they fond of showing off their moves and operating techniques all the time? Where were the moves and techniques when they were really needed? It seemed like they had cramped up and rolled over.

The locals on Earth were not the only ones who said things like that. The people of the Moon also made sarcastic comments. Prince and his teammates were under significant pressure. Nonetheless, they could not explain their way out of this after their defeat.

Frankly speaking, the level of the Immortal Barbarians was much higher, so it was normal for teams to lose to them. If they had played more discreetly, they might not have lost so badly. But if their tactics were too conservative on their home turf, they might still have been criticised. In the end, it was all because they were inferior in terms of skills.

They had decided the time for their decisive battle. The only thing left was to decide the teammates.

The Immortal Barbarians did not play solo anymore, now was the time for team battles.

Solon gave Skeleton complete freedom to choose his teammates, as he had no idea how this fight should proceed.

Prince, Hammer, Bragging Simon, Truth.

Wang Zheng had watched the previous battle. To be honest, the gap between the two teams was not that big. It did not matter whether they played a solo or team battle.

The battle was about to start.

This was also the result the players from the Immortal Barbarian Star were waiting for. They came here for Skeleton; as long as they could defeat Skeleton, they could go home to glory and cheers.


Virbius and the others had evaluated that it would be difficult to take on Skeleton in a solo battle. They did not have absolute confidence, so it would be better if they hit his weaknesses. It did not matter if Skeleton chose the Wargod No.1 or Hercules as his mech, as he would be a great burden to his teammates in a team battle.

Moreover, Virbius's play style was not well suited to solo battles.

Good momentum and great preparation, the challenge from the Immortal Barbarians this time would be put to an end tomorrow night.

Student Wang ate, trained, and did his assignments as usual. He did not frequent the Genesis Coffee club because somehow, those old men had endless questions regarding him. They had even asked about his relationship and marriage status.

He was still young.

He could not understand why the elderly were always so enthusiastic about these kinds of matters.

On the annual Moon auto show, luxury car manufacturers from all over the galaxy would bring their flagship cars to the show. The Moon was the key to opening up a business venture in the Solar System market.

Apparently, people like Masasi had no interest in CT…

"Masasi, how many tickets do you have for the auto show this afternoon?"

Milo received a message on her Skylink. Milo was not that into CT either. They led their wonderful lives offline. However, the defeat last night forced Milo to reconsider her attacking methods. She realised that combination attacks did not guarantee success, the key was delivering the fatal attack when she was at her peak physical condition.

Compared to CT, Milo was into more exciting events, which was quite the opposite of how she appeared to be. This was actually a characteristic of the people from the Moon, they were two completely different people during work compared to leisure.

"Don't worry about the tickets. Will Dorisius be coming along?" Masasi smiled. His family owned one of the top three luxury car manufacturers on the moon. Their sports cars of the Odin series had just won their fifth straight championship in the Solar System formula race.

"He has gone to Earth for some family affairs," said Milo. "I heard that it was for matchmaking."

"Haha, what a poor child. Milo, come here. I have given you VIP access for the autoshow. Boss will be there too." Masasi smiled. Although he had received some pressure from his family to find a wife, at least the issue of matchmaking had not befallen him so far.

The tickets to the auto show were practically impossible to obtain. As the most influential auto show in the solar system, it would attract the rich from everywhere. The first three days of the auto show were targeted at the professionals, and the tickets were given to them for free. After the first three days, the massive crowd was the first thing that a visitor would see at the show.

Achilles was never late, he had always arrived on time.

Masasi saw Achilles's car in a reserved parking spot when he arrived at the auto show.

"Boss, you look.... awesome."

It had to be admitted, Achilles possessed all the traits of a man from the Moon. He shone bright like the sun in his lounge suit, and the beauties endlessly tried to make eye contact with him.

Achilles smiled faintly and said, "Chill."

"Hey, handsomes, where are your companions?" Milo showed up.

What a bombshell!

She showed off her slender legs and perky butt in a pair of tiny hot pants, but her facial expression was completely innocent. This contrast made her drop-dead gorgeous.

The cropped camo top on her body exposed her dainty waist and her cute belly button with a sparkling diamond navel stud. She could make any man fall for her.

"How is my look today?" Milo apparently looked different today. Even her smile was more charming than usual.

"Student Milo, are you sure you are not trying to seduce us?"

Masasi ridiculed and said, "Well, your figure has developed quite a bit more."

"Masasi, you are looking for trouble!" Milo's mood, which she had been controlling for so long, was ruined.

Achilles smiled and said, "Let's go. Must the both of you fight whenever you meet each other?"

When they walked into the auto show hall, all types of sports cars were showing their own prowess on the booths. There were virtual test drives, advertising videos, interactive activities, and the pretty models from all the manufacturers. However, the number of audience members was kept at at a precise level. The hall was not too crowded but not too desolate either. The waiters were walking through the people, providing service.

From time to time, there would be people placing orders for the cars in the exhibition. They could either choose to bring home the car on display after the exhibition was over, or they could request for a new car from the warehouse behind.

Milo took a look at Masasi and purchased a fuchsia sports car from Hatamoto, the biggest competitor to Masasi's family.

Masasi smiled and ordered an Odin 9 series from his family's booth.

Achilles also causally ordered a sports car from Gaia, which was manufactured on Earth. The reason he chose it was because he liked the name. The mother of the world, it sounded classy.

None of the cars they ordered cost less than ten million dollars. If Tyrant Su were here, he would definitely have mixed feelings. This was the difference between the rich and the wealthy. Though Little Lucky Star was pretty well-off, Xiaosu would not purchase cars like these.

The three were not so interested in the auto show itself; they had come here just to relax. After they did some virtual test drives on a few prestigious luxury cars, they sat down in the resting area and started chatting.

"I chatted with Pi Xiaoxiu on the Skylink yesterday. He will come back to Moonlight College with Dong Xiaosa for training in seven days," Milo said while sipping on her milk tea.

"Pi Xiaoxiu will be coming back early?" Masasi smiled. Among the eight stars on the Moon, Pi Xiaoxiu was well known for his...laziness.

Achilles said blandly, "My suggestion for him would be to start his special training in ten days."

This was also an order from Achilles. A two-month summer vacation was too luxurious for them. 15 days off was the most he could offer.

"On Mars, Lie Guang has came back. His potential deserves more attention. Regarding Earth, we have not gotten any useful information about Li Er. All of the people we placed in Zeus College have flunked out this semester."

Li Er was currently keeping a low profile. It was evident that he had was planning something big.

Milo was responsible for the collection of intelligence. She started the discussion habitually.

"We came here to relax today, don't be so tense."

Achilles stood up with a bland smile on his face. Earth and Mars were quite strong, but he looked far beyond them. He indeed possessed the ability to move beyond them.

Milo smiled. She did need to relieve some stress. "Alright then."

"I know you guys want to relax, but isn't it too boring just sitting here? How about we take our cars from the warehouse and have a race. Shall we, Boss?" Masasi suggested.

Milo's eyes flickered. "Masasi, you were 10 seconds behind Boss last time. You want to challenge him again?"

"I am striving to narrow the gap to less than three seconds, the Gaia sports car that boss bought...well... is a grade lower than my Odin 9 series. If Boss could let me go first like last time, I might even win this time."

Masasi was relaxed. He was merely joking.

Achilles smiled. "Didn't you hide your full ability last time? Are you going to go all out this time?"

"All out!" Masasi touched his nose while saying it.

Milo blinked and said, "I will be the judge. I will spend the night with the winner."


Achilles and Masasi both took a look at Milo... sexy, charming, the sparkling diamond on her belly, those slim legs, perfect waist-hip ratio… what was more enjoyable than having a bombshell like this?

"Really?" Masasi couldn't stop his imagination; no man could be calm when given such an offer.

"Of course, I am talking about going for dinner. Masasi, it seems like you have finally matured. You have started to think about some other ways of spending the night." Milo smirked.

Masasi took a look at Achilles. Damn, no wonder he was the boss. He was always so calm.

Achilles shrugged causally. "Actually... you stole my line."

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