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Chapter 186: Lie’s Flame Cauldron

Mar's invisible royal family, the Lie family!

"Please come to a stop. In front is private property."

Before one reached the Lie family's gates, five kilometers before the entrance, the travelling Lie Guang was stopped by security.

Lie Guang smiled. This was considered being polite. Those who could not recognize those of the Lie Family were not many, but neither were they little. Some did it accidentally, some on purpose.

Before Lie Guang spoke, the communicator of the guard who had stopped him suddenly burst with activity. The guard immediately turned pale and his face showed surprise. He immediately bowed deeply. "My apologies, this lowly one did not know that the Patriarch was back."

"No worries." He did not possess a strong sense of belonging to this family.

Lie Guang patted the guard's shoulders before walking up the mountain entrance. On both sides of the road were large trees. These were planted during the great Martian Terraforming. The trees that were older than a thousand years were too numerous to count. Even the smaller trees were at least a few hundred years old.

The entire mountain had a radius of 100 li (57km). All of this land belonged to the Lie Family. The main residence was right at the entrance of the mountain range. The mountain range itself held numerous secrets. Even Lie Guang only knew just a little about it, but it was no more than a single hair on the back of nine oxen.

The housekeeper took ten odd servants to wait for Lie Guang in front of the gate. They stood motionless until Lie Guang appeared in front of them. "Welcome home, Patriarch."


Lie Guang nodded his head. His heart felt a little regret.

"Patriarch, these servants will be dispatched to follow you. Regardless of what you need, you can inform them."

The ten odd servants saluted Lie Guang.

Lie Guang knew that he had to accept it. If he rejected them, a different group of individuals would be chosen to serve him and the process would repeat until he accepted.

When Lie Guang returned to his room, he dismissed the servants. They would be in charge of his daily meals and accommodation.

After sitting down, the room's door was then pushed open. Without taking a glance, he knew who had arrived.

Lie Xin's voice resounded, "Little Guang, you're finally willing to come home?"

Little Guang… Lie Guang felt quite helpless. Regardless of how much he protested, so long as he could not beat Lie Xin, she would continue to address him this way. However, deep down, Lie Guang knew that Lie Xin was the only one who treated him as an actual family member.

"After not meeting for so long, you seem to have developed quite well." Lie Guang sized up Lie Xin. His experience was quite plentiful when it came to females.

Lie Xin's body was well endowed. No one could match it. What was unfortunate was that Lie Guang's words did not deter Lie Xin. On the contrary, Lie Xin walked forward with a smile on her face. "How could you tell? Why don't you give me a baby."

Lie Guang's face immediately turned repulsive. He thought that after numerous years of training, he would no longer fear his sister. Instead, he had been KO-ed in their very first exchange!

"Sister is now an adult. Please tell me whatever requests you have. Except for having a child."

"Then follow me. You should go there." Lie Xin's facial expression changed almost instantly.

"The Lie Fire Cauldron?"

"The Lie Fire Cauldron."

Lie Xin said faintly.

Lie Guang's face changed slightly. The Lie Fire Cauldron. It was the Lie Family's greatest heritage. In a time where Gongfa was difficult to practice, especially when heritages had all been lost, the Lie family's Gongfa was still able to be passed down. Furthermore, the Lie family was still able to maintain a high status. This cauldron which had over a thousand years of legacy was actually the reason why the Lie Family was able to produce numerous Ability X users. It was their biggest secret.

10 minutes later, Lie Xin had brought Lie Guang to the palace where the Lie Family's cauldron was kept. The cauldron was as large as a small garden. It was a square cauldron with doors on each side of it, allowing one to walk inside the cauldron itself.


Upon entering the cauldron, a blast of hot air rushed at him as the door opened. It was as though the air itself was possessed and had a spiritual nature as it rushed into his pores. With the Lie's Fire Technique, this spiritual air would gradually turn into a form of power and remain inside one's body.

A strange fire array could be seen inside the Lie Fire Cauldron. However, when one tried to touch it, it would be no more than an illusion.

An old man was sitting in the center of the Lie Family Cauldron. After seeing Lie Xin and Lie Guang come in, he immediately stood up. "Come over here."

Every disciple of the Lie family would have one opportunity to refine themselves. His opportunity had come extremely late.

Lie Guang smiled bitterly in his heart. The knots in his heart were difficult to undo. Very often, he felt a sense of inferiority.

"Go. I believe you can do it!" Ever since Lie Guang had returned, Lie Xin had treated him as her little brother. This opportunity for him to go the cauldron was also something she had fought for.

Lie Guang could see how much care and concern Lie Xin had for him. At this point, Lie Guang finally understood. His surname did not matter. Who he was did not matter either. What was important was that he was Lie Xin's little brother. He would use his life to fight for his only family member.

Lie Guang walked forward with no hesitation. Regardless of the trials, he would do anything for Lie Xin.

The old man's expression towards Lie Guang was very calm. It was clear that there was a little bit of scorn in it as well. To those not of the main branch, if the old rules were followed, he would never have a chance to step inside here. Lie Xin's request was meaningless. However, the Sage had made a request, and that was why he had the opportunity to do so.

However, would he even succeed?

The Lie Fire Cauldron sealed shut. Lie Guang sat down cross-legged. What he needed to do was cultivate the Lie Family Technique inside the cauldron. Everything else was up to fate.

After quite a bit of time… there was no reaction.

"Second Uncle, could there have been a problem? Is this the right time?" Lie Xin was slightly anxious.

The old man looked nonchalantly at Lie Guang, who was sitting inside. "Pure yang is leaking. His gongfa is too weak. His attitude is insufficient. Even though you are from the Lie family, everything is up to the heavens."

Lie Guang gritted his teeth. Suddenly, he had a mirthless smile on his face.

"I remember the Patriarch saying that Lie Guang was born a Lie family member. Even when he dies, his spirit is that of the Lie family. I think don't Second Uncle forgot that, did you?"

The old man stared blankly. He gave Lie Xin a glance before relaxing slightly, clearly unaffected.

This Lie Family Cauldron was like a cage. Lie Guang was feeling slightly bored. He continued to cultivate his Gongfa; however, nothing happened.

Was his strength insufficient?

Although his body was inside the Fire Cauldron, he could clearly see everything that was happening outside. How Lie Xin was worried about him and how Second Uncle was peering at him.

She was always calm. She had possessed the Lie family's greatest talent. However, there were times where even she was worried!

Lie Guang knew that he had to get a reaction out of the cauldron. If not, he would truly be given up on by the family. Even the Sage would not be able to say anything. The chance was given to him, but he was unable to make use of it.

Lie Xin took a step forward, but the old man stopped her.

"Second Uncle, Little Lie has been gone for too long. He needs some guidance. Let me do it."

The old man smiled emotionlessly. "He had the gall to remind me to follow the Patriach's words. Are you willing to go against the family's rules? The Lie Fire Cauldron is an individual trial. There can be no external help. Even the future family head cannot break these rules."

Lie Guang felt his own body getting hotter and hotter. F*ck. That d*mn old man. He dared to disrespect Lie Xin? This Patriarch here could destroy him at anytime.

The Lie Fire Cauldron suddenly shuddered. Was it an earthquake??


The entire Lie Fire Cauldron suddenly ignited. Lie Guang, who was inside the Fire Cauldron, looked as though he was reborn in a baptism of fire. He stood up, his finger pointing at the old man outside. He was gushing with power. "You old fogey, respect the future head of the family!"

Subspace flight was extremely boring. However, a life without Skeleton was considered to be something extremely fortunate for Young Deer.

To be frank, Young Deer was now the most famous commentator in CT. He had recently received an award for being the best commentator.

However, along with that award, Young Deer had also won the fan's choice for being the most vicious commentator.

Today was a Friday on Earth. It was the start of the professional tournaments. As the year's best commentator, Young Deer was the main commentator for the competition.

This was a professional 5 v 5 match. The battle was in a deadlock and both teams were extremely strong. Both sides were defensive, and as the situation progressed, they consistently swapped between offense and defense.

Professional competitions usually had opponents of similar skill, so there were no fancy fights. It was just a competition to see who was more careful.

Neither side was competing in terms of skills, it was a test of their tactics and their ability to react. It was also a test to see how well a team could work together.

As Old Deer commentated, he took a swig of milk from a carton.

In the chatbox for the livestream, a series of milk carton emoticons immediately flooded the chat. This was a sort of improvised entertainment. So long as Young Deer was commentating, even if Skeleton was not a competitor, these milk cartons would appear to provoke Old Deer.

This was also Old Deer's aim when he drank milk on livestream. This also had Solon's influence in it. Solon had also made a concession. If Old Deer did not drink milk, people would not be interested in throwing milk cartons his way. However, when he drank milk, the audience would definitely grow excited. As a result, Solon was extremely excited. Thus, he signed a contract to get Old Deer to drink milk. If he did so, he would get a share of the profits.

With money to take, Old Deer was still a professional at heart. He was, after all, a professional commentator!

The milk company was excited. What could be a better form of advertisement? Several large milk companies were trying to get Old Deer to be their representative. Their sales would immediately jump by several times!

The stalemate was broken…

While drinking the milk, Old Deer suddenly started commentating. "Karl's team has made a mistake. It is now too late to defend mid lane. Team SK has launched a surprise attack."

After he finished speaking, Team SK grouped up in the middle. This was a long planned attack. The opponent, Team Karl, was at the bottom lane and immediately sought to support the middle. However, top lane was too greedy; they wanted to break the opponent's defence and was therefore too slow to defend.

"Karl's top lane was too greedy. If it was a casual match, it wouldn't mean much. However, in a professional game, a few seconds can spell the difference between victory and defeat."

As a result, the mid lane had a fight of 4v5. In a group match, SK was quickly able to destroy Karl's tank mech. Without the tank, the rest of the mecha could only retreat. Even if top lane returned, he could not do much. They had allowed SK to take the initiative. SK regrouped and pushed towards the enemy's fortress. The game's conclusion had more or less been set.

Old Deer gave a slight smile. This was professionalism. Everything he said came true.

"I would like to thank everyone for watching this. I also hope that everyone votes for me as the most professional commentator. I am the best CT commentator in the universe. Thank you!"

The match ended. However, when Old Deer started speaking, the viewers immediately became excited. He was truly attracting the ire of others. What a b*stard. What was he talking about… the universe's best commentator. Then in this case, I'm a god!

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