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The applause did not stop. Xiao Fei and Marcus' group was angry, but now they looked even angrier.

Mu Fengchun and Gail were experienced scientists. They knew that the problem did not lie in the lack of witnesses. They were present too, but that was useless. The reasoning was definitely done by Dong Xuewu himself. Besides, you may claim that you have thought of the idea first, but he could say that he had been researching it since long ago. It was just that he did not make any official announcement. Everyone had the right to announce their research first.

Of course, those who were aware of the circumstances all knew that this time around, Dong Xuewu, this old man, was being too shameless.

"Xiao Fei, calm down, we do not have any evidence. If we quarrelled with him, we would be giving him an advantage over us." Marcus was, after all, older. He might've been angry, but he was still rational.

The excitement of the audience and the weird expressions of the group of scientists formed a great contrast. To Dong Xuewu, he did not care at all. This was a chance - a chance that he had grabbed.

"Xiao Fei, I heard that you were working hard in this direction too. You are welcome to visit me at my school when you are free for any further discussions. I am always willing to help younger scientists."

Dong Xuewu said while looking at Xiao Fei. He was showing his generosity and good attitude as a senior.

He did it on purpose to provoke Xiao Fei. If you could not stand the provocation and exploded, you would be losing face in front of the whole world. Provoking your opponent was no doubt the oldest and most effective way to deliver a blow to your opponent. What Dong Xuewu wanted to do was to give Xiao Fei this one fatal blow.

Xiao Fei clenched her fist and her facial expression changed. She was not one who was good at hiding her feelings. Also, she was still young and hot-headed. She was not willing to go down quietly and let Dong Xuewu benefit from her work.

The facial expressions of Mu Fengchun and the others also changed. Dong Xuewu was too much. Not only had he snatched other people's ideas, but he also wanted to challenge them face to face.

Gail wanted to stand up, but Mu Fengchun pulled him down again. "Old Mu, why are you pulling me, let me whack this asshole. You guys want face, I don't want mine!"

"Look." Mu Fengchun pointed at Wang Zheng. At this moment, Wang Zheng was walking towards the stage.

All the attention was immediately focused on the winner of tonight's highest award. Looks like he was going to get justice for his teacher!

The eyes of all the reporters at the event started to shine. This would be news!

The problem was what was he, who did not seem to speak too eloquently, going to do? Fight?

Dong Xuewu looked at Wang Zheng and smiled. "Young chap, do you have any thoughts? It's a pity you are Xiao Fei's student. A gentleman never snatches someone else's love. If you want me to be your teacher, you will have to get Xiao Fei's agreement first."

This offer not only carried a lot of underlying meanings, but was also a sarcastic comment on the relationship between Wang Zheng and Xiao Fei.

If it was an average young person who heard this comment, they might have already burst in anger. However, Wang Zheng simply smiled innocently. "Professor Dong, you're making a very serious mistake. I can't help but want to correct this mistake."

Dong Xuewu smiled slightly. "Oh? Please go ahead."

The audience immediately started discussing. Xiao Fei's student was going to challenge Dong Xuewu!

Wang Zheng turned to face the audience. He walked to the front of the stage, and in just that moment, the Wang Zheng now seemed like a different person.

"Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests, actually, this theory presented by Professor Dong was raised by Teacher Xiao Fei and Teacher Marcus a long time ago."

Wang Zheng had yet to finish when Dong Xuewu, who was standing beside him, interrupted him. "Haha, are you trying to say that I learned my theory from Xiao Fei? Haha, when I started researching physics, Xiao Fei was just a small child."

Dong Xuewu knew that Wang Zheng would say that. Even if there were witnesses that day, so what? Xiao Fei only mentioned that little bit of information. Besides, he was the authority in physics, so in this situation where the involved party, Xiao Fei, could not represent herself, no one else could help her.

Disputes were popular in academia. Xiao Fei and Dong Xuewu had been fighting for a long time in Spatial Physics. Recently, Xiao Fei had a breakthrough, and now, Dong Xuewu was retaliating. Actually, Dong Xuewu had expressed his doubts over Xiao Fei's breakthrough in scientific journals. It was just that Xiao Fei was able to provide evidence later, so he had no choice but to shut up.

Perhaps it was an attempt by Xiao Fei to return the favour and damage Dong Xuewu's reputation?

This student did not have enough authority to do so.

Wang Zheng shook his head and looked at Dong Xuewu very sincerely. "Professor Dong, I remember that Teacher Xiao Fei raised the question of Transference upon Curvature Convection for everyone to discuss at the gathering yesterday. At that time, Teacher Mu and Teacher Gail, all of them were there, and we have already refuted the question. Why are you taking it out again?"

Dong Xuewu's facial expression changed slightly. This rascal knew how to look for support. However, it was too much. What refute? Who dared to refute? Mu Fengchun and his friends did not have such ability. They were not experts in physics.

"Rascal, who instructed you to say such things? Is it Xiao Fei? How dare you!" Dong Xuewu said angrily. "Theories are debatable. That is the norm. However, it is unethical to use underhanded methods."

"Little Dong, be patient and let Wang Zheng finish. We did raise this issue before."

Mu Fengchun said suddenly, continuing the conversation. He had doubts in his heart, but his instincts told him that this kid, Wang Zheng, was not one who would speak without thinking.

"I agree. You have lived for so long, why are you still afraid of a student's idea? No wonder you ran so quickly that night."

Gail laughed.

Immediately, the sounds of discussion became louder. Everyone had guessed a little about what was going on. Most likely, Dong Xuewu claimed what was discussed at the gathering and announced the results as his own research.

The truth was not important. The reporters needed a topic.

"Haha, this rascal is saying that I'm building on the wisdom of others. Now I want to see what his version of the truth is!" Dong Xuewu said angrily.

Wang Zheng laughed. "Actually, Transference upon Curvature Convection is nothing significant. Just like the story of the standing egg, it is simply a brain teaser. If we invest too much energy in this direction, it will only be wasted. Under Teacher Xiao Fei's leadership, we have progressed to stage two for the study on Transference upon Curvature Convection. Teacher Xiao Fei, even though you were planning to announce only after we perfected the study, with so many authorities from different fields present here today, why don't we present it for everyone to discuss? This will benefit our progress in the later stages of the study."

Xiao Fei and Marcus looked at each other..... There was no later stage in the study. Wang Zheng knew of the progress of the entire project. Xiao Fei did not know why, but she became more confident when she looked at Wang Zheng's smile.

"Yes, you can represent me and share our thoughts with everyone. Science belongs to the whole of humanity. It is not a tool for people to compete for prestige and profits."

Xiao Fei was not one to be bullied easily. Immediately, she threw the insult back at Dong Xuewu.

The key point was that she did not think that in such a fight, Senior Mu and Gail would be on their side.

"In the first stage, we solved the problem of location in Spatial Movement under Curvature Constant Velocity. This basic deduction itself was based on the transmission between Constant Velocity and Hyper Velocity Ships. Hence, in the second stage, we naturally advanced in that direction for our study. Everyone knows that once we have entered the state of Hyper Velocity, space then will differ from our conventional understanding of space. Our transmission will then lead to the problem of material conversion. In other words, if we wanted to build a Hyper Velocity Transmission Suite, at the point of transmission, we would have to increase the speed of the Suite's space to hyper velocity. Vice versa, transmission under Curvature Constant Velocity runs on the same reasoning. We would have to decrease the speed of the transmission space. Regarding our deductions, the base of our theory uses the Mu Five Dimensions Reaction Mechanism, as well as the Kemule Material Conversion Law simultaneously. "

As he said this, Wang Zheng's Skylink lit up and a holographic screen popped out. Wang Zheng started to deduce.

The audience was quiet. Those who did not understand, those who understood, and those who understood a little, all of them were staring silently at the confident young man on the stage.

There was such a youngster in this world?

He dared to discuss freely, in front of authorities from various fields, the most difficult question in the physics world today.

At the start, there were people who could understand, but as the formulae and laws started to complicate, you could count on one hand the number of those present who could still understand.

Within the deduction, there was a number of complicated mathematical laws. Actually, in the science world, the process of deduction was most important to provide a perfect reasoning for the Mu Reaction Theory. It was only in understanding the process that the theory could be translated to reality and put to practical use.

Mu Fengchun and the others had already walked up the stage. None of them spoke a word. At first, Dong Xuewu was full of disdain; however, as he watched, his face darkened.

As for the students below the stage, they already could not understand.

Xiao Fei and Marcus were totally engrossed in the deductions. It was obvious that they were not involved in the deductions at all. Wang Zheng, this rascal, usually just listened at the laboratory. Who would have thought that he was not idling and had already achieved such a great breakthrough?

The second stage was still a little difficult for Wang Zheng. He had spent quite a long time to convert it to part of his ideas. Actually, he had not solved the last part yet, so he could only deduce half of it.

It was as though time did not exist. As Wang Zheng was working out his reasoning, two hours passed, and he had already used five large screens.

When Wang Zheng completed his work, he heaved a big sigh of relief. He had finally completed another mission. No matter what, he could not allow Idiot Dong to bully Teacher Xiao Fei.

Wang Zheng had finished writing. However, the professors present were still standing still. Those who had reached a certain stage in academia would have a strong foundation in mathematics. They could understand about 70-80% of it.

Wang Zheng had used more than 10 of today's top theories. Within included techniques from engineering because the increase in speed for the transmission suite would lead to a material conversation.

After a long time, Mu Fengchun let out a breath. "Xiao Fei, you guys are too outstanding! This will be the biggest scientific breakthrough of the century. This year's highest Nobel prize should be awarded to you guys!"

Xiao Fei was the fastest to gain an understanding of the whole reasoning, because she had been following the study from the start. Also, she was able to follow Wang Zheng's train of thought. Actually, this rascal had hinted during their research before, but obviously, he lacked the final step. But now the whole process was almost completed, and it would be easy to simply work out the last bit.

Wang Zheng scratched his head. "Teacher, I'm sorry. I've yet to understand the last part."

Xiao Fei smiled. "We'll be making an official announcement for the last part before the end of the next month. This time, the issue at hand is too broad. It stretches across many fields of studies. Here, I sincerely invite everyone to the announcement. Teacher Mu, you promised to come."

Mu Fengchun laughed heartily and patted Wang Zheng. "I'm coming just because of this kid. I forgot to tell everyone. This newest and perfect reasoning for the Five Dimension Reaction Theory was not done by me, but by this kid. Little Dong, next time don't be so anxious and leave halfway. You should stay and listen to the end of the discussion before making a decision to prevent such a situation from happening again."

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