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The keen sense of a reporter allowed her to detect the subtle difference in atmosphere. It was rumoured that the Princess of Aslan would be arriving. This may be a proud accomplishment for the event organisers, but to the science world, this may not be the case. The award ceremony was becoming more and more like an entertainment show. {erhaps the reason why everyone was gathering was that...

Just as she was thinking, sounds of discussion came from the entrance. Everyone turned back and was shocked.

Mu Fengchun and Gail arrived. As the most influential scientist of today's era, Mu Fengchun's arrival attracted all the attention and media. Dong Xuewu was still speaking when, in a flash, everyone disappeared.

A group of people blocked the passage way. Who was Senior Mu? There were too many legends about him. He had opened a small scientist club at Roland Garros where only the top scientists of the Milky Way Alliance could join. At Roland Garros, he had an authority no lesser than that of the Milky Way Alliance Chairman. Also, it was rumoured that he was the winner of this time's Mathematics Nobel Prize. This was already his third consecutive win. There was none like him, and this was not because of his fame, but because of the honor that he gained from solving difficult problems relentlessly.

Facing the media, Senior Mu smiled. "Everyone, the main characters for today are the youths that will lead mankind's future. It's no use taking pretty pictures of my old face."

The reporters laughed. Senior Mu was known as a man of his word in their profession as well. They quickly made way. More and more media arrived at the ceremony site.

The ordinary Milky Way Alliance Contribution Award Ceremony became grander with the appearance of the most famous titan in the science world today, and the Princess from Aslan. It made the upcoming Nobel Prize award ceremony three months from now seem inconsequential.

When it was almost time for the ceremony to start, there were no empty seats. After all, this was not an entertainment establishment. Hence, once the ceremony was about to start, the media would restrain themselves. This was one of the most sacred establishments of mankind. Mankind was able to conquer the Milky Way, the key to conquering the galaxy, by relying on the contribution of scientists. This was mankind's power. It was no exaggeration to say that this was the most valuable resource of mankind.

Those around Wang Zheng were youths of around the same age. Some were excited, some were nervous, and there were some who stood proud. Regardless, those seated here represented ability.

Unconsciously, Wang Zheng felt as though his soul was leaving his body again. He was a little surprised. This was not a battle situation, so why would there be such a sentiment?

Science was just another type of battlefield, another type of lifestyle. It could not be described by words, but it was obviously much more complicated than the usual battles.

Wang Zheng was a sensitive person in nature. The youths around him were all in a hyper excited mood and proud looks were being exchanged. Wang Zheng, who was sensitive to the mood, could naturally blend in.

To be frank, he himself was not very excited. Science was not his aspiration. At the same time, he felt that this was all Old Merchant's work. He was at the most a messenger.

However, the strong resolve of the youths surrounding him had a unique effect on him.

It seemed to amplify what he was experiencing.

At this moment, Wang Zheng could feel the power of Roland Garros. This planet seemed like it did not have much power on the outside. Perhaps it possessed the most powerful fighting power, or hid even countless secrets. Yet, despite all this, all Wang Zheng felt was emptiness.

When human technology reached a certain stage, the power of nature was suppressed.

At this point, Wang Zheng seemed to understand something. Wasn't Ability X the power that was birthed from the fusion of human beings themselves and nature?

The sounds around him were blocked out. Wang Zheng was in an ethereal state again.

Enlightenment, at the simplest level of understanding, was an achievement of the peak superposition of brain waves!

One by one, the awards were given out in the hall. The atmosphere of the award ceremony was extremely high because of the appearance of so many big shots.

At this moment, Xie Yating just started walking down the stage, her whole body trembling. She tried her best to calm down, but the person who was presenting her award was Professor Zhuang Wuyun! This was something that she did not even dream of. Her mind was blank. She could not even remember what she had just said. When she returned to her seat, she was already soaked in sweat and her legs were soft and wobbly.

Subconsciously, she raised her head and looked at Wang Zheng, who was sitting diagonally across..... Was this person spacing out?

Actually, the main characters this time were no longer the young students. Princess Aina and those big shots were the hot topics of discussion.

"Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for the most important award tonight. I believe that everyone has been waiting for it. Now, let's invite our most special guest, the first princess of Aslan, Princess Aina."

Immediately, the heartiest round of applause erupted from the audience. No matter how she looked from the outside, Aina Aslan was the symbol of flawlessness. She could become the hottest topic of discussion just by appearing in public. Princess Aina took on a friendly, peace-loving image. She advocated for peaceful expansion and supported charities. At the same time, she visited Earth and promoted her political ideals. It would be difficult for people to ignore such a cute little princess

Aina walked out. She was dressed simply, in formal clothes. She was not wearing any accessories. In front of science, any decorations were vulgar.

Not surprising, once Aina appeared, she attracted everyone's attention. She was that beautiful and elegant.

All of them thought that Princess Aina would appear grandly dressed, but she was dressed simply. Such a contrast made her even more attractive.

She was elegant but not proud.

Wang Zheng's attention then shifted toward Aina. The strange thing was that although he did not leave that peculiar state of mind, his soul rushed towards Aina.

Aina walked onto the stage. She blushed suddenly, because at that moment, she felt herself being surrounded by a loving feeling. This feeling was so familiar, so strong, and so warm.

Such a feeling could only come from one particular person.

This sudden feeling disappeared quickly. Aina suppressed her excitement. "The highest contribution award for the 136th University Science Contribution Award goes to... Wang Zheng from Earth's Ares College!"

Immediately, the audience erupted into loud applause and cheers. Everyone stood up. At this moment, Wang Zheng woke up from his peculiar state.

"Wang Zheng, congratulations."


It was a simple exchange, but the moment they shook hands, they shared a feeling of warmth and happiness that could only be understood between them.

Everything was unspoken.

Xiao Fei and Marcus's applause were the loudest. Wang Zheng deserved this award. He lived up to its name.

The emcee smiled and asked, "Wang Zheng, how are you feeling right now? Is there anything you want to say?"

Wang Zheng smiled. He did not expect to be asked to say something. He looked at his trophy. "Is this pure gold?"

The air stilled for a moment. Shortly after, everyone burst into happy laughter.

Rhode, the emcee, laughed too. "Wang Zheng, you are so humorous. It's only gold plated, but the most important part is in its meaning. Is there anything else that you would like to say?"

Wang Zheng smiled and said, "I have nothing else to say."

Rhode was stunned at first, then he smiled. "Let us use our warmest applause to congratulate Wang Zheng again."

"This country bumpkin!" Nicoise could not resist commenting.

No one noticed that Aina, who was always smiling, was looking at Wang Zheng tenderly.

It was unexpected that the winner of the highest award had nothing to say. This also meant that the award ceremony had come to an end. However, the emcee received a notification on his call card.

Rhode was stunned for a second before letting out a big smile. "Ladies and gentlemen, students, I have just received some news. And just right now, I would like to borrow this occasion to announce, from the Milky Way Science Committee, that Professor Dong Xuewu has made an amazing contribution to the Space Moving Idea. He has perfected the explanation for the Transference upon Curvature Convection Theory. This is the greatest accomplishment in the last 10 years. Professor Dong Xuewu is here with us today. Let us welcome Professor Dong to come up on stage and give some advice to the youngsters present here.

The audience applauded enthusiastically, while Xiao Fei and her group looked at each other.

How did this happen?

She had only revealed a little at the gathering that day. She was prepared to submit the suggestion after the award ceremony. How did it become Dong Xuewu?

Mu Fengchun and Gail looked at each other. They saw anger in each other's eyes.

"Idiot Dong is getting out of hand. How could he do such an embarrassing thing? Let me teach him a lesson!" Gail was a famous hot head. He was pulled back by Mu Fengchun, who was beside him.

Basically, Mu Fengchun had already understood the process. No wonder Dong Xuewu had left the gathering so quickly. He thought that Dong was embarrassed, but little did he know, Dong was going back to expand on Xiao Fei's suggestion.

Well, this was actually the same as the logic in the story of the standing egg. When you had not thought of it, however you hard you thought, you would not get the answer. Once you understood, based on Dong Xuewu's ability, he could solve it within this short period of time. Ignoring his character, he did have a high level of ability.

This guy had definitely worked overtime to submit the work specifically at this time.

This was not considered plagiarism. The reasoning would have to be done by himself.

Xiao Fei's face was a little pale. She wanted to help Wang Zheng at that time. She did not expect that Dong Xuewu would do such a thing, to take things to this extent.

On the stage, Dong Xuewu was immediately the center of attention. Dong Xuewu and Xiao Fei had their differences for quite some time. His position was threatened, especially when Xiao Fei had a breakthrough for Spatial Transmission. He had been looking for trouble with Xiao Fei ever since.

This time, Dong Xuewu had finally made the strongest comeback. At the same time, it was evidence of his ability.

On the stage, Dong Xuewu spoke eloquently, giving a long speech on how he had come up with the idea, how difficult it was, and how to be creative.

Wang Zheng really did not want to do anything at such an event. However, it was intolerable. He knew very well how hard Xiao Fei and Marcus's team had been working for this period of time. However, it was all destroyed in this moment.

Xiao Fei bit her lip. This was not about profit, but about the hard work of the whole team going to waste. She did not believe that just in two days, Dong Xuewu could produce any good quality reasoning. However, he was the first to propose such reasoning. Anyone's work submitted later, however good it was, would only be considered as working from Dong's idea.

Not only that, this was also a problem of patents. The whole project could be affected.

On the stage, Dong Xuewu was in high spirits. His voice became louder and louder. His mood became even better, especially after he observed the expressions of the audience.

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