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Mu Fengchun's words were much more trustworthy. Those at the ceremony could understand the gist of what had happened.

Dong Xuewu had taken what Xiao Fei and her group were discussing to be a precious breakthrough and had fought to announce it as his own work. In reality, they were discussing the problems in their theory.

Xiao Fei was being kind and did not expose him on the spot. If not for Dong Xuewu's continuous provocation, perhaps they were even considering leaving him with that bit of face.

Dong Xuewu was the cause of his own embarrassment!

After he set things right, Wang Zheng quickly made space for Xiao Fei and Mu Fengchun. In such a situation, there would not be many questions about the reasoning. Actually, Xiao Fei and Senior Mu were honest people. They talked mainly about the general direction of their collaboration. Old Mu, Gail, and their friends would not be interested in the usual normal project.

Wang Zheng could not stand answering such meaningless questions, so he rejected all interviews and hid away.

Luckily, Xiao Fei and her group were present, and everyone had a direction. This huge contribution would directly affect the later Milky Way Alliance Nobel Prize.

If the whole reasoning was accepted, Xiao Fei would be winning the highest award. Comparing Dong Xuewu and Mu Fengchun in such a similar situation, Mu Fengchun's generosity and character outshone Dong Xuewu. People would not take Mu Fengchun lightly based on the fact that he did not receive the highest award. On the contrary, he would be more respected. This was the model attitude for the science world.

People would get old, and the new generation would have to inherit their positions.

"Xiao Fei, you have a good student." Old Mu smiled.

Xiao Fei gave a knowing smile. She knew that she could not hide it from Senior Mu. "This is the fortune of humanity."

Mu Fengchun nodded. He was puzzled when Xiao Fei credited her student for the work, but now he knew that this showed Xiao Fei's selflessness.

"I might have to delay you for a bit later on. We should discuss our collaboration. The reasoning is still incomplete. However, it's almost done. We just need to work a little harder for the last part. It's just that the research crosses over into too many fields of study."

"Then we will have to depend on your charisma."

"Haha, you are now a member of Coffee, so you do not need me. You can approach the people that you need directly. Of course, Wang Zheng, that rascal, is a great kid. He's just a little lazy. If you don't motivate him, he will not be willing to give it his all. I heard that he wants to become a soldier. How can he do that?" Mu Fengchun said. Poor Wang Zheng, he did not know that his display of talent would bring more opposition to his ideal occupation, and this was not a small opposing force.

"Yes, he passed the IG selection. I'm also having a headache over this," Xiao Fei said.

"How about this: I will prepare and visit Ares College to enhance the atmosphere," Mu Fengchun said.

Xiao Fei was surprised at hearing his suggestion. "That would be great!"

Xiao Fei also thought that the reason Wang Zheng wanted to be a mech warrior was because of the military school atmosphere of Ares College. If they could improve the sentiment towards the sciences, perhaps it would change his mind.

The atmosphere and environment were quite important. You could imagine how important Wang Zheng was to Mu Fengchun and Gail.

Wang Zheng was hiding from all the attention when the door opened quietly. An attractive figure entered carefully. Before she could turn her head, she was enveloped into a hug. Aina had a shock. Before she knew, a kiss landed on her mouth. She relaxed upon recognizing that familiar scent.

The award ceremony had ended. This also meant that Wang Zheng had to go back.

To Aina, Wang Zheng's embrace was no doubt the safest and warmest. Aina was watching from the side while he showed off his ability again, though unintentionally. She knew that Wang Zheng would never allow Dong Xuewu to humiliate Xiao Fei and Marcus, but she could not think of any way to stop it. However, Wang Zheng had easily beaten Dong Xuewu.

Aslan revered the courageous, except that they were different from the Arbiter Empire, who revered power only. Aslan looked up to the courageous and chivalrous.

In Aina's heart, Wang Zheng was such a warrior, regardless of his field of study.

"Don't idolize me too much, or you will be sad when I'm not around," Wang Zheng teased. Aina's gentle gaze was melting him.

"I want to idolize you. Should I not? Is Wang Zheng not willing to take in a little fan like me?"

Aina said cheekily.

"I really want to carry you away in my pocket," Wang Zheng said from his heart. To other people, her status as a princess may be an honor, but to him, at times, he really wished Aina was simply Aina.

Aina's twinkly eyes seemed to see through Wang Zheng's thoughts. "In front of you, I'm always Aina. I believe in you. Anyway, distance makes the heart fonder. This way, you will think of me every day!"

Wang Zheng could not hold back his smile. "You are even prettier without the distance."

After staying with Tyrant Su and An Mei for a while, Wang Zheng learned how to flirt a little. Aina was stunned for a second before seeing Wang Zheng's grin. Then she understood immediately and gave him a light punch.

"Hmph, anyway, you can only think of me. Don't get tempted by all those pretty girls surrounding you!"

Looking at Aina, Wang Zheng's smile widened. "Sigh, you were the only one who noticed me early. I'm so awesome. I entered this relationship too early."

Their eyes met again as they continued their conversation. It was as though they had eyes only for each other.

After that affectionate moment, Aina leaned on Wang Zheng's chest. "When are we going to meet again?"

"It won't be long. I heard that the competition for the Milky Way IG will be held at Aslan. I will be attending as Earth's representative," Wang Zheng said. To be honest, Wang Zheng was a little tempted by Gail's words. The problem was that that way, Wang Zheng would no longer be Wang Zheng anymore. If he lost himself, what would be left?

"I'll wait for you."

Xiao Fei and her group expended quite some effort with the media before they could leave. The award ceremony had a dramatic and perfect ending. When she wanted to look for the most valuable contributor for today, she could not find Wang Zheng.

Marcus's smile was so wide that many of his wrinkles had disappeared. Actually, Marcus was not really famous. At the most, people would have heard of him, but that was the extent. However, through this project, especially after this time, he finally got the chance to stand proud.

However, Wang Zheng had disappeared. It was really dangerous today. They had almost lost everything and wasted all their efforts. Now it was all good. They had everything back again.

Xiao Fei and Marcus had no intention of giving up this Constant Velocity Project. This was the project that could be materialized the fastest. With this episode, Dong Xuewu would not dare to continue applying for a patent. Xiao Fei and Marcus had done a lot of research and they did a lot of solid preparation work. Besides, they also intended to submit immediately to the Milky Way Academy. They would not make the same mistake again.

When Xiao Fei, Marcus, and their group returned to the base, a hearty round of applause welcomed them. Everyone had watched the entire process on television. It felt so good. It was amazing.

At the same time, they finally got the returns on their hard work.

"Where's Wang Zheng, that rascal?" Xiao Fei had too much that she wanted to ask Wang Zheng. Now that she was back, she was determined to interrogate him.

"Ahem, Boss forgot to buy a souvenir for 007. I think he went to buy it. It's okay, you won't lose him," Yan Xiaosu said.

An Mei snorted. "He's on a secret date, isn't he?"

Xiao Fei did not ask any further. She, Marcus, and their group wanted to grab this chance and submit the two projects before leaving.

"When Wang Zheng comes back, ask him to look for me. We're not sleeping tonight," Xiao Fei said. Everyone was in high spirits, so they could not sleep even if they wanted to.

Wang Zheng had already sent the information on his holographic screen to Xiao Fei's Skylink. With Xiao Fei's ability, she could finish the work much faster than him.

In today's physics world, it was difficult to say who was number one, but Xiao Fei was definitely one of the top.

Dong Xuewu was actually quite brilliant. He could work out the reasoning overnight just by hearing that one piece of information by Xiao Fei. It was a pity that he used his brilliance on the wrong thing, and that he was up against such a genius, Wang Zheng.

It was all his own doing. Wang Zheng originally intended to announce only after he had completed all reasoning for the second phase. In the end, Dong was the one who pushed forth the release of the reasoning, and in doing so, had unintentionally boosted Xiao Fei's position.

Yan Xiaosu, on the other hand, was pulled by An Mei to one side. "Tell me!"

"Ah? What do you want me to say?" Yan Xiaosu was stunned.

"Where did Wang Zheng go? Don't tell me you don't know!" An Mei said.

"Haha, my beloved Mei Mei, why are you asking about the Boss's location? This is so inappropriate. I will be sad." Yan Xiaosu gave a pitiful look.

"Yan Xiaosu, you have the nerve to dupe me? You know what I'm asking about. Is Xiao Shi here? It is quite convenient to come here from Aslan!"

Yan Xiaosu was stunned. He was impressed by his girlfriend. She could guess the truth just based on some signs.

"Ahem, Xiao Mei, why would you think that?" Yan Xiaosu still wanted to protect Wang Zheng. After all, they were brothers. He could not surrender immediately.

"Looking at how down Zisu is, plus Wang Zheng is always disappearing without reason, what else could it be? Why? Is that Xiao Shi so secretive?" An Mei said. She was feeling unfair for Ye Zisu. This guy, Wang Zheng, was too heartless.

Yan Xiaosu looked around and said helplessly. "Xiao Mei, I know that you are good friends with Zisu. To be honest, I feel the same way. But this is, after all, Boss' private matters. We cannot interfere too much. If you think about it from another perspective, if Boss interfered in our relationship, how would you feel? Of course, I know you only mean well."

Yan Xiaosu liked An Mei a lot. Not only was An Mei pretty, but she also liked him. At the same time, it was also because An Mei was smart yet she knew how to be considerate for those around her. When they were together, others always thought that An Mei was with him for his money. Yan Xiaosu also thought so at first. It was later that he found out that even though An Mei's family may not be very rich, they also did not lack anything. When they were together, An Mei picked up the tab many times too. Besides, it was the first relationship for the both of them. Deep in his heart, Yan Xiaosu respected An Mei a lot.

Seeing Yan Xiaosu explaining so seriously, An Mei could not stay angry. She knew that she had gone a little over the line.

"Sigh, forget it. I'm not going to interfere in this. Anyway, I'm not siding with her. If she comes, don't you expect me to be friendly."

An Mei still had her own principles. She was too biased towards her own people.

"Ahem, don't worry, don't worry, she will not come," Yan Xiaosu said. What a joke! How could the Princess of Aslan come here?

"Haha, you slipped. This person is interesting. You can say that she's cold-hearted, leaving as she wants. But then she came all the way here at this time for a secret date. Yet she doesn't meet us while she's here. Are we that undesirable to be seen with? What a bigshot."

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