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Chapter 180: Awakening the Demon

This was very difficult because the Chronos family was too big. It was so big that they did not even need to attract any outside talent for their key operations. All personnel involved in their key operations were their own people. Who were their own people?

These were people who were selected from a young age by the Chronos family to cultivate. Some of them were even from families who served the Chronos family for generations, and these families by themselves were highly influential families in Europe.

The Chronos family now had reached a stage of development where they were like the sovereigns from medieval times.

The foundation of a family's influence and power was simply its connections. In Europe, any family with some influence would have some sort of connection to the Chronos family. Some were subordinate families; they were something like stewards to the lords. Some families were connected by profit, which without Chronos' support, would weaken and fall immediately.

For an outsider like Luo Fei, it was extremely difficult to integrate into such a massive family.

Other members were not that friendly towards Luo Fei despite Lear's orders. Even if they gave Luo Fei a smile, it was usually cold or sarcastic. A superficial smile was already considered a good attitude.

Luo Fei, on the other hand, did not mind. He liked being alone and free.

At night, Lear joined everyone in their training. In the Chronos family, the position of being the Chronos family's heir would not bring to him any preferential treatment. In fact, it was the opposite. His training was double the amount of others'. He had to lead by example. This was the way that he would gain the respect of others. He wanted them to understand that it was not only his identity that made it worth it for them to follow him, but that they could only survive or have a future by following him. And it showed that whoever worked against him would die.

Here, Lear did not need to hide anything. Whatever he did was enough to scare anyone to death.

Other than being speechless, Luo Fei hoped that his days would be more relaxed. Competing was too tiring.

It was 2230 in the local time, and all training had ended. Everyone entered a villa. The villa was filled with everything that could fulfill any human desires....

Beauties, handsome men, delicacies, the internet...There was everything, it was just like...No, this was heaven!

Everyone enjoyed these immensely. However, it was evident that everyone's eyes were strong and unwavering. They enjoyed themselves but did not lose themselves in their enjoyment. When they enjoyed, they could be like the noble families, reading poems and having fun. When they were serious, they could spend three days three nights buried in mud, without any sleep.

Luo Fei's saliva was about to drip out of his mouth. Good food and beauties, especially those mature beauties...

Lear blocked Luo Fei's view. "You like it?"

"Yes, very much!"

"I'm giving you one week to reach the first level."

Lear threw a book at Luo Fei.

At this moment, everyone surrounding them looked over immediately. Obviously, this book was nothing ordinary.

Swallowing, Luo Fei looked at the cover and saw only an ancient, small word: "Saint".

To Fatty, the two things most painful in life were training and reading. He was not born to study. Once he looked at words, he would feel faint. He heard that this was the Word Fainting Syndrome.

However, he understood the meaning behind this thing. It was the legendary form of power, Gongfa! However, not everyone could master Gongfa. Some would study it for a lifetime and still failed to produce even a fart. Hence, Gongfa became less and less known. Some even suspected that it was something fabricated from novels.

Since it came from Lear, it must've been real. Gongfa and Ability X were the same. They both existed. However, to ask him to reach the first level of something he had never even heard of before in just one week was, no matter how optimistic, something that could not be achieved even if he gave up his life.

"Boss, what if...I can't do it?"

Luo Fei summoned the courage to ask. He really did not want to bargain with Boss...But Fatty always knew his own limits.

Then, as expected, Lear gave him a faint smile. He patted Fatty on the shoulder. "You know what will happen."

Fatty shivered. He preferred it when Lear was fiercer. If he was fierce, it would mean that he was satisfied. When he smiled like this, it would mean that he was unsatisfied with his response.

Fatty hid in a corner to study the book. After half a day, he was on the verge of tears. He recognized all the words, but when they were arranged in sentences, he had no idea what they meant. It was like reading a holy scripture...

Oh, God, please save me.

In the room....

Lear walked out of the gravitational room covered with sweat. He stepped into a gigantic strengthening canister filled with a pale green liquid that was carefully prepared. While it looked ordinary, it was the essence of Mankind's technology. Whatever strengthening method that required invasive technology that involved genealogy directly was foolish, especially if it was for a fully grown human body. Strengthening needed to be achieved in steps. What was prepared for Lear was definitely the best.

In today's world, if he wanted to be a conqueror, the first condition he had to fulfill was having a body that was strong enough, that lived long enough.

"Young Master, to give him the Gongfa now, isn't it too early?" Drupe asked respectfully. When Lear inherited the Gongfa, it meant that he would not only be the heir in name, but that he held the real power to make decisions. This Gongfa was never passed to someone outside the family before. If this was in the past, such an act was definitely impossible.

Lear glanced at him. "To achieve the impossible, you need to learn how to give up some things."

"Understood, Young Master…" The old butler had yet to complete his sentence when his Skylink lit up. It was an emergency. After looking down for a second, the old butler frowned. He quickly reported, "Chefman and Clevelan are applying for access to the third phase of the Gongfa again. They last applied one week ago. According to the rules, they should be applying only one month after the previous failed application. What are your orders, Young Master?"

Lear looked at Drupe. "Are they thinking that it's not worth letting Luo Fei get the entire Gongfa in one go?"

Drupe's eyes lit up. "Young Master, you mean to....?"

When one became part of the Chronos family, one's life would never belong to oneself again. It would belong to the master of the Chronos family.

"What can they do about it? So what if I give them the full set of the Gongfa?" Lear smiled. Those Gongfas for subordinates were not only the simplified version, but also only part of the full set of the Gongfa.

Drupe nodded. "Yes, Young Master." At that moment, Drupe understood what Lear wanted to do.

Judging from Lear's style, it was either that he choose to turn a blind eye and not act, or if he chose to act, Atos would have died then, back during the first IG training. This Fatty had yet to kill anyone.

Three days later.

"Follow me." An old man who looked like a ghost said as he appeared in front of Luo Fei.

Fatty disliked this creepy old man. However, everyone on the island knew that this old man was the general manager. He had a lot of authority. Fatty would even call him the "Head of Eunuchs" behind his back.

Drupe brought him straight to a huge door. On this door were two door panels, the left painted black and the right painted white. "Go in."

"Haha, erm, Mr. General Manager, what is inside? Actually, I don't have many requests, no, I don't have any requests. Do you think I can..." Looking at the door, he could smell blood. Fatty really did not want to enter, but at the next moment, he was already lifted up and thrown into the door like a ball.

"What are you doing?"

"Ah! It's very painful. Stop hitting me! If you want anything, we can talk it out. Whatever that you want, I can give it to you. Please don't do this..."

There were multiple screams.

Outside the door, Drupe stood quietly. The wrinkles on his face were like carvings on a marble statue. They did not move even a bit.

After a while, the screams stopped. It became very quiet inside.

When the door opened and light shined in, Fatty was kneeling on the floor covered in blood. He could not stop shivering.

Lear walked in slowly and stood in front of Luo Fei. Luo Fei raised his head. "I did not mean to kill anyone. I did not mean to kill anyone."

Lear, who had mysophobia, was not at all disgusted by Fatty, who was covered in blood. He carried Luo Fei up. His eyes were shining with an unnatural brightness.

"From today onwards, you'll be my right hand man. Those who follow me will prosper, and those who don't will die!"

On the floor were two people who had been torn into pieces – the method was incredibly cruel. This was not something anyone normal could do.

There was a type of person who used a weak appearance to trap the demons housed within them. A demon king was required to wake these demons up.

"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! I am Xiao Yu. am Xiao Yu. Behind me is the 136th Milky Way Alliance University Science Contribution Award Ceremony site. This ceremony is the first in the last 10 years to have this many VIPs attending."

The outfield emcee, Xiao Yu, said excitedly. It was the norm for past award ceremonies to be attended by one or two scientific authorities. Usually, those attending had students who won the highest contribution award.

However, Xiao Yu was not to blame for being excited this time. Xiao Fei was no doubt a VIP, and she attracted the attention of various media outlets. The titan of the physics world, Dong Xuewu, was here as well. It was rumored that there was some conflict between Dong Xuewu and Xiao Fei. However, looking at the scene, Dong Xuewu came despite knowing that it was Xiao Fei's student who had won the highest award. This was a show of respect. Looks like the rumors were not true.

Other than that, more than 10 authorities of various fields were present. This was indeed rare.

"My god! I actually see Professor Sia. She's not only the authority in Bioengineering, she rarely attends such events. She's actually here. I cannot miss this interview chance."

Xiao Yu immediately ran up to the professor. "Professor Sia, good evening, I'm a reporter from the Milky Way Magazine. During my university days as a bioengineering major, I was also your idol. Oh, no, no, I'm your fan."

Sia smiled and pushed her glasses. "So you switched careers to become a reporter?"

Xiao Yu's face turned red. She quickly bowed. "My mathematics was not good enough. Actually, I really loved this profession."

"Haha, young lady, I was just joking. No matter what work you do, as long as you like it, it's the best."

Xiao Yu laughed happily. "Professor, I didn't think that you would be here. I thought that you would..."

"Well, did you think that I would always be cooped up in the laboratory? Haha, actually, if there is any award ceremony with some real meaning, it's worth attending."

Professor Sia laughed.

Xiao Yu was surprised. Professor Sia, as well as numerous authorities from the science world, had been critical of such award ceremonies as they were not productive. Perhaps this time's award ceremony had some meaning to it?


It was rumored that there was a huge debate regarding the winner for this time's highest award.

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