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Chapter 179: Girlfriends

 A girl's heart was particularly sensitive. Ye Zisu knew this as well, but she refused to leave.

 Wang Zheng's feet stood rooted to the ground, refusing to budge. His muscular stature seemed to be giving Ye Zisu a lot of trouble.

 Honestly, Yan Xiaosu and Ye Zisu were considered to be Wang Zheng's closest friends. However, he never expected to give Ye Zisu so much trouble.

 Wang Zheng was not a rock. As he hesitated to leave, Ye Zisu seemed like she could sense Wang Zheng's emotions and turned back, only to see Wang Zheng blankly staring into space.

 Although she found it slightly strange, she still gave a small smile. "You came."

 She was like a girlfriend who had waited for very long but still did not flare up upon seeing an extremely late boyfriend. Wang Zheng did not know how to reply.

 "Let's go." Ye Zisu settled the bill. The young waiter could not help but express a look of admiration. He was surprised that a girl with such good temper could still be found. If it were his girlfriend, after waiting for half a day – no, in fact, no more than ten minutes - she would be headed straight home.

 "Looks like there will be some surprise at today's gathering," said Ye Zisu in an indistinct tone.

 Wang Zheng was at a loss for words. Regarding this, should he have rejected her? Wang Zheng believed that this was best for Ye Zisu.

 However, this would be too undignified for Ye Zisu. After all, she had not confessed. If she were to act in such a way, perhaps they could not even be friends thereafter.

 This situation was clearly beyond Wang Zheng. He was too close to Ye Zisu. When it came to friends, Wang Zheng simply followed and supported them.

 Seeing Wang Zheng's staccato manner of speech, Ye Zisu could not hold back her laughter. "Look at your pensive face, are you afraid that you will fall in love with me?"

 Wang Zheng almost tripped over himself. "Well, about that. How is it possible? I am not as narcissistic as Tyrant Su."

 Brother, at crucial times like these, you have to be my shield.

 "Actually, I do admire you a little bit. I am also very envious of your relationship with Aina; it does seem like a fairy tale. However, don't you get narcissistic, I will not be worse than you!"

 Said Ye Zisu with her smile. She put her hand on Wang Zheng's shoulder. "We are close friends after all!"

 Wang Zheng was sweating. "Can we be brothers?"

 "That is the same. Let's go."

 Wang Zheng let out a sigh of relief. Indeed, he had been rather

narcissistic as of late. Ye Zisu articulating her impression of him was indeed a friendly expression of care and concern.

 However, Wang Zheng did not notice Ye Zisu's emotional distress. Ye Zisu knew Wang Zheng too well. She knew that he would feel responsible if she fell in love with him and hence decided to settle matters this way.

With every step I still miss him

 I am led in circles by my memories

 I close my eyes and tear

 I pretend that nothing is wrong

 I really miss you, really miss you

 But yet I deceive myself

 I really miss you, really miss you

 Let this be a secret

 I really miss you

 Really miss you

 Let this be buried deep… in my heart

 This was the voice of a girl.

 IG's first preliminary round had ended, but who knew when the real competition would actually begin?

 A semester had ended on the moon and Moonlight College was now on vacation. This was slightly earlier than that of Earth. Life on the moon indeed had more order and structure.

 The Eight Stars of the Moon met for a while before leaving individually. Although Atos was now eliminated, they were still the strongest.

Dong Xiaosa and Pi Xiaoxiu both came from the City of Reflection. That was the largest city on the Moon, which used to be always covered in darkness. However, today, it was covered with endless light. There was enough light in stored reserves for endless light and warmth.

While going towards the dark side of the Moon, Dong Xiaosa was reading a novel while Pi Xiaoxiu was chatting with his family.

 "I know, yes, Dong Xiaosa will come over for dinner. Mom and dad will prepare lots of food since he has such a large appetite."

"Big eater Dong is coming? Bro you should have told me sooner!"

A person of small stature passed by. Her eyes were shining bright and she had a lanky body shape. Although she already possessed the charm of a young lady, she wore a uniform designed for primary school students…

 "Be serious! Where is the signed autograph that I asked you to get?" Pi Xiaosiu found this girl to be quite the headache. She looked eighteen even though she was twelve, and she was already a renowned model of the Moon. Yet she was wildly interested in Dong Xiaosa.

 "Don't worry, given that I am doing it myself, it will not be a problem."

 Pi Xiaoqian smiled brightly before she was pushed aside by her mother. "Step aside. Is Xiao Dong around? Xiao Qian is still young and immature. In another three years, she will be fine, please be patient…"

 Reading his novel, Pi Xiaosu tried to stay focused, but he found himself constantly distracted by the slender, attractive body of the little girl!

 Pi Xiaoxiu hung up on the call and looked at Dong Xiaosa with a smile. "Come by my house for a bit."

 "Yes, brother-in-law. With your charm, I have no choice," Dong Xiaosu said helplessly.

 "Oh, drop the brother-in-law thing. Everyone in your house is a brother-in-law!" Pi Xiaoxiu shouted.

 The train quickly arrived at Radiant City. After getting off, both Pi Xiaoxiu and Dong Xiaosa grew solemn. They were born and bred here, this was their home.

 "Let's go," said Pi Xiaoxiu.

 Dong Xiaosa nodded and they both turned off their devices.

 After half an hour, they found themselves in front of the gates of a school.

 Radiant 7th High School.

 The signboard on the gates was absolutely spotless, glistening with light. A hunchbacked old man carried a bucket, pouring water on the gate. There was also a broom by the corner, suggesting that he was ready to sweep the place clean.

 Dong Xiaosa and Pi Xiaoxiu did not speak and immediately began. Dong Xiaosa took the pail from the old man while Pi Xiaoxiu picked up the broom. The two started cleaning.

 In no time, the campus was cleaned spotlessly by the two. They packed up the cleaning equipment and stood motionless like pillars.

 "What are you doing here? Go inside."

 "Yes, Teacher."

 The two entered the school. Flowers and grass seemed familiar yet foreign. Since it was a break, the school was empty with not a single soul was in sight.

 The two walked into the fitness room as though as they had been here before. In no time, the old man entered as well and shouted, "Come at me, together."

 The old man stood there lazily, just like any other ordinary old man.

 However, Dong Xiaosu and Pi Xiaoxiu looked extremely serious. One took the left flank and the other took the right. They launched a simultaneous assault on the old man.


 The old man's posture immediately changed and he started making explosive movements! 

 The three of them exchanged blows. Dong Xiaosa and Pi Xiaoxiu were in front and behind the old man respectively. 

 The three of them stopped after a few more strikes. The old man nodded as the two of them kneeled down. "Pi Xiaoxiu, you are pretty good. You found your own path. Dong Xiaosa, in the future, your strength should be better controlled. Do not press the assault relentlessly… There is nothing more for me to teach you."


 "Please rise. Men's knees are made of gold. Apart from parents and ancestors, as long as you have not been shot in the knee, don't you dare to kneel down."

 Dong Xiaosa laughed heartily. "Even if I have been shot, I will not kneel. I will just lie down."

 The old man teased, "Such a glib tongue. Come, have drinks with me."

 Dong Xiaosa quietly retrieved two bottles of wine from his bag.

 "Oh, a hundred-year brew, good wine."

 "This bottle was brought by me." Dong Xiaosa was getting impatient.

 "I am not old and confused. You loudmouth, this must've been brought by Xiaoxiu. Let's go, I am feeling good today. I will make a few dishes for you to taste."

 Three rooms and a living room. The old man lived alone with not much items, evidently leading a simple life.

 However, Dong Xiaosa and Pi Xiaosu both knew that in the bedroom lay a safe that held many military documents. This included some which represented achievements of the highest honor and heroic accreditations. The old man was once a famous military figure, but for some reason, he now stayed in such a place. The two did not know how far did they had to go in order to become this old man's disciples. 

 The three of them drank not using glasses but bowls. It was refreshingly enjoyable. There was no need to pressure each other to drink or have pleasant toasts. They just drank based at their own pace, to their own liking.

 Dong Xiaosa had weak alcohol tolerance. After two bowls, he went off to rest on the sofa.

 Pi Xiaoxiu and the old man drank happily, getting even more excited as they continued to drink.

 The old man started getting excited. He pointed at Pi Xiaoxiu. "You little brat, excellent in many things, but just lacking ambition."

 "Let's drink and be silly. Life is short. Teacher, why bother fighting? Let us all just be happy." Pi Xiaoxiu laughed.

 "Teacher, if you want to pin your hopes on him, you might as well count on me," said Dong Xiaosa as he pointed as himself.

 "Well, if it were you, I would just have meat shield to block a bullet."

 "Teacher, please do not show such preferential treatment. You must be drunk. Let me help you finish." As soon as he finished his words, he immediately took the wine from the old man.

 "Little brat, how dare you steal an old man's wine! Even if you bring another ten jars, I will finish them all!"

 Both the old man and youngster were in no shape to fight over liquor.

 Earth, in the deep ends of the Atlantic, on an unknown latitude lay a small island that was not visible on the map.

 Cronos 1 Island.

 The Cronos family's claim to the island extended nearly two hundred nautical miles.

 On the island, there was a group of soldiers undergoing strict training. The intensity was no less than IG's training camp. In fact, it was arguably tougher. There lay the Cronos' private army.

 Among the group of people, the fatty was particularly noteworthy. He was out of breath. From the looks of it, he seemed like he would faint anytime during the course of training. However, he managed to endure until this point.

 The fatty was Luo Fei.

He thought he could finally relax during the holiday. Lear's call claimed that he was on the way to a private resort. The fatty was particularly excited. He put on his swimming trunks and boarded the ship Lear had sent.

 In the end…

 This was a fake vacation island! It was clearly a training ground!

 The swimming trunks he prepared was finally of use. When there was still another hundred nautical miles before reaching the island, the fatty was thrown off the ship, forcing him to swim over!

 If one had to swim, then one would do their best to swim, especially after one had been through IG's training camp. They were used to it, after all. Even swimming across a hundred nautical miles would not be a problem.

 However, as soon as the fatty stepped on the island and barely had a sip of water, he had been allocated into a training squad. Training immediately began and it was arguably worse than IG.

 Nevertheless, the fatty was aware that this island was the Cronos family's secret military base. From this point on, he has been integrated into Lear's fold and had become a true member. In a way, Lear was now developing the strength of the people below him.

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