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"Damn, this is nonsensical. Where did this pauper come from?"

"Could it be that he really proved Mu's hypothesis?"

"Teacher Mu personally confirmed it. Surely that cannot be wrong. Although Marcus is pretty good, it surely could not be at such a level."

"There is still such a genius?"

Student Wang had shaken the world views of this bunch of geniuses.

"How dare this person spend time with Princess Aina. Is he not afraid of shortening his lifespan?"

"I think, given this person's situation, it will only take a minute before he gets chased out by the Princess!"

"I really cannot think of what he could speak to the Princess about. If he can even start a conversation, that would already be considered pretty good."

Xie Yating felt like today's events were dream-like. Finally, two people from the Solar System had won awards - one of them was her, the other was Wang Zheng from Earth. When she was speaking to her little uncle Raston, he also mentioned this person in passing.

Of course, while she and Raston did not have a large age gap, he was considered more senior in status. Regarding this, Xie Yating was very helpless. 

The person who won the Milky Way Alliance Physics Prize was actually a member of the solar system's IG competition. Raston was Caragal's idol and pride of the students. The difficulty of IG was common knowledge, and yet Wang Zheng had managed to get past the first round. This news shocked many.

This caused Xie Yating to think that all the contributions that Wang Zheng made was due to Xiao Fei. She was the one who actually truly deserved such an award. 

In the end…

Just what sort of person was he!?

In Aina's absence, everyone in the hall looked lost and seemed suddenly unable to talk about anything interesting. However, just as they predicted, Wang Zheng did not have time to speak.

As soon as they entered through the door, Aina was in Wang Zheng's arms. Wang Zheng completely could not control himself. He always thought of himself who had complete control of his emotions. However, upon seeing Aina, all that control was lost. Losing it was fine; after all, he was not a machine.

Aina felt like she was melting into Wang Zheng.

Even after a while, Wang Zheng continued hugging Aina. They faced each other, almost like they were peering into each other's souls.

"Can you let me down?" Aina said softly, like a kitten in Wang Zheng's arms. She was pretty much as weightless as a cloud to Wang Zheng.

"No way!" Wang Zheng asserted.

Aina blushed. Looking at her chest, she felt a heat that made her feel completely love-drunk.

"I really should not have come to meet you. I get bullied the moment I see you," Aina said, smitten.

Women's sarcasm, even silly Wang Zheng could read between the lines. "You must have owed me something in your past life. You are destined to repay it in this lifetime, so you should acknowledge your fate."

Wang Zheng gently caressed Aina's face and kissed her soft, elegant lips. He was not as crazed as moments ago. This time, he was tender. Bit by bit, he made her his own. At times, men could truly get the hang of things without a teacher. His tongue pried open Aina's lips and chased Aina's small tongue. Complete arrested, Aina could not speak.

In the hall, all the male students were distracted. Women who were considered very attractive just moments ago had completely lost their charm. It had already been ten minutes and the two people were nowhere in sight.

How could it be that a plain Earthling could have a conversation with the Princess for a full ten minutes!?

Nicoise was fuming mad. He could was on the verge of slapping himself. He should never have mentioned that there was a room at the side.

"The Princess is too easygoing."

"I fear that Professor Gail said something to her. Aslan rewards talent. Perhaps it is to let him migrate to Aslan."

"He is just too young. Besides, who knows whether or not he will fade into obscurity in the future? Aslan's standards are not so sloppy."

"That is right!"

Wang Zheng and Aina did not stay for too long, because it was too inconvenient here.

"Everyone, Wang Zheng and I will first take our leave. Glad to meet everyone. Feel free to drop by Aslan anytime."

Aina smiled. She was angelic and heavenly to the point where no one could reject her.

Wang Zheng followed her lead and became elegant. "Princess, please."

This demeanor still required a little more effort.

By the time everyone started to react, the two had already left.

The hall was like a frying pan. "That brat, who knew that he was capable of such sweet words!?"

"The Princess is too naïve. She should not have trusted his nonsense. Even if he had some achievement, she is clearly out of his league."

"The Princess has been to Earth. This brat must have used that story to capture the Princess' attention."

….A group of men were in deep sorrow. They could tell stories too, and surely in a way that was better than Wang Zheng.

There was a coffee room close to the meeting area. Ye Zisu quietly sipped tea and watched television. She enjoyed waits like these. It was not boring to her. An Mei, on the other hand, did not have such patience. She had left to play with Yan Xiaosu.

At this moment, the host on television revealed a bright smile. "In the latest news, the upcoming Milky Way Alliance invited an important guest of honor. She is none other than the Aslan Empire's first Princess, Aina Aslan…"

On television, Aina's sheer elegance attracted everyone's attention. Ye Zisu could only quietly watch. Her gaze revealed a sense of bitterness.

As soon as they left the meeting hall, Wang Zheng and Aina both let out sighs of relief. As they made eye contact, a whistle was heard.

"Hey, can you guys not be so mushy? Get in the car."

Lin Huiyin could barely stand it. The older female cousin's intellect was falling. There was no sense of danger in spite of it being Roland Garros.

A car which was magnetically levitated arrived. Lin Huiyin was in the driver's seat. The little loli was still as cute as ever. 

"I will drive for a while. You can do whatever you want as long as you know your boundaries. You are not mature adults after all."

Lin Huiyin warned. Wang Zheng and Aina could neither laugh nor cry.

The divider rose. Lin Huiyin finally started driving the magnetic car and continued with her businesses. She gave off the vibe of playing the role of a spy in a movie and seemed to be having a lot of fun.

Although such soundproofing was really effective, with Lin Huiyin in the front, the two no longer acted as passionately.

"Does that girl have a driver's license?"

"Don't worry. Apart from being unable to fly a spaceship, she can do everything else," said Aina. The technical training for serving royals was extremely comprehensive.

The two had not seen each other in a while, and because of that, they had lots to talk about. To two people in passionate love, any small issue could turn into hour-long conversational topics.

Huiyin was lost for words. Initially, she thought she'd have a chance to demonstrate her skills since she seldom got to drive. But after a while, she started to get slightly annoyed. How could they have so much to talk about?

If not for the time limit of the trip home, Huiyin believed that the two could speak till the end of time. Aina first dropped off Wang Zheng.

At the point of departure, the two were still reluctant to separate.

Huiyin could longer endure it. "Are you okay? There are still several days to go. I cannot stand to watch this."

Lin Huiyin curled her lips. She had seen this scene many times in movies, but she had always wondered… Could hormones really influence the behavior of people to such a great extent?

Aina finally went back into the vehicle. The two waved each other goodbye and Wang Zheng, humming a happy tune, made his way back to the hotel.

Only with waiting and anticipation would there be greater joy. That was life.

"Sister, what were you talking about? What took you so long?" Lin Huiyin was interested in investigating.

"Nothing much." Aina was still engrossed in the joy of reuniting with Wang Zheng. At the same time, she was extremely proud of him. This was what she loved about him. He was full of ability but yet still so grounded. This was not feigned. It was his personality.

Aina had arrived back at the ceremony. She was surprised at the amount of people present. Looking at the wonderful scene in front of her, if it was anyone else, they would definitely have wanted to show off. However, Wang Zheng remained calm and collected.

Deep down, they were both the same in terms of personality. Aina, being a princess, hated people who placed too much emphasis on her status. People ought to be authentic.

"Given their current situation, if we give them a hand, he could transfer to a school in Aslan."

Aina shook her head gently.

"What does it mean when you shake your head? Did you suggest it or did he not acknowledge it?"

"I did not say anything. Even if I said it, he would not acknowledge it."

"How can that be? Could it be that he does not know the meaning of being part of Aslan's community? Besides, there is no need to keep such a distance. I do not believe this."

Huiyin curled her lips. This was not logical.

Aina smiled. "He is Wang Zheng."

The sensation made Wang Zheng seem like a mysterious prince of Atlantis.

Aina did not give any time for Huiyin to explain. Wang Zheng had his pride and honor. If you liked a boy, there was no need to trade his honor for anything. 

Indifferent, Lin Huiyin shook her head. She felt that after her sister fell in love with Wang Zheng, her style of handling matters became rather odd. Nevertheless, this was fine, as proximity invited trouble. Their mother in particular could not know about this.

When Wang Zheng returned to the hotel, he found Yan Xiaosu alone in the hall waiting for him.

"Bro, you're back. Was the gathering interesting?" Yan Xiaosu asked.

Wang Zheng laughed and pointed at his chest.

Others may not understand. Yan Xiaosu stared blankly for a moment before responding, "What, could it be? Gosh, it cannot be, that was fast!"

"Let's talk more when we get back." Wang Zheng patted Yan Xiaosu's shoulder. Good news ought to be shared. The only person whom he could chat with was Yan Xiaosu.

"Ah, I almost forgot. Zisu is still not back," said Yan Xiaosu as he hit his own head.
 Wang Zheng asked, "Wasn't she with you guys?"

"She said she wanted to wait for you. Also… Let me think, oh, right, Menglong Coffeeshop. It is already so late…"

"Let me go and find her." Wang Zheng was slightly embarrassed. He did say he would be back in a bit. At that point in time, he did not expect Aina to come.

The directions were very clear, but Wang Zheng still took about half an hour before he arrived.

Along the window sat a beautiful lady who stared blankly at her cup of coffee.

At this moment, the waiter walked over. "Miss, apologies. I am afraid that we are now closed. You see…"

Ye Zisu checked the time. "Ah, sorry, may I stay for a while longer?"

Perhaps because of this girl's beauty, the waiter nodded. "At most, I can let you stay for another half hour. Actually, the person you are waiting for is probably not coming."

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