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"Get out of my sight." Xu Ying glared fiercely at Zhang Shan.

"Tsk, tomboy, I'll get going. Let's fight again tomorrow."

Zhang Shan massaged his sore shoulders and waved goodbye. Actually, he did not put in his full strength. The main point was not to win, but to learn techniques from the fight. Xu Ying was much stronger than him in this aspect.

Just as he was leaving, Zhang Shan suddenly recalled something. "How did you know that I changed my major?"

Knowing that he participated in IG was nothing, but the fact that he had transferred to the Mecha Department - that should have been a secret.

"Your younger sister told me. Don't tell me you have yet to tell your family that you changed your major?"

"My god, I'm dead." He had to face the music sooner or later.

Just as Zhang Shan reached home, he saw both his younger sister and brother sitting quietly at the hall. His mother was busy arranging the cutlery at the dining table. His father was sitting at the main seat reading the Skylink News.

Zhang Deyu heard Zhang Shan entering the house. He raised his head and looked at Zhang Shan.

"You are back, let's eat first," his mother called out.

Zhang Deyu glanced at Zhang Shan before he sat down.

"I heard that you have transferred to the Mecha Department."

Zhang Shan nodded. "Yes, Dad..."

"I've spoken to your head of department. You have no difficulties or problems in your studies, and your exam results also meet expectations. Why give up physics?"

Zhang Deyu was a little heartbroken. He was not a controlling father, but seeing his son being so foolish, he was filled with pain and regret.

"Dad, I think that the Mecha Department is more suitable for me. Compared to research, I prefer the rush of adrenaline during a fight. Furthermore, I want to enlist in the army."


Zhang Deyu thought that the eldest son whom he was always proud of had become a stranger. He belonged to a family of scholars, yet he had raised a son who wanted to be a soldier. Zhang Deyu could not react to this sudden revelation.

"Da Shan, I don't support the idea of you enlisting. It's too dangerous. Besides, isn't it good to be a respectable scientist like your father?" Zhang Shan's mother also opposed his decision.

"Dad, in the past, I did enjoy studying physics. That's because the people around me praised me for doing well. They said that I'm indeed your son. Eagles do not breed doves. At that point, I also thought that this was what I needed. But after attending university, I realized that that kind of happiness was not what I wanted, but rather a sense of vanity. I've always based my ambitions on your expectations, until I found out what it was like to pilot a mech. That visceral feeling, that is truly what I really want." Having reached this step, Zhang Shan simply said whatever was on his mind.

Zhang Deyu frowned. These were not valid reasons. "You are not a child anymore; you should be more realistic. Besides, you have such talent for physics."

Zhang Shan had talent. This was why his father pinned so much hope on him. One person might have talent in many different aspects, but physics was obviously the more suitable path for Zhang Shan's future development. As a father, he could also give Zhang Shan the greatest assistance.

"I do not deny this, but the purpose of life is to be able to do what one wants to do. That kind of feeling is different. I feel every one of my cells brimming with energy. Also, what I learned in the past can also be useful as a mech warrior. The third phase of the IG training camp was anti-gravity training, and I, your son, placed first in that training.... Dad, this is all because you taught me. Do you think that I would be rash in making such an important decision? I considered for a whole semester before making up my mind."

Zhang Shan spoke seriously, and the most important part was that Zhang Shan had already matured; his body language exuded a sense of decisiveness.

"No, it's too dangerous. Even if your father agrees, I will not!"

Once his mom opened her mouth, the decision was made.

Even though his dad was the head of the household, it was always his mom who gave the final order.

"Ahem, Mom, I am, in any case, a student of Ares College. It's not as bad as you think. I will become a commander. What, are you imagining that I will actually be one of those recruits that fight on the frontline?"

Zhang Shan laughed. It was actually much easier to convince his mother.

"In this case, does this mean it is not dangerous?"

"Of course it isn't. Why else would people join?" Zhang Shan patted his chest and reassured, "Besides, my intellect will help me defeat any opponent in a split second."

Zhang Shan sweet talked until his parents were speechless. He explained his own ambition for life and he shared philosophy after philosophy. Finally, he managed to muddle his way through and convince them..

At night....

Zhang Shan's younger sister ran into his room, "Brother, Sister Xu just messaged me. She asked what time you will be going to the Martial Training Hall tomorrow. Don't tell me you and Sister Xu are...together? Why doesn't she have your Skylink?"

"Which one? That tomboy? Well, she looks fine, but she's not my type. Oh, right, if there's no need to, don't get close to her." Recalling that two-thirds of Xu Ying's admirers were young girls, Zhang Shan decided that he needed to prevent his younger sister from falling for her.

"Brother, don't you insult Sister Xu. She is very gentle. C'mon, what time will you be going?"

"Afternoon, 1 to 4 PM. I have other training plans before that."

"Oh, OK, Brother, I think you are more handsome now. I support you, do your best." she waved her tiny fist. Actually, this was her main purpose for going into her brother's room.

"Go do your homework, little girl."

Just as his younger sister left, his younger brother ran into his room.

"What do you want, you rascal?"

"Brother, what are you up to? You have such talent in physics. Why are you going to the Mecha Department? Dad was just asking about my homework. This time around I'm dead. The heavy responsibility of inheriting the Zhang family's scholarly reputation in physics is going to fall on me. Are you sure you have the heart to see me get destroyed under so much pressure?"

He sat on Zhang Shan's bed and pulled out an adult magazine from under the mattress - his actions all too familiar.

"What the heck! How can you hide these things in my room!?"

"Well, since you are at university, it's not like you'll be at home. Hiding a few things will not...what, hey, aren't we brothers….."

Zhang Shan grabbed his younger brother by his shirt and threw him out of the door. "Don't look at those things in my room."

After locking the door, he turned around, lifted up the mattress, and not surprisingly, there were a lot of adult magazines. Each magazine was a collectable which cost 100 dollars. Every page was an electronic moving picture; there were even 10 pages where 3D glasses were needed to see the whole 3D picture....

His younger brother had spent half of his allowance on these things. Zhang Shan was heartbroken. After flipping through the magazines, Zhang Shan decided to adopt a critical perspective to judge how far his brother had fallen....

After reading for a while, Zhang Shan went out to run 20,000 meters in an effort to clear his head.

At the balcony of the master bedroom, Zhang Deyu watched as his oldest son ran further and further. He grunted.

His wife approached him from behind, carrying some freshly brewed coffee. "Still angry? Our son has grown up; he is capable of making his own decisions."

"Sigh, this rascal really has a talent for physics. It is such a waste."

"Do you think that the physics world can't progress without the Zhang family? Weren't you stopped in the act when you tried to secretly enlist? This child is just like you."

Zhang Deyu smiled. Those were events from his younger days. In the end, he gave up his dreams and instead fulfilled his dad's aspirations. It was not easy to stick to one's own ambitions. "Didn't you also oppose his decision?"

"I was just testing him to see if he had thought it through. That rascal even tried to sweet talk me. He forgot who gave birth to him."

The two of them let out a knowing smile as they watched their son.

"Since that little rascal has made his decision, go forth bravely! Be a man. Even if you fail, you did not make the wrong choice!"

Zhang Deyu said lightly.

Meanwhile, Zhang Shan, in his mad dash, let out a howl at the night sky. God, he should not have looked at those R-rated things....

Wang Zheng wanted to laze around, but Xiao Fei reminded him repeatedly before he left, going as far as to get Ye Zisu to monitor him. As a result, Wang Zheng was forced to wear a suit and a tie.

"Boss, it's not as if it's a date. Hurry up and come out," Yan Xiaosu shouted from outside. Luckily, they did not need to go. From a young age, the thing Yan Xiaosu could not stand most was hanging out with those pompous "good" students, much less the gathering later, where the best of the "good" students were going to attend. It was like hell. He pitied Wang Zheng, who had to endure such gatherings.

"Don't shout! What is this button for?"

"Boss, that is called a cufflink!" Tyrant Su shouted. "I think it's better that you don't go."

"Yan Xiaosu, are you asking for trouble again? Don't be so useless. Wang Zheng will be successful in the future, and he will have to attend these kind of gatherings again." An Mei glared.

"No, I grew up with Boss wearing the same pair of pants every day. I know him the best. These restrictive places are not suitable for us. Wearing suits and tying ties...I cannot imagine ourselves doing this."

Yan Xiaosu waved his hands helplessly; the two of them were used to being free. Ever since he was described as a country bumpkin the first time he wore a suit, he never wore one again.

After a while, Wang Zheng walked out. "Does this button need to be so tight? OK, I'm ready....Why are you guys looking at me like that?"

"Yo, I couldn't tell that you had such a good body." An Mei laughed.

Ye Zisu nodded her head. "Just right, not bad."

Wang Zheng laughed. "Wearing this is really troublesome. Casual wear is still more comfortable."

"Hehheh, this is called formal wear. Actually, it is simply a disguise, but it is quite suitable for these kinds of gatherings. Go outshine them!" Yan Xiaosu said.

"Yan Xiaosu, don't be such a prankster. All those who are attending this time are famous and powerful people. Please do not embarrass Professor Xiao Fei."

"Don't hit my head, I'm just saying it for fun."

"It's alright, I guess it's just a formality. Let's go."

An Mei locked arms with Ye Zisu and whispered, "The size is just right. You paid a lot of attention to this, Miss Ye."

"You only know how to make fun of me."

An Mei pursed her lips and said, "I didn't know that Wang Zheng could look this handsome in formal wear. Tsk tsk, looks like I have to force my man to train his body. His small tummy is almost showing."

"Don't bully Xiaosu so much. Someone who's always in such a good mood is hard to find."

"I'm doing it for his own good." An Mei laughed.

The four of them took the Maglev car and soon they reached their destination, except only Wang Zheng would be going into the gathering.

"If you guys have nothing to do, you can walk around nearby. Who knows, I may be out in a little while," Wang Zheng said.

"Sure, try to stay a little longer. I think this is a good chance. We'll wait for you," Ye Zisu said.

Wang Zheng tidied his tie. It kept feeling crooked to him. God, just what kind of life was this?

Wang Zheng had not arrived early. As he stepped through the door, he saw a familiar face: Nicoise.

Nicoise was not surprised by his arrival. "Wang Zheng, welcome. Please come in, everyone is waiting to get to know you."

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