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Chapter 177: Getting Back at Idiot Dong

Xiao Fei continued smiling. She had no intention of siding with her student. This was because she knew that this rascal, Wang Zheng, was not one to be bullied. You would be fine if you did not provoke him, but once you did, he would not care if you were a nobody or a titan.

Considering Professor Dong's age, Wang Zheng tolerated him. However, his constant snide remarks seemed to never end. Just as Wang Zheng wanted to open his mouth, a jovial voice came from the entrance.

"Dong, you idiot. Are you a model? What's the use of dressing pretty? Having real abilities is the most important!"

Gail, a man looking like Colonel Sanders, the mascot of Kentucky Fried Chicken, walked in. He walked up to Wang Zheng swiftly and sized him up.

"Old Mu, I'm not wrong, am I? I told you that this rascal was sure to be the award recipient this time. The best contribution awardee, Wang Zheng, I said it. Other than you, there will be no one else. Xiao Fei. You! This girl! You are really too much!"

"Teacher Gail, what brought you here? Didn't you say you were…?" Xiao Fei looked surprised too.

"Tch, if it's just these people, why would I come? But this rascal here is another matter. You rascal, you're not playing fair. How could you run away after winning? I had to search for a whole day before I could find you."

As he said this, he held onto Wang Zheng's arm, afraid that he would disappear again without a sound or peep.

The whole hall fell silent. What was going on?

"Gail, why are you running so quickly? At such an old age, aren't you afraid of falling?"

Mu Fengchun's voice broke the silence.

"Old Mu, I won this time. I told you this rascal would definitely be here!"

The students were very excited by Mu Fengchun's arrival. Xiao Fei might have been famous, but her rise to fame was short and her influence was limited. More than 10 years ago, the most influential scientist would be Alan Tucker. Now, the current era was most definitely owned by Mu Fengchun.

"Young man, you are being disrespectful. How can you leave after bullying your elders?"

Mu Fengchun laughed. In his presence, Dong Xuewu could no longer put on airs. Regardless of knowledge or position, Mu Fengchun was much more respected. Even Gail was better than him.

At this moment, more than 10 people walked in. Those present at the gathering were dumbfounded. This... Was the Milky Way Alliance giving out a Nobel prize?

"Xiao Fei, our group of old friends are just here for the fun. There shouldn't be any problem, right?"

"What are you saying? All of you are our distinguished guests," Xiao Fei said as she glared at Wang Zheng. This rascal, she only looked away for a second and he had created such a commotion.

Mu Fengchun laughed and nodded his head. "Little Dong, you are not young anymore, show some character and be more supportive towards your juniors."

Dong Xuewu almost choked at Mu's comment. However, he was in no position to rebut. All he could do was nod his head.

"Please make yourself comfortable, and continue with what you were doing. We old men just want to talk to this rascal."

This statement caused a stir.

What was this group of academia authorities looking for from a student?

"Ahem, Old Mu, this boy did not get into any trouble, did he?" Xiao Fei asked worriedly.

"Oh, yes, he did. This rascal bullied me. Marcus, don't tell me you taught him his mathematics skills," Gail said.

Gail was the famous big mouth of the mathematical world. Even so, there was no doubt to how extensive his abilities were.

Marcus was stunned. He knew that Wang Zheng was hiding his abilities, but he did not expect him to be that talented....

"He is from the physics stream. I would like to teach him, but he is not interested."

"I knew it! If your students could beat me, I might as well kill myself with a piece of tofu. Kid, who taught you mathematics?" Gail was filled with curiosity. Who was this genius? It was most definitely not Xiao Fei.

Wang Zheng was helpless. He could not betray the Old Merchant. He scratched his head. "I read it up in the library. Sometimes I would have my own speculations. I'm not even sure if my speculations are right or not."

"Just speculations and you solved the Mu Five Dimensions Reaction Problem that perplexed me for two years? If that's the case, should we all just retire?"

Mu Fengchun laughed.

Multiple discussions were raised immediately. This was nothing to joke about.

Marcus was stunned again. "You really solved the problem?"

Wang Zheng felt that he made another mistake. It was all Old Merchant's fault that he had formed the bad habit of having the urge to solve any problem he laid his eyes on. Such poor restraint!

"I just thought of it randomly, I'm not even sure if it's right."

"You call that simply a random thought? Kid, with such talent in mathematics, you should just transfer schools. Come to my school, I will help you migrate to Aslan!" Gail said.

Xiao Fei and Marcus's faces turned white. "Ahem, Senior Gail, how could you recruit our talents like this? Our whole project is relying on Wang Zheng!"

"Haha, Gail, you are in the wrong this time. It is the fortune of humanity to have a talent like him. I think he should come to Roland Garros. I will provide you with the best learning environment. Also, you can enjoy the convenience of meeting elites from various countries."

Everyone froze. Was this a dream? Even Mu Fengchun was taking the initiative to headhunt Wang Zheng.

This was like a dream. Many people have aimed to learn from Mu Fengchun, but failed to even get a look from him.

"That's right, Kid. You are already a lifelong member of Genesis Coffee. If you stay in Roland Garros, you can get the greatest assistance in other aspects too.

A middle-aged man smiled gently.

"Wang Zheng, this is Professor Roland, an authority in the field of chemistry and material science." Mu Fengchun introduced.

Universe's Genesis Coffee– that was the most prestigious place in the whole of the Milky Way science world. Each member was an elite of various professions. They possessed huge influence, and this year, the club was prepared to draw Xiao Fei and Marcus into its fold.

This was interesting, the teacher had yet to become a member while the student was already a member.

Like Nicoise, the other students froze. Genesis Coffee, that was not simply any club. That club was a symbol of identity and status. As a member, you could enjoy the highest level of treatment in Roland Garros, the crown of the science world.

It was unheard of that a student could become a member.

Xie Yating covered her mouth. What was this situation? What happened?

Was this the same guy as the one who was eating happily and ignoring everything else just now?

"Ahem, Teacher Mu, Wang Zheng's greatest talent lies not in mathematics, but in physics. On the way here, Wang Zheng raised an idea regarding Transference upon Curvature Convection. This theory brings our theoretical research to new heights!"

This was not the time to joke, Xiao Fei was getting anxious. This rascal was so worrisome.

"Oh....this." Everyone got absorbed in their own thoughts. Shortly after, Mu Fengchun and Gail could not hold back and clapped their hands.

"This idea, it's fantastic! But it's quite troublesome to prove. If you need help, just let us know."

Naturally, Mu Fengchun had no need to compete for credit. Besides, mathematics was the root of all sciences.

"It is, of course, great, if you are willing to help!"

Xiao Fei and Marcus smiled. Mu Fengchun and Gail did not need to be involved in all details of the project. Just their assistance in key areas would speed up the research progress by a lot. There was no denying that intellect alone could not exceed experience gained over time. .... The exception was this weirdo, Wang Zheng.

Nicoise and other students finally understood. This group of people had come for Wang Zheng.

This guy was not depending on his teacher. It may even be the case that the teacher was depending on him.

"Xiao Fei, why hasn't it started?" Mu Fengchun and his group had intended to pull Wang Zheng away as soon as it started and then use the carrot and stick method to get him to go with them.

"Two guests are not here yet," Xiao Fei said and looked towards the entrance. "Just as I mentioned them."

Everyone looked towards the entrance, and their gazes became heated.

There was a type of person who, wherever they go, would be the center of attention.

With Aina Aslan's appearance, every professor or mentor was immediately thrown behind anyone's thoughts.

When Xiao Fei was organizing this event, she did not invite Aina. She thought that there was no way Aina would be interested, but Aina had taken the initiative to ask for an invitation. Xiao Fei was, of course, welcoming. While she did not go to Aslan for multiple reasons, frankly speaking, Aslan was Xiao Fei's favourite place. As long as one was alive, one would have to give up some things for what one was committed to.

"This is the last VIP, Princess Aslan."

"Teacher Xiao Fei, Just call me Aina. Today I'm here to learn," Aina said, each sentence gracefully said. Everyone was impressed; some even wanted to applaud.

Ever since she arrived, Aina's eyes never left Wang Zheng. Wang Zheng's gaze was passionate. They were separated only for a few months, but to them it felt like a few years. Most importantly, they had no way of contacting each other.

Aina's appearance caused the atmosphere to change. Xiao Fei turned and said, "Senior Mu, let's go inside. With us here, they cannot interact freely."

Aina did have a distinguished status. Even though she would not show off her status, the mentors at the gathering were not young, so it was not very convenient.

"Haha, alright. We shall not disturb the youngsters." Mu Fengchun laughed.

Xiao Fei signalled Wang Zheng to leave. If he continued to stay, there was no knowing what those old foxes would do.

Princess Aslan was indeed different, but Xiao Fei kept feeling that she had seen her before… perhaps on television?

Once the mentors left, the youngsters become energetic and lively again. "Distinguished Princess, I'm Teacher Dong's student, Nicoise. It is such an honor to meet you."

Any male student with a bit of confidence was encouraged by Aina's appearance to show off. Anyone could get lost in her beautiful set of eyes.

Aina smiled and nodded while she walked towards Wang Zheng. As a Princess, unlike the average citizen, she had to display good etiquette.

Wang Zheng just stood there. He had to restrain himself from giving in to his impulse to hug Aina.

"You must be Wang Zheng. Nice to meet you, may I ask you a few questions?"

Aina was always dazzling no matter where she was.

Wang smiled. "Let's move to a quieter place."

The crowd was stunned, this guy was so shameless. The Princess was only being polite. This guy was pushing his luck!

But to everyone's surprise, Aina nodded. "Nicoise, are there other rooms here?"

Upon hearing that the Princess remembered his name, Nicoise was happy beyond words. "Sure, sure. There is a room just beside here."

"Thank you, Wang Zheng."

"This way, Your Highness."

The two of them sounded like a couple, leaving the rest to stare at each other in the hall.


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