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Chapter 176: Elites

There were already more than 10 youngsters in the hall. They were all dressed in formal wear. The girls, on the other hand, were vying to be the most outstanding beauty. They would not neglect their appearances just because they loved to study. This was the nature of women. As evidenced by looking at Xiao Fei, those studious, nerdy girls looked like existences from a few hundred years ago.

The two people who he met previously at the restaurant came forward as well.

"Rambo, from the Moses Star, recipient of the Biology Contribution Award." Rambo smiled. The Moses star was an affiliate of the Andromeda system.

"Terry, recipient of the Interstellar Network Contribution Award, from the Sagittarius System, Spectrum Star. It's an honor to meet you at last."

The three of them sized Wang Zheng up as though they were looking at an animal.

Nicoise smiled. "Wang Zheng is the pride of Earth. He has won the highest award. We pale in comparison to him. It is only right that all of us learn from him."

As he said this, Nicoise wanted to pat Wang Zheng on the shoulder. Wang Zheng moved away subtly, avoiding him.

Wang Zheng despised such people. Nicoise acted as if he was in charge every time he saw Wang Zheng. This made Wang Zheng look like his subordinate.

Nicoise was stunned. He had not expected Wang Zheng to react in such a rude manner, but he quickly regained his composure. "Gentlemen, this is Wang Zheng."

The rest of them took one sweeping glance at Wang Zheng and then resumed their own conversations. They barely paid any attention to him.

Nicoise shrugged his shoulders grudgingly. "Don't take it to heart; those who are here are the cream of the crop. They will be a little resentful because you alone won the top award."

Wang Zheng smiled. "Whining will not contribute to growth. It seems like they still need more practice."

When a conversation failed to hold, even half a sentence would seem too much. Besides, Wang Zheng had not come to bicker. He took a random seat. There was food and drinks, and he would leave after eating, like he usually did. Xiao Fei would not find fault in him; after all, he did attend the gathering.

"That kid is quite arrogant."

"He's just trying to hide his inferiority. Nicoise, if you were on Earth, he wouldn't have this chance at all."

"Nicoise was approved by immigration to go to Roland Garros a long time ago, he wouldn't go to such a place."

Nicoise's face showed a hint of unhappiness. He did not like that he was from Earth. He was now a citizen of Roland Garros.

"Let me tell you guys a secret. Some big shot will be arriving tonight. Just wait and see."

"Oh, who?"

"You guys will have to wait to see who it is."

"That guy really has an appetite. Shall we have some fun with him?

"Forget it, this is our gathering. Our mentors will be arriving later. Just let him sit there."

Nicoise took a look at the corner. He thought that Wang Zheng was just an embarrassment. It would be below his level to bully him.

Wang Zheng had a good time eating. Other than the good food, there was not much meaning to this kind of gathering. The people around him were chatting and gossiping about him.

It was not a surprise that Wang Zheng was the center of gossip. He was the recipient of the highest award from the Milky Way Alliance this time around. However, unlike the others who had years of results and dissertations, Wang Zheng was a dark horse in this year's award recipients.

Obviously, these people thought that it was because of Xiao Fei that Wang Zheng won the award. What sort of ability did it show to depend on one's teacher?

Wang Zheng could not be bothered to explain. He ignored the gossip; it was not as if he would lose a piece of meat over their words.

"You are that Student Wang Zheng?"

Wang Zheng raised his head. "I think that's me."

The girl stifled a laugh. "You are quite humorous. We all thought that you would not come."

"Why? " Wang Zheng smiled. This girl was about the same age as him.

"Haha, I just received some internal news. This time, the highest award will be presented personally by Princess Aina. You were already attracting resentment, now you will just attract even more hate. After all, these guys are all trying their best to get to know Princess Aina."

"Oh." Wang Zheng's heart warmed. After a moment of surprise, he understood. He guessed that Princess Aina was coming only because she knew he would come.

"That's all?" The girl pushed her glasses and sat down. "Let's get to know each other. Caragal Republic, Xie Yating, bioengineering."

"Hi, Wang Zheng, Earth, physics," Wang Zheng said.

"Here, we can be considered old neighbors."

"Yes, and your dress is very pretty."

"Is that so? I think so too. But they don't seem to think too highly of those from the Solar System," Xie Yating said. She had put in much effort for her attire today. She did not know that the people here would all be so arrogant. They were not here to meet friends, they were here to boast.

"We do not need their approval." Wang Zheng continued eating without a care. Xie Yating placed a glass of wine beside Wang Zheng. Just at that point, Wang Zheng was a little choked, so he downed the glass of wine.

"You are quite the philosophical person. They are ignoring you on purpose. Before you arrived, these people were discussing how to put you down. They were all saying how you depended on..." Xie Yating suddenly covered her mouth. She felt a little embarrassed.

Wang Zheng swallowed a mouthful of fish. "That I depended on my teacher? Well, isn't it only natural for students to depend on their teachers?"

Wang Zheng was very open about it. He knew that the atmosphere at the gathering would be unwelcoming. He felt like a fish out of water. Perhaps he was never the research type. These people were too proud; the Mecha Department was more honest and down-to-earth.

Two grandly dressed girls walked over and said, totally ignoring Wang Zheng, "Xie Yating, do you want to come over here? There's nothing you can talk about with him." It was as if it was too lowly to be seen talking to Wang Zheng.

"I think I'm fine here." Xie Yating said.

The two girls exchanged looks and turned away. "Well, they match."

"Yes, that's true. Only she would wear such an unfashionable shade of pink."

"Without her, there's no comparison and we wouldn't seem so graceful."

Even though they spoke softly, Wang Zheng heard everything clearly. Xie Yating also heard some of the conversation.

"They are just immature kids. This caviar is not bad," Wang Zheng said.

Xie Yating looked at Wang Zheng. "You are quite broad-minded. Not bad, at least I met an interesting person. What are you doing later?"

"After my teacher arrives, I will be going. My friends are waiting for me outside."

"I heard that the authority of each field will be attending. It will be a good opportunity to socialize with them, especially in such a private gathering like this." Xie Yating looked very regretful for Wang Zheng, who would be missing this opportunity.

"It is not my ambition to be a scholar. I'm transferring to the Mecha Department next year," Wang Zheng said as he ate.


Xie Yating could not suppress her shock and sprayed champagne on Wang Zheng's face. Wang had good reflexes, but he only avoided half the champagne.

"Oh my, I'm so sorry. I did not do it on purpose. How could you change departments? The school would never agree!"

Xie Yating quickly took out some tissues to help Wang Zheng clean up. "I'm really sorry."

Such an important event, yet his suit was dirtied. Xie Yating did not know what to do.

Wang Zheng waved his hand. "It's alright, I'm just here for formality's sake. I'll be leaving soon."

Just then, the hall was in an uproar. Xiao Fei, Marcus, and three middle-aged men walked in together.

The students who were present all crowded around them. Xiao Fei and Marcus were creating quite a stir. The students looked down on Wang Zheng, but they idolized Xiao Fei. The breakthrough this time bought Xiao Fei the reputation of being the physicist of the century. You should know, only physicists could become the greatest scientists. Until now, no other field of study could replace physics.

Xiao Fei was definitely in the limelight, especially because she was so young.

Together with her and Marcus were authoritative figures from three other fields of study. They were obviously familiar with each other. Xiao Fei had come prepared this time. She was moving from theoretical to experimental physics, and she required the help of experts from various fields. For example, experts from the material sciences.

At this moment, those youngsters who were acting all high and mighty just now became very humble. Every single one of them was that sincere.

"Wang Zheng, I'm going over." Xie Yating also wanted to meet her idols. If she missed this opportunity, it would be difficult for her to meet her idols.

Wang Zheng nodded. To him, these reactions were normal. It would be good if only no one attempted to create trouble for him.

Xiao Fei looked towards him. Wang Zheng waved and pointed outside. It was a signal that he was leaving.

"Professor Dong, that is Wang Zheng. Haven't you always wanted to meet him?"

Mr. Dong, the middle-aged man's eyes lit up. "Oh, is that so? I've heard of him many times. I am curious to see how impressive he is."

Seeing Xiao Fei waving towards him, Wang Zheng had no choice but to walk over.

"Wang Zheng, this is Professor Dong Xuewu, a titan in the study of spatial physics." Xiao spatial physics." Xiao Fei winked.

Wang Zheng was helpless; he had fallen into another trap. He knew that he should not have come. Upon hearing the word "titan", he was fearful.

"Young man, I heard from Xiao Fei that you came up with the idea leading the breakthrough in locating Spatial Migration. Also, on the way here, you had other new thoughts?" Dong Xuewu asked.

"I was taught well by my two mentors, how could I have any original thoughts?"

Wang Zheng did not want to bring up any ideas here. If he did, he would be bogged down with questions from these experts. Just by looking at Professor Dong's stance, Wang Zheng knew that he was looking for trouble.

"Teacher, Wang Zheng is too humble. Just the other day when I bumped into him, he was not like this. He had many opinions regarding today's field of physics," Nicoise suddenly said, even giving Wang Zheng a sincere smile.

Wang Zheng did not think that Nicoise could be so devious. He really was an expert in undermining people.

If he rebutted at this point, other people would naturally think that he was hypocritical.

"Oh, Xiao Fei, your disciple is quite boastful. Even I would not dare to say that in the field of physics today," Dong Xuewu said lightly.

Wang Zheng could sense something. Xiao Fei's reputation had grown exponentially recently, and Dong Xuewu might have been pressured by Xiao Fei's growing fame. This man was here to make things difficult. Battles in the intellect world were no less intense than that of the battlefield. In fact, they were even more underhanded. Looking at the situation now, that seemed true.

"Senior Dong, it's not only in today's physics world, but the whole of the science realm is filled with talents. There are many of them just in today's gathering." Wang Zheng smiled, showing absolutely no hints of anger.

It was child's play to think that this tiny ruse would rile him up.

The other mentors actually also understood this kind of atmosphere. They did not really want it to be too awkward.

"Wang Zheng, even though you've achieved some results, you have to remain humble. You should especially learn more from your teachers.

"Hmph, the path to achieving a career in science should be slow, steady, and careful. Look at you, dressed so poorly even in such a formal occasion. How could such a person do well in their studies!?"

Dong Xuewu was quite harsh. He was not only warning Wang Zheng, but also taking the chance to put Xiao Fei down. His intention was to put across the message that even though Xiao Fei had achieved a small breakthrough, he was the true expert.

Xie Yating, who was pushed out, felt anxious. Offending Dong Xuewu in the field of physics equated to destroying one's future in that field.

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