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"Will he get a stomachache?"

"Impossible. He survived IG training. It's not as though we don't know what Wang Zheng has already experienced. I don't think this can be worse than what happened on the Norton Star. We are unlikely to have made a mistake. No problem!"

Student Ailun's logical answer was extremely persuasive. There was no reason to worry at all!

Tch… when would things ever be so simple?

Chen Xiu only half believed his words, but he continued to act all the same. After which, Chen Xiu's eyes widened. The two mecha's 3D projections were being broken down into numerous lines of data.

1… 2… 3…

Each movement made… looked like it was glitched.

"Brother Ailun… could it be…?"

"There is a possibility. Wild King is around, right? Let him take a look."

After Wild King received the analysis, he was momentarily dazed. His eyes were spinning with fervor. "F*ck, f*ck, f*ck!"

"Stop cursing, Wild King. Is there a problem here? We can't really tell with our skills."

"F*ck! I cant believe such a person exists. He is truly godly!"

"You b*tch, can you stop beating around the bush. Everyone is waiting for you to penetrate your chrysanthemum-flower-like behind!"

"It is said that among experts, there exists a certain godly state known as the All-Seeing state!"

Nothing could hide before it!

The Norton Star and Earth both released their own video analyses. However, the only thing they noted was that the Dragon King's nerves had been shaken and thus the opponent took advantage of that opportunity. Furthermore, Skeleton was an expert and would not have let that opportunity go.

Even though it was a victory, Solon also felt that the world beyond the Solar System was very dangerous. Just a trip to Norton Star already unearthed such an opponent, the Norton Star wasn't even one of the top regions!

Solon had a dream in his heart. One day, Skeleton would crush the likes of Aslan and Atlantis. However, this was just an idle fantasy. If Skeleton went there, he would be no more than a joke.

"Boss, the Skeleton Corps has sent a new video analysis…"

"Show it to me. I have to at least see what they bothered to send me."

One minute later. "Go! Immediately! Take down the original video. B*tch, b*tch, b*tch! Change it to this one!"

Solon start to scold the staff. Only when he was extremely excited would he act out of tune.

In just a brief moment, the number of VIP viewers left idling had exceeded 15 million. At this point, the new video analysis started to show.

Did the officials realize that they had made a mistake in the video they uploaded?

What kind of mistake could it be?

Earth's Invincible Flow! Nothing Can Hide Before It!

The previous videos did have a point. The last strike was a form of ridicule. Then in that case, why did Steel Dragon King hesitate?

Under a 10x slowdown of the scene, coupled with a 3D modelling breakdown of what happened, everyone's mouths were agape.

However, there was still some doubt. It seemed far fetched. If it was a lapse of judgment, then so be it. The actions were almost indiscernible.

At this point, the last piece of analysis was shown.

The Hercules had actually moved first. It had accurately predicted the movement. Only then did Yuan Long rush forward. He was slower by just a hair. Under the slow motion lenses, he had made a slight adjustment in his direction of movement. It was clear that he was going to execute yet another set of attacks. However, the Hercules had already positioned itself such that it could strike back without facing retaliation when Yuan Long attacked!

The screen froze at this point in time. The Hercules looked so nonchalant, like it was merely taking a stroll in a park.

That was the feeling everyone had upon seeing it.

It was not because he wanted to ridicule the opponent, neither was it a battle of wills!

The Hercules' position made use of a textbook concept known as the Dead Angle!

When experts fight, the most brutal sort of loss was known as having their plan seen through and countered!

Once one had been exposed, even the strongest fighters would be no different from a child in the opponent's eyes.

It was as though Skeleton was telling his opponent that they were not his match.

An uproar was heard from all the VIP viewers! From a gradually declining number of viewers, it suddenly shot up to almost 16 million!

This was the true reason for Yuan Long's depression. He was almost at the highest tier of players and thus he was not ignorant. However, as a result, the defeat was even more demoralizing.

This was also the reason why at the end, Yuan Long had said a single word. "Why?" After all, it has to be said that Yuan Long was a prodigious mech warrior. He had created a style of combat that combined both his natural physical prowess and his battle experiences that was uniquely his. Even when he was unmatched, he would still look for ways to improve. All of this only showed how much of a prodigy he was.

One battle later, he only had one thought on his mind: the opponent and him were from completely different worlds.

Could it be that the Earth truly possessed such skillful players?

In both regions, the CT viewers were completely shocked. How could this be?

It was not that Yuan Long was looking down on his opponent. Neither was it luck.

"God. If he was more serious, the opponent would have been crushed even more easily. Instead, he acted so pretentiously!"

"I knew it! How could one rely on luck to beat someone from Norton!?"

"Skeleton was worried that his opponent would be scared off and hence threw his shovel away! Little kid, you need to be more courageous!"

"What five times gravity? These Nortoners are just bragging. B*tch, let's go create a group to go stomp those Norton players!"

"Count me in! Let's go!"

The Skeleton Corps' flaming flag was being hoisted into the air. They started to flood the discussion forums. Norton had been conquered!

This was called creating a storm!

Of course, one could clearly tell what the result was like for those who decided to challenge the Nortoners in a team battle…

Yan Xiaosu was clearly ruminating over what had happened. This was truly awesome. Wang Zheng was a real man.

"What should we do, Boss? This video analysis seems quite accurate. Did you really perceive his attack?" Yan Xiaosu spoke in a pleading tone, trying to get the answer out of Wang Zheng.

Wang Zheng smiled. "That's about right. Perhaps I truly have not stepped into that realm. What was important was to understand the direction of the opponent's spear thrust. Furthermore, he only utilized a very direct and frontal flurry of attacks. That made it even easier to perceive his actions. It doesn't count for much."

Bonehead had once mentioned what the true All-Seeing state was like. This was in the realm of the super soldiers. It was clear that he was still far away from such a state. This was just him seeing through the tricks.

Tyrant Su blinked his eyes. "It's so complicated. Can it be learned?"

Wang Zheng looked at Tyrant Su and he in turn glanced back. After half a moment, Tyrant Su waved his hand. "Forget it. You don't need to say it. I am just going to focus on this to the very end."

Wang Zheng smiled. This play thing was not worth learning. Fatty Su did not possess talent in this regard.

On the official forums, the recording for this battle shot to the top of the charts. Even the Moon, Mars, and even the Caragal Region had released their own video analyses. Yet none of them were better than Super Xiu's analysis.

Solon was grinning from ear to ear. He had almost ruined himself. The Earth Region's video analysis was the best. To be honest, they weren't really that good, but Super Xiu was the true expert.

The average video analyser did not possess the skills Chen Xiu had. This man was a physics genius!

Furthermore, Chen Xiu's ability to explain multidimensional spatial theory was the best in Ares College. Even Xiao Fei had to relent on this point.

Solon was very clear on what had to be done to retain these experts. He immediately sent a congratulatory message to the Skeleton Corps, at the same time offering Super Xiu a professional position as a video analyser.

Yao Ailun was extremely excited. Money was not important! What was important was that professionals were recognized… at the same time, he had now gotten another sum of money to play around with…

Granny's leg. 007's Wang Zheng already had his girl. Even Zhang Shan had gotten his own circle of admirers after changing departments. Only him and Chen Xiu had no hope.

"Xiu, CT has contacted me. They want to offer a contract for us to be professional analysts. I told you we were the best in this universe…"

Suddenly, Ailun, who had been talking to Chen Xiu, suddenly froze like a video recording that had been jammed.

In the doorway behind Chen Xiu appeared three beautiful ladies. One was mature and well developed. That alluring body left people's noses bleeding. In the middle of the three was a girl with long, black hair, something which Student Ailun loved. Lastly was a girl with a refreshing, short hairstyle whom seemed a bit younger than the rest. She even looked in Yao Ailun's direction and blinked her eyes a few times.

At this point, the three ladies surrounded Chen Xiu.

"Xiu… who are these three?"

Chen Xiu replied as he shook his head helplessly, "Sister, how many times have I said this before? When you enter my room, you have to knock on the door."

The mature girl patted Chen Xiu's head. "Why does Older Sis have to knock on your door to enter your room? Is this your friend? Nice to meet you."

The holographic Yao Ailun stood up straight. "Hello, Older Sister, it's nice to meet you. I am Yao Ailun, Chen Xiu's best friend and his dormitory mate."

Chen Yu gave a wry smile. "So you are Yao Ailun. I often hear Xiu Er talk about you. Please take good care of our dear Xiu Er."

"Older Sis, you can relax. Xiu Er is like my own little brother. With me guiding him, no one would dare to bully him in Ares College."

Yao Ailun patted his chest and his eyes twinkled radiantly.

"Okay, okay. Now all of you can get out. Really. Weren't you just swimming? Don't disturb me!" Chen Xiu spoke in an irritated tone.

"No one wanted to help us apply our sunscreen, dear Brother," the youngest of the three sisters, Chen Yan, said.

"Shoo! You're just a few seconds older than me!" Chen Xiu spoke unwillingly.

"We are waiting for you!" Second Sister Chen Ru said. Among the three sisters, Chen Ru had the best body, and just the sight of it caused Student Ailun to pinch his nose, preventing a nose bleed.

At this point, Chen Xiu was clearly indignant and he quickly ushered the three out.

"Ah. They will be the death of me. This is why I never want to come back home for the holidays," Chen Xiu said helplessly.

Yao Ailun had already been caught up in a frenzy. "Xiu Er, are we still brothers!?"


"Alright. Tomorrow I will book a ticket and come over!"

"Really? That's wonderful. I have no one to talk to. Let us go battle together!"

After turning off the Skylink, our dear Student Ailun was so happy that he was crying tears of joy. It looked like heaven was still taking care of him. It turned out that there was an opportunity just right beside him! Three beautiful ladies!

That dumb Chen Xiu, he truly did not appreciate things that were given to him.

Ye Zisu, An Mei, and Zhao Jing were currently drinking tea and chit chatting. Zhao Jing was not much older than them and had only graduated two years prior. Hence, they had a lot of common topics.

Truthfully, Zhao Jing was quite curious. She wanted to know more about this group of people. As Xiao Fei was just too famous, she was no longer just a representative of her field. It could be said that she represented all of the scientists of Earth. Furthermore, she was young and beautiful, and this easily created topics of discussion.

"Wang Zheng seems quite lucky. Why have I never met such a mentor?" Zhao Jing said.

Ye Zisu seemed dazed momentarily. "Why would you say that?"

Zhao Jing smiled. "What kind of mentor is willing to put their student's name on the credits of such an important work of research?"

Ye Zisu and An Mei looked at each other and laughed. "Sister Zhao, this is where you're mistaken. The reason for the research's breakthrough was Wang Zheng."

Zhao Jing was stunned. "How could this be? How old is he?"

"We don't want to believe it, but it is the truth. Furthermore, the original train of thought came from just a usual lesson's discussion," An Mei said proudly.

"But didn't he also pass the first round of IG selections? Furthermore, his results were excellent." Zhao Jing had difficulty believing it.

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