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In actual fact, Yuan Long was a young chap who did not like to be so arrogant during CT. As a Nortoner, to acknowledge the opponent was to admit defeat. To declare war was a more likely stance as a person from Norton.

His opponent was obviously of similar caliber, but he had to declare war in a more extravagant way.

Nortoners were known as kings of battles after all.

Even for a CT amateur, to hit a power level of 1,000 was equivalent to being a 'big whale'. A player who could crush opponents with merely just their pressure alone.

Who would have thought that such a strong person would be encountered on the first expedition to the Norton Star?

The Skeleton Corps, who were previously riled up, were now astounded. This was an extreme attack designed just to slay the opponent.

"How can the Nortoners be so shameless as to send out their IG elites!"

"SH*T, how can IG players play CT, and even declare a battle here? How brutish of them!"

"Do all Wargod No. 1 players become gods? Unbelievable. That last strike was heaven-shattering!"

"The Nortoners' ace player is out! Those who are famous in the Milky Way but come here to challenge Nortoners are just looking for their own demise!"

The titanium gun suddenly hummed. This bunch of idiots only knew how to see the power level of things. Power levels were meaningless!

The essence of the Triple Blitz lay not in its offensive power.

"Earthlings, you guys deserve to be forgotten in the midst of history. Open your eyes and look carefully at where you tread next time!!" Yuan Long said. It seemed as though his opponent was startled by his provocation.

The Hercules stood coldly, silently staring at the opponent.

Yuan Long was going to strike, the tip of his gun angled slightly.

On the other side, the Hercules twitched slightly as well.

Yuan Long's pupils contracted. The Wargod No. 1 had made a slight adjustment in position, aligning with the tip of the gun. On the other side, the Hercules' position had adjusted accordingly.

Yuan Long frowned. Could it be a coincidence?

He had made five consecutive adjustments, but his opponent's one move left him speechless.

From the Six Dragonlances to the Triple Blitz, it was not the sheer force that was difficult to master. Rather, the key aspect of these moves was the angle of the first strike that made it almost impossible to dodge.

No one had noticed this in the past, until now… That was why Yuan Long was so confident in this technique of his. Even when faced with stronger opponents, no one could decipher this key aspect of his technique.


The Wargod No. 1's adjustments gradually became larger. Every move he made was matched by one from the Hercules. He was countered at each position, making him feel extremely angry.

This was impossible. He had tested it out before. It was impossible to see the essence of the move through these small adjustments.

The broadcast room was silent, and so was the CT's two headquarter buildings. Yuan Long was going to deliver a show - the strongest Nortoner technique. Everyone was eager to witness the move and see the Hercules turn into a pile of scrap metal.

What was wrong with the Wargod No. 1?

Discussions arose. Was it not just a simple task to strike and end the opponent?

The Hercules threw the shovel towards his opponent, gesturing for Yuan Long to strike.

Yuan Long's mind was in a blaze. Was this guy stupid? He had never met a more stubborn opponent.

Wang Zheng did not understand why so many people looked down on Earthlings. Didn't humans all originate from Earth?

Didn't all these techniques have influences from early human civilization?

Every technique could be traced back to early history. His opponent's three-pronged blitz was not bad, but it could not be considered great. The flaws were clear because the starting position was obvious, so it could be easily countered by opponents.

Extreme technological and psychological abilities could cover the flaws, but even then it was never a definite thing.

All of the spectators were whispering. The live viewer count had already hit 15 million.

The hearts of the supporters dropped seeing Skeleton throw his shovel away. With such a fierce attack, how was a defense possible without the shovel?

The Hercules' strength came with the rotating shovel!

Did he want to get killed?

The idiot on the other side was just so arrogant, and yet he was being so hesitant now?

Yuan Long clenched his jaws. He could not find a good position. His opponent had even thrown his shovel to the ground. He could not tolerate his opponent's fearlessness.

It must have just been a coincidence. It was not possible.


The Wargod struck out with a demeanor even fiercer than before. At the same moment, the Hercules moved, possibly even a step before the Wargod did.

The biggest advantage of this lightning assault was the fierce barrage of attacks. However, the changes in the strikes were predictable and one's scope of judgment was limited as the strike had to be delivered instantaneously.

It was a move that even pulverized one into dust! Since the attack required so much strength, only 30% of one's energy was left after the attack. If one chose to exert 100% of their energy, it was basically gambling with one's life.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The titanium gun struck out and a silver laser flashed out of the muzzle.

The Hercules made minute adjustments, while the Wargod also moved accordingly, relentless in the pursuit.

Everyone's eyeballs nearly bounced out of their sockets.

The point blank shot had actually missed!

Anyone in the audience would not have missed at such a range!

Yuan Long felt as though he was dunked in cold water.

At this point, he could feel his opponent observing him quietly.

Two wrong moves. The Wargod's titanium gun suddenly disappeared…

And reappeared in front of the Wargod's chest half a second later.


Skeleton WIN.

The entire audience was speechless. The camera slowly zoomed in.

Yuan Long missed the attack completely. He was too complacent, and his ego had affected him.

"You… how did you do it…" This was a devastating blow to Yuan Long. He had dismissed the possibility of a counter to his move countless times.

The Hercules slowly retrieved the shovel from the floor. "Want to know why? Come to Earth."

Wang Zheng shrugged his shoulders. He truly wanted to see how strong his opponent's moves were, but he got serious. In Bonehead's words, it was as though he was bullying a child.

After exiting CT, Wang Zheng rubbed his face. He could have upgraded his skills with the shovel if he had actually tried to deflect the opponent's Triple Blitz.

Alas, it was too late…

Wang Zheng wanted to ask for a rematch. Perhaps this time he would not move and Yuan Long could try his attack again?

Tyrant Su rushed over, gritting his teeth. "Boss, that was just too cool and way too awesome! You even delivered a psychological blow to him! You trashed him so soundly too!"

"It's rare to meet an elite. Let's give him another chance."

Yan Xiaosu spat in shock… this… he truly didn't want to let Yuan Long go??

Wait... what did that mean?

Earth and Norton were two diametrical opposites. Solon shook his head lightly. "You only appreciate life when you are going to die."

It was indeed a thrilling match, but who would have thought that Skeleton would make a big move at that critical moment?

An overbearing person was more likely to make a mistake once mocked - and it was actually the case.

"Go! Let's change the topic on the forums to… Executed Norton IG kid!" Solon said.

"Boss.. isn't that too much?" the staff questioned.

"This is called giving him a taste of his medicine. We cannot let Earth be looked down upon!"


Another story gradually unfolded on the forum section. "How did Yuan Long miss?"

"Did he suddenly feel unwell?"

"This Earthling is too lucky."

"F*ck, I hate this feeling. He had already thrown his weapon on the floor and yet still managed to attain victory."

"Request for a rematch!"

"Coward! How could that Earthling turn this into a psychological battle? We fight with guns and swords!"

...….. People automatically ignored the contestant's dialogue and only believed in what they saw.

The vast majority of the spectators thought it was because of good luck and laughed at Skeleton's psychological strength.

Some did not laugh but instead felt that something was amiss.

This was not a psychological battle. Yuan Long was obviously not an idiot. Any IG competitor was definitely mentally strong, unless they were to say that the Milky Way Alliance military consisted of pigs.

Chen Xiu and Yao Ailun were both doubtful. The two were playing the video in slow motion, attempting to analyse the battle. It seemed as though no move was made by Skeleton. It was indeed a battle of wills. Perhaps the result could be due to the opponent's stupidity as he had fallen for such a simple trick.

"Ailun, how about we just let it be. We can't find anything different compared to the official site…"

These days of summer were great. It was all thanks to Xiao Fei's appreciation that he could come home and enjoy his special status.

"Little Xiu, come and play with older sister."

"Stop watching those useless things, Little Xiu. Let's go swimming."

"Second and Third Sister, I am busy," Chen Xiu replied.

A massive window overlooked the sea and a beautiful scenery. There was an outdoor pool in the yard, and the two beauties started swimming. They were joined by a voluptuous girl carrying a drink in one hand.

"Sis, Chen Xiu is turning into an otaku. We should drag him out here."

"You guys… are truly bullying your brother every day."

Chen Xiu felt helpless. Growing up, girls did not like to play with him because of his beautiful sisters. It left other girls feeling inferior.

Now that he was finally in college, he was finally rid of them.

"Slow down the speed by three times and start with an analysis of the angle of attack. I feel that something is amiss; there must be some reason to why he is hesitating to attack," Yao Ailun said.

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