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"I have to admit that he is kind of strange," Ye Zisu said as she stirred her cup of black rose tea.

"What? Do you like him?" Zhao Jing gave a smirk.

"Ah. No. We are just old friends," Ye Zisu replied.

"Ah. Old friends indeed. No wonder. However, I feel that the two of you are a good fit. A pity," Zhao Jing said.

"A pity?"

"Your family is unlikely to agree." Zhao Jing smiled. Ye Zisu's status was no big secret. She was the heir to OMG, Earth's largest mecha production business. Furthermore, it was also a private business. Originally, it was not a big deal as they specialized in producing agricultural mecha. However, with current developments and the new round of financing, with the joint research and development of new projects, combined with the support of two large interstellar oligarchies, OMG had entered a new phase of development. Its future was limitless.

However, just looking at Ye Zisu, she did not seem like an aloof heiress; she was quite approachable. Zhao Jing had met numerous types of people like that, and to be frank, she did not like to have tea with such individuals. With those sorts of individuals, she would merely exchange a few words and that itself was already more than enough.

Ye Zisu shook her head. "I make my own decisions regarding my feelings."

Zhao Jing nodded her head. This rascal. Although one could choose who they wanted to date, when it came to marriage, it was a completely different thing. However, she did not want to break this illusion. Furthermore, Zisu was only a student; she had plenty of time to enjoy life.

"Right. How were the discussions on Norton?"

"We just made their acquaintance. The next step will still require us to discuss further."

This was just the official reply. The truth was that nothing of substance had been discussed.

Zhao Jing understood what she meant. She greatly appreciated Ye Zisu. Although she seemed like a warm and cute girl, she was actually very capable and skillful. She was extremely thoughtful and meticulous. The way large families trained their daughters was truly different.

It was at this point that Ye Zisu's Skylink rang out.

"Please excuse me, I need to receive a call." Ye Zisu got up, "… What? Are you sure?"

"Yes, Madam. They apologized for their negligence. TB's CEO personally came to visit. They would like to restart negotiations. Our original conditions are agreeable."

Ye Zisu was stunned. Why was there such a sudden turn? Why?

It was impossible. OMG was famous on Earth but had next to no influence elsewhere. Since OMG wanted to enter the Norton Star market, the other party had no need to be so respectful.

"What's the reason?" Ye Zisu asked calmly. She did not believe that pancakes would fall from the sky.

"Our people have been inquiring. Apparently, the TB CEO is a CT fan. After he watched a strange match, he finally started believing in OMG's capabilities. Furthermore, he said that he wanted a ride inside our Hercules mech. We are not even trying to sell this mech to them."

Ye Zisu was also slightly dazed. Hercules. This was just a normal mech they produced. This time, they had tried to export their newest mech. Since they were entering a new market, they had to produce their best goods. However the other party…

Wait… CT…

"Confirm if this is true. I think I know what's going on. I am currently travelling to Roland Garros. With regards to the other matters, you can report to the main office."

"Yes, Madam."

The person who called her was extremely excited. Originally, there was almost no hope at all. To them, they had only expected to be rebuffed and had given up. Who would have expected such a turn in events?

After hanging up the Skylink, Ye Zisu immediately went onto CT. As expected…

Another match of a godly Hercules could be seen.

CT's replication of mecha was quite accurate. Every time a new mech was released, they would buy the mech to inspect its operational and data capabilities before releasing it in game. Skeleton could have been said to have brought out the full potential of the mech.

No wonder TB's CEO had changed his mind. It could be said that listening to something was not as good as seeing it in action.

Steel Dragon King was extremely famous on Norton. However, he had been soundly beaten.

She had a feeling that in the future, both the Hercules and the Wargod No. 1 would be banned from usage.

In truth, the situation had become quite a show in the Solar System.

Especially in ranking matches. Both sides were banning Hercules and Wargod No. 1s.

The usual b*stards who used those mecha could not help the team win. This was done not to prevent the opponents from using these mecha but to prevent their own teammates from bringing them down!

These crazy fools were not just limited to one or two. If one wanted to practice, they had to do so against bot matches. However, these fools wanted to prove themselves in ranked matches. It was said that only in a real battle could one awaken their abilities!

Granny's leg. Endless teams were brought down by their own teammates.

The problem was that some people managed to win with the Hercules. Yet this was after a successful chain of 10-odd losses. But just the fact that they won once let them feel as though they were gods!

During mech selection, the Hercules was the one most often picked.

90% of the analyses was surrounding OMG's Hercules mech. Ye Zisu didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. Even something like this could happen.

When OMG's Hercules had been chosen to be a part of CT's mecha selection, they did not think much of it. Truthfully, they thought that no one would ever use it. In CT, there were few people who did NPC missions. Doing these missions would allow one to earn some credits that could be used to repair and replace mech parts. Many people had no patience and chose to buy it with money instead. These rich people would directly buy the mecha of their choice. The rest was irrelevant.

However, with Skeleton's usage of the Hercules, this mech suddenly became extremely popular. It was originally a model that was about to be phased out.

The name of the new mech had always been controversial. As of now, it was no longer an issue.

Hercules Type X.

Sometimes, when one's luck was good, there was just no stopping it.

Zhao Jing had a good body and was eloquent. Furthermore, she had two years of interstellar experience and had seen many things. Her stories of the wonderful sceneries she had seen when she was amongst the stars caused the other two girls to revere her. Very quickly, the three of them became fast friends.

It has to be said that females are strange creatures. They can become fast friends over a pair of shoes and yet at the same time become arch enemies.

In this world, it is the ladies that make the world interesting.

Taking advantage of the situation like stealing from a burning store, Yan Xiaosu quickly discussed some new opportunities with Solon. Demonstrating his business acumen as Wang Zheng's agent, in light of the 16 million VIP viewers, which was truly record-breaking, he had to ensure that Solon did not hoard all the benefits.

To this, Solon was not surprised. In fact, what he was more worried about was that the other party did not have any desires or wishes. Them still wishing to deal with him was a good sign.

Solon's biggest dream was to become the Solar System's chairman. Now he had succeeded. News spread quickly and his idea had been extremely successful. It allowed him to cement his position as the chairman extremely quickly. Even Mclaren wished to retire in glory.

However, the last fight allowed Solon to see past his previous dreams.

Wang Zheng was currently in the training room, hoping that Qiangsen would be around. However, Qiangsen was not around and the room he had previously stayed in had a change of personnel.

Qiangsen had already left the ship?

He did not even say goodbye. Qiangsen didn't seem like that sort of person.

…all of a sudden, Wang Zheng realized. Qiangsen definitely was not here for a vacation. He must have had a mission to accomplish.

Those teammates of his… to be frank, Wang Zheng was not quite used to them. They did not feel like normal soldiers. In fact, they seemed like vagrants.

It was not due to the words they said, but rather it was seen from their behavior. Regardless, Wang Zheng quietly wished them a safe journey.

One day, he would do the same.

Currently, in some area of the Sagittarius Constellation, a sleek ship was flying amongst the vast stars.

On it was Qiangsen and his team. None of them were joking around and their gazes were heavy.

This was a mission that would barely leave anyone alive.

To them, life and death was not important. The meaning of life was to do what they felt was important and to battle alongside their comrades.

"Boss, to be frank, you have just recovered. There was no need for you to enter these muddy waters. Letting us handle it would have been fine."

Qiangsen gave a wry smile. "They spent so much to let me recover. Did you think I would just lie in bed?"

"Haha. Even I was shocked."

"I am just happy to leave that blasted ship. Just looking at that group of people made me feel uneasy."

"Everyone has their own lives to lead. We have our own worlds."

Qiangsen and the rest belonged to a world without light. It was their chosen path.

Wang Zheng's image appeared in Qiangsen's mind. He felt that he would meet that brat again. However, thinking back, how could it be possible? Wang Zheng was an overachiever of Ares College. They walked different routes.

This was life.

10 days later, the New Olympus had exited from curved flight. The Milky Way Alliance Headquarters was already within range.

Wang Zheng and the rest were awakened from stasis sleep. Curved flight was extremely dull, so most of the crew opted to pass time in this manner. This was also his first experience doing so.

The New Olympus was Roland Garros' assigned ambassador ship. As the Solar System was a permanent member of the alliance, they possessed the highest level of clearance with their ambassador permits. The rest of the journey was smooth sailing and soon they arrived on the planet that demonstrated the very pinnacle of human civilization.

The ship was guided along the star track, entering the space port. The huge New Olympus was like an ant in front of the even larger docking port.

Along the window, Wang Zheng and his friend stared at the huge docking port. At the same time, over 10 ships could be seen flying past them.

The majority were transport ships, but there were some that were like the New Olympus, ambassador ships. People from all parts of the Milky Way gathered on this planet, the very mark of human civilization challenging the vast universe!

Suddenly, a dark blue ship flew past. It looked different compared to the warships of humanity. It was sleek and streamlined and it gave the feeling that it was swimming through space as it moved.

At this point, all the other ships made way. It was dazzling and it gracefully went past all the ships. It was like an aloof emperor, everyone gave way to it as it flew straight into the port.

"F*ck. What's so great about that ship? Why did everyone make way?" Yan Xiaosu pouted as he spoke. Just a moment ago, he was the one receiving special attention. Just as quickly, he had become relegated to the side.

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