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"This is done to reduce weight on the mech; the Hercules model is slow after all. Facing such a strong opponent, the hammer will be useless anyways." Old Deer narrated as his professional judgements surfaced.

In actual fact, Old Deer was thinking too much. Wang Zheng, on the other hand, thought that he would not need to use the hammer for this fight.

Yuan Long was thinking the same thing as Old Deer.

It was his first time witnessing such a daring move. However, after thinking about it, the opponent must have specialized in using this mech model.

Time trickled by… both mecha did not move even an inch.

Yuan Long glanced at his opponent, standing firmly on the other side. It looked as though he could immediately deliver a killer strike and win, but Yuan Long's instincts told him that this was exactly what the opponent wanted.

Defense was not Yuan Long's strength, but he was sure he could find a flaw in the opponent's movements.

The Wargod No. 1 moved slowly, gradually inching towards the Hercules. The Hercules stayed grounded, slowly adjusting his direction and posture, wielding the shovel.

Wargod stretched out both arms and two iron bars and a titanium gun appeared. The Nortoner audience studied the Dragon Steel King carefully, waiting for the Six Dragonlances to appear and end it.

As he slowly approached the Hercules, there was nowhere left to hide.

"He is approaching the range for a sudden kill." Old Deer looked at his Skylink. "A distance of 10 meters is a good distance for a sudden attack."

Everyone stared intensely at the battlefield.


An explosion was heard, which resonated in all four directions. It was as though the sky had collapsed! The Wargod had disappeared in front of their very eyes...

… before swiftly reappearing in front of the Hercules!

Many could not believe their eyes…. Such explosive power… it was just inhuman!

The titanium gun pointed towards the Hercules.


The shovel was not rotating… the shovel actually didn't rotate!

"It can't rotate! The force cannot be mitigated with the rotation of the shovel! He would kill himself if he tried!" Old Deer said. This meant that Skeleton was aware of his opponent's attack power.

The first shot glanced off the Hercules' armour. The Wargod wielded the gun tightly and fired continuously.


Four shots, was it even possible to dodge?

Even in the midst of defense, he was mesmerized by his opponent's power. It was similar to when Skeleton used his rotating shovel to attack his opponent. This was an attack leveraging on inertia.

A sixth attack!

Another explosion resounded!



Why was it said to be a formidable attack? The last blow concentrated all of the built up inertia energy of all the previous blows, leaving even mecha with energy shields defenseless.

This was a textbook example of the Six Dragonlances executed by the Dragon King.

When the last blow struck out, it would definitely spell certain death without an energy shield.

At this point, something strange happened. The shovel that was used for defense suddenly started rotating.

Why now…?


Both mecha were sent flying.

Wang Zheng and Yuan Long were both dumbfounded. Wang Zheng thought that he could entangle his opponent, while Yuan Long thought he could win by executing his six strike attack.

At the same instance, both guys smiled knowingly.

They had met their match.

The Wargod No. 1's titanium gun was pointed downwards, dragging the gun along the ground.

Was it an invitation to attack?

"Drown him!"

"Here's the chance!"

"Absolutely unstoppable!"

Everyone was taken aback by the thunderous explosion.

The stance felt quite brutal.

Wang Zheng laughed as the Hercules stepped forward slowly. The shovel started rotating again.

As the two mecha got closer and closer, the Hercules jumped forward suddenly, directing the shovel towards the opponent.

The Wargod took a graceful step backwards.

As the Hercules landed, the mech suddenly dashed forward with great momentum. At this moment, the Wargod aimed his titanium gun, aiming directly at the Hercules.

Yuan Long had watched the video of Skeleton using the Hercules. In order to compensate for the slow movements, the Hercules wanted to use this tactic to catch the opponent off guard. Such a pity, the Hercules was just too slow.

Although the shovel was rotating, it was too far from the titanium gun. Yet the Wargod was in a position to fire a shot and end it.


The Hercules had been shot!

The number of spectators from the solar system was gradually approaching 15 million.

F*ck. The Dragon King saw through his ploy.

Too scary... Too defenseless...

It felt as though the Wargod on the opposing side was the real Skeleton. The battle could not end so pitifully, as it was their first time venturing out of the Solar System as well.

Yuan Long laughed. "Not this move... I have barely warmed up."

Yuan Long initially thought that the opponent had more tricks up his sleeve, but he felt disappointed at this point.

Wang Zheng checked his systems. Luckily, the Hercules was quite durable in real life and the CT parameters were also quite high.

Wang Zheng licked his lips. It seemed like he really had to do something to pull out a win.

At this moment, the Wargod moved closer and was repositioning for an attack.

Even if one could anticipate it, could they withstand it?


The only way out was to run. The atmosphere was just too oppressive and too domineering. His rotating shovel was too much of a hassle, and it was difficult to use in this situation.


The Wargod suddenly approached and yet the same accident happened again.

This time, the Hercules advanced forward as well!

Although the mech was slow, when pushed to its limits, the mech could still perform! A large sound could be heard as the mech roared to life.

The shovel clashed against the titanium gun. Wang Zheng smirked, exerting a sudden force.

Leaning Landslide!

The shovel swung and was rotating fiercely for the second time. The shovel lashed out towards the target.

With this ferocious force approaching, Yuan Long instinctively defended with his arm.


The Wargod was propelled backwards seven to eight steps before regaining a foothold.

"What is happening?"

"It was a simple strategy, but I feel like I'm against an army of thousands."

"Smart thinking… In the face of immense force, many choose to dodge, but advancing at the same instant will not let the opponent's attack power reach its maximum potential!"

Old Deer said, "However, if your control of the mech is not good, it would be no different from embracing death."

Wang Zheng did not think that the opponent could defend against that. He truly possessed impressive reaction and control of the mech.

This fight finally had meaning. This opponent wasn't bad at all.

Meanwhile, Yuan Long was drowning in his own thoughts. F*ck, where did this guy come from? With this strength, he could have been a top Norton player.

Was this guy from Earth's Academy X?

That would be impossible. Only Li Er was from the academy, and that guy would not be involved in such useless things.

"Who are you?!" Yuan Long bellowed.

His opponent stood quietly, with the shovel still rotating in hand.

Yuan Long laughed coldly. "Regardless, I don't care why you are here today. You will not leave here standing. Let's see if you can handle this!"

The Wargod's aura suddenly changed drastically. He spun the titanium gun several times before clutching it tightly.

Everyone held their breaths…. Could it be…

Somewhere else in Norton, Yuan Long's pupils began to flash with silver light, Ability X!

Wang Zheng felt that something was wrong. Just like the battle with Lie Guang, this guy was yet another person who took things seriously.

Wang Zheng was truly fired up. He was extremely passionate about everything related to Ability X. One could not simply understand the pursuits of someone with a thirst for power.

Only Wang Zheng could feel the difference in power in his opponent's stance and weapon usage.

It was as though he was battling another person altogether. Yuan Long's heart that was flowing with endless ambition was finally filled to the brim. The Wargod No. 1 was finally out to kill.

Bang ---- bang --- bang --- bang --- bang!

Like a thunderstorm, the Wargod struck out with destructive force, each attack faster than the previous by almost 50%, with an intensity many times greater than before.

The last blow directly landed on the wall of the arena, causing it to shake violently.

The spectators were thoroughly shocked. Just what was this situation?

Yuan Long did not attack the Hercules, but instead the walls. What was he doing…?

Yuan Long slowly turned around, pointing the titanium gun right at the Hercules.

This was a declaration of battle!

On the Norton Star, this was one of the most arrogant and overbearing ways to declare one's dominance. It was a showcase of the attack that would eventually eliminate the opponent. It was as though he was saying "I am going to destroy you like that, watch and learn! You can't hide!"

The Nortoner spectators were all pumped up. This was the stance they were expecting from Yuan Long. It was how he started his six strike combo years back. No one knew how to dodge such an attack, and thus its reputation flourished. Many amateur players were also eager to master this death attack that was created just for the Nortoners.

Who would have thought that Yuan Long would have further refined his six attack technique to an even more deadly Triple Blitz!

The key was to maintain the strength in each attack and to give everything in the last blow as a final strike.

An instant power level was shown on the lower right corner of the live broadcast.

The last blow recorded a power equivalent to 1,000, leaving the audience speechless.

A count of 1,000 was sufficient to break the limits of the conventional energy shield. That meant that even with an energy shield, the blow was sufficient to destroy the shield and the mech!

Legend has it that this was what the top warriors in various quarters were ultimately pursuing. It was difficult to operate a laser gun in complex terrains. To end a close combat battle quickly, an amazing attack had to be developed. Thus, many professionals attempted to develop a strike that could penetrate through the energy shield and physically strike the enemy mech. To that regard, using a power level system, it was discovered that a value of 1,000 was needed!

A similar concept existed in CT, but it was definitely not attainable by ordinary players.

Yuan Long was the main force representing the Norton Star in IG, and this undefeatable Triple Dragonlance could help him ascend through the crowd and give him the status necessary to join the main IG team.

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