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At Yuan Long's side, Ross was not worried at all. No Norton player could withstand such an insult.

Yuan Long was initially uninterested, as he had many opponents and could not possibly entertain all of them.

However, after watching the battle replay, his eyes lit up.


Without looking at the battle analysis, Yuan Long could clearly see how the mech used the rotating shovel to not only fend off attacks, but also to paralyze his four opponents with the sheer force of the mech's fierce rotation.

When the external force was too violent, the energy shield could not provide total protection, resulting in dizziness in the pilots and a slowdown in movement.

The Hercules was an agricultural type of mech, and using it would have meant doomsday for any pilot, yet this person was able to create such a result.

Yuan Long was clear that the arena had a five times gravity level. For an ordinary person to be able to operate the Hercules in that kind of condition, even seven times gravity would not have been a problem for him.


Yuan Long was excited. It was his first time witnessing such a defensive technique.

It was not long before Ross got an affirmative response. The Norton official website immediately hung out a notice.

Steel Dragon King VS Skeleton from Earth!

Who was Skeleton? No one on Norton actually knew about him. Nonetheless, Steel Dragon King, who had not appeared in a while, attracted the attention of countless Nortonian spectators.

On Earth, Solon simply accepted the challenge.

On his path to success, confrontation was unavoidable. It did not matter who Skeleton's opponent was.

Wang Zheng was nonchalant about it. Since he had to fight, he wanted to leave the opponent speechless.

Also, he wanted to test the standard of a so-called elite Norton Star player.

Yuan Long's information surfaced quickly. Both sides were top players with astounding past records.

The Norton Star players looked at Skeleton's past fighting records. Needless to say, he looked elegantly formidable on the screen, but to them, it just meant that the opponent was too weak.

You needed the opponent's cooperation for one's personal performance. And on the Norton Star, if one hoped that the opponent was weak, they would be crushed to death.

The last battle took everyone by surprise yet also showcased the skill of a true expert.

The second stage of the game was in preparation.

"Spectators, the second stage has already been confirmed. The opponent is strongest King of last season, an all time fifth highest ranked player, a true Norton Star expert. The pilot is actually a military cadet and reportedly has the highest IG score in the entire Milky Way Alliance," Young Deer said.

"Comrade Old Deer, do you think Skeleton has a chance at winning?" Bubbly Foam chided.

Old Deer coughed. "Well, anything is possible. Yuan Long created the Norton Star's popular six consecutive strikes in Norton's strong gravity atmosphere."

"Where's does his expertise lie?"

Old Deer was experienced. "Everyone has seen consecutive strike combination moves. In fact, some strikes even hit up to a hundred times. However, this move is different. The instantaneous outburst in a straight line is impossible to dodge, and the defenses of the enemy mech will be destroyed even if the blow is blocked. It is an invincible attack that only Nortoners can master with their high bone density and strength. "

"Old Deer, isn't it just a simple burst attack!? You make it sound so profound!"

"Young Deer, brother here left you a milk box!"

Old Deer remained calm and hesitated on commenting any further. "The Norton official website provided a video for everyone's reference."

The camera switched, showing a Norton Star match. It was a Wargod No. 1 versus a high-end mech with an energy shield.

The Wargod No. 1 suddenly attacked with a force completely superior to what was seen on Earth. A commonly used move on Earth was to leverage on the horsepower of the mech's engine, accelerating forward over time. This was different; the attack was executed with the mech looking like an arrow leaving a bow, speeding like a fired shot.

Just a mere touch would leave behind the impact of an explosion and send the opponent's weapons flying, leaving behind traces of electrical sparks.

After five attacks, the opponent's mech would definitely explode.

Throughout the process, the opponent seem to not respond at all….. despite being diamond ranked.

What followed was a solo match of king level players fighting against each other. Again, there was the six consecutive strikes. After the first blow, the opponent mech seemed to become petrified and then it exploded.

There was an analysis of the battle.

The first violent shock caused by vibration emitted from the mech's high speed movement would result in the enemy mech becoming temporarily paralyzed. The response time will depend on the pilot's defensive abilities, and furthermore, the energy shield cannot completely resist the shockwaves.

Simply to put, this produced a force that had to be countered by the opponent as well!

It was an unparalleled six strike attack.

The consequences for those who attempted to dodge was even worse as it would result in instantly being shot down. As long as the strikes continued, one could only witness their own loss.

That was what everyone said about the Steel Dragon King: you had no choice but to obediently suffer his wrath.

This was the Six Dragonlances.

"What Dragonlance? It's obviously a chrysanthemum lance!"

"How can that match up to our Skeleton god? Screw off!"

Soon the technical analysis was out.

A comparison of the two mecha was shown. Skeleton was using the rotating shovel, and it could withstand a force up to seven times gravity; however, Steel Dragon King's forceful attacks could reach up to a limit of eight times gravity.

Skeleton, having withstood that amount of force, was still able to execute consecutive strikes.

The spectators on Earth stared in speechlessness.

This was a Norton player, and eight times gravity was a piece of cake to these genetically advanced individuals.

No matter how lucky Skeleton was, he was still an Earthling.

By nature, his body could only withstand a force of two times gravity.

One needed to possess ability in order to be arrogant. If both were playing on the same level playing field, Skeleton would have emerged victorious, but the opponent was a Nortoner.

There were already more than one million spectators on the Norton Star. The Dragon King's name was reputable, but the only reason there were no more viewers was due to the fact that the opponent was weak.


"What kind of place is that?"

"Do they even have warriors?"

"Aren't there museums everywhere? The best job you can find on Earth is to be a librarian."

This was the outside world's understanding of Warth - full of libraries and occupied by a bunch of old people.

Skeleton's battle highlights were also broadcasted on Norton, with the focus on the previous battle, but even a force of seven times gravity failed to impress the Nortoners.

That was nothing.

On the Norton Star, being able to resist a force seven times above gravity was not considered something rare.


One against ten!

Regardless of whatever technique he had, he would be crushed with a single lance!

On Earth, the spectator count was slowly reaching 15 million.

Solon knew that this was a miracle.

It was a new record created in the solar system's history, and it had only been half a year since he started.

Skeleton's previous opponents were recreational players, but in current times, he had faced a variety of experts, some of which were among the very best.

The Norton Star would be the first battle.

When IG players played CT, they were considered to be the crème de la crème of all the players. This was without a doubt. They represented the military schools of their various countries.

For ordinary players, only the military or schools would notice their online results. However, for these IG players, they were to be future top tier generals with names that resounded everywhere.

Like Yuan Long, IG players would normally stop playing CT after playing it for a while. This was normal. Real life was a completely different realm with different standards.

Could Skeleton survive?

After broadcasting Yuan Long's details, Old Deer had a serious expression on his face. "Skeleton must be careful. Yuan Long is not an ordinary player; fancy tricks are useless in front of him. As long as there is a single flaw in his defense, he will be killed in a single strike."

"Old Deer, your old habit is resurfacing." Bubbly Foam laughed.

In the comment section, a series of carton emojis could be seen. Those who defended Old Deer were also attacked.

Old Deer remained calm. Anyone else in his position would definitely have ended up feeling mad.

Bubbly Foam had never seen Old Deer so serious. She believed that what Old Deer said was true. She could simply tell from his expression.

Old Deer laughed and switched cameras. "I am an Earthling too. Although I may not be Skeleton's fan, I will not be biased. "

"What now?" Bubbly Foam was in a daze.

Old Deer laughed bitterly. "I hope that Skeleton will lose. But not when he is facing such an opponent, we cannot let others look down on Earthlings."

"Skeleton can win!"

Old Deer forced a smile. "Whatever the result, sometimes I just wish I could simply lose myself in the fervor. Just take a look at what is happening below."

The Skeleton Corps had brought out the flaming skeleton flag.

Regardless of whether it was an IG or a professional player, he would be destroyed!

The mecha were chosen.

Skeleton: Hercules

Steel Dragon King: Wargod No. 1

There were few players with a preference for the Wargod No. 1. Those who were capable of performing with it were also a minority. However, such a sight was rare on Earth.

Competition venue: Fighting Ring.

It seemed as though both sides did not fancy variety. Wang Zheng was more interested in seeing the opponent's techniques.

At this time, Yan Xiaosu became a spectator. He was a little worried because IG players were difficult to beat. Even if one escaped death, they would lose a layer of skin. The problem was that the level of players within the solar system was not considered high. Since it was a high level Norton Star player, a difficult battle was inevitable.

Amitabha, please let the opponent be a noob! Please let the opponent be a noob!

Sadly, Tyrant Su's prayer did not succeed.


Both mecha appeared on the battlefield.

Upon appearing in the ring, the Hercules threw its hammer away.

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