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The CT world without Skeleton was merely black and white, bland and boring. However, when the Skeleton appeared, flames instantly rose up.

The speed of response to his login was as fast as the speed of light!

Solon was calm and possessed an admirable aura as he was officially named the chairman of the Solar System region. McLaren was about to retire, and Solon had demonstrated vision and decisiveness in the course of his work. He also achieved huge results and led Asia to be the best performing region in the Solar System.

When everyone else was attempting to find a niche in the CT battlegrounds to market to viewers, he discovered an amateur world where it was the largest and closest to life. Here, everyone was a hero.

In fact, Solon had set up his own specialized team headed by himself to immediately act upon the appearance of Skeleton.

However, this time Solon had made a small mistake as Skeleton chose a region outside of the Solar System.

Or could it be the Norton Star?

The Norton Star was among the group of planets discovered earliest by humans and had a long history. In the early days, there was nothing there and nobody wanted to visit that star. As it was developed over time, especially when humans started to get used to the five times gravity, the Norton Star's status had been slowly shifting as well.

Now, the Norton Star was one of the most powerful stars in the Sagittarius constellation and produced high quality warrior machines.

The warriors on Norton were not fanciful, but they were durable and fierce. The Sagittarius Military Alliance liked to recruit here, and even the Milky Way Alliance admired these warriors greatly.

They could be described as the cornerstone of the army.

The Norton Star was rather robust in terms of its culture and customs too. They were split into two factions. One faction consisted of citizens who were not used to five times gravity, while the other faction had citizens who were used to it. In the CT circle, these people were rather intimidating.

The attacks of these warriors were at the very limit of strength!

As such, few would visit Norton for leisure. The unfairness of the five times gravity would discourage many who came from other planets and constellations.

"Boss, this title?"

Solon pondered for a moment and pounded the table as these few words came out of his mouth: Skeleton Expedition!

Actually, there was no need to officially change one's title. Everyone could see that once another player crossed galaxies, their ID would indicate their place of origin.

Skeleton wanted to challenge the Norton Star???

On the other side, Tyrant Su had already excitedly registered his ID, which read "Disrepectful Tyrant!".

Wang Zheng was speechless. Could Tyrant Su be any less disciplined!?

The Norton Star was for team battles, and Skeleton's fans were highly anticipating it. This was a rare sight to see Skeleton queuing with a friend. With Skeleton's skill level, it was likely that this Disrespectful Tyrant would be an expert himself!

It appeared as if Skeleton had provided himself with an additional form of insurance. However, the players of the Norton Star were not to be messed with after all.

"Have you sent the messages out?" Solon asked.

"Yes, Boss!"

Solon nodded, and there was some stress that accompanied his excitement. This was because his message was not only sent to Earth but the entire Solar System. This was a privilege that only his current position offered. Although he was named chairman, only with McLaren's approval could he do what he wanted.

Solon could not wait for his formal appointment. At that point, such a power would be naturally granted to him. It was a double-edged sword. If successful, an appointment would come quicker and smoother, but it could be withdrawn upon failure.

Solon could no longer look back at this point.

Let Skeleton's Expedition begin! Dominate the Milky Way!

The Skeleton Corps' flaming skull logo was ignited.

"Brother Xiu, is there some sort of problem with your design? It makes us seem like galactic pirates." Yao Ailun was skeptical of the new logo.

"Ailun, this is trendy. Don't you think its cool? It matches with the invasion theme as well. I am such genius!" Chen Xiu was highly satisfied with his own design.

"I think it's too plain. To me, Skeleton is noble and has plenty of accomplishments. I suggest you put a stalk of rose in his mouth", said Yao Ailun.

"Do I need to add a pair of golden glasses?" Chen Xiu joked. Yao Ailun was the targeted recipient of the joke.

"Well, it's alright."

The Skeleton Corps' flag started fluttering on all major platforms. A flaming skeleton with a black rose in its mouth was rather domineering.

Light up the flag!

Begin the battle!

There were about 13 million viewers with VIP making up 8.6 million of them. Among them, about 7 million came from Earth and the other million coming from other planets in the Solar System.

Even before the competition began, the amount of anticipation was already at such levels.

No one knew who their opponents were, what the difficulty level was, and whether the competition required skill.

The undisciplined Tyrant Su was looking at the viewership happily since he contributed to it as well.

Wang Zheng had already brought Yan Xiaosu into the matching interface. Wang Zheng's one hundred percent win record would definitely lead him to be matched with an opponent of a high caliber. However, with Yan Xiaosu around, the opponents' skill level would likely be lower. As Yan Xiaosu was new, his unknown win rate would not cause the opponents' level to be lowered by much.

The broadcast was about to begin, but the terrifyingly high influx of viewers attracted the Norton officials' attention.

Ross didn't know whether to laugh or cry upon hearing this news. "The world has changed, even rabbits who come to Earth dare to escape from their areas."

"Boss, such high VIP traffic could mean that the opponent is of a high caliber."

"I heard that the Chairman at the Solar System region is about to retire. To use such a method to build up a career and involve us (Norton Star) in the process, what a moron."

Ross lamented that this type of approach was rather common. Allowing an expert to register for a second account and roam around in a big region to satisfy his poor, superficial pride was something only a weak region such as Earth would do.

However, they had found the wrong place. This was the Norton Star, where just the power of five times gravity alone could kill you.

CT's five times gravity did not really use the power of five times gravity but only increased the operating difficulty by five times. This was no issue to the people of the Norton Star. Of course, those people who were not adapted to it could only choose areas without five times gravity to play.

This was also a specialty of the Norton Star.

"Assign them to the area with five times gravity", said Ross, who did not care much about the situation as long as the challengers were not able to capitalize on a loophole.

The Norton Star's overall standards were high, and this was not much of an issue to them.

Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu's match-making had concluded.

They entered a battle on a prime spot on the Norton Star.

It was five versus five at one of the old mining areas on the Norton Star with five times gravity.

This was a classic battleground of the Norton Star. About six to seven hundred years ago, in an era where humans were battling the Zerg, this place provided old memories of those times and a sense of adventure.

It seems like the Norton Star players were about to give their guests a surprise.

But…... the people who were matched with Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu were stunned.

"Where did the two of you come from?!"

They were facing three opponents of the gold one tier and two of the gold three tier. On this side, it was two of them who were from Earth and had low levels, one teammate who was of the gold three tier and the other two were of the gold five tier.

How could the system match them as such?!

It was practically a sin.

"Hi, everyone, we are CT lovers from Earth. I am Tyrant."

"You mean a moronic tyrant! This is a five times gravity area. Go over to the ordinary area, for Christ's sake!"

The three people from the Norton Star were speechless.

"Since we are here, you should accommodate us", said Tyrant Su in a provoking way.

Since he had backing, he was filled with confidence.

Tyrant Su's composure and arrogance stunned the other three. Earth had experts as well, and these two could be the strongest or had trained in five times gravity, which would be not too bad.

Tyrant Su then arrogantly opened the mech storeroom.

Tyrant Su, who registered as a smurf, immediately loaded the mecha selection screen.

After that, the three players from the Norton Star stared at Tyrant Su, who was showing off his mech collection. It was worth tens of thousands of Milky Way Dollars.

He was so rich!

In the end, Tyrant Su chose the Aslan mech named Radiant Knight, which was equipped with a sword and a shield.

The market price was twelve thousand Milky Way dollars.

The three people from the Norton Star did not say anything. Even if they were to attack such a mech, they would have to keep quiet.

The viewers watching from the Solar System were stunned.

With the partner of the Skeleton using the Radiant Knight, would this be the moment that shot the Norton Star to fame?

While Wang Zheng was looking at the Wargod No. 1 and the strong warrior, he suddenly thought of Ye Zisu. Even though he didn't know whether it would work, he decided to try at the very least.

The stare off between the two opposing sides ended...Hercules??

Were they trying to lose on purpose with this agriculture mech from Earth?

When Wang Zheng chose the agriculture machinery, the VIP viewership hit 10 million. It was too easy.

How would an agriculture machine perform under five times gravity? Would it face many difficulties?

The three teammates were dumbfounded. What could this mean?

One used the high-end Radiant Knight while one used a piece of unknown agriculture machinery.

Did it get any more exciting than this?

The lights were up and they entered the battleground.

There were not that many options in terms of arena selection, and as a CT veteran, Yan Xiaosu must have had experience playing in the Norton Star arenas.

This time he was fully prepared for the battle ahead.

As the mech touched the ground, Tyrant Su felt euphoric. He took a step forward and wanted to work up a stunning pose that could even make the headlines.

However, it was as if there was an obstacle in front of it. The mech started shaking and then fell forward abruptly.

Not only was Yan Xiaosu shocked, the whole world was too.

What was going on?

The three players from the Norton Star ran away in shame.

"Tyrant, you b*tch. Do you know that this arena has five times gravity? Have you played before in such conditions?"

Yan Xiaosu moved his mech into an upright position. However, it was evident that its limbs felt a sense of restraint and there was something wrong with the mech. It could not walk, let alone battle.

Tyrant Su started sweating profusely.

He started thinking that if he didn't do anything, he would not embarrass himself. On the other hand, perhaps he would find out what his retribution for his sins were…

This stunned the live viewers in the Solar System region.

This was the master?

Suddenly everyone calmed down, think that this must have been done on purpose as a form of joke.

"Tyrant, that's so cool of you!"

"This is known as not showing off my hand first in order to allow my enemies to underestimate me!"

"The Norton Star folks are too unprofessional and out of line!"

"Looking forward to the super warrior!"

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