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Chapter 164: Li Feng and Wang Tong

"Haha, Boss is the trump card of our military school." Tyrant Su laughed.

Sally acknowledged him with an "Oh" and was not too surprised. Given Earth's standards, this matter was nothing.

Eyes fell on Wang Zheng. "Ah, why did you remove your belt?"

Wang Zheng smiled and said, "It's fine, I can handle it, even if its five times gravity".

"You sure? There is no need to act brave!" Sally suspiciously stared at Wang Zheng. There were many who liked to act like they were stronger than they really were. Therefore, an agreement had to be signed before heading out on missions. If the belt was taken out by an individual, the consequences should be borne only by that individual.

Wang Zheng shook his arms. "I am completely fine. My daily training utilized five times gravity, and I think the gravity here is less than five times. Also, this feels more natural and different from the kind of monotony felt in the training room.

Admiration shone in Sally's eyes. "The accurate gravity level here is 4.6 to 4.9 times. We people of the Norton Star believe that natural gravity is protective and that it is a blessing to those that have been granted with humanity".

"Indeed. Excuse me, but I would like to stay here for a while more, is that fine?" asked Wang Zheng.

"Of course you may. We have plenty of time and can wait for you." Sally moved closer to Wang Zheng since those that could adapt to Norton gravity deserved the respect of the people of Norton.

Wang Zheng looked at the mining area, but the image did not appear again. Could it have been an illusion?

No, he could not have been hallucinating, since Wang Zheng believed in his own spiritual power and would definitely not be hallucinating.

At the moment he saw that image, it was as if he was lifted to another realm

The Primordial Regression Technique operated differently now!

How was this possible?

After all, it was not too convenient to figure out what happened where he was currently. Otherwise, Wang Zheng would have wanted to ask Bonehead to clarify. This was due to the strange influence just now.

There was something off about him.

Even in his previous

state, he could handle five times gravity. Yet strangely, after that strange interaction, the effect of the gravity was unnoticeable!

These were two completely different concepts.

"Sally, you were saying that the Norton Star produced a heroic man. What was that about?"

"Oh, it is a legend told to me by my grandmother. My grandmother said that it was told to her by her grandmother. During the battle between the Zerg and humans, an all-powerful figure appeared on Norton star. His fist could shatter the skies and his feet could crush the Earth. It was him who eliminated the Zerg," said Sally.

Yan Xiaosu could not take it and started complaining. "Did your grandmother also tell you that she was dreaming?"

Sally was not angry and said, "There are many such stories in the Norton Star. Although unbacked and unproven, we believe that the Norton Star does have such a hero."

In fact, currently, even the people of the Norton star did not believe that tale. However, since people of the older generations passed it down, people continued to do so because they thought it was interesting.

The passing image emerged in Wang Zheng's mind. Even though the image has blurred, Wang Zheng still remembered that pair of domineering eyes.

They looking over the world as though he was the king looking over his people!

What kind of person was that?

Half an hour passed. They had stayed for a long time and were prepared to head back. Before heading back, Wang Zheng took a look at the old mining area. There were too many secrets in this world.

On the journey back, An Mei and Yan Xiaosu were chatting like birds. Both of them also kept Sally's Skylink number and they now had an additional Norton Star friend. They also invited Sally to come to Earth to play when she was free.

This trip was highly fruitful. They bought plenty of souvenirs and also made new friends. Wang Zheng went into his own room upon returning to the ship.

"Xiaosu, look how miserable your buddies are. I said earlier that princesses are unreliable and men need to be down-to-earth!" said An Mei.

Yan Xiaosu coughed several times and wondered if she was warning him. "An Mei, we can create opportunities, but do not care too much. I believe we should let nature take its course. If it is not fated, forcefully matching both parties will only harm them."

"Okay, stop acting like a love guru, I do not know much about your tricks. Anyway, I'm siding with my best friend here." An Mei glanced at Yan Xiaosu. She knew how to separate between love and hate and was fearless regardless of who she was up against.

"I will firmly stand on your side", laughed Yan Xiaosu.

"You're tactful, I will give you a reward tonight."

"Oh, is it, why don't we...…." Tyrant Su whispered into An Mei's ear. An Mei started blushing and said, "Why are your thoughts so dirty?!"

Tyrant Su pleaded his innocence and said, "What is dirty? This is known as affection. Don't you think that facing the vast, night sky is quite therapeutic and can lift your spirits?"

An Mei was speechless. "This guy can turn all romantic places into occasions to make love."

Wang Zheng closed the door and then proceeded to summon Bonehead out of the Rubik's Cube. Bonehead appeared.

"Bonehead, what happened just now?" Wang Zheng felt Bonehead's confusion.

"You don't know what happened?"

Bonehead shook his head and nodded subsequently. "This is a strange form of Origin energy. The image of the person that appeared before you was definitely one who had transcended that of a super soldier into that of a god! The energy left just now should be residual energy from at least 600 years ago…..."

This completely exceeded Bonehead's calculations. How could such a strong force exist?

Wang Zheng was stunned and wondered whether the legend was true.

Had there been such a heroic person among humans?

Truth be told, there were similar stories on Earth. In the history of Earth, there were once defiant warriors. However, based on current logical analysis, this was impossible. How could humans reach such a level? If they did, they would be invincible beyond the Milky Way.

"Bonehead, what is up with you?"

"Your Highness, there are two possible theories. The first is that this energy here was what gave rise to the godly warrior you saw before. The second is that the warrior you saw was actually so terrifyingly powerful and had exceeded the laws of nature and should not exist." Bonehead's eyes were flashing as data passed through it constantly. It seemed like he would implode soon at the rate he was analyzing.

Wang Zheng was not interested in this. He was interested only in why that wave of energy was in contact with him.

"Congratulations, your Highness. For an unknown reason, the connection between your biological body from this plane and the universe has been obstructed. However, because of the assistance of this wave of energy, your distance to a breakthrough has been significantly reduced."

Bonehead said that it was rather simple to him too and he would not think about things that he could not figure out.

Wang Zheng was emotionally affected by this. The universe was so huge and filled with mysteries, and he was rather fortunate.

"Oh, right, Bonehead, I always wanted to ask you this. What is the name of the emperor of your Rand Empire?"

Bonehead immediately had a serious look on his face with his big eyes shining through. "Your Highness, the Rand Empire's founding emperor is also its most noble presence. He is Li Feng, the god of this plane."

Wang Zheng nodded. This name felt ordinary to him. Having observed that Bonehead was about to introduce the history of the Rand Empire, Wang Zheng quickly sent Bonehead back. Since there was only a little battle energy left, it could not be wasted on allowing him to tell his story.

The elderly loved telling stories, and this included even old robots. He was, however, a youngster, and what was important was the breakthrough of the Primordial Regression Technique.

Wang Zheng immediately went into meditative thinking. He carefully operated the Primordial Regression Technique and discovered something different in the technique now.

In the past, utilization of the technique only happened completely within the body. But now, once the technique was being used, he could feel that his surroundings were being stimulated by the technique. However, every time he wanted to take another step forward, the feeling would disappear. It was as if there was someone or something controlling the energy and stopping him.

A planet had the ability to regulate itself. When there were excessive living beings on a planet, volcano eruptions, earthquakes, or even ice ages could occur naturally. This was how a planet healed itself. In fact, it was the same for the universe. When a living being's existence threatened the universe, it would also enter a form of self-healing.

This was the law of the universe.

Some forces, however, could defy this law. However, this law would not disappear. An individual could not affect the entire universe.

Of course, Wang Zheng was not thinking of this at that time. He was so close to a breakthrough thanks to his good fortune and it would suck if he did not manage a breakthrough.

Wang Zheng had a feeling that if he did manage a breakthrough, he would be able to obtain his much-coveted Ability X.

On the faraway Earth, Li Er was looking at his hands, both of which had a steady stream of energy pouring out. Was this inherited? As long as he could handle and control it, he could fight the entire world.

Beside him, Drupe was crying. The dream that the Cronos family has been chasing for thousands of years was about to become a reality, and all they needed now was time!

The spacecraft slowly took off. Ye Zisu's negotiations did not go smoothly, as the other party was not interested in robots produced on Earth. Maybe their company possessed clout on Earth, but it was nothing on the Norton Star.

OMG wanted to expand its business in the Norton Star and also wanted to use Norton's iron ore for the development of new robots. The Norton Star's mines were some of the best ones in the Milky Way Alliance. If they were able to collaborate, it would bring about huge cost savings.

Even though OMG's princess personally handled the business this time around, the results were not what they expected. Ye Zisu was rather calm, however, since there was a low chance of success in the first place. She was only making contacts now and she planned to look for opportunities in the future.

Zhao Jing brought An Mei and Ye Zisu to the fleet lounge for some rest. Of course, it was a girls' world. The thought of a group of pretty girls in uniforms made Yan Xiaosu and Wang Zheng want to go along, but that was clearly impossible.

"Boss, you should get some rest and not train all day. Let us duo queue. I will join you too!"

Yan Xiaosu had this burning desire for a long time and enjoyed a spectacular performance from close distance.

Wang Zheng laughed and said, "That's fine, it can be counted as a completion of collaboration."

"Two birds with one stone!"

The two of them found the lounge and accessed the Milky Way server.

Student Skeleton was online.

Yan Xiaosu changed the difficulty level to low since he knew Wang Zheng didn't want things within CT to disrupt his normal life. He was extra careful in this aspect.

It felt amazing to be duo queuing.

There was a choice to enter the intergalactic area, since they had accessed the Milky Way server.

"Boss, stop messing around in the solar system. Since it's an interstellar expedition, we should experience the combat prowess of other planets."

Yan Xiaosu rubbed his hands excitedly.

"Ok, let's choose the Norton Star then."

Wang Zheng logged into the Sagittarius System and chose the Norton Star battle area.

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