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Chapter 163: Falling In Love With a Pillar

"Your attention, please, all crew and passengers. The ship will have a layover on the Norton Star for a 12 hour maintenance. You may get some rest or shop at the business district in Space Avenue. The Norton Star is one of the first stars which humanity colonized in Sagittarius Galaxy. It is mineral rich. Its gravitational force is five times that of Earth. It Is also the most important port and mineral producer in Sagittarius."

"Sigh, Captain Zhao Jing has such a beautiful voice," Tyrant Su said, seemingly enjoying himself every much.

An Mei rolled her eyes. "Seems like you have a thing for Jings, eh? Do you need me to help you and your first love get back together?"

Tyrant Su shivered and wiped his sweat. "Dear, I was just joking around. Don't do this, I'll get nightmares."

"There's a plenty of time, so everybody can go over to Space Avenue to get some local produce from the Norton Star. But don't wander off too far. I have a meeting to attend, so I won't be joining all of you," said Ye Zisu.

Unlike them, Ye Zisu was not on a leisure trip. OMG had taken the opportunity to expand their businesses. At the few places they had stopped over at, OMG branches had sent representatives to make contact. As the largest mineral producing planet, the Norton Star had a huge demand for mecha used in harvesting. This time around, Ye Zisu was also hoping to expand their market on the Norton Star. While a few hours may not necessarily yield any real results, it would be a good start.

Their winning of the Technological Contribution Award could also be used to promote OMG Group's good foresight and bright future, and that could boost their partners' confidence.

"Susu, go ahead and do what you need to do. Or let Wang Zheng be your bodyguard," An Mei giggled.

"I'm going to a business meeting, not a fight. You all have fun, and remember to take more pictures." Ye Zisu smiled.

Ye Zisu followed a crew member and left. Wang Zheng, Yan Xiaosu, and An Mei boarded the magnetic car and entered Space Avenue on the Norton Star excitedly.

The Norton Star's economic status was similar to that of Earth, but it had a very, very different ecological environment. Even though it had immense gravitational force, its plants were tall and huge. Having been under mankind's rule for thousands of years, this planet had slowly turned from a pure, mineral production plant into an environment suitable for humans to live.

The early immigrants had lived in an anti-gravity facility, but as new generations were born and raised, mankind eventually evolved to be completely adapted to the five

times greater gravitational force and set their roots on the planet. To them, they were Nortoners.

While human genes took longer to evolve, their genes were powerful. The new generations were mostly able to adapt to the environment here, and they eventually formed the basis of Norton's developments.

The Norton Star was geographically located in the Sagittarius Belt, and it had an important role in the Sagittarius Alliance. The soldiers on the Norton Star were all strong and capable men, and they nurtured Mech Warriors. After all, a skeletal structure that could withstand five times the normal force had an explosive strength that other planets could not compare.

At the same time, even though they were very strong, their physiques were unaffected. Their bone density was much greater than normal humans, and that was what made it curious.

Citizens of the Norton Star were also the Milky Way Alliance's favourite recruits for soldiers.

Tyrant Su cursed as he read the information. "Are they really that great? They're described like gods and goddesses. But it seems like the Norton Star's military capabilities can't even be put on a stage."

Wang Zheng chuckled. "The Norton Star has a relatively long history of war. Especially in their war against the Zerg, they performed extremely well. They produce plenty of Mech Warriors here, but they are weaker when fighting in space."

"In other words, their bodies compressed their brains." Tyrant Su laughed.

In the era of Interstellar travel, Fleet Warriors were way more highly ranked than Mech Warriors, apart from Carrier-based Mech Warriors. But to become a Carrier-based Mech Warrior, they had to be the cream of the crop. They could do everything – operate a mech, as well as a spaceship.

"All right, we came here to travel, can't you talk about something else?" An Mei could not bear with these brothers.

"What is that? Looks delicious," Yan Xiaosu said, picking up something that looked like pudding.

"Respected Sir, hello. This is the sperm of the Norton Star Tree Frogs. It is protein-rich and contains all types of antioxidants. It nourishes the body, improves sexual stimulation, and prolongs life. Price: five thousand Milky Way Dollars."

A digital system on the side explained.

Yan Xiaosu was stunned and tossed it aside quickly. "Damn, I don't want this!"

"What do you think that is? An elixir of life? Five thousand dollars!" he thought to himself.

An Mei laughed. "It wasn't easy getting to the Norton Star. It'd be silly to just shop and do nothing. Let's go walk around."

"Do we have enough time?"

"12 hours is more than enough. I've checked. There's a six hour express tour. We can sightsee and take some pictures. It's said that the Norton Star has some unique traits," An Mei chirped. Girls were always excited about new environments.

"Boss, what do you think?"

Wang Zheng looked out. "Sure. As long as it doesn't affect our journey, I'd like to take a look around too."

The trip cost each person three thousand dollars. Considering it was just a round trip with a tour guide, it was really expensive. But it was a long way out, so it was pretty worth their money.

The tour guide was a friendly and good-looking lady. Tyrant Su especially became generous when there were beautiful women around, and he gave tips as though as they were worth nothing, without a care for how much money Old Yan gave him for the trip. This worried Wang Zheng sometimes. This kid was flirty, and god knows when An Mei would get rid of him. But An Mei did not seem angry about this.

"Friends, the plants on Norton are exceptionally big and strong because of the large gravitational force and the mineral-rich soil. This is a unique trait of the Norton Star, and it is very rare at other places," said the pretty guide.

"But because the gravity is too great here, please put on the anti-gravity belt as we move along. Please do not remove them on your own. We had a passenger remove the belt on his own and he ended up fracturing everywhere."

Knowing that this group of three came from Ares College on Earth, the tour guide's smiles showed more sincerity. She too was a student, and she was out to earn a few extra dollars during the holidays.

The tour had a route of its own, and the vehicle very quickly left Space Avenue. Taking in fresh, natural air, Wang Zheng stretched his arms and legs.

Anyone who had been on a spaceship for a long time would feel something upon landing. Wang Zheng especially felt a huge force.

This was something that the Moon and Space City were incomparable to. The planet was full of life and natural forces, only second to Earth. It was weird how this place was way more welcoming than Earth. Everything seemed amicable to him.

His five senses were heightened and extremely clear. His thoughts extended into his surroundings. Yan Xiaosu and An Mei were making all sorts of poses for pictures and were busy uploading them into their circles to show off. Even the pretty tour guide was rather cooperative and joined them in their photos.

Wang Zheng, on the other hand, was busy enjoying himself. Soon, he even stopped talking to the rest. After passing by a few unique the Norton Star landmarks, the vehicle came to a stop outside a mining entrance that looked as old as a museum.

"Friends, this was a mineral mine centuries ago. It is now a memorial. The Norton Star had a humble beginning. Our environment used to be badly damaged and poorly maintained, but with our careful construction, it has become one of the most suitable living environments for mankind. It is said that a great leader once hailed from our planet."

Pretty tour guide Sally smiled.

"A great leader? Who?"

"No idea. We don't know his name, but the older people always say so," Sally replied. An Mei and Yan Xiaosu giggled. Earth had nurtured too many great personalities. No place else could compare with Earth in terms of history.

"You can come on down to take a look. Remember to make sure your anti-gravity belts are properly buckled. Feel free to get any memorabilia you like. Things are slightly cheaper here than in Space Avenue," Sally said.

"Hurry, Xiaosu! Look! What an ancient-looking robot! It's the ultimate antique!"

"Hehe. This was one of the first mining assistants. In the early days, there were not many immigrants who worked in the development of the Norton Star. These robots contributed to help the manual labour."

Even though Wang Zheng was following the three of them around, his heart and soul were not present. He had a weird, indescribable feeling from the moment he stepped foot on the Norton Star.

Wang Zheng eventually fell behind. He removed the anti-gravity belt subconsciously. This thing was getting in his way of making contact with the Norton Star.

He touched the antique door lightly. There were intersecting claw marks all over it. Probably left by the Zerg. Seems like this mine was used as a shelter to fend against Zerg invasions in the past.

Upon first contact, Wang Zheng froze. Images flooded into his head. A young man stood in front of him, smiled, nodded, and then slowly disappeared again.

In that instant, Wang Zheng entered a curious world. It was as though as the final thin film that separated him and the world was lifted, and the Primordial Regression Technique naturally came to mind.

What was different was that the technique used to spin only in his head, but this time…. He could sense the world around him spinning too.


He could also sense the five elements of earth, sea, fire, wind, and space become clear. Not just sense, but it felt like he could control them.

Was this an illusion?

"Boss! Boss! Don't scare me! No! I have to do CPR!" Tyrant Su said helplessly.

Wang Zheng opened his eyes. "Get lost! Next time something like that happens, please get a beautiful woman!"

Wang Zheng pushed Yan Xiaosu aside, and Sally didn't know whether to laugh or cry. She patted herself on the chest and said, "Phew, I was so frightened. I thought something had happened to you."

"Ah, I was in a bit of a trance. Why?" Wang Zheng asked, bewildered.

"You clung on to that pillar as if you were clinging on for life. It was as if you had fallen so deeply in love with it that you just wouldn't let go," An Mei explained.

Wang Zheng was always in some sort of weird situation.

"Oh, I was thinking about some things and I lost track of everything else."

"You're so eccentric! So strong even in a trance! The three of us together couldn't make you budge a single inch."

Sally looked curiously at Wang Zheng. He had only used one hand, but the three of them could not make him move a single bit.

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