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Wang Zheng laughed and rustled through the inside of his shirt. A pile of compressed cans from Paradise Island poured out. "Don't you dare say that I didn't think of you guys, I snuck these back."

"Holy sh*t Wang Zheng! You're a genius!"

The crowd became excited. Woah! Beef, fish, pork, all of them contained meat! Tears started welling up in their eyes. How long had it been since they last ate high class food?

Canned beef, yellowfin tuna, salmon, although they were canned, they were produced by Paradise Island, so these tasted the same as food prepared by top quality chefs.

Even the usually calm Meng Tian couldn't contain her excitement. She slowly swallowed her saliva. Although she could endure a fair amount of discomfort, she was not a saint. The meals recently had been too terrible; the food provided by IG felt like animal feed.

"Ladies first." Even at this moment, Zhang Shan did not lose his gentlemanly character.

It was code red inside the monitoring room. The sensors had detected food from foreign sources.

Su Yan stood embarrassed behind the three generals. "I'm sorry, I was not strict enough with my checking."

The three generals shook their heads and smiled. A little food was fine, as it would not affect the overall situation. "It is a small matter. We choose soldiers, not robots."

Su Yan bowed. His eyes were flashing, as he had indeed done his inspection. It was just that he was too lenient. Come to think of it, when he was doing a pat down on Wang Zheng, he moved around a little too much. Initially, he thought Wang Zheng was just not used to being patted down, but it seemed like he was actually playing a trick.

Wang Zheng brought back a dozen cans or so. There were all compressed cans and had the height of half a regular can. After opening the cans, the food inside inflated, so one portion was sufficient to feed two people.

"No, we can't waste it like that. We've got to add some seafood to it and then heat it up, that would be the best."

Zhang Shan came out to stop them after opening the can of yellowfin tuna. To finish it all now would be too wasteful of the seafood flavors that were wafting out.

Yuan Ye took a peek at Zhang Runan. He also said, "I'll go catch some fish now, let's have a barbeque tonight."

Eating around the campfire was the best feeling.

Wang Zheng had no comment. He did not want to eat. Although he had gone to Paradise Island for treatment, he felt like he was on a holiday. He had to think of the others who were suffering back here on Demon Island. He had enjoyed the few days over there. Forget about the physical examination of his bone marrow and all that!

After the tasks were assigned, they went about catching fish. Wang Zheng went in to the jungle and tried catching all kinds of game. He caught a weird-looking goat; it was pretty good luck! And he found a rabbit hole and caught two rabbits that didn't escape in time.

Back on the beach, Masasi walked over with a creature in his hands. "Can I exchange this for a can of food? Milo isn't used to eating wild animals."

"Sure." Wang Zheng was relaxed. Being able to kill the Queen was largely due to Masasi being there. Although they were from different factions, there were not enemies.

Night fell and a round moon appeared. This was artificial weather. In the middle of the camp, a bonfire was lit up.

Sounds of singing started to rise up. It was Milo. Beautiful dancing, sounds of the song, these brought a calm silence to their hearts. It gave a feeling of perfection. This atmosphere under the moonlight was beautiful.

Even though it was not around a bonfire, the people of the different factions started clapping. In this moment, everything else was forgotten. Everyone just enjoyed the peace and quiet after the battle.

Milo and Meng Tian were this training batch's most beautiful girls. Their performances in the test were really good too. At the moment, Meng Tian was slightly better, as she was the one who killed the Queen after all. The frost Ability X also had everyone in awe. While Milo didn't perform as well against the Brainworm, she had a witty sense of humor. Her elegant temperament had attracted a lot of male colleagues. She had a noble air around her, but she was still a relatable person.

Once the song was over, the students of Mars Academy stood up. "Since Earth has given us a treat, we, the people from Mars, should reply in kind. I'm going to perform a Mars war song for everyone."

The people who arrived here were full of talent. Ma Hong of Mars did not perform too much, but that war song full of gusto captivated the attention of everyone. It had a masculine feel to it.

Two people had given a good opening, and all types of performances followed up after that.

There was magic as well as performance skills. This was their own personal stage.

"Heh, heh, I'm a person from Titan. I don't have any particular abilities, only a hard body."

A shorty from Titan stood up. He was barely 170 centimeters tall as well as of a skinny build.

A roar of laughter erupted. "Aloman, you're not performing a comedy, are you?"

"If you are a man, you've got to be hard. Everyone knows this! However, there are ladies here, so I guess I shouldn't demonstrate."

"Heh heh, a secret weapon must not be revealed so easily"

Aloman of Titan laughed. At this moment, a schoolmate of Aloman stepped out from the side. He pulled out an alloy dagger while holding a tree branch. The wood on Demon Island was extremely dense and difficult to break, but with a gently cut of the dagger, the branch split into two. Aloman had a flash in his eyes, then he made a gesture and his comrade suddenly thrust the dagger at him.

Pucht! The dagger went in to the skin. It only entered a centimeter in and stopped. "Oh!" the comrades said while drinking. His body had tensed up; it showed that he had used all his strength.

The dagger moved another millimeter in and stopped once again.


This was a stone, it should be able to go in!

There was thunderous applause and whistling. This performance was exciting. The dagger was pulled out and with the naked eye they would see the little wound created. It was healing rapidly, which showed the absolute control over the muscles.

Of course, this was a sort of ability. The expertise in controlling the muscles would mean formidability in controlling a mech.

They were young and healthy. Others wanted to one up the performance, and soon all sorts of feats of strength were displayed like a league of heroes. Everyone wanted a piece of the glory with their different displays of strength.

"Does your academy have any performances?"

Suddenly, someone pointed to Luo Fei, who was eating and drinking and said that he incurred the most ire. After training for so long and being in the main force, this fatty never did anything.

"Performance? Yeah, we do."

Luo Fei blinked, nodded, and then stood up.

"What is it? Show us."

"Heh heh, I'm afraid that if I showed it you guys, you would beat me up. Unless….you guys promise not to take any action afterwards."

Luo Fei let out a shady laugh.

Everyone wanted to know what skills this fatty had. The person that Lear fancied would not be a slouch. Achilles had his Eight Stars surrounding him and Lear chose to bring along a fatty? This wasn't adding up.

"Sure, we promise. We'll not do anything after that."

"I need a prop, hope you all can cooperate," Luo Fei said as he walked around the circle of people. He picked up a baked octopus.

Everyone was looking at this fatty. What was he up to?

"Ladies and gentlemen, please watch carefully, I am about to begin. In under a second, this octopus will disappear!" The fatty had a serious look on his face as he gestured to the crowd.

Suddenly, with a roar, this fatty opened his mouth wide and swallowed the octopus in one gulp.

Everyone was stunned. What the f*ck? This passed as an ability?

"Yo, what the f*ck! This was merely an excuse to eat the food"

"Beat him up….."

"A gentleman is true to his word. You promised not to take any action." The fatty glanced around. "Eating quickly is my ability. It doesn't matter if you were impressed, I sure am with myself."

However, within a second, a group of people were descending upon the fatty with fists. A promise?

F*ck that! They were in the ocean for half an hour and this was the only octopus that was caught.

Luo Fei dodged sideways and recovered in an impressive fashion. With a flash of his feet, he dodged all of that and ran away!

The other wanted to give chase, but the fatty had disappeared!

"I remember….this fatty said that his ability was being able to escape, right?" someone muttered.

"Seems like so"

Everyone laughed and brushed the matter aside. Others soon started to perform as well.

Amidst the sounds of the waves, the event reached a climax, and everyone started to sing the solar system's song of conquest. Even the fatty had returned.

The sun, the origin of humans and the starting point of their conquests. Today, they would start from here and conquer the entire universe.

Inside the monitoring room.

The three generals watched solemnly. Even when the performances were in a lull, their attention did not waver. The more relaxed an atmosphere was, the more you could see a person's character.

"These punks have even started playing. Tomorrow we'll start a new phase of training."

"We originally intended to let them adapt for another day, but seems like this is no longer needed."

"Increase the difficulty. It is about time we really showed them.

All three of them nodded in agreement. They had expected the youths to be a little more mature, but it seemed like they just wanted to sing and dance.

In the early morning…..

The temperature was at its peak. This was due to the heat from the artificial sun. It was three times hotter than it was yesterday. Demon Island had changed from a cool autumn into a hot summer.

Although they were worn out from yesterday's activities, everyone woke up early due to the heat. They were about to dip into the sea to cool off, but suddenly there came a sound of a spaceship from the sky.


A small, tactical spacecraft descended from the air and kicked up a huge gust of wind upon landing.

Su Yan was the first to step out, but after a moment, everyone's gazes looked past and behind him. Five youths of different temperaments stepped out from the spaceship. They walked at different paces and each gave off a different feeling. They had their own unique charms, but one thing was common, and that was that each of them displayed absolute self-confidence in themselves.

People from Academy X. This time the solar system was going to participate in the IG games.

All sorts of looks were given; there were envy glances and challenging stares. But the most common were the looks of suspicion. Anyone able to enter Academy X was considered by all mankind in the galaxy to be a genius amongst geniuses. But no matter what kind of genius they were, no one felt inferior. This was a great opportunity for them to prove themselves, and what could be more glorious than defeating them?

Wang Zheng looked at these five individuals with great interest. These five had the strongest Ability X, and they were regarded as the future of the solar system.

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