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Walking in the front was someone with the uniform of the Moon's Moonlight College. He had a perfect body and the handsomeness of a god with a face that did not lack fortitude. He seemed arrogant and self-confident. His gestures all exuded a kind of strong feeling that no one could defeat him. It was a unique charm of extreme self-confidence, like the protagonist in those aristocratic novels. He didn't need to introduce himself, as just a glance and people would know that he was Achilles from the Moon.

The second one stepped out the spacecraft. She was a stunning beauty with a sexy hot body, like a flame. At first glance, it was like the spiciest pepper in the whole galaxy had bursted open in one's body. People were willing to burn everything they owned for her. Lie Xin, from the Martian Holy War Academy, and also the strongest descendant of the Lie family.

The third one to step out was an old acquaintance Lear. His introverted pride revealed a sense of distance, but it seemed like he wanted to show his approachability. However, it was still only a bit different from the feeling from last time.

The fourth person was ridiculously tall, two meters twenty. The muscles of his body all tightened up. The strange thing was that his heavy body exuded a deep sense of war, but it also gave out a contradicting feeling of sensitivity. He wore the evergreen uniform of the Republic of Caragal, which illustrated his identity: he was Raston from the Hundred Great Space City, Republic of Caragal, the Azure Victory College.

The last person came out. He exuded a gloomy feeling like an iceberg and was wearing a black uniform. The color of Pluto. One would never forget his appearance with only one glance. Everything he did was impressive. Even if he was just doing small actions, like playing with his collar, it would cause one to wonder what he was doing.

Obviously, this was not normal; it was not even a reaction from your brain. But he wanted one to think so so that the real thing one should be considering or paying attention to was ignored. He was Taros from the Hades Republic's Officer's College.

The five people stood in a row. In front of everyone, there were five completely different auras being exuded one after another, colliding with each other

Some ill-intentioned eyes weakened a little bit. They refused to comply, even knowing that the opponent was stronger than themselves. So long as they hadn't played against each other, no one would comply.

Wang Zheng showed a trace of a smile. If he only judged them by their auras, these five people would not let him down.

These five people were obviously accustomed to the attention of others, and they were not too concerned, because now was Su Yan's time.

At this time, Su Yan coughed a little and cleared his throat before revealing a smile. "Please introduce yourselves."

"Achilles, Moon's Moonlight College, I want to be the captain."

Achilles assumed such authority as the first individual. His slight smile exuded supreme calmness, making it seem as if there was nothing that could baffle him. A simple welcome to everyone. His spirit bore down on everyone there.

"Lear from Earth's Zeus Academy. We can work together to create a miracle." Lear smiled and stood out. There was no special movement, but it still attracted all the eyes. Compared to Achilles's direct dominance, he was relatively peaceful.

"Mars, Lie Xin. Join me, follow me, I can take you to victory, but of course, I only want the elite!" she said as her eyes stared at Zhang Runan. Unfortunately, Runan was not interested in her.

Raston smiled and said, "Hello, everyone. I am Raston from the Caragal Republic, a beautiful Space City. I'm very happy to participate in the IG selection."

Raston had the biggest body, but he was also the friendliest.

Taros seemed to have laughed, but there was a feeling of discomfort in it. "Hades Republic, Taros, follow me to live to the last."

Although Taros' aura was rather cold, his words also held considerable self-confidence. After all, he had his title not for a day or two, and whoever opposed him would not end up too good. Wasn't there a saying? Piss off a gentleman, but do not provoke a villain.

Su Yan clapped his hands. "Well, introductions are done. From today on, Achilles, Lie Xin, Lear, Raston, and Taros will join the training, and like everyone else, if they don't pass the test, they will get eliminated."

Everyone's eyes had changed. They were finally going to train alongside the five aces.

That also meant that the game had officially started.

The five are the pre-elected team leaders. One of them will lead the qualified players to IG and win the honor for our solar system," Su Yan said.

"Report!" Zhang Shan roared.


"Sir, do you mean only they can be captains?"

The rest were naturally curious. Zhang Shan spoke out the voices of everyone. Whether they could compete for it or not, he would take the opportunity to ask.

Su Yan faintly smiled. "Of course not, they are only five candidates. The captain can only be the strongest one. So now the official training begins. First do a thousand push-ups to warm up."

One thousand push-ups.

To the elite of the military schools, this was not a problem at all.

Someone immediately got onto the ground and started to do push-ups.

"Wait, have I said start now?"

At this time, a group of soldiers on the spacecraft unloaded a cargo box.

"Go inside to take the special training backpacks. In the backpacks there are timers and counters. If you want to loaf on the job, you will be immediately eliminated."

Everyone just laughed. Why did they need to loaf on the job for just a thousand push-ups?

They lined up and got into the cargo box to take tactical backpacks.

Yuan Ye patted the backpack. He couldn't open it and couldn't see what was inside, so he asked, "It's really light, what was inside? Carrying this to do a thousand push-ups? Isn't it the same with carrying no backpack?"

They all curiously touched the backpacks. They were really very light.

"Very good, you have character." Su Yan smiled.

The blue sea with mild waves, golden sand under the feet, a beautiful scenery, training here was like heaven.

But soon, this sense of beauty was broken.

"All, set!"

Although they had never set and lined up, with their elite instincts, in less than three seconds of time, the crowd naturally lined up to a five-row neat square array in accordance with their height.

"Go straight ahead."

Standard military order.

However, they were facing the sea; they were going into the water.

One, two, one, two, one.

The sea was up to their calfs, but they were still marching in ones and twos. No one hesitated, they stepped forward toward the sea while keeping the team neat.

Until the sea water was up to their knees, they heard the order "Halt" from the backpacks. The tactical backpacks were not just monitors, they also played the role of communication command.

"All attention! A thousand push-ups, time starts now!"

Splash, everyone fell down to the sea.

Seabed push-ups?

Interesting, but the sea was buoyant, so in fact, it made the push-ups easier.

However, when this idea just emerged inside the minds, those light, tactical backpacks on their backs suddenly began to become heavy.

Dafuq… the backpacks were soaking the water.

At first they didn't think too much, as a few dozen pound was not a big deal.

But not before long, they found that with time, the tactical backpacks became heavier and heavier until a certain point where it would stop gaining weight. However, it was not just absorbing the water, there was internal compression which allowed the bag to continue absorbing water. Under the huge pressure, it was difficult just to get your body out of water for a breath of air.

"The faster you are, the lower the weight of the backpack. All of you can understand that if you can't pass this little push-up test, you should go back to your mommies." Su Yan smiled and waved his hand.

The backpack was like a mountain pressing onto their shoulders. There was one breath allowed for a hundred pushups before they desperately had to come up for a second breath. However, it was too late to breathe the third time! The tactical backpack forced them under the water, and once the wet backpack left the water, it would instantly become heavier.

In this case, a thousand times push-ups was far more than torture; it was simply the the death god coming for their lives!

However, no one gave up; even the weakest Aloman was also doing each push-up one by one. If a breath was not enough, they took a moment and took a second breath and another and another until their body had enough breath, then they continued to do the pushups.

For the five aces, this level of training apparently did not constitute a problem. The five people had a calm expressions, and they kept the same frequency and only splashing sounds were heard from them.

In the surveillance room ...

On the screens were the five aces.

Formal training had began. For the five aces' performance in the next few segments, every detail was very important. The Solar System Federation was using all their power in this training...

The red lights from those five backpacks, in the eyes of the three generals, would not have any problems. Others could do one hundred pushups with one breath, but the five aces at the maximum weight could do one hundred and fifty or so! And only within a single breath! They could continue to do so.

After all, they had graduated from Academy X some time ago. They also had to ensure that these five, the future of the Solar System, would not take things for granted.

"Ah? Lear's speed seems a little wrong, eh? He fell behind," Lie Wuqing suddenly said.

The counter was shown. Achilles was obviously in the lead. Lie Xin followed behind and only had a difference of five push-ups. Raston and Taros had a difference of ten; this gap was not great.

However, Lear had lagged behind Achilles by twenty.

They seemed to be similar; however, there was a difference.

Meng Ao faintly smiled. "He is only keeping his own rhythm, the others are chasing the rhythm of Achilles."

"Again you Earth people trying to have low profiles; I really cannot stand that. How old is he? Is he not fighting now? When will he start fighting? It shows a lack of spirit. After all, if he doesn't show good performance, how can he convince his teammates?" Lie Wuqing shook his head.

"Old Lie, maybe Lear still has some skills he didn't show. We cannot let down our guard." Drachmach faintly smiled.

Meng Ao shrugged. "The winner is not yet known, and in another way, this is well thought out."

Frankly, he still hoped that Lear could show off his ability, and keeping low-key at this time had no meaning.

At this time, the sixth screen magnified and got cut over.

This was the intelligent prescription of the surveillance system. If it detected milder muscle response, the absorption rate would be accelerated, or even reach saturation, which was the reason why Lear and his mates quickly saturated. For the others, the first one to reach the saturation was not Zhang Runan, but... Wang Zheng!

"...It's that kid again." Lie Wuqing blinked, picked up the coffee on the table, and took a large sip.

The three all had a great question: was this weight not enough to cause pressure to his muscles?

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