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Solon gently looked at the screen as he spoke. "Take a close-up, pay attention to the eyes and corners of the mouth. With how dedicated he is to commentary, we must give good publicity to him. Add a few more channels."

A group of staff members simmered with laughter. The boss was really too dark, too evil. This business was sure to make a huge profit, and even Comrade Old Deer himself did not think that this could have been so popular.

Three seconds later, PA ...

CT banner propaganda: Channel 1 is live broadcasting Young Deer eating a milk box. Be quick if you want to watch. Watching it live is better than watching a recording!

Old Deer's face turned green, then white. The staff suggested a break unexpectedly, giving him two minutes.

This was like sprinkling salt on the wound! 5,000 dollars for this? What good was that for? It was not enough for a rehabilitation physiotherapy after the stomach-washing from eating the milk box. That would cost 5,300 dollars for just one time, and he would need to do it four times just for a single course of treatment. If he didn't do the physiotherapy, would he die? The Old Deer said that after washing his stomach, if he didn't do physiotherapy, he would get bloated after eating. This was because he needed to let the gas out. As a commentator, he needed to do live broadcasts, and even if he could endure the farts, others could not.

When he saw the number of people in the live broadcast rising, Old Deer's heart dropped into the 18th circle of hell. Although eating the boxes didn't matter and he'd even get some money, what was happening?

He was literally being sold off!

He clenched his teeth and stomped. Old Deer began to eat up!

"Skeleton, I'm not done with you!"

"Commentator Deer, drink some water, slow down, don't choke," the staff member on the side carefully said. While reading the data, he whispered, "Eat slowly, you can increase your popularity with this. "

Damn it....Old Deer's tears were flowing.

At the end of the livestream, Comrade Deer immediately ran toward the parking lot with the staff member shouting, "Commentator Deer, the boss said that in view of your professionalism, he will give you a bonus!" "

Old Deer stopped at once. "How much?"

"1,000 dollars! "

Poof ······

"Solon, you old, stingy f*ck, I dare you to be a little more stingy!"

"Commentator Deer, the boss said that a posh man like you would certainly not accept this money, so he is going to use it to buy juice for everyone."

"F*ck off! Every cent is mine. Wait for me to take it tomorrow!" Young Deer said, then he covered his belly and quickly moved into the car. With a roar, the maglev vehicle drifted away.

Inside the CT room, after stretching a bit, Wang Zheng's mood was very comfortable. Even if he were to go back to the room, he would also be idle. He couldn't do other things anyway, so why not just meditate over the battle with Flame Ronin? The opponent was very special; it was like he could feel the "fire" element, and it could be transformed into a very powerful attack.

There was a certain difference between Ability X and this meditation. However, this was closely related. The only problem was that Wang Zheng himself didn't have Ability X, so he couldn't determine the difference between them. However, it was indeed a harvest, as he had learned how to use the Five Elements offensively.

Delicious food, good drinks, and a good night's sleep, the leisurely life was over. The next day, the army brought him back to Demon Island.

The the Demon Island surveillance room, Earth, Moon, and Mars' three generals had gathered. After looking at the data just came back, they were looking at each other in dismay. After repeated checks, they were trying to verify the information.

"Gene score of 28. Accurate to the decimal, it was 28.45? Is this a challenge to my IQ?" Lie relentlessly stared at it. He was very helpless. Although he saw the data before, he had always felt that that should be a mistake, or it was the wrong person. This was the main reason why they had sent Wang Zheng for another test.

The gene score was extremely scientific; it almost perfectly reflected a person's potential.

From Wang Zheng's performance, it didn't look like his gene score was only 28 at all..

By the chance that the physical examination was mistaken, they tested again with the newest genetic tester. The result left the three generals' faces in distress.

They just didn't know how Wang Zheng would react when he saw this.

The first reaction of Lie Wuqing was as such: "Old Meng, are you messing with the data?" "

Earthlings often liked to pull this trick after all.

"F*ck off, do I need to do this? He is from Earth either way!"

Meng Ao stared back. He felt a little bit of regret. This would mean that his potential was limited. No matter how he ascended in the future, it was unlikely for him to develop Ability X. If he didn't have Ability X, that would be a huge limitation.

Drachmach's mouth had a faint smile on it. How could such a genius appear on Earth? He must have been from the Moon. One Achilles was enough. Perfection was what the people of the Moon sought.

"No matter how it turned out to be, it doesn't affect the next training program," Meng Ao said.

"This I agree with. After all, gene score is only a reference. We will with follow our plan," Drachmach said. Although his words were nice, he did not mention the plan of promoting Wang Zheng into the captain's position. Lie Wuqing naturally would not agree.

In this case, Meng Ao didn't have anything to say. After all, there was already Lear from Earth.

Back to Demon Island, Wang Zheng immediately felt a sense of homeliness. Compared to the comfort of the Paradise Island, the wild, dangerous atmosphere of Demon Island made him feel relaxed. Dear Student Wang's methods of relaxation were not the same as normal people's.

On the beach, there was a simple camp. When Wang Zheng walked over, he saw someone dragging some thigh-thick wood, digging a foundation, and building a shed. To the side, there were five huts. The distances between them were not even. The roofs and the walls were made with the shells of the Zerg.

Only three of the walls of the huts were well sealed, and the front only used a plastic film. At this time, in the nearest four huts, many people were talking. When they saw that Wang Zheng had come back, a lot of people rushed out from one hut.

Compared to the Moon, there was a lot less people here, but the atmosphere was more lively. On the Moon, they did not know each other, so there was a lot of apprehension. After experiencing Demon Island's war, regardless of the origin of the participant, everyone was comrades, so they naturally opened up and got along.

"Wang Zheng? You are back? "

"Wang Zheng, are you okay? By the way, I heard that the all nurses in Paradise Island are beautiful and that they are also very open to macho guys. Did you take a few days to get some numbers for everyone? "

A group of people greeted Wang Zheng immediately. They were in the same team to kill the Queen Zerg. All of them chose to distribute their points according to their contributions. Needless to say, even if they were eliminated, they had scored enough points. These points not only were useful during the training camp, even if they eventually got eliminated, the points had great relevance to their future. It would give them bonus points to the various military academies' graduation points or the army's appraisal and the like.

"Really? All I saw was a group of men!" Wang Zheng was in distress. He basically got examined like a lab mouse.

"Holy crap! The military's position on Paradise Island is so low." Zhang Shan had bolted over, but after hearing this, he looked regretful. He was planning to injure himself in order to go there and enjoy the sights, hence he looked quite hopeless.

"Hehe, maybe it's just bad luck."

Everyone laughed and talked. They mentioned the battle from before every now and then, not only to talk about the battle at the nest, but also to talk about the lack of preparation when they arrived at Demon Island. Their respective colleges had a lot of competent brothers who were eliminated because of carelessness. Saying that, everyone felt sad.

Of course, not everyone showed such closeness to Wang Zheng. In fact, the reason why they could gather together was also because the team attacking the nest had built up trust, yet this kind of trust was like an alliance.

In other social circles, at this time, there were a lot of discussions on the evaluation of Wang Zheng. It was inevitable. In total, there were two teams attacking the nest. One was led by Wang Zheng, and the fact that the Queen Zerg was killed verified that what Wang Zheng said was correct. Some people said that it was luck, but who didn't know that luck was also a strength?

"Can Wang Zheng even be considered a competitor? His performance on Demon Island was indeed commendable, but who wouldn't have a little luck? I have already checked him. His gene score is 28. This skill he demonstrated is probably his limit. I'm not demeaning him, the truth is, I quite admire him. With a gene score of 28, it's incredible that he can be selected into the training camp, this is a miracle."

Data maniac Edison was fiddling with the Skylink in his hand. On Demon Island, the signal of the Skylink was shut down. Other than to look at the time or to be used as a flashlight, it was basically useless. However, his message clearly breached Demon Island's blockade. To be able to freely connect to the outer net was his small expertise. Network invasion and information warfare was his forte, and his circle of friends also enjoyed the benefits.

"Edison, are you sure? 28? Gene score of 28? Are you sure? "

The data emperor was called Edison. He was from the Republic of Caragal, part of the list of the Hundred Space Cities. He was the only person from his college that wasn't eliminated. Then, with his talent in networking and information gathering, he had entered Saturn's satellite circle. "Believe me, I even found his early news on the Earth Network, which is to say, well, nothing."

Looking at news of Wang Zheng's suicide for love, Edison decided to forget about this sort of gossip. Although Wang Zheng's gene score was low, his strength was still very strong. If he confronted him, that would really spell trouble.

"Oh, this is a bit interesting, but Wang Zheng is really the type of people who puts in hard work. Although he does not have Ability X, he can attack very fiercely. Hence, although his gene score is low, he still can't be underestimated. "

"Well, if we look at his merits, there is actually one."


"He can cook, and I hear it's delicious." "

A burst of laughter erupted, but it was not to belittle him. On the contrary, they recognized Wang Zheng was a powerful opponent. Although, some of them also felt that he was a little lucky and that he was not so strong.

Wang Zheng just smiled. Although those conversations were not very loud, the others did not mean to prevent him from hearing. However, to him, the gene score was just like the clouds in the sky, he didn't care about it at all.

"Jesus Christ, I'm hungry again. Since you were not here for three days, we also got to rest. It's a good view, but the food is too plain," Zhang Shan complained. These days compared to before were already like paradise, but the poor food was always a problem.

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