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A+ A- Chapter 141

Something had happened, and the viewers were holding their breaths!

At the same moment that Flaming Mountain Fifth Generation was spinning his knife, the Wargod No.1 revved up his knife. With a buzz, it turned into a windmill of steel as well.

Being able to perform it at a moment like this was the skill of a master. No one else could replicate it even if the movements were the same. If it didn't have the understanding of a master behind it, the final result would still be akin to a dog trying to imitate a tiger.

His expression turned dead serious. The opponent had learned quickly. He wasn't one step behind, he was actually reacting at the same pace. Was this a joke? Only a master could pull that off.

The swirling flame in the Flaming Mountain Fifth Generation's hands suddenly retracted and became one-third of its usual length. The knife was immersed in the magma and there was a burst of energy from the mech. BOOM. The magma had received some kind of stimulation and started to boil up. The magma started to flow in to the knife, and it burned with intense heat.

Upon seeing this, the fans from Mars became excited. This was their first time seeing this too. Flame Ronin was actually able to tap into the power of the magma. This was even stronger than an ultimate move! His power had indeed grown more terrible over time, this was definitely the mark of a strong family.

At the same moment, the Wargod No.1 retracted the whirling steel knife in his arm and immersed it in the magma. In an instant, the extreme temperature of the magma ignited the surface of the knife. It sounded as loud as a waterfall.

This was the flame bending skill of the Five Elements!

"It can't be!"

The people inside the channel all held their breaths upon seeing the Wargod No.1's actions. They had no idea what was he trying to do.

Were the both of them BUGs??

No one was more stunned than Flame Ronin. His opponent could actually wield the flames too. This was not a feat that just anyone could perform. Was he also a descendent of a famous family?

Impossible! Definitely impossible! This must be a CT illusion.


The Flaming Mountain Fifth Generation swung his knife behind him and the air exploded with a deafening bang.

A jet of flame resembling a surging fire dragon came blazing out and rampaged its way towards the Wargod No.1 like an animal.

This was an invincible technique, Dragon Flame Burst!

It was the one and only!

The fans that followed Flame Ronin from Mars couldn't believe their eyes. This was totally worth every cent. This was different from the usual abilities of Flame Ronin, this was the real flame dragon! This was the perfect flaming knife!

Long live the invincible Flame Ronin!

On Mars, his family held paramount power.

At the same time, the Wargod No.1 mimicked what Flame Ronin was doing, but with a titanium knife!

Both the commentators went silent. This was beyond their ability to explain. Players of this level would never appear in the realm of CT, but now here they both were.

Faced with the blazing dragon knife, Wang Zheng gave a rare solemn expression. He was currently trying to understand the properties of the flames and had to half his own movement pace.

He quickly swept his titanium knife backwards, but the flame dragon was nearly upon him.


Wang Zheng swung his knife outwards and in an instant the flames disappeared. At the same time, his titanium knife shattered into tiny shiny fragments in a blinding flash of light.

Flame Ronin was paralyzed while watching the blaze of light. He wanted to react, but it was already too late.


The white light cut through the flame dragon and sliced through the flame mech without even stopping.

Half of the mech was planted to the ground while the other half went flying in a shower of sparks.

Skeleton WIN!

The live broadcast was silent for a whole minute. Then an outburst of activities followed in the entire channel. Priority speaking was disabled, everyone was free to speak!

That was insane! Totally crazy! What kind of trick was that!

Was Flame Ronin really from a famous family?

What technique did he use?

The family considered the strongest on Mars, the man considered to be an invincible descendent in the Solar System Federation! How did this son of a famous family lose???

And he had lost to a Wargod No. 1???

Looking back, Skeleton's attempt to replicate the flame dragon failed, but that blinding flash of light…what was that?

High frequency knife slashes???

The fans from Mars did not leave the venue but rather started a noisy argument. This was not possible! This defied all logic!

Within the CT Asia Office, there was no cheering. Skeleton had won in an overwhelming manner. Knife of flame? No! That was the knife of death!

Solon's outlook was calm and collected, but his trembling legs gave away his true feelings. This was a goddamn conspiracy!

That bastard Ai Maidi, he thought that the status of the famous family was just for publicity. To think that it turned out to be true!

The descendent of a famous family, fancy him thinking of that!


Skeleton never could have imagined that he would defeat a son of a famous family. What a turn of events.

As long as mistakes were not made, you would be fine. Ai Maidi would have to step aside this time!

At the six-star hotel….

The famous descendent exited the CT cabin. His eyes had a confused look, and all sorts of emotions were running through his mind.

Was this guy hired by the family?

Impossible! The was no need for such trouble!

Not a descendent of a famous family?

Lear Cronos? To be honest, he had doubts before the match started, but this guy never warranted any further suspicions, and Lear could never have used the power of a famous family.

The two beauties leaned in and were about to speak, but his device started to ring. This incoming unknown number overrode his turned off screen.

"You've failed, just come home already."

There was no image, just an old voice.

"Old man, was it you who set this up?"

Having knowledge of the workings of the famous family and being able to achieve this "null" state, after thinking so much, the only logical conclusion was that this was the old man's doing.

The opponent's last move was not only a perfect replica but also a superior version. That blinding flash of light was the ultimate variation of his move. Given his current level of strength, he should not have been able to perform this feat, but the opponent had done the impossible.

If someone were to tell him that his opponent had never practiced it a thousand times but rather picked it up after just one glance, he would never believe it.

The opposite end went silent for a moment. "That was not one of my guys. There is something about this man. We'll have to find out more on him." The connection was cut off after those words.

He was taken aback. This opponent really did not have any association with a famous family?

Then…..he suddenly became excited. It seemed like it was about time he started on something.

"Sorry, beautiful ladies. I'm sorry that I might have to cancel on the dinner date tonight," he said with a burst of laughter and subsequently left without a trace.

He was a descendent of a famous family but chose to drift around outside and cause a lot of commotion. To maintain the reputation of a famous family, he had to abide by the condition to return home upon losing. This was the agreement.

It was his first time "going home" in these few years. His eyes were firm with determination.

Wang Zheng went offline immediately. That second battle had given him what he needed, especially on new training insights. Skeleton wanted to practice to gain new insights but was not able to gain any. However, this opponent had given him new insights, although they were a little low level. Thus, Wang Zheng had to use a higher level lethal move.

As for Flame Ronin, his status as a descendent of a famous family was put into the spotlight. Was he really someone from a famous family?

No one could give a fixed answer on this; however, that ability he used did look similar to the legendary skill of a famous family.

Then who was Skeleton?

What sort of skill did he use?

Famous families who had a thousand years of history usually hid their secrets. The more they hid them, the greater the curiosity of the common folk. This family was more open to the public, thus they were the most talked about.

The system would usually have released an analysis of the battle by now. However, it failed to do so this time, proving that this was beyond their understanding.

Solon was equally brutal. Ai Maidi had hidden something from him, so of course he was going to get back at him. He actually had a hunch that Flame Ronin was indeed from a famous family, a high-ranking one too.

This was indeed too forceful. Ai Maidi would surely scram this time.

But he never expected the news to travel so quickly. His communication device rang.

"Solon, it's McLaren. Ai Maidi has submitted his resignation, and I have already approved it. With effect immediately, you are to be the Solar System Area's Executive Vice President. Of course, the video will be sent as soon as possible." McLaren's voice was clearly full of pressure.

"Yeah, I understand, Chairman." Solon was shocked. Such quick action and response! It seemed like Flame Ronin's status was quite high after all. These sorts of people were untouchable by mere commoners.

There was little official coverage on what had happened, but this did not stop the audience and their speculation. This event spread like wildfire on Earth, but there were no news about it on Mars. The family had a long political reach, but then even they had their limits.

Some said that was a family's hidden ability. Some said it was Ability X. Wouldn't that mean that Skeleton was a user of Ability X?

There were many opinions on it, but no one gave a concrete answer.

Within the Corps channel, Yan Xiaosu was the happiest, but he was also the most careless. F*cking hell, he wanted to shout, "Skeleton was our brother! The best brother! He was the brother who went through thick and thin with us! Who else could do it but him!? F*cking hell!"

The live coverage ended. Comrade Young Deer was a smart man, but at the same time he was obsessed with collecting messages. That performance from Flame Ronin raised a lot of questions. Although he usually liked to show off, he had no intention of doing so this time. He could not afford to offend a famous family. He packed up his notes, stood up, and left.

At this moment, two workers stepped up from the sides. One of them slammed his hand on the table and pulled out an empty milk carton. "I just drank this. Mr Deer, you seemed to have forgotten something."

This was planned by Solon. The field of view was also changed.

Thus, the CT live coverage did not end but was rather changed to a close up of Old Deer.

The face of comrade Old Trash-talking Deer looked like that of a Rubik's Cube. It was a little white, tinged with a red shade. Then it became red tinged with black, finally turning green along with a little shade of blue.

This was a dangerous sign. He had stopped drinking milk a long time ago; he would become queasy simply by seeing a cow.

"Commentator Deer, it is said that you are the most professional when it comes to casting. In front of all these viewers, you wouldn't be thinking of escaping, right?

The worker gave an innocent look at Comrade Old Trash-talking Deer.

The colleagues behind them were totally stunned.

"Boss, the channel just broke seven million. It went up by two hundred thousand in just a short moment…."

Even the staff members were speechless. The viewership had risen by so much! All this to watch Old Deer eat a milk box.

Old Deer's expression gradually became more livid. The number of viewers kept on rising. Those who usually helped Old Deer with his dressing and make up could not contain their amusement upon seeing the milk boxes delivered.

There was a total of three hundred and eighty thousand milk boxes!

Old Deer was usually very professional and dedicated, but facing this amount of milk boxes, his face paled. It cost a dollar a box. Even if it each box cost 50 cents, it would cost the audience a total of two hundred thousand! Even he only made five thousand per show!

F*cking hell! He had even signed a two-year contract!

Tears flowed down from both eyes…..

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