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Skeleton's next action left everyone's hearts pounding hard. The Wargod No.1 blocked directly with the alloy knife.


The only specialty of the Blazing Knife was that it was unbreakable. Without the worry about harming his own knife, he could chop off the opponent's alloy knife.

However, Skeleton obviously could not hear everyone's calls. He firmly blocked with his alloy knife.


However, the furious voices faded, and the second buzz sound of the hit rang up again.

"He successfully blocked! Sorry, as a Skeleton fan, I closed my eyes just now. Skeleton just blocked the Blazing Knife's cut with an alloy knife, and not once, twice, or three times… but nine times!! All strikes were blocked."

Old Trash-talking Deer looked quite disappointed. He understood what had happened in front of his eyes, technically in front of his ears. The buzzing sounds of the impacts obviously weren't normal.

Skeleton wasn't actually using his alloy knife to directly block. Instead, he first diverted some of the force away with a parrying motion.

At the moment the alloy knife diverted the Blazing Knife, it decreased the cutting power down to an acceptable range that an alloy knife could take, and only then did he try to block it.

"Amazing skills, just like the Brightmoon 8.0, these light mecha can deliver critical hits as well! The Flaming Mountain Fifth Generation, a light mech, can hit as hard as a heavy mech, but Skeleton's move could also be called taking a heavy mech's hit like a light hit. When he took the hit, there was a delicate diverting action that even high-end mecha couldn't do easily. Only with a Wargod No.1, only Skeleton, only Skeleton can!" Bubbly Foam clenched her fist!

The nine strikes almost knocked the Wargod No.1 out, causing him to fall onto the edge of the platform. One step behind was the lava river.

Lie Guang's eyes shined. This Skeleton was truly very interesting, he had just diverted and blocked his nine successive strikes! Using the unique factor of his weapon, his favorite thing to do was to break the opponent's weapon, but this opponent was quite adept at protecting even his weapon!

This person might have some ability. Lie Guang did not continue to attack. Instead, he moved into a defensive position. He wanted to see his opponent's move, because if he was a descendent of some famous family, he would surely recognise who he was!

The Wargod No.1 made a move!

The alloy knife lashed out. Strike after strike, every movement was exactly the same as what Flame Ronin just did, Ronin's Nine Successive Strikes.

Lie Guang was shocked, and the Blazing Knife quickly blocked the attacks.

Hong Hong Hong

Solid cuts, cut after cut sliced against his Blazing Knife, and finally the the explosive heavy hit!

Each hi

t caused him to step backwards.

Ronin backed off with nine steps. He was startled. He knew his own moves most clearly. The opponent had not only copied the move but also the very essence of the move. Every strike cut in the same spot, and even though he was familiar with every strike of the Nine Successive Strikes, he still got abruptly forced nine steps back.

It was completely imitated, and he had also learned it almost instantly!

Damn, was this guy trying to hide his own skills? Who did he think he was!?

"The Wargod No.1 was once pushed to the edge of the lava, but now he fought back using the Ronin's Nine Successive Strikes and Flaming Mountain Fifth Generation took nine steps back. Skeleton then performed a godlike copy of his opponent's trick, an effortless attack. The Mars King does not look scared. He has raised the Blazing Knife, his exclusive weapon. It's a signature weapon because there's only one in all of CT."

Bubbly Foam let out a sigh of relief. The Wargod No. 1's parry and counterattack had just happened in a few moments. Her little heart was still pumping a little fast, as it was just too exciting. The alloy knife had not only blocked an exclusive weapon but also counterattacked. Clearly, every blow was special, as Skeleton did not seem afraid of the Blazing Knife's effect.

Prince and the Merciless King were in a private chat at this time. "This has gone beyond the level of superficial techniques, and only a master can understand this skill."

"It's not just techniques, behind every move there's a certain essence behind it. It's not a simple imitation; otherwise, Ronin wouldn't have let him get away so easily."

At this time, after a fight, the Wargod No.1 and the Flaming Mountain Fifth Generation stood in place, confronting each other.

It was merely a simple confrontation as time passed by bit by bit. In the channel, there were more than six million viewers, but no one issued an impatient call. They were all nervous, so nervous that it was hard to breathe.

"One can clearly feel that between the two mech, there is an aura that can't be detected by human eyes. It is not a delusion, it feels almost real. The two mecha are not just standing still, there are very subtle and small actions taking place, like a confrontation between two masters. This confrontation is the process to determine who will win. The fighting is just the result. The outcome after fighting depends mostly on the confrontation before the fight."

Bubbly Foam's explanation was a bit stretched, but no one blamed her. Skeleton's and Ronin's fight was a bit difficult to cope with, especially when Old Deer was being old low-profile.

A lot of viewers from Mars had been connected to come to Channel 1, as they had received the news late. They heard that Ronin ran to Earth to play, but wasn't he just defeating a rookie?

However, the people who liked Ronin liked to see games where noobs were stomped. High-end games were too depressing, as they not only required techniques, but also required the momentum and aura. Even the commentators were retired military pedants. Ronin came to abuse some Earth rookies, so of course they would come and have a blast.

However, after coming in, they saw the deadly silent confrontation.

Lie Guang's eyes became more and more dignified, and the mood of playing around completely disappeared. With the earnesty of going all out, his spirit collided against the emptiness between them. Watching Skeleton's body, he could not find any reason to make a move, and the opponent's mental state had pierced him several times. Every time it happened, it made him feel shivers down his spine. Obviously his opponent had found flaws in him.

However, Skeleton didn't start attacking directly! Lie Guang frowned. The opponent's spirit made him feel that Skeleton ought to make the first move. Or was it just an illusion? Or was his opponent looking down on him?

Flaming Ronin's eyes sharpened up like an eagle's and he lowered his Blazing Knife. If there were no flaws, he would attack until Skeleton showed his flaws. Flaming Mountain Fifth Generation's engine transmitted power evenly to every joint of the mech.


The whole Flaming Mountain Fifth Generation started spinning.

In the twinkling of an eye, the Blazing Knife started to emit fire, and the whole Flaming Mountain Fifth Generation looked as though it had turned into a flame whirlwind. However, this was only a visual illusion. It was the high attack speed of the Blazing Knife that composed the whirlwind. The speed was so high so that it formed a whirlwind image, visually confusing the opponent while repressing their spirit.

This was not just a physical attack, it had also incorporated a spiritual attack.

The guests connected from Mars froze a moment. It was finally time, but ... ...

"Ronin Wind and Flame Cut! But why this big move in the beginning?"

This trick was usually the ultimate skill of Flame Ronin, it was used to finish off an opponent.

But now, directly after the confrontation, he charged the great move. The fans who were accustomed to Flame Ronin's usual romantic style got a bit shocked, but soon they started shouting in the channel!

"Earth people meet the horror of Mars' Ronin! It's the end!"

In the Skeleton Corps, Rainbow blinked. "Why did these idiots suddenly start spontaneously shouting?"

"Who knows?" Yao Ailun pushed his glasses upwards. He had no time to care about why idiots had suddenly started shouting. His eyes stared at Skeleton's Wargod No. 1. The Flame Ronin's this trick theoretically had a visual illusion. If Skeleton was not focused enough, he would definitely get caught. How would he deal with it?

The alloy knife executed a hard block, followed by a high-speed parry. The flame whirlwind was just an illusion, so one should have treated it as an ordinary spinning slice. Skeleton parried blow after blow.

Lie Guang's mood was awkward. He obviously held the advantage, but in depths of his heart, he had a kind of empty feeling. His aura was being suppressed like a stone in the sea. It was instantly swallowed by the waves, and he couldn't feel even the smallest ripples.

The Ronin Wind and Flame Cut suddenly lost all of its rotation torque and he executed a final strike! The sky howled as flashes of fire streaked downwards. It was like a lava waterfall quickly falling down.

"Flame Waterfall Kill!"

The viewers from Mars roared in the channel.

The ultimate move after the Ronin Wind and Flame Cut. In Mars, few people could force the Flame Ronin into using this move. The Earth people were truly blessed this time.

Om ...

The continuous high speed collisions of the alloy knife hit the waterfall-like fire. Every cut was struck at the same point, trying to weaken the power of the waterfall, but the force was unstoppable.

Boom, the Wargod No.1 was struck and he flew out. The flame exploded onto its chest and the mech was blasted away. A strong force pushed the Wargod No. 1 out of the platform and into the lava.


Skeleton instantaneously reacted. The alloy knife stabbed into the ground, causing earth and stones to fly. He had managed to stay on the edge of the plate and stopped only one step away from the lava.

After pulling the alloy knife out from the ground, the Wargod No.1 suddenly turne, and started spinning the knife while stabbing at a high-speed. The engine roared to life as the Wargod No. 1 rushed towards Flame Ronin.

If one ignored the fact that there was no flame, this move was the fire-free version of the Ronin Wind and Flame Cut.

Lie Guang's eyes flashed. It was not just a pose. That knife wind… Was the opponent playing with him!!!


Directly in front of his eyes flashed a pale, red light as he looked past the visual illusion. It was his own move! How could Lie Guang be a coward!?

At this time, the Wargod No.1 suddenly stopped, and the momentum from the rotation instantaneously concentrated onto the alloy knife.


A steel-colored waterfall fell towards the Flaming Mountain Fifth Generation.

Flame Waterfall Kill, the fire-free version, Steel Waterfall kill!!

Bang! The heavy cut was unstoppable! Ronin roared. The Flaming Mountain Fifth Generation also got struck directly and flew outwards. The Blazing Knife dug into the ground, keeping him from flying backwards, and he had also stopped at the edge of the platform, only two steps away from falling into the lava.

The Martian visitors were sluggish, and the noise stopped like a duck being silenced at the neck. Didn't people say that all Earth people were lame? Why was this one so scary?

Lie Guang took a deep breath. He suppressed the anger rising in him, but the corner of his mouth again revealed a slightly angry smile. He didn't expect Skeleton to be playing so seriously. Even the last blow was exactly the same. No matter who they were, they had to pay the price if they wanted to laugh at the Lie family. "It seems like you can imitate my moves really well!"

Open the public channel, Lie Guang's low voice came out. He was wanton and unrestrained. Even for the sake of freedom, he would abandon his family, but deep down he had the dignity that the Lie family could never be disgraced!

The Wargod No.1 stood there like a statue.

"No matter who you are, you can't imitate this! Die!" "

After he finished, Lie Guang then shut down the public channel and focused on the Blazing Knife in his hands. In that moment, Flaming Mountain Fifth Generation's momentum completely changed. It was like a qualitative sublimation had happened. His mech also seemed much bigger. The Blazing Knife suddenly fluttered and started rotating in his palm. It began very slowly, but two seconds later, it became a vortex of flame.

Ultimate Great move!

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