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Yao Ailun shrugged. Meanwhile, the Skeleton Corps was calm. It did not matter what the opponent used. Previously, it was the Brightmoon 8.0, but in the end, the results were the same. Skeleton was invincible.

"One sentence: wait for Skeleton's lethal blow."

"Skeleton, destroy this trash!"

"Destroy everything! Destroy! Destroy! Destroy!

"All the opponent mecha are but fleeting!"

Rainbow shouted slogans like a hyped up teenager. But then again, it helped to relieve some stress. SWAT team members were human after all. The shouting carried on and suddenly Rainbow boasted, "I am going to be the top shouter in this channel! The king of the channel! This shouting is not good enough!"

Inside the channel, you had to fight for priority if you wanted to speak. If you wanted more priority, it would depend on your contributions as well as your social status.

"Fucking hell, Little Red Noob is actually the nouveau riche that we despise the most. This...nouveau riche dude, we have to be friends with him!"

"Get lost! This is known as sincerity, understand?!"

Rainbow took his time to counter. There were all sorts of insults, but most of them were made in goodwill and others were to diffuse the tension. The opponent this time was from the Lie family. Moreover, the moves in the video just now were very bizarre.

On Earth, there was a six-star luxury hotel that contained a professional-grade CT entertainment room. Inside the room was a man with a body like Michelangelo's David statue. This perfect man was smiling while smoking a cigar and two beautiful ladies were by his side. If a reporter were to enter right now, he would surely be shocked. These two beauties were of a high social background. One was a popular movie star, the other was the daughter of a real estate tycoon. These two ladies had a huge amount of funds at their disposal.

Both of them were talented individuals; they were not just pretty faces. They both were full of charisma and could make any man attend to their beck and call. But at this moment, both of them were swooning over this man. More importantly, both of these ladies were either attached or married, so it was clear that both of them were totally obsessed with this man.

This perfect man had the least amount of media exposure within the Mars King competition, but the most media exposure outside of it. He was the Flame Ronin. The device beside him was showing the live broadcast of channel 1. He had watched the event. He was reading the criticism of his mech choice, the Flaming Mountain Fifth Generation. He then paid them no further attention. He merely laughed and put down the cigar in his hand. "It is about to begin. Both of you, go play somewhere else for now. When I'm finished with this, I'll come join the both of you again."

Both the ladies were in the midst of swooning over this man. They didn't mind that they had to share him. Moreover, they listened him like good dogs would. After a French kiss each, they obediently left.

Flame Ronin's smile slowly disappeared. He was going into

a state of war. The Mars Expedition had just barely begun and they had already planted their position on Earth. Moreover, their focus fell on a single person. A debut? That was only a joke.

In reality, he was actually curious about how strong Skeleton's Wargod No.1 was. The people on Earth had always been considered weak, but now there was the sudden appearance of this master. It would be a shame if he didn't check this out for himself, and he had nothing else to do anyway. He could also check out the ladies on Earth while he was at it. He had indeed been on Mars for quite some time.

Honor and glory of a King? Pride of a master?

These were totally not on his mind. Those things, heh heh…were not what he was after. Originally, all he wanted was just to have fun and play around, something to occupy his time. The reason as to why he started playing CT was to charm a long-legged beauty. As time went on, he found this to be a good use of his time. In just a short time, he had fought his way up to the King position. He in fact didn't care about the King's title at all, but the problem was that no one was able to stop his rise. He just couldn't force himself to intentionally lose.

Although it was a game, he still liked winning.

Thus, the Flaming Mountain Fifth Generation mech that he was the most experienced with would be his choice. He would enjoy every bit of fun with Skeleton, but he would also take every chance he had to win the match.

"Before the battle, let us first interview the Strongest King of Mars, Mr. Flame Ronin. May I ask why did you pick the Fifth Generation Flaming Mountain? Was it because you watched the previous match and felt some pressure? What are your thoughts on Shadow of Atlantis?" Bubbly Foam interviewed him with a smile.

The prodigious son of flame directly turned on the camera, his handsome face appearing on the video feed. "Skeleton is pretty good, but am I feeling any pressure? You can tell it from the look of my face. And, oh, by the way, ladies, please view me from a fourty-five degree angle, you'll sure be in for a treat."

Bubbly Foam held back the urge to roll her eyes. "Mr. Ronin, You haven't answered my question. What are your thoughts on Shadow of Atlantis?"

"I think this is a pretty good moment, do we really need to discuss a nobody? A nobody will never be able to pose a threat to a real warrior. Moves also got to have style." Flame Ronin smiled, showing a perfect image of a perfect man. He was a player and a winner in life.

Bubbly Foam cut away the video feed. "That's it, a wonderful time. Let us appreciate the great battle ahead, not the fourty-five degree angle."

At this moment, the loading percentage of the screen increased. BOOM. The image started to load. The battle had begun!

Random Map: Will's Star

An abandoned mining star. The whole planet was rich in superconducting ores. However, due to overexploitation, the entire planet was on the verge of collapse. The volcanoes had erupted and caused magma to cover the whole planet. This was one of the after-effects of human interstellar travel. It was akin to the pollution on Earth, but this was on a much more devastating scale.

Skeleton: Wargod No.1

Flame Ronin: Flaming Mountain Fifth Generation

This mech possessed a whole complement of weapons. It could brawl in melee and it could fight at long ranges, it had the whole package. Whatever high quality tools you could name, this mech had it.

It was one thing to be wanton and unrestrained, but the worst was to totally disregard what others say. Whatever toxic comments others made, it was their business, and he did not care about them at all. As long as there were girls to chase, alcohol to drink, money to collect, life was good. That was all that mattered. Some considered this sort of character naïve but also scary. When it came to underhanded comments, they were the best. But then again, one couldn't blame them as what they did say were indeed facts. Although they totally did not care about how others perceived them, their explosive temper would be terrible when enraged.

Both mecha appeared in the middle of a volcano. Where they stood on was a piece of floating ground surround by flowing magma. It was like a raft in a river, except the outer edges were constantly being disintegrated by the magma. On top of that, both pilots could feel the intense heat that was being generated.

The Flaming Mountain Fifth Generation made the first move. Flame Ronin liked taking the initiative. Smiling, he quickly took up a position in the middle of the battlefield. This was a strong position. The battlefield's surroundings were full of magma, and to be cornered into it would result in a speedy death.

In this magma environment which emitted extreme heat, the Wargod No.1 would have little impact. Moreover, the Wargod No. 1 had poor combat capabilities in this environment compared to Flaming Mountain Fifth Generation. With specific modifications, the heat in the atmosphere was absorbed to generate extra power for Flaming Mountain Fifth Generation.

It would have been fine it were just the environmental factors; however, this magma environment would further hinder the heat energy conversion. This could potentially be fatal at a critical moment during the battle.

Having seized the middle of the battlefield, the Flaming Mountain Fifth Generation immediately started to attack, opening up with long-ranged fire.

"Flame Ronin has started firing, his shots look smooth! However, Skeleton has started to adapt and was able to dodge the shots easily. The Flaming Mountain Fifth Generation's long-ranged weapon is the Alpha Type III Laser. This weapon might be a little cumbersome. And now to introduce the Flaming Mountain Fifth Generation mech, this is the fifth generation mech of Mars. It has balanced offensive and defensive capabilities, and it comes configured with a Blazing Knife. However, the knife that this mech has is an exclusive variant, it is the only one that is indestructible."

Bubbly Foam speedily read through the data in her hand. This was a conventional mech going up against a very prominent mech.

Within the channel, experts on the Mars CT circle appeared. "The ninth Mars individual tournament championship system rewards were given out recently….."

Flame Ronin wore a smile of confidence on his face. The Alpha Type III Laser really was not able to force Skeleton into the magma. This was an unwieldy weapon; it was able to deliver a powerful shot, but it would result in a long recharge time. An expert opponent would be able to anticipate and take the appropriate counteractions.

The reason as to why he chose to open up with long-ranged attacks even though they were ineffective was to warm up and become familiar with his opponent's movements. Interesting, there was no fixed movement pattern, no habits or standard movements were observed. It looked like this opponent was not just another run-of-the-mill production of Earth. The feeling that the Wargod No.1 gave him was that of an all-rounded individual who had no flaws.

Flame Ronin discarded the Alpha Type III. It would be fruitless even if he carried on firing. With the rev of an engine, he drew an energy blade from his waist.

A beam of light flashed and a jet of flame spewed forth. The entire knife was engulfed in flame effects. This was the exclusive weapon that had indestructible flames.

The confident smile on Flame Ronin's face disappeared. He had entered a state of intense focus, the calm before the storm.

He was naturally gifted in close combat as though it were just a game. When he struck with his knife, the attacks had a certain quality to it.

"Shameless! It is fine if you're using Flaming Mountain Fifth Generation, but you also chose to bring out the exclusive indestructible Blazing Knife in this match. A Strongest King! You are a Strongest King! At least try winning with your abilities as a Strongest King!"

Within the channel, the fans of CT started to holler. What was a Strongest King? On every planet, there were only ten such individuals of paramount strength who were known as Kings. They were positions of pure glory.

But Flame Ronin was subverting their understanding of this topic.

Prince and the Merciless King both stopped speaking. They both chose to watch on silently, for if they spoke at this moment, the negative comments might fall upon them. To be able to acquire the title of a King showed that the person possessed good basics skills, but they were still not the saints that the fans expected them to be. When one was in combat, they'd have to go all out. Furthermore, only after a person had used the exclusive weapons would they truly understand that they were not as powerful as one would expect. It was more akin to a symbol of glory.

"The general consensus is that this exclusive weapon is comparable in performance to a standard laser sword, perhaps just slightly better. Furthermore, CT would never upset the issue of balance. For Flame Ronin to use this exclusive weapon shows how seriously he's taking Skeleton."

Old Deer finally spoke. His voice was calm and without emotion; however, it hinted a feeling of him supporting Flame Ronin.

"Old Deer! Would it kill you if you didn't speak?!"

"Old Deer! Your mommy is calling you to go have dinner!"

Flame Ronin's goal was to win, not the glory of battle. He began his attacks on the Wargod No.1, the Ronin's Nine Successive Strikes!

These successive strikes from the Blazing Knife carved lines of flames in the air.

"Skeleton, you must not parry those attacks!" Bubbly Foam exclaimed loudly. She had just received new data on Flame Ronin. It was passed on to her by Solon.

On the side, Comrade Old Deer started to smile after reading the data on Flame Ronin. He opened his mouth but closed it again immediately. He had said too much in the previous game, so he decided to keep his mouth shut this time. He decided to keep a low profile for this match and hope that everyone forgot what he had said in the previous match.

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