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A+ A- Chapter 138

The second challenger, according to Solon's original plan, was not supposed to be accepted. This sort of opponent should had been left until the end. After all, through the professional analyses, one could actually see that Skeleton was growing through the battles.

If he faced an opponent like this in the future, he would have a better chance to win. But having a battle with him now, the risk was huge. However, the opponent had great influence; moreover, inside CT, people who didn't like Skeleton got involved. Thus he had to take this challenge.

Yan Xiaosu shook his head. "Don't worry, he should build on his progress. As long as the opponent is ready, he will go fight."

Solon had no choice. In this collaboration with Skeleton, the counterpart was the one who had the initiative, so he could only give advice but not force him. If his counterpart stopped collaborating with him, he would be screwed, so he had to agree to anything.

In CT, the advertisements were going full on. Skeleton was ready for the second challenge with no rest. Fight till the end!

Channel 1 was in heat. Was Skeleton about to fight against the mysterious, strong opponent?

The heck, who could be so great?

More people flushed into channel 1. They might have missed out on the first battle, but they still had the second battle to watch. The passion in the crowd broke out, and some viewers who usually preferred free shows started to pay to view it as well.

Those who liked the free shows didn't lack money, it was just because they didn't feel the atmosphere. Once the game started to heat up, they didn't care about money anymore. The advantage of pay-per-view was that the picture would be clearer, which gave the audience an immersive sense, like they were fighting the battle too.

"God, we broke the record again. Over 6 million people, what a miracle!" people started to exclaim in the hall.

Solon let out a sigh of relief. Even a hot streak of top professional league players could only hit such a number of audience members. No one could deny him of this outstanding achievement.

"Weird, Bubbly Foam's combat uniform looks so familiar."

Suddenly, Yao Ailun blinked. A jack of all trades like him knew everything in the world, including the badge on the uniform.

"Sister Rainbow, isn't that the badge of your SWAT team? D*mn! You animal! How could you move so fast!?"

"Oy! You can eat whatever you want, but you can't say whatever you want. Our relationship is innocent; Bubbly Foam was there for advertising, and she conveniently had a meal there." The smile on Rainbow's face was too evil; anyone could see the goof at a glance. Talking about romance over the meal? That caused a wave of criticism inside the Skeleton Corps.

"I assume they didn't reach the level of snuggling, so you guys still have a chance. Don't let Sister Rainbow succeed." Chen Xiu was jealous inside. If he wasn't underage, he would have some romance with the goddess.

"It's useless, Bubbly Foam likes mature men like me. Once I get together with Bubbly Foam, I can give some dating advice to the people who bless us," Rainbow boldly promised.

"Brother Rainbow, blessings to you and Bubbly Foam,"

Someone from the bachelor team instantly betrayed them.

Skeleton unexpectedly prevailed over Atlantis' stealth ability, so everyone was relaxed after such an amazing battle. The information for second battle began to publish.

To everyone's surprise, it was in a video form with pretty cool editing too.


"The strongest challenger so far has appeared----"

A low and seditious voice followed by a subtitle:

A man from Mars!

BOOM----The Strongest King!

"He is free-spirited, chic, and handsome, and he makes the women scream." Then a cut in the video. Countless beautiful female fans appeared in the picture, screaming, "I want to bear your child!"

"He is no doubt the greatest, and with the least battles, he rushed to become a king of Mars. He is known as the godlike man!" Then another cut, and a familiar face appeared in the screen. He was a well-known Mars player. "He is one of the opponents I least want to face. When fighting, once you let him take a glimmer of the upper hand, there is no suspense, and he will let you feel helpless against his unstoppable momentum."

The picture changed. Another well-known player appeared. "His style is too violent, and no one else can copy that."

One by one, faces flashed past. All of them were masters, and everyone gave a very high evaluation.

He, is----

"The Flame Ronin!"

"From Mars, the most violent style, the least number of battles to achieve the title of King! This man is about to -

Challenge Skeleton!"

Two bright red characters appeared on the screen

The picture turned dark, then the music slowly started playing.

Flash, the video lit up. It was one of Flame Ronin's fighting videos. The opponent was the Solar System's BEST-SOLO King Contest champion, SALA Little Prince.

SALA Little Prince was famous for his performance in SOLO. Of course, the mech he used would not be conventional. The Red Bee 32, a modified mech which would obviously be banned in the official game's armory. The 32 in its name referred to 32 modifications.

Bang, strong rock music started playing. The pounding drums were like beating on the heart. In the channel, everyone's breathing increased in speed. The Red Bee 32's degree of BUG-ness, although not as high as the Atlantean mech, was still hard to deal with.

The BEST-SOLO king was naturally not just about the techniques. Only the strongest could be known as the BEST. It's a bit like a no-rules fight. One could be barefoot, or they could also carry a machete. Of course, the only exception was that one could not use a gun. How could using guns be called fighting? So mecha like the Atlantean that allowed people fight without techniques still need to be banned.

How could Flame Ronin's Flaming Mountain Fifth Generation deal with the BEST-SOLO King's Red Bee 32?

Depending on the time the video was released, it obviously was not a fierce battle.

Boom, the battle began, the Flaming Mountain Fifth Generation directly suppressed the opponent with a burning laser knife, crazily slashing with the fire scattering everywhere.

"That laser knife is an exclusive weapon---- the Blazing Knife. In the whole Milky Way, in the whole CT, this is the only one, and it was a symbol of glory."

The screen flashed, and the Red Bee 32's pilot, strongly controlling the mech, escaped from the Flaming Mountain Fifth Generation's suppression. However, when he was about to fight back, the Flaming Mountain Fifth Generation suddenly rushed towards the Red Bee 32, preventing a counter attack. The Flaming Mountain Fifth Generation's knife suddenly started rotating with fire spewing out in every direction, turning into a fire hurricane!

The screen flashed again, and the exclusive Blazing Knife in the hand of the Flaming Mountain Fifth Generation continuously rotated along with the mech into a vortex of flame. The energy distorted the surrounding air and the space became blurred, then boom, a flaming lance flew out of the Blazing Knife…

The screen flashed, Red Bee 32 got smashed!

The video screen turned black ...

What was that flaming lance in the last shot? The Red Bee 32 was directly smashed? Did the Blazing Knife fly out? But when screen turned back on, the audience could see that the Blazing Knife was still in the hand of the Flaming Mountain Fifth Generation, still rotating and creating a fiery vortex.

Friend Skeleton had really attracted challenges from the strongest Kings. Not only just those from Earth, but from Mars. He fought with Lady Stormsword from the Moon before, and then solved the unsolvable BUG Atlantean mech, and now he was facing Mars' strongest man. This was truly the highest point of the Skeleton Corps' feast.

"This person came with bad intentions. He is most likely the last wave of the Mars expedition to Earth." Bubbly Foam took the lead in narration this time.

"Well, yes." Young Deer's voice was like that of a puppet.

The people in the channel just left him alone this time. The Old Trash-talking Deer was best left alone. People were busy talking about the level of the Mars Kings. It was just that the video was truly amazing. If they didn't understand it wrongly, they just saw a big move that required a mech tactic combined with energy release.

It was different from firing a laser. As long as one could understand the shooting rhythm of the opponent, there was a way to dodge it. On the other hand, this move was much like the ancient legends where one used martial arts to kill the enemy. Hitting the enemy at their vitals with nowhere to escape with a move like this. Having such a technique was like having a laser that could fire at any time and could hit any target! The mech was a living laser gun.

"Young Deer, are you alright?" Bubbly Foam quipped. Sometimes she could be a little bad.

"Keke, nothing, old disease recurrence." Comrade Old Deer's face was a little pale

There were many kinds of speculations. Generally, they considered it to be the effect of the Blazing Knife, but if one consulted the official guidebook of this exclusive weapon, the only specialty was that it could not be destroyed and nothing else.

There was also a small number of people that said that it had some kind of magical ability that could be released from the mech. "Flame Ronin's identity is not a secret. If you go to Mars' CT forum and search, a description of his origin says he's from Mars' Lie family.

Mars' Lie family's heritage originated from the colonial era of Mars. Until today, the Lies were still strong. When other families felt joy with the birth of a baby with Ability X, it was normal for the Lie's direct descendants to have it.

The mysterious Lie family caused a lot of people to fantasize about what would happen. When Skeleton clashed against this mysterious family, what kind of collision would it be?

Of course, there were a lot of questioning voices, like how could aristocratic descendents from the Lie family wander around and play this game? More argued that this person just happened to have the surname of Lie, which was also a big name on Mars, and all of these individuals felt they had relatives in the real Lie family.

Wang Zheng was ready. In the pre-war selection interface, Wargod No.1 was the choice.

Solon was actually very nervous. If Skeleton won, the whole Asian region would have really made it. They beat the Moon and also had the ability to suppress Mars. This would affect far more than just the Asian region; the entire Earth area would share this glory.

But this was the strongest King of Mars. He was definitely not so easy to deal with. The only thing he could do was fight stubbornly and believe in Skeleton.

Inside channel 1, the topic turned to a dispute: what mech would the strongest King from Mars be using against Skeleton ?

A few factions were formed. The basic general type of the Cante Type 3 held the majority, but there was also a small number of people who thought that he would stick with the same Wargod No.1. He was the strongest King amongst the mighty Kings of Mars! Such opponents would definitely be using the Wargod No.1 for their own dignity, so it was impossible to use other mech.

The character of the Martians was very simple. Suddenly, the screen flashed. Flame Ronin directly entered the pre-war selection interface and simply said, "I am here to win, I will use the Flaming Mountain Fifth Generation that I'm more familiar with. Hope you like it. "

HONG! His song of choice started playing, and Flame Ronin chose the Flaming Mountain Fifth Generation directly, a high-end mech!

It was really rude!

Inside channel 1, numerous exclamations flooded the screen. He was really cheeky because he took such a big advantage so naturally, as if using a Flaming Mountain mech was to give the opponent face. What use was the dignity of this King?

This was the home court of Earth, and no one wanted the Martians to show off in front of their house. Kings and scum were nothing. They wanted to see real strength.

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