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A+ A- Chapter 137

The Afterimage Kill was stopped by one broken arm?!

At this moment, Wang Zheng was laughing. That trick had created an impact. The others may not have understood what happened, but he himself was very clear. The peculiar thing about the Atlantis mech was that when it was expending its energy, it was unable to defend itself. Although the Shadow Executioner MK III illusion looked exactly like the real thing, it was still only made out of energy. If a wrong judgment was made and the mech's armor was used to block the attacks, then the energy would erode the armour and render it useless. In simple terms, treat the illusions as if they were just guided missiles.

Due to having used one of the mech's arms to absorb the energy of the attack, the fighting capabilities of the main body were mostly kept intact. But then again, this was because the Wargod No.1 was too weak; other mecha would have been able to counter the attacks with a more efficient method.

To those who didn't know how to tell the illusions apart, this seemed like an incredible feat. But once the principles were understood, all the pilot had to do was position himself correctly and block as per normal.

It may have looked like magic, but it was just this simple. Just like theory of relativity, some theories were considered highly profound a few thousand years ago, and those who understood them were called geniuses. But in modern times, these theories were taught in primary school textbooks and were well understood by school kids.

Old Deer was stunned. He felt as though his heart had stopped beating. The attack was broken just like that; could Skeleton be in the midst of creating yet another miracle?


Old Deer shouted loudly, "It disappeared! The Shadow Executioner MK III disappeared! Completely disappeared!"

After Skeleton sent the Shadow Executioner MK III flying with a kick, the Atlantean mech disappeared without a trace upon landing. This was not an optical illusion, the Atlantean mech had completely disappeared. The sensor instruments, the naked eye, radar scanning, and all other means of detection could not find the mech at all. It was as if it had disappeared into a vacuum in an instant, only the buzzing sound of the electromagnetic field remained.

One of Atlantis's ultimate abilities, stealth! Holy f*ck, he actually managed to pull it off?

Within channel 1 there were a lot of Atlantis fans, and it was now that they erupted with cheers.

"The Shadow Executioner MK III can remain in stealth for 10 seconds, and only when it attacks will its stealth be broken. This is too much of a BUG, isn't it?" someone quipped in the channel after quickly pulling up the mech's data.

Young Deer was burning with passion again. To think that Shadow of Atlantis actually had such an ability, this was even more vicious than Afterimage Kill. "Against this stealth ability, Skeleton has stopped moving. Has he given up? Or is he trying to detect his opponent via hearing? To be honest, this isn't a battle between humans. Moreover, this is a battlefield. There is electromagnetic noise everywhere. 10 seconds is enough to change a living Skeleton into a dead Skeleton."

Young Deer shouted passionately. From a certain perspective, he was a good commentator. With one shout, the number of VIP viewers increased by tens of thousands at this critical moment. The live broadcast corner gave a special close-up.

At the moment Young Deer was shouting, the Wargod No.1's right arm swung its alloy knife.

The knife slammed in to an empty slope!

A spark lit up in the middle of nothing. The alloy knife impacted at the exact same moment that the Shadow Executioner MK III's pilot cockpit appeared. The force of the impact sent the Atlantean mech flying backwards, and it was nailed to the slope by the alloy knife.

It was as if time had stopped. The people could see the pilot inside the Atlantean mech staring with his eyes wide open.


Skeleton WIN!

The entire channel 1 was silent, no one made a sound. Everyone was silently staring at the Shadow Executioner MK III that was pinned on the slope. Skeleton had won just like that? The Atlantis mech was broken just like that? With just a light swing of the knife?

Afterimage Kill had laid waste to one of the Wargod No.1's arm, but Afterimage Kill as well as the other deadly abilities were defeated by just this one swing of the knife?

This difference in power was just too big. This was a BUG after all, and an Atlantean mech on top of that.

The kings stopped speaking and looked at each other in disbelief. Had it been them in that battle using their own mecha and having to face a stealth opponent with such a strong attack, they might not even had a slim chance of victory. To be able to skillfully counter this situation was beyond the capabilities of the pilots. This was the strength of the Atlantean mech. In that moment, a pilot would only be able to hear the sound of his own heartbeat; however, Skeleton executed that slash with confidence.

This was the feeling of despair.

"Members of the Skeleton Corps, you can rejoice now! Passionate believers of Skeleton!" Bubbly Foam shouted, containing her excitement. But this created an electrifying effect, and her wearing the female police mecha pilot uniform caused the entire channel 1 to go crazy with excitement.

At this moment, the channel guide gave the Skeleton Corps an order. The entire channel was filled with the sound of cheering. Yao Ailun gave a shout. "Invincible Skeleton!"

What followed was a buzzing sound, there were too many people in the channel, so it caused a frequency explosion.

Bubbly Foam had calmed down. Although suppressing her excitement, she spoke very quickly. "Let me interview the Skeleton Corps! The voice that we are hearing now is the voice of their army administrator. Regarding this battle, what are everyone's thoughts on it?"

"Our Skeleton Corps never had any doubts."

Yao Ailun's voice was sacred and full of glory. The Skeleton Corps started their war cry and responded with NOT AFRAID, a group of men singing NOT AFRAID. There were a few people whose voices went off-key, but it was full of gusto, so you could feel their spirit.

The soft voice of Rainbow interjected at this moment. "When pitted against the winds and waves, who wouldn't be afraid? When faced against a BUG who wouldn't feel hate? HUH! But if you join the Skeleton army, we'll accompany you against the wind and waves, we'll be with you in battle till the end! We'll shield each other till the end! Shield! Shield! Shield! This is the spirit that Skeleton gave us. Who cares what BUG you are? Come, brothers of the Skeleton Corps! Together our brothers will let the others know that the Skeleton Corps is the greatest BUG of CT!"

Bubbly Foam's mood darkened. This advertisement was too straightforward, too blunt. Although they both had a good relationship, this was not allowed in CT. "Haha…okay, that was the end of the interview. Next up, let us interview Student Skeleton. Oh…hold on, the connection needs some time."

Rainbow got distracted. Inside the Corps channel there was an burst of laughter. "Rainbow, Bubbly Foam is not rejecting you, what happened? Was there a disagreement between the both of you? Do you want us to help mediate the situation?"

Rainbow shrugged. The words went in one ear and came out the other. He went with the flow as long as everyone was happy. This was a small price to pay for captivating the goddess; the world needed peace after all.

"Hello, everyone"

A calm voice sounded.

"Its Skeleton god! Oh..."

It was all the same inside the channel. Flowers were flooding the entire channel. From small flowers that were free to various sizes of bouquets that had to be paid for.

"Student Skeleton, it must have been tough on you. Faced with a BUG-tier opponent just now, how did you even manage to pull that off? I was talking about the last slash, no, the entire match. It was so exciting! Are you tired? You still have another battle to go."


Skeleton sounded stunned.

"The mech just now was an opponent? I thought it was an AI to warm up with…"

Wang Zheng indeed felt that the opponent just now was a little strange. It repeated its strikes and it also repeated its attack strength.

Boom….the entire channel 1 went crazy. HAHAHA, the entire screen was filled with laughter. Atlantean mech? BUG tier attack after attack? Infinite Song of the Storm? Afterimage Kill? Ultimate ability of 10 seconds of stealth?

What were Skeleton's thoughts on these?

An onomatopoeia word: "Huh!"

In this age of internet and social media, what could be more hurtful than "Huh"?

One of the worst feelings in the world, the opponent regarding you as a brainless AI.

Bubbly Foam ended her interview happily. Skeleton was a little toxic this time, but it was fine! Everyone loved a little trash-talking every now and then! So what if it was an Atlantean mech? It still had to bow down to the victor.

Wang Zheng honestly wasn't being toxic at all. In reality, he was merely disappointed in his opponent. Against a good opponent, he would be able to gain valuable experience and battle energy. But these kinds of battles had no value in them; they were merely a waste of time.

Inside the CT Asia Office, Solon was holding back his laughter. He turned around to his subordinates and started yelling, "There is still a second game! Make sure the other party is online and ready! The next battle will start in twenty- no, thirty minutes!"

This second battle was a risk to Solon. In the business world, taking advantage of the break in between battles for advertisement broadcasting was a profitable move. But the more one-sided trashing a game was, the more uneasy it made him feel. But then again, he was already very fortunate to be in this current position. What could he use to make Skeleton stay?

Solon racked his brain. A beautiful girl, money, and what else….hmm….suddenly, Solon's mind clicked. Everyone had ignored the most important thing: what would a person who used the Wargod No.1 desire?

The answer was simple, a strong opponent!

The advertisement was already broadcasting within channel 1. "Skeleton still has his second battle to go. Please look forward to this mysterious debut challenger!"

There was still a second battle? Moreover, a mysterious debut challenger. Was there someone more powerful than this Atlantean player?

Inside the channel, the people paying for the fees were getting even more. It immediately broke the five million mark. Needless to say, it was well worth it. Atlantis' BUG mech was destroyed. Skeleton's comment about the opponent being akin to an AI and having repetitive movements, hahahah it was too exciting. These sorts of feelings were better than watching the highest level of the professional league. Atlantis would not see themselves playing in the professional league.

Wang Zheng had waited for half an hour inside the cockpit, but he had not received the signal for the start of the second battle.

"Little Su, didn't they say that it was two battles?" Wang Zheng directly contacted Yan Xiaosu

Yan Xiaosu, who was just speaking to Solon, was stunned. "Boss, don't you need to rest?"

"It is fine, that was just a warm up. Hopefully the second opponent will be stronger." Wang Zheng really felt that the previous opponent was like an AI. He was ferocious, but the moves were too repetitive. Wang Zheng only used his standard way of defending and was considered invincible. He was a little disappointed. The fighting energy in his chest did not increase even a little, but then again, he was lucky that it was not reduced.

Yan Xiaosu rolled his eyes in shock. He was totally in awe. Wang Zheng actually regarded a battle with that level of combat as a warm up. "Got it, I'll make the arrangements at once."

Solon contacted Yan Xiaosu directly. "What? Start the battle immediately? No way! The second opponent is no trivial matter, this should not be taken lightly," he yelled in disbelief.

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