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A+ A- Chapter 136

A sharp voice came out from the screen. Shadow of Atlantis spoke with a chuckle. Obviously, bringing out all the legendary big moves was completely pressure free.

"Screw off! You're just a BUG."

"Hehehe, though I can't hear, I'm guessing nine of ten people in the live channel are scolding me. Never mind, they will start to admire me very soon."

"Bullsh*t, your brain was eaten by bugs! I would rather admire a dog than admire you!"

"Alright, let's stop playing. What was the move of the Moon storm girl last time? The one that got stopped by 81 swords? I will just do an updated version, let's see if this Skeleton kid can stop it."

BANG! The Shadow Executioner MK III suddenly retreated then moved into a stabbing pose. After a short pause, he followed up like a heavy storm

After a thump, the Shadow Executioner MK III turned into a flash of silver lightning without any warning. This was an improvement to Lady Stormsword's attack. She needed a ready position to charge the power, but the Shadow Executioner MK III lashed out directly.

Lady Stormsword's Song of the Storm.

Moreover, besides circular movements, he added in broken-line movements, so the movements became even more unpredictable. It was like multiple Shadow Executioner MK IIIs had appeared at the same time and surrounded the Wargod No.1, stabbing and hitting.

16 combo…25 combo…36 combo…49 combo…81 combo…he had reached the highest record of Lady Stormsword. Even for Lady Stormsword, she would have been reached the end of her tether here. However, the Shadow Executioner MK III survived through it easily and continued to combo hit. 108 combo…121 combo…

He could continue to combo hit, because normal pilots would have some changes to their mental focus as well as a physical burden. However, the Shadow Executioner MK III didn't have to worry about that. As long as he had the strength to make the movements, he could hit and unlimited number of combos. As for mental strength, that was the only advantage of Shadow of Atlantis. All perverts have strong hearts.

Old Trash-talking Deer almost burst into tears. This was what he had been waiting for for years, and he started shouting, "Skeleton is losing. Even if Skeleton is the true god, he can't stand these unlimited combo hits. Kill him! Go!"

Rainbow couldn't help but say, "Damn, I wanna kill him instead!"

"Brother Rainbow, tell me when you wanna go, let's go together."

"My bro is from Beijing. I will ask him to get us a box of dried deer penises."

Everyone was stunned. That was pretty hardcore.

Some were waiting for a miracle, but some were waiting for the end.

Quite a few people in the channel started to lean more towards the Shadow Executioner

MK III. So far, Skeleton could still resist the Infinite Song of the Storm.

However, Shadow of Atlantis hadn't used the Afterimage Kill yet, and Skeleton definitely couldn't take that movement. Shadow of Atlantis was clearly scheming. He would weaken Skeleton by hitting unlimited combos, then he would finish him off.

A bowl could only hold a bowl of water, not even one drop more. If he used Afterimage Kill at the final moment, the spent Skeleton was doomed to lose.

"Damn, if Skeleton was using any other mech, even just the Wargod No. 2, he could win easily," someone in the Skeleton Corps shouted. The crowd could only suppress themselves when facing a BUG.

Yao Ailun roared, "What are you afraid of? Our Skeleton boss hasn't started to attack yet! No matter how strong his opponent is, Skeleton boss just needs one killing blow."

Young Chen Xiu also shouted, "Skeleton will certainly win. We need to have confidence together."

"Skeleton will certainly win! If he loses, I will livestream myself eating milk boxes." Yan Xiaosu came out. Unlike others, he knew that Skeleton was Wang Zheng himself, so he had a lot of confidence. If anything happened, he would drag his boss to eat milk boxes with him.

At the CT Asia headquarters, Solon still remained quiet. The staff was bustling around but not making any comments due to Solon's plan.

They didn't know why their boss loved taking risks so much.

"Boss, what if Skeleton loses…shall we…"

A trusted worker came over and reminded Solon. Though it was not good to be bound together with Skeleton forever, the Asian area got turned around, and the people hadn't been so happy in a long time. However, if Skeleton lost, would they be bound together for ill too?

The investment was so huge, and it turned out like this. They were very likely to take a great responsibility. And Skeleton? His identity wasn't clear at all, so he could get away easily.

"Get out!" Solon's eyes could kill people.

How could a man of great ambition not have some determination?

He calmed down a little bit. Solon was very clear that he was being adventurous this time, but he had no other options. The stronger Skeleton became, the clearer he realised a master like Skeleton wouldn't stay in CT for long. And without Skeleton, his position in CT would plummet too, and what he wanted was to leave as much of a legend as possible.

The number of online users of Chanel 30,001 had hit 541,252, which was amazing!


Prince was one of them. He shook his head and looked intently. Even pros couldn't restrain the ability of the Atlantean mech, and this was the reason why professional games banned the use of Atlantean mecha. This was a totally unfair battle; he really didn't understand why Skeleton had accepted it.

"The Shadow Executioner MK III is unbeatable now. Moreover, Afterimage Kill isn't something the Wargod No.1 can handle." Merciless King smirked and replied to the Prince in the public channel.

The King's words were louder than ten Young Deers.

The bustling Young Deer also noticed the King's words. "Bubbly Foam, I heard that you are a fan of Skeleton. What's your opinion here? Do you still think Skeleton can win?"

Bubbly Foam blinked. "No one knows the result until the last second."

"Really? Shall we make a bet? If Skeleton wins, I will eat another milk box," Young Deer said.

Suddenly, the crowd was lit. The chance was so rare. Everyone was desperately wanting to see Young Deer eat milk boxes, but this guy was very cunning, so he wouldn't make a promise easily.

"But If Skeleton loses, you have to go on a date with me." Old Deer revealed his real thought, as expected.

"I'm not going on a date with you. But if Skeleton loses, I will eat two milk boxes." Bubbly Foam had a determined look in her eyes.

"A true heroin. Goddess Bubbly Foam, we support you!"

"Old Deer you can go kill yourself, Goddess Bubbly Foam is the best!"

Rainbow also got shocked. The freaking Old Deer was looking for it. Skeleton boss please win! If his girlfriend ate two milk boxes, she would get sent to the hospital!

Shadow of Atlantis' Song of the Storm had already unleashed 181 attacks. This was more than two full sets of the Song of the Storm. The worst part was that he was still absolutely stable as a machine. However, Skeleton was doing pretty good at defending, and he didn't seem like he was under too much pressure.

"Lil Skeleton is not bad; this move must be familiar to you. Moon people's moves are garbage. Now you can go boast to your friends that you withstood one. You will face Atlantis' speciality next!"

Shadow of Atlantis's voice came out from the screen again.

Shadow of Atlantis was the one who needed a rest. Although unlimited combos was achievable, for a chubby and clumsy guy like him, the physical restriction was there. The Song of the Storm was not to be looked down upon. The longer he executed it, the higher it demanded of him in terms of physical strength. Even with the help of the Shadow Executioner MK III, the physical exertion was intense.

In the channel, so many people were cursing. There was no lack of experienced ones, so how could they not notice this?

Old Deer was stunned for a second, and he secretly wiped his sweat. "Damn, hope he didn't choke. Is his physical strength that bad?"

Just at this moment, Shadow of Atlantis bust out suddenly, and his mech became a blur.

Afterimage Kill!

"All is fair in war! Shadow of Atlantis suddenly started the Afterimage Kill, so two Shadow Executioner MK IIIs are rushing towards Skeleton directly." Old Deer was very professional, so he carried on with the narration. Shadow of Atlantis had finally played his trump card.

A chorus of boos rang out in the channel, saying he needed a break and had started a sneak attack!

Everyone was nervous. Against the Afterimage Kill, even a defense with no dead angles couldn't hold it back. No matter how you defend, it was just a chance for the Shadow Executioner MK III to show off.

Two Shadow Executioner MK IIIs changed positions wildly, the mech blurring between deception and reality. One on the left and one on the right, rushing towards Wargod No.1. As Swiss Army Knife had proved, even the fake one held aggressive power as


Moreover, the real one and the phantom were changing positions strangely. This was the specialty of Shadow of Atlantis, and it was impossible to defend against it effectively. Even if one thought it was the real one, it could have swapped places and turned into a fake the next second. If one thought it was fake, the next second it could be the real mech.

No one could explain why and how it was achieved, and Atlantis, of course, wouldn't let out their own secrets. If one did not know the principle, they could not defeat it.

"It's over." Looking at this dreamy assassination move, Old Deer heaved a sigh of relief. This was an unbreakable move, and it was so neatly done. "This is a victory for



The Wargod No.1 reached out his left arm and parried one of the Shadow Executioner MK III's hits.

"Parry? Naive."

This move was unbreakable, Old Deer ridiculed in his heart. Trying to parry was just stupid, but afterall, in front of this move, the only thing one could do was wait for their death, as running wasn't a solution. This was the most scary part of Afterimage Kill, the afterimage was faster than any other mech.

There was really no solution?

But, in the whole galaxy, Atlantis wasn't unbeatable.

BOOM. The left arm of the Wargod No.1 suddenly automatically broke away and flew towards the Shadow Executioner MK III on the left side, simultaneously, like a lightning flash, the right leg of the Wargod No.1 was kicked to the side…

The Shadow Executioner MK III got kicked away heavily from the right side. Even though the Shadow Executioner MK III released lines of energy radiance and seemed unbeatable, it had only annihilated the left arm of Wargod No.1 and not the main body.


Old Deer had just opened a box of milk and took a sip of it when he spouted that out.

What the hell? The unbeatable Afterimage Kill just got defeated like that?

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