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A+ A- Chapter 133

The others rushed inside, and upon seeing the Queen Zerg's body, cheered loudly.

"Runan, are you alright?" Yuan Ye asked as he ran over gallantly. At this moment, Zhang Runan had been restored to normal.

Although she still had a cold attitude, no sarcastic comments were made.

"Just a flesh wound, I'm alright."

"What an exciting battle!"

"At last, the few talented people who were able to break the mold."

"It seems like we'll need to beef up our remaining selections, or these children will underestimate us! Hahahaha."

The three generals were very happy, but Meng Ao was the happiest. Meng Tian's performance helped put him in better standings with others.

Meanwhile, in the observation room downstairs, Lear and the others could not believe it. The battle on the other side was still going on, but the battle on this side had already ended.

These people now understood why Lear had taken notice of Meng Tian. A very strong freezing ability coupled with being an excellent archer.

In this era, where lasers were the main weapon, what good was a bow?

Ordinary archers are naturally useless, but Ability X users were on a completely different level. When they used special mech warriors, they had the ability to convert the entire energy shield in to a cloud.

This was the real terrifying area of Meng Tian.

This was a commander.

A little distance away, a fat man secretly came climbing out from the ground. From the group that just got eliminated, he was the sole survivor.

This was without a doubt a great victory, but Student Wang did not stay on Demon Island. At the conclusion of the battle, he was rushed to another location for emergency treatment.

This place was the Demon Island's sister island, Paradise Island. It was a vacation destination with a medical sanctuary.

Wang Zheng was helpless. He felt that the impact of the Brainworms wasn't a problem, but Su Yan seemed to be very serious. Meng Tian and the others also strongly requested a thorough inspection to prevent any sequelae.

After arriving at Paradise Island, Student Wang was repeatedly treated. Why did this feel more like a medical examination?

After the medical examinations, the doctor stated that there were no problems and he was in good health. All he needed was some rest and everything would be okay.

Compared to such a comfortable environment, he much preferred the lively bug habitat. But since they were here, might as well take it east and wait to be notified.

Upon checking the news, they received a video message from Tyrant Su. "Boss, regarding that matter…nothing much actually. I just wanted to ask if you had some time. Could you reply to my message if you a

re free?"

The message was left a few days ago. It could be seen that Yan Xiaosu was a little bit anxious.

Upon answering, Yan Xiaosu looked surprised. "Boss, you're free now?"

"I guess so, been resting the whole day. You were looking for me regarding something?"

"Boss, are there any places near you that can access CT? If there are, come on to play two battles. We're under a contract, so you have to play at least once a month, but if it is too much trouble, then it's fine." Although Yan Xiaosu did not express it, it could be seen on Solon's side that they were under pressure. The list of challenges to Skeleton had gotten very long, and it consisted of a lot of influential players.

Having dragged on for so long, he couldn't stand the pressure anymore. Solon was so anxious that he had blisters in his mouth every day. The initial agreement was to fight five battles. On CT's side, the preparatory investments were already made. Everything was ready, only Skeleton was left.

Wang Zheng nodded his head and answered with a simple "Yes."

SEED Sports Club on the Moon had no internet cafes, so if you wanted to play CT, you had to go to the sports club. The local people regarded CT as a new sport, not a game.

The number of people in the club who played CT wasn't small, but the locals valued privacy, thus every CT room was by itself.

When Wang Zheng opened a CT room, the voice of the female lunar waitress was as sweet as cakes, but she was chased out of the CT room.

CT Company.

"Skeleton is online!"

A hoarse voice broke the calm atmosphere of the company.

But no one paid any attention. The next moment, the entire company's activities sped

up. Solon, having just received confirmation of the date from Yan Xiaosu, also jumped out from the office. It was as if he was suddenly twenty years younger. He started to shout, "Hurry! Release it according to the planned schedule."

Asia CT System News: Skeleton is online! Clear channel 1 immediately, start the live broadcast.

This was the highest treatment from CT. Only in the professional league would the CT channel be used for live broadcasts.

The advertisement banners on the CT interface were totally replaced by the message.

Those that were waiting for the matchmaking system to place them immediately cancelled their queues upon seeing the news update. Who would want to play at this time?! Everyone was rushing to watch the god play!

Although there were players that had already found a match and were selecting their mecha and map, they immediately conceded the game upon seeing the system notification. So what if their points would be deducted? Skeleton had come online, and what could be more important that this? This was going to be a visual and technical feast!

"Hello, everyone, I am professional caster Young Deer. I am here once again, and as all of you know, Bubbly Foam is getting ready. Those who wish to see the beautiful lady will have to be patient. Haha. Since the last battle against Mars, Skeleton has been missing for a long time. Seems like our Skeleton god has been away to practice. I am really looking forward to this!"

Young Deer suddenly appeared on channel 1. It appeared as if something was not right.

There were various calls under the channel. "Oh my god, is this the super trash-talking Deer? When did he change genders?!"


"Did you forget your medicine today?"

"Wrong, you definitely ate your medicine today!"

Young Deer turned a deaf ear to these cries. "Recently, some people said that I am an entertaining commentator. Okay, I admit it. I am being an entertaining commentator, as per my job."

A female dressed in a police mecha pilot uniform suddenly appeared in the middle of the channel. "Hello, everyone! Sorry to have kept you waiting. I was working in the police station and arrived here late, please forgive me. I am Bubbly Foam.

At the same time, Rainbow of the Skeleton Corps came online with a smile. It was a perverted smile, but he quickly became serious. "These are not the run-of-the-mill opponents."

This typical discussion immediately was returned by a burst of ridicule.

Yao Ailun was crazy. Whenever Skeleton came online, it was time for the Skeleton Corps to feast. The built up pressure was released in a breath. "No matter how strong the opponents are, I believe that a miracle will happen."

"Skeleton! Victory ho!"

The Skeleton Corps shouted their war cries. As the Skeleton Crops grew, Skeleton became more and more their spiritual pillar. A lot of times the audience would cosplay as Skeleton in battle.

"F*ck, could these people be any more shameless!?" Rainbow suddenly cursed.

Inside channel 1, there was all sorts of ridicule of the goddess' voice.

"Bubbly Foam, abandon Little Red Noob. I am the one true male god."

"Bubbly Foam, please send me a selfie of you in a bath towel."

"Bubbly Foam, I want to be your bath towel."

"Young Deer's career description: I want to be your bath tow-…."

Bam, someone was kicked out of channel 1.

Young Deer took the opportunity and flicked his fingers, kicking out those two who had made fun of him. It was a good feeling. "Back to the main issue. Our long-awaited Skeleton god is back. Lets see who the challengers are."

Bubbly Foam nodded. "Yes, I've casted several of his diamond-tier games. Shadow of Atlantis won because of his racial advantage. As long as he has the Atlantis mech, this battle will be a one-sided steamroll.

"Yes, the racial advantage of the Shadow of Atlantis. Looking at his ID, everyone would think that he was a mixed heritage of Atlantian and human, because he is able to use the special mech of Atlantis. Oh, the officials have also configured a video presentation. Let us see if the strengths of the Shadow of Atlantis will be enough to challenge our Skeleton God, heh heh."

Young Deer's mouth was spouting flattering words. The audiences was a little uneasy. Had he thrown in the towel already?

Under Skeleton's powerful skill, yielding was natural. But the problem was, this old Deer was a troublemaker!

This was a conspiracy!


The screen flashed with sparks and two mecha appeared in front of everyone's eyes. One of the special mech had all the parts of its node emitting a ring of blue, a typical feature of Atlantis mechs.

"The mech emitting the blue rays is the Shadow Executioner MK III of Atlantis. His opponent is the Team FN Bourbon Main Road, something that everyone is familiar with, led by the world class player, Swiss Army Knife," Bubbly Foam explained.

At this moment, the two mecha were locked in fierce close combat. Fluid movements, all kinds of footwork, dodges, giant swings, all at the same time. A full ten seconds passed and not a single scratch on either side.

It was sensational inside of channel 1. What kind of person was FN Bourbon Main Road's Swiss Army Knife? He had another title that others were familiar with: "The man that even kings feared to touch". The kings on the thrones didn't wish to meet this opponent. The reason why he was in the diamond tier was because he had only played in the training mode, not matchmaking. It wasn't like he had never been on the throne, but rather the system had automatically impeached him due to him not having played a matchmaking game in over a month.

In the video, the speed of the Swiss Army Knife's mech suddenly increased. Its movements changed and it struck at all angles of Shadow of Atlantis.

"Is this a trick of Swiss Army Knife?" Three-hundred-and-sixty-degrees attack, a godly skill that could take on five others opponents at the same time. It was a vicious move, and five mecha could have been destroyed by it. Looking at this battle, the rhythm was getting crazy.

A machine roared out inside the channel. FN Bourbon Corps had a trick up their sleeve, and Swiss Army Knife was the core of it.

Under this situation, how was Shadow of Atlantis going to deal with it? Everyone was sure that if the officials were to post the final results now, it wouldn't be a loss for Shadow of Atlantis. However, facing Swiss Army Knife was a death sentence in itself, so how was Shadow of Atlantis going to handle this?

The Shadow Executioner MK III started moving and also increased in speed. Suddenly, the mech blurred. BANG, the next moment it was behind Swiss Army Knife. Another mech similar to the Shadow Executioner MK III appeared. At the same time, there was another Shadow Executioner MK III rushing at Swiss Army Knife.

Two Shadow Executioner MK III looking the exact same yet performing totally different actions. It was clear that one of them was an illusion, but the problem was telling which one was real. Be it the naked eye or sensor instruments, nothing was clear.

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