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A+ A- Chapter 132

Wang Zheng shrugged. "No, but I could sense the danger, so I decided to lend a helping hand. Thank God it was successful!"

To participate in IG, one had to go through many tests. People with Ability X could not hide it. At most, it was split between strength and power.

The three generals looked at each other and did not know what to say. Was this unconventional situation attributable to luck?

"He does not have Ability X?"

"Do you think our equipment is wrong? I believe this kid is in a state of half awakening and is of poor quality. However, he is the type with plenty of potential later on, which is very rare."

"People who do big things in life require a tinge of luck!" Meng Ao nodded. This time's success was due to luck, and the three of them were surprised in the process.

After the victory, Meng Tian's contributions were not neglected. That arrow was rather fearsome and directly took a life. The chilly energy they felt was Meng Tian's ability. It was no wonder she was chosen as a commander. The others who were initially unsatisfied with the selection realized that it was very hard to deal with any of the chosen commanders.

Now it was the time to wait for the next step in the attack plans.

Song Li and two others required rest and could no longer take part in the attack.

However, with the Brainworms dead, the probability of success was much higher.

Meng Tian decided to join the attack amidst the chaos. There would be no shot at victory if they waited for the queen to react.

Although it was disgusting, when people saw Meng Tian spray brainworm liquid on herself, the others had nothing to say since this girl was sturdier than other guys.

The team set off. Song Li and the two others had not recovered from the previous battle, so this battle would be more dangerous.

"What did you feel just now?"

"The sea."

"The sun."

Zhao Wanxin and Qu Qiuzhi said that during Wang Zheng's moment of contact, they felt a steady stream of energy provided to them. It was as if they had found a weapon.

"Song, what did you feel?" Among the three of them, Song Li's skills were of a higher level.

Song Li smiled. "The Milky Way….."

What kind of person was Wang Zheng?

This feeling was indescribable to outsiders. It obviously had horrifying power, but at the same time, it felt ethereal. Because this feeling was abnormal, it could be an illusion because Wang Zheng did not have Ability X.

Wang Zheng and the 21 others in his group had already walked into the nest. They occasionally saw Zerg around them, but they turned a blind eye to them; some were even scared of Wang Zheng and the others.

The participants of this team did not think they could actually kill a Queen Zerg. On one hand, they could not stand the contempt of people from the Moon and the Martians, and on the other hand, they wanted to do something, and it was pointless to sit around waiting.

Who would have thought that they would have the opportunity to kill the Queen Zerg now?

Although they were walking around Zergs, everyone had more confidence now. Although they were using the Brainworm liquid as cover, everyone had to breathe quietly.

The Sickle Zergs' maze did not have much effect on Wang Zheng. To put it simply, the structure of a low-standard worm was rather simple. As a space physics researcher with a strong grasp on complex spatial concepts, this was somewhat paediatric.

It was only about who had the ability to think of the application of space physics in this area.

People followed Wang Zheng as his composure had provided others with confidence.

When they quietly went to the second level, everyone could not help but feel a sense of relief. By continuing down, they would enter the Queen Zerg's territory, and their success or failure would be determined in this stage. There was no going back at this point; either they killed the Queen Zerg or they would be finished here.

Masasi smiled as he had unknowingly ended up at this stage too. Actually, it was not wise to do so, but he could not keep from walking faster. There was a desire coming from within – a desire to try.

Standing in front of the cave entrance, Wang Zheng felt the beating of hearts. It was not theirs but the Queen Zerg's. He clearly knew that the Queen Zerg was inside.

The three generals waited patiently. No one had ever employed such a dangerous and bizarre tactic. One small, careless mistake could result in falling into a place with no return. On the other hand, the tactics employed by the other side was clear – attract the Zerg out for destruction, attack while progressing, defend while retreating.

But progress here was evidently much faster.

Although they had arrived at the nest of the Queen Zerg, was the situation really as they thought it would be?

Wang Zheng's mood changed a little. There was an ominous feeling in his heart. It was at this time that the whole cave started shaking.

Luo Fei clinged to the wall with a huge shift in his expression. "This is not good, the Zergs are headed towards us."

"Meng Tian, Runan, Masasi, and I, the four of us will charge in. The rest stay here and guard the entrance of the cave. Make full use of the time we have!" Right after he said that, Wang Zheng rushed in and the three others followed him without hesitating.

Wasn't Meng Tian the person that the people thought was the leader?

At this time, nobody was fussy anymore. Zhang Shan shouted out loud, "Brothers, whether or not we progress will depend on this fight!"

"Defensive group, stay in front. Don't hold back! Whether we live or die, we have to fight to the end!"

Yuan Ye roared loudly and charged forward himself.

In this critical moment, being decisive was key, and there should be no fussing over anything else.

A laser sounded. There was no retreat at this point, and they could only strongly defend within the given terrain.

Zerg caves were all brightly lit. This was not due to the ore but a substance secreted from their bodies. In the foggy cave, a huge Zerg was exuding glittering green light over thousands of meters away in the distance. Around him was a group of fortified Zergs with sickles. The Zergs glared at them.

When the Queen Zerg let out a shrill scream, all surrounding Zergs came rushing out. There were hundreds of enhanced Zergs, and even more of them climbed out from eggshells on the ground. They rushed towards them as well.

"I will lead from the front. Masasi, you stay on the left, Runan on the right, Meng Tian in the middle. We will help to push in. The remainder will depend on you!"

Wang Zheng pulled out two alloy knives, Zhang Runan took out an alloy spear, Masasi took out his alloy knife as well, while Meng Tian had a bow in her hand. The following action was to rush towards the oncoming bunch of Zergs.

Masasi's laser and Meng Tian's arrows were launched at the same time, and about seven or eight Zergs fell immediately. Zhang Runan and Masasi were tasked to protect both wings while staying on the move at the same time. Long-ranged attacks could stop the Zergs from advancing; however, the Zergs were not afraid of dying. The four of them continued charging forward quickly but only managed to progress by two hundred meters. They were approaching melee range.

Dealing with the enhanced Zergs required extra effort and greater rhythm.

Zhang Runan roared loudly and white rays came out from her alloy spear. Masasi's alloy knife did not appear to have any change. However, cutting through Zergs was like cutting through beancurd. Strange light was glowing out of his alloy knife, and the body of the knife was trembling.

Wang Zheng led from the front with both of his knives dancing in the air. The bunch of Zergs did not think that the team of humans could still progress at such a fast pace when facing them.

The Queen Zerg felt threatened and let out an ear-piercing scream. Although the Zergs were dying quickly, Wang Zheng's group stopped moving forward. The Zergs behind were greater in amount, but they would eventually be swarmed to death.

Wang Zheng roared rather softly. White rays were launched and tens of Zergs fell.

Flying knife!

Each knife could pierce through numerous Zergs. Zergs with greater strength were stuck on the wall, and the distance between them and the Zergs chasing them grew.

Zhang Runan roared loudly, "We will hold the ground, you guys rush ahead!" Right after that, her stature started shrinking.

Masasi also gave up on progressing and stood next to Zhang Runan, protecting them from both flanks.

However, this method of killing was not feasible. Wang Zheng suddenly grabbed Meng Tian and said, "Ready!"

Meng Tian froze, and right after, her body, like an arrow released from a bow, was launched towards the Queen Zerg. White rays flew out from the bow in all directions towards the Zerg, causing them to crumple. She was like a fairy archer, the alloy arrows gracefully flying towards the Queen Zerg.

However, when she was at the highest point, she did not shoot any more arrows. Instead, a blinding, silver light could be seen gathering in Meng Tian's hands. At this point, everyone could feel a chilling energy.


A single silver arrow flew towards the Zerg… It was like a silver cannonball flying towards them.


At that point, time seemed to have stopped as the Queen Zerg and Zergs surrounding her froze.

Ability X – Frost Seal.

Meng Tian lost all her energy after employing her Ability X, so she started falling from the sky.

Wang Zheng rushed from the side with full speed and caught the falling Meng Tian.

Meng Tian had a pale face, but she smiled as she said, "We won."

Wang Zheng wanted to answer her, but he heard a shout by Masasi.

Once the Queen Zerg died, the other Zerg would not put up a defense. However, the Queen Zerg would explode before dying.


A wave of explosions occurred, and Wang Zheng placed Meng Tian beneath him to divert the shocks.

Wang Zheng felt dizzy; it felt like his brain was knocked by a hammer. What was this, he wondered to himself.

Meng Ao had a dignified expression on his face. On one hand, he was proud of his daughter, while on the other hand, he was surprised. This Queen Zerg was secretly evolving!

A common Queen Zerg would not be able to launch such an attack.

The group of people outside did not escape, but they had been pushed to the cave's entrance. They were on the brink of death, but the Zerg started to retreat after the explosion.

Could it be...? Yuan Ye and the others were in disbelief!

Meng Tian felt that Wang Zheng had lost his energy. She was shocked and quickly hugged Wang Zheng while tears rolled out of her eyes.

Zhang Runan and Masasi rushed over. Masasi had more experience and placed his palm on Wang Zheng's forehead.

"Everything should be alright, right? This is all because of my carelessness!" said Meng Tian.

Masasi had a strange expression.

Zhang Runan muffled, "Why is this guy so fickle?"

When Masasi saw Zhang Runan, he turned away before saying, "He should be fine..."

"My head got knocked hard and I almost died of suffocation."

Wang Zheng took in a large breath of air as he regained consciousness without making sufficient psychological preparation.

Masasi shrugged helplessly and said, "You are so fortunate. Even after taking a blow from the Queen Zerg, you can still joke."

"Maybe its this hug that is making me uncomfortable and so I am reluctant to die," laughed Wang Zheng.

Meng Tian could not stay calm anymore and pushed Wang Zheng aside. Wang Zheng shrieked as he was tossed aside.

"Do you have any humanity? Why are you treating an injured person like that?"

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