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A+ A- Chapter 134

"Afterimage Kill, this is the Atlantis Mech's special skill," Bubbly Foam explained after it was displayed.

However, was it useful? A 360 degree slash had no blind angle, moreover, it could both attack and defend. Let alone two mechs, even if there were five mechs, the result would be the same under the attack.

Both the Shadow Executioner MK III launched their attacks simultaneously. Swiss Army Knife exerted the Death Slice while defending, but at the next moment, the two Shadow Executioner MK III suddenly exchanged their positions. No one could see what happened as it happened as quickly as a flash of lightning.

All they could see were two Shadow Executioner MK IIIs suddenly becoming one, then it turned and left only a view of its back. Flames leapt to the sky with a huge noise.

Shadow of Atlantis WIN!

Swiss Army Knife exploded, the attack all came to nothing, and the defense didn't do anything either.

Mysterious but powerful, this was the power of an Atlantis Mech.

"It was energy! Energy attacks are what Atlanteans are best at. Moreover, Swiss Army Knife made a mistake; he shouldn't have defended and instead should have used all his strength to attack. In that way, he might have still stood a chance… You guys thought I would say he should change mech to win? Impossible, haha, it's an honour if you can leave a mark on a Shadow Executioner MK III! " Old Deer insulted without any warning.

The challenger was exceptional, and Shadow of Atlantis was very famous in the CT world. He could have been sitting on the throne, but he was too strong when he used the Atlantis mecha, so much so that when he reached the Diamond division, no one wanted to play with him. It was only acceptable if he abandoned the use of the Atlantis Mech.

It was kind of unfair, as the difference between Atlantis mecha and Human mecha was like driving a manual-transmission truck and driving an automatic sports car. Besides all the unexpected special abilities, Atlantis mecha could even correct the driver's piloting. Even if the driver was a newbie, he could be a master in no time. It was like a cheat in the CT world.

However, even in the CT world, humans were not able to use Atlantean mecha, and the Atlanteans were not that interested in CT. Even if they were to play, they usually played inside the Atlantis Republic and rarely went to humans' region.

Moreover, the so-called cheat was meaningless towards them. Every Atlantean was elite, and the reason why Shadow of Atlantis was considered shameless was because he didn't inherit the excellency of Atlantis even though he had one fourth Atlantean lineage.

He was short and chubby, and even the worst student in any military school could beat him silly in one hundred out of one hundred rounds.

The problem was that in the CT world, with the Atlantean lineage he had and using the special features of Atlantean mecha, Shadow of Atlantis could easily use a variety of top battle skills as well as all the special techniques.

Even in the real world, Atlanteans still had series of restrictions when using these special techniqu

es, but in CT world, he could have it all just by starting his mech.

Abusing such a "cheat" was quite bad, but there was no way around it.

No one wanted to play with Shadow of Atlantis due to the "cheat", so he disappeared for a while, and now he came out again. Even violent masters didn't want to play against Swiss Army Knife, and Shadow of Atlantis had the BUG that had beaten a master like a newbie. How could Young Deer not be happy?

"Skeleton is in a bit of trouble. We all know Skeleton is best at his speed and techniques, but now he has an opponent faster than him, and the techniques… Well, we all know the special feature of the Atlantis mech, the techniques mean nothing. However, we should trust the great Skeleton, he is the true god,"

"He will use the Wargod No. 1 to prove that Atlantis is just a loser you can beat with your eyes closed. I believe in him!!" Young Deer laughed. He had learned how to use irony. People called him "Trash-talking Deer"? Now he would stop trash-talking people. Instead, he built an icon and shot it down.

At this time, everyone understood that this old trash-talking Deer was being sarcastic and manipulating Skeleton not to change his mech.

Suddenly, Trash-talking Deer got attacked by the crowd.

"Old Deer, are you challenging my IQ? How about I go and smash your window?"

"Old Deer, stop dreaming. Atlantis is nothing!"

In CT cabin, Wang Zheng also watched this video, with some explanation from the CT company. Solon had done well. The opponent was a rare, mix-blooded Atlantean, the mech was Atlantis' Shadow Executioner mech. One could only use this special mech if he had Atlantean lineage.

This opponent was unusual. Atlantean mecha had always been very mysterious, and there were a lot of legends about them. Watching them was like seeing the legends becoming true. It was like magic, mysterious but powerful.

It was the era of interstellar great voyages, despite the powerful military and strong desire to expand, humans chose to negotiate when facing Atlantis, which was just a single star.

Wang Zheng smiled. He had heard of Atlantean mecha before. This amount of lineage might not be enough to drive a real mech, but it was more than enough in CT. The existence of Atlantis was extremely mysterious, and it played an important role of helping human mecha to develop. But as Atlantis once said, they had always been imitated but never been surpassed.

The opponent was ready, and he chose the Shadow Executioner MK III, the most developed conventional mech of Atlantis.

Wang Meng chose the Wargod No.1 confidently and hit "confirm" quickly.

"He made his decision! Skeleton chose Wargod No.1 and confirmed. I am moved!" Old Deer smiled very sneakily. He believed Skeleton would definitely fall in front of the legend of the undefeatable Atlantean.

Bubbly Foam frowned, and her worrying face softened the whole of channel 1. "I still believe Skeleton can create a miracle again."

"Hehe, equate Skeleton with miracles? I'm a stubborn person, so just as I said, you will all be disappointed sooner or later."

In the channel, the MIK milk box stickers flooded the screen with blinking words: dedicated to Young Deer.

Young Deer, go drink your milk!

Young Deer, does your mom know you are so badass?

According to the background data of channel 1, the amount of audience members was 131 and the number of people sending the milk box stickers was 260, and it was still going up. After he had disappeared for a while, people's enthusiasm for him was kind of unbelievable.

This sticker was customised for the channel. Each one costed one dollar to send once, and Young Deer could receive some consolation prize. But who could understand the feeling of receiving a prize by getting sneered at? More importantly, the consolation prize was only a total deal of 5,000 dollars. Young Deer wasn't a beggar.

Young Deer shrugged. "Laugh at me! Laugh at me however you want. Nowadays, you would get criticised for telling the truth. I'm not afraid, because what I said was the truth. I'm not trashing the Skeleton god. The Wargod No.1 should be known as a the No. 1 true god! Wait and see. Well, Skeleton might catch a cold sometime. It's inevitable to make a mistake every once in a while."

Though saying that, he didn't dare to predict Skeleton would lose before everything became clear. He had eaten his milk box twice, and if he did it again, it would be a huge joke for his whole life. No matter how much money they gave him, he just wouldn't do it again.

On Earth, on some island on the Pacific Ocean, a chubby teenage boy was getting ready. He was Shadow of Atlantis, with one fourth Atlantean lineage.

Normally, Atlanteans did not intermarry with human beings, but there was always exceptions, and he was one of them. However, he was not recognised by Atlantis, that's the reason why he stayed on the Earth. He didn't inherit the physical strength of Atlanteans, and the small percentage of lineage was useless on the Earth. The only place he could bring his lineage into play was in CT. If the professional scene didn't ban the use of Atlantean mecha, he wouldn't be so gloomy.

Skeleton was really popular recently, and his interest now was to beat the really popular ones. To beat them and see the looks of despair on their fans' faces was an enjoyment to him.

His target was to become the strongest shadow in the CT world. He would beat anyone who was popular. Being an uncrowned king was definitely better than being the king on the throne. The king had to put on a flattering smile when meeting him. You are the king, I will be the Shadow Pope.

What a shame that people stopped playing with him before he succeeded. Every time he appeared, the high level game would ban the use of Atlantean mecha, he couldn't even get a match.

Maybe it was because he hadn't appeared for too long, but Skeleton didn't set the restriction this time. The reason why he didn't beat Skeleton in the very beginning was because he wanted to build up his popularity. With millions of people watching the live show, it was time for him to make a move.

After he blinked his eyes, the chubby teenage boy sipped his energy drink, which could boost his energy in the short term, before climbing into the CT cabin.

"UV1 battle record, 51 wins, 3 loses, entered Diamond 5 with crazy victory rates. His only 3 losses were caused by using human mecha due to the restriction of Atlantean mecha required by the opponents." Bubbly Foam continued introducing the challenger's information.

"Yeah, if we only look at the record, he is much stronger than Skeleton," Young Deer said easily.

The crowd started to shout and curse. "A pig can also win using the Atlantean mech!"

This time Young Deer replied, "Are you trying to say Skeleton isn't even as good as a pig?"

"Little chicken, are you trying to bicker with me? You are too young for that. If it were not for my professional image, I could scold you for three days straight using different words," Young Deer mumbled to himself.

The battle selection was complete and the screen started to load.

Map: Wailing Canyon.

Wailing Canyon was an ancient battlefield. Humans and the Zerg once fought a decisive battle here, so there was still a large amount of radiation interference even now.

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