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Never did he imagine the situation would develop like this, not even in his dreams! Suddenly, a black object flew towards him. F*ck. At this distance? And he was so accurate?

He subconsciously avoided it; however, Rainbow took this opportunity to attack.

During the entire course of the fight, Lucky had fired 10 shots to pressure Rainbow. However, Rainbow had not fired a single round in return.

At this point in time, Rainbow rushed over. The Tempest Condor locked onto the opponent and laser beams fired in every direction. Lucky felt that something was off and immediately turned on his energy shields.


One round after another hit him. Rainbow had entered a state of nirvana, with only his laser rifle in his hand.

The energy shield was gradually crumbling.

Hammer wanted to rescue him, but Wild King was attacking him relentlessly. As Hammer was more skilled than Wild King, Wild King's energy shields were almost depleted. However, at this point in time, he fought with his life on the line, refusing to let Hammer assist Lucky.

Wild King gritted his teeth and rushed towards Hammer, directly blocking Hammer's laser rifle. One for one. This would be worth it.

Bang… Bang…

Wild King felt a warm feeling engulf him as he could only hear static crackling.

Two mecha exploded. Lucky and Wild King had simultaneously died.

When the battle had just begun, no one would have expected such a result. The one who known as the strongest sniper, Lucky, was actually destroyed by an unknown person by the name of Rainbow.

The battle had become a 2 on 2.

After losing his equipment, it had become a battle of one's gunnery skills.

Whether it was the Star Emperor Corp's opponents or the Prince, they were all-rounded, and Prince's gunnery skills weren't bad. More importantly, the War Emperor Type V was equipped with Mar's favourite Flame Laser Rifle. Its accuracy was average, but its power was immense.

The Tempest Condor had arrived beside the Wargod No. 1. Normally, a sniper left alive was an advantage. However, if the sniper was discovered from his ambush position, it was a different situation.

On the opposite side, the War Emperor Type V and the Gold Guardian were standing next to each other.

Hammer felt slightly angry. He had been blocked at the critical moment by a noob. This was a failure on his part as a support. A support was supposed to observe the entire situation and assist where it was necessary; their focus was not to engage in battle. On the other hand, Wild King had made the more correct decision and achieved his objective.

However, the situation was not that bad. The battle was not over. D*mn it!

Although they were still worried, the Skeleton Corps were still cheering. Wild King being able to block Hammer was indeed a mystery. During the critical moment, he was even able to block his opponent. He even accomplished his mission.

However, the current situation was not good. A long ranged battle was still determined by one's energy shield. However, the War Emperor had exhausted a large portion of his shields and the energy was running low, so it would not be of much use at this point. However, the real problem was Hammer. The Gold Guardian had an extremely strong energy shield. When he got serious, it would also give any close combatant a hard time.

Before the current situation, both sides were treating it like a game. However, after the loss of a teammate, the atmosphere had become more serious.

It was not meant to be much of a challenge. However, when Wild King ferociously blocked Hammer's shot and was destroyed, Wang Zheng's anger was aroused. Although he did not spend any time with the Skeleton Corps, the most interesting things of the day would be told to him by Yan Xiaosu. Hence he was not at all unfamiliar with Rainbow nor Wild King.

The two of them had treated him as their captain. However, he had not been a competent one!

"Captain, we have to destroy them!" Hammer was furious. These three shrimps had actually managed to take advantage of them.


The flame laser rifle's engine had started.

No one had the intention of escaping.

Blood was rushing through their heads. Even if they were merely acting brave, if they retreated at this point in time, it would be humiliating.

"Skeleton, what shall we do?"

"Kill them!"

A tinge of bloodlust could be seen in Wang Zheng's eyes. He fired his laser rifle. In a split second, both sides had started firing at each other.

They dodged and they returned fire. Rainbow focused on dodging and did not attack. However, this allowed him to fully focus on the task and hence his energy shields were not weakened.

Prince's state of mind was not at its peak. However, the Gold Guardian was a defensive type mech, so its energy shields were extremely strong and it received hits for Prince while simultaneously returning fire.

Streak after streak of lasers whizzed past. The Wargod No. 1 was dodging extremely quickly. He made use of cover to even return fire. However, the Prince's flame laser rifle was extremely powerful, so the cover would be instantly destroyed upon being hit.

The Wargod No. 1's shots never missed the target. Each time he hit, the energy shield would flicker. The battle was reaching its climax.

Both sides could not exhibit many of theirs skills. They had to rely on their mecha's abilities

"Hammer, let's stop playing around. Let us go all out!"

Lucky was extremely furious. Even in such an unimportant game, someone had overturned his boat. It was humiliating.

Rainbow used a sniper mech. Even though he was focusing on dodging, under such a relentless assault, it was just too difficult to remain unharmed. If things continued going on this way, he would definitely be finished.

Prince and Hammer seemed to have come to a tacit agreement. Both of them were using their firepower to push the Wargod No. 1 and the Tempest Condor towards the center of the map. It looked as though they wanted to prevent them from fleeing.

With Skeleton's personal abilities, if he wanted to engage in guerilla combat, it would really cause them a headache.

However, Wang Zheng did not have any intention of doing that.

When he saw that the two of them were close to each other, the flame laser rifle stopped firing. Instead, an energy ball was condensing at the tip of the rifle.

Not good. Rainbow suddenly had a bad feeling. D*mn it, how could he have forgotten?

However, it was now too late to split up. The Gold Guardian ignored all damage to itself. He just had to contain them for a few seconds. Once the energy condensed, it would be able to completely shred the both of them.

When the energy had finished charging up, Prince's eyes were bloodshot. "Have a taste of the Flame Explosion!"

Rainbow gritted his teeth. The Tempest Condor rushed in front of the Wargod No. 1. "Run! Quickly!"

Even when the energy shields were operating at max, he would only be able to block for a few seconds. He knew that Skeleton would definitely make the most appropriate judgment.

This was their only chance. He would not allow Skeleton's winning streak to end here.

"Let us die together."

At this point in time, Rainbow felt a huge blast of energy heading towards him. The Tempest Condor's body was suddenly knocked into the air.

Right in front of him was a wide, exposed gap. The flame laser fired. This…

On the screen, Lear's mouth had a cold smile hung on it. "I overestimated this peasant."

In his view, Skeleton had wasted his only chance. His indecisiveness had led to the destruction of his team. It was truly stupid.

At this point in time, Rainbow received a message: Fire!

The Wargod No. 1 was now equipped with an extra beam saber… it was Rainbow's?

Bang bang bang bang!

The laser blasted.

"Go and die!" Rainbow shouted. Even in his dreams he did not expect Skeleton to give him this opportunity.

He had entered a complete state of focus. He did not even need the Luoluo Tracking System; he could see everything around him clearly. Without a doubt, all he needed to hit the target was to feel where his target was and fire. This was the state he had always been pursuing. However, not even in his dreams did he expect to finally attain this state.

Bang Bang Bang Bang…

Everyone's focus was on Skeleton. Hammer was extremely happy. However, he had underestimated the Tempest Condor's sniping abilities. Rainbow, who had been consistently waiting, suddenly burst into action. He had directly destroyed the Gold Guardian's defense and destroyed the Gold Guardian itself with another shot.

Hammer slammed his fist against the CT apparatus. F*ck, he had actually been destroyed. However, victory was still theirs.

The now defenseless Prince did not know what to do. He did not dodge. Neither did he fire back at the Tempest Condor in the air. He had a second's worth of time to react, yet he did not do anything and awaited death.


The Prince had been destroyed!

But… why???


Why was there no indication of the Wargod No. 1 exploding?

When the dust settled, the shadow of a mech appeared.

The Wargod No. 1!

What happened?

The entire audience was silent, and the commentators did not say anything. There was no video replay either. This was because the battle had not ended. At this point in time, Team Skeleton could choose to go for a tie or attack the enemy's minecluster.

Comrade Old Deer was completely shocked. He had an extremely bad feeling. This Skeleton was definitely trying to do something.

"Captain, my mech's energy shields are still operational. Let me enter the minefield first. We still have a chance. Worst case it will be a draw," Rainbow said. At this point in time, his tone was not that of a casual player but that of a special forces member. It was a pity that the minefield prohibited flying and hence he could not fly over it.

The Wargod No. 1 was not completely undamaged; the mech had several holes in it. However, they were all in non-critical areas. He walked towards the Tempest Condor and returned the beam saber.

"I will not let my brothers in arms die for me. Trust me."

Rainbow gritted his teeth as he retrieved his beam saber. To be frank, he only played CT to relax. Life as a special forces member was tough, and little did he expect that…

Just who was this guy!?

The Skeleton Corps was silent. This… was he going to kill himself?

There was a tragic atmosphere in the air; however, in the Skeleton Corps, there was no going back!

"Contestant Skeleton has decided to enter the minefield. Even he if fails, he will still do his best. This is Skeleton. This is the Skeleton Corps. This is Rainbow and Wild King! Bravo!"

Bubbly Foam's eyes were red. Even if it was a tie, it would be considered Team Skeleton's victory.

Looking at Old Deer beside her… what was he doing?

"Oh no. Oh no. This is not good."

Comrade Old Deer was mumbling to himself.

The Wargod No. 1 opened an infrared energy-detecting device. Although it was not optimal, it could detect the mines in the mine field to a certain extent. However, one's perception could be wrong. In fact, if he reacted too slowly, he would also die.

Old Deer's heart thumped as he held his breath.

The Wargod No. 1 rushed into the minefield. There were over a hundred light mines. Just one mistake would end him! It was impossible to dodge the explosions as well. No human had ever done so!

The following 5 short minutes, an asphyxiating 5 minutes for that matter, allowed everyone to see a precise and impeccable operation of a mech.

The system tracked the progress very closely. The audience could see the layout of the mines and the movement of the Wargod No. 1.

A blind traverse was when one was rushing for time, utilizing the strength of the energy shields to block the damage from the minefield when rushing through. However… he was not blindly traversing.

The Wargod No. 1 was like a ghost as it weaved through the minefield. Not a single landmine was tripped!

When the Wargod No. 1 stood on the other side of the minefield, this scene had shocked everyone.

The Tempest Condor on the other side saluted him.

Regardless of who he was, regardless of his job, it had all impressed Rainbow.

It was the work of a god!

Team Skeleton WIN!

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