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On the other side, Lucky felt the same way. This calmness and confidence, it did not seem like the other side was a platinum-ranked noob.

In the center of the battlefield, Skeleton and Prince had already started exchanging blows. One could easily appreciate other's battles but not know how their own would unfold.

The Prince was fully known in the professional circuit. His moves were not graceful but instead practical. They were always able to strike the opponent's weak points at the crucial moments. He did not need graceful moves, it was a waste of energy.

However, facing this Wargod No. 1, the War Emperor was unable to gain any advantage at all.

Compared to Hammer and Lucky, who held an advantage over their opponents, the Prince was actually at a disadvantage.

With each step he took, his momentum increased and his strikes strengthened.

The War Emperor's electric halberd paved the way forward, each blow having the force to decimate his opponent. However, Skeleton's Wargod No. 1 skillfully parried each blow. Other than a few frontal clashes, Skeleton avoided the rest. The halberd was ferocious, but it was not the most flexible. However, Prince did not leave any weak spots exposed for long. Hence, the Wargod No. 1 was unable to gain any advantage either.

"F*ck, what are the two of them doing? Are they playing around? F*ck their m*ms!"

Some people could not help but shout out. They thought that it would be a showdown between Mars and the Earth (their mecha). However, what was happening was not up to their expectations.

These brothers would just shoot their mouths off when bored.

"You b*tches don't understand. Only noobs would engage in fancy fights. This is a fight between experts. It's so frightening that I'm sweating in my seat."

What he said rang true. Inexperienced players wouldn't be able to resist but engage in a direct confrontation immediately, trying to bite the opponent to death immediately. However, when it came to the high-ranked arenas, it would be quite normal to see two players engage in a fight for over 10 minutes without going all out. Only when they had confidence in exploiting an opponent's weak spot would they go all out. This was because once they did so, there was a chance that their own weakness would be exposed and exploited in return.

Especially for snipers, it was even harder to resist such temptations to attack wildly.

Prince was not surprised at the outcome. He had personally watched the last battle. In the face of the ferocious assault by Brightmoon, he was still able to maintain his calm. This was truly an expert.

Cheers resounded.

The halberd was suddenly raised towards the sky before being slammed into the ground heavily. The Star Emperor Corp's fans were excited. This was the Prince's declaration of war towards opponents he recognized. He would only show such a gesture towards these players, and it signified he would do his best.

The War Emperor suddenly lurched forward, rushing towards the Wargod No. 1. Although the speed was not high, it was full of oppressive momentum.


Prince spoke through the public channel, his momentum like a rainbow. The War Emperor's electric halberd slashed, bringing with it an atmosphere that all had to kneel to!

The movement was not quick, but no one would be able to dodge it.

Wang Zheng could feel it too. Even though he could easily dodge Lady Stormsword's vicious and swift attacks, Prince's move gave him a feeling that he would not be able to dodge it.

This was taking hold of the rhythm of battle! His heart was one with the situation.

When one wanted to strike because the opponent had slowed down and exposed a weak point, yet at the same moment the opponent accelerated forward, covering the weak point one was about to take advantage of and then retaliating, such a move would definitely cause the individual to pause. It would create a dissonance in judgment, and their body would hesitate for a brief moment. In high-ranked battles, this brief moment was enough.

This was the Prince's unrivalled Tyrannical Halberd Art. Many experts had been crushed by this move.


The alloy knife defended the strike and an explosion resounded. The alloy knife shuddered under the pressure, and the Wargod No. 1 was knocked backwards.



He used the retreat to both dampen the blow and move backwards. This was effective against other opponents, but not the Prince. His momentum would not be reduced.

The force of the blow remained as the halberd pulled back. The strike was followed by a stab with the tip. It has to be said that the Prince's techniques belonged to the rarely seen battlefield style. They were large and sweeping. Every move was filled with tyrannical intent.

However, the moves were not swung wildly but rather left one with no place to hide.


The alloy knife clashed against the halberd with both arms used to support the blow. There was a violent collision as the Wargod No. 1 was knocked flying backwards, leaving a long trail in the ground.

The Prince's moves were flowing and the halberd was tyrannical. However, halberd attacks tended to be slow. For the Prince, this was not a problem. The moment he slashed out, the War Emperor's engines roared as he tightly controlled the follow up motions. Tyrannical sweeps were followed by a fluid motion as he lifted his weapon backwards before suddenly slashing down again.

If Skeleton were to continue to block, it would definitely end with problems. Yet at this point, the Wargod No. 1 suddenly paused in its movements and the mech moved backwards at the same time its engines roared to life. It was a forced maneuver where the Wargod No. 1 dodged the halberd's strike. The difficulty of the move made people gasp out in shock. Even after he landed, he was able to maintain his balance. However, the Prince had already lashed out with a follow-up move. With a turn of his body, the electric halberd swung around him, but he had missed, and the Wargod No. 1 pulled away!


The Prince's heaven-shaking War Emperor's certain kill move!

A single stroke. A brilliant flash. It would conquer all foes!

The Wargod No. 1 immediately shied away. The mech had to force itself to stabilize, so how could it dodge the War Emperor's halberd? This was the terror of the Prince's continuous strikes. It was nothing fancy, but it could not be dodged!

Some opponents who lost would feel unease and felt that it was due to luck. However, all of those who faced the Prince and lost wouldn't feel this way. This was because they were defeated by superior close combat skills.

The retreating Wargod No. 1 instead rolled backwards and used his knee to block the blow.


Perfectly blocked, the halberd was parried!

The Wargod No. 1 was pushed back slightly. He was like a relentless vengeful spirit. Leveraging the force, the engines roared to life again as the Wargod No. 1 dashed towards the War Emperor, who was in close proximity.

The undefeated move of the Prince had finally been defeated? Furthermore, the opponent could even retaliate.

The Prince smiled. The halberd suddenly pulled back.


The War Emperor stabbed the halberd into the ground and blocked the Wargod No. 1's assault.

Swift horizontal blade, Unparalleled Under Heaven!


The two mecha instantly clashed and separated.

The audience member's eyes were rolling in their sockets. Was there a need to be so vicious?

"You were just as I expected. I always wondered if anyone could frontally block my halberd and yet still retaliate. I have never used this next move in a competition. Be careful."

Prince picked up the halberd and his mech roared to life, energy flashing all about. The Prince's hand that was holding the electric halberd crackled with a strong electric current. It looked like there was a lightning serpent coiled around it.

The War Emperor Type V's electric halberd could produce an electromagnetic current to harm its opponents. It was used during an attack to overload the opponent's systems. However, it would drain the mech's energy, so it was not often used. The Prince had not really used it much as it might not have been ineffective. But what about now?

The War Emperor renewed its assault. The electric halberd began to rotate violently in his hands, light radiating in every direction. It was as though a true god of war had descended! Yet it was even more ferocious than that. The entire electric halberd looked like a weapon of the gods!


A single stroke struck outwards.


Wang Zheng did not choose to dodge. To counter such a wide and sweeping move, one could not simply dodge it. A generic move would not be able to dodge its assault.

This was a strike with all his energy. It could be seen from the moment he had prepared himself to execute the move and from the mech itself. Whoever tried to save their strength here would definitely suffer.

A fierce attack had to be met with another. What followed the move were three other fierce strikes with the halberd! It consumed even more energy! Wang Zheng definitely wanted to close the distance. Although the Prince was very familiar with battling with the halberd, this was an innate restriction of using the halberd. On the other hand, the alloy knife was no more than a small dagger, but it had its benefits.

However, the strong electric current forced Wang Zheng to rethink his plan. A direct assault would not be beneficial. Had he consumed his energy shields just so that Skeleton could not approach him?

At this point, Wang Zheng noticed that the electric current had focused on a point on the electric halberd.

Not good!

Prince gave a wry smile. It was over!

The electric halberd flew outwards!

The Wargod No. 1 was knocked flying. The entire audience noticed it. The Wargod No. 1 was not disadvantaged in any way when he engaged the War Emperor in a close combat fight. However, the electric current had suddenly exploded outwards and changed the situation!

However, the Prince was not in much better condition. Yet at this point, the Prince's hand's electric halberd was thrown outwards like a javelin.

That previous explosion of electricity was sufficient to knock out any mech's energy shields. A halberd's strike would then bring certain death. Yet the Wargod No. 1 did not possess an energy shield, so the shock would hit the pilot directly. The Wargod No. 1 was definitely paralysed!

This move was definitely fatal for Skeleton if he was paralysed!

Bubbly Foam and the fans were all sweating profusely while clenching their fists tightly. Was it going to end this way?

No! No! Impossible!

Everyone was clenching their fists tightly. Paralysed! Paralysed! Paralysed!

The Wargod No. 1 picked up its alloy knife. Although it was slightly slower, he still managed to pick it up!


However, the electric halberd continued to fly before stabbing into the ground, unleashing another blast of electricity in all 4 directions. The War Emperor Type V was then pulled along with the blast.

It was a forced control of the engine combined with an electromagnetic gravitational system!

Carrying the momentum of the wind, the War Emperor then launched a kick towards the Wargod No. 1.

Everyone was shocked.

This was the Prince, the undefeatable Prince!

This was truly heaven-defying, something no one had ever seen.

Who would have thought that the Prince, who was renowned for battling in a very stable fashion, would have such a heavenly move!?

At this point, Wang Zheng threw his alloy knife away. His left hand was paralysed, but still used it to block. Bang.

This attack knocked his left arm into his body heavily, so he was unable to block the blow. However, his right arm lunged and grabbed onto the Prince's right leg.


The Wargod No. 1 let out a harsh cracking sound. However, the blow had been blocked and he had not been kicked away. At the same time, he grabbed on to the Prince. Suddenly, Skeleton twisted his body and released his grip while doing a flip kick aiming for the head of the War Emperor


The energy shield blocked the hit.

Sparks flew as the War Emperor was struck. The energy shield radiated in a myriad of colors when it was hit.

The audience was going crazy. This b*stard not only received the attack but launched a counterattack???

If not for the energy shield, the Prince would have already been destroyed!

Looking at the situation, the Prince's energy shields would deplete soon.

At this point, the Wargod No. 1 did not chase after him as their mecha separated. Even in his dreams did he not imagine that someone would be able to retaliate.

Wang Zheng then grabbed the halberd on the floor and flung it.

At this point in time, Wild King and Rainbow were fighting closer and closer towards their battle area as per the original plan.

Lucky was still fighting with Rainbow. The opponent was extremely strong, but it seemed as though he was too serious. This was CT, not a real battle! The atmosphere and the mentality should have been completely different.

In a real battle, any round fired could kill someone. However, CT was not the same. The Rainbow who had become serious gave Lucky a lot of pressure. At the very least he did not give any opportunity to be attacked. Originally, Lucky wanted to destroy the opponent's weapon just to humiliate him.

After destroying his weapon, he could be slaughtered like a pig.

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