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The system finally released the huge announcement. The sound was incredibly highpitched and even dragged on.

In countless places, people cheered thunderously. There was no need for words.

However, people were most curious about what had happened when the flame laser rifle had fired. How did the Wargod No. 1 leave unscathed?

In the VIP broadcasting room, everyone maintained their calm. This was the benefit of watching the stream live. Everyone had to wait for the analysis at the same time.

On the screen, the mecha appeared and the video was played in slow motion.

The flame laser rifle had fired in a burst towards the beam saber!

The beam saber had blocked 8 of the shots, Skeleton had dodged 5 shots with a high frequency dodge, while Prince had missed 26 shots. The two times he had hit, they did not land on critical areas.

The VIP area was full of Earth's CT experts. Many of them even knew THE Prince. There were many professional teams there who shocked by Skeleton's calm and monstrous piloting skills.

He was just like a robot.

The livestreaming area was silent.

After a period of time, a young man sighed, "Perhaps if the Prince opted for a precision battle, there might have been a chance."

"If it was you, would you even do that?" Another person who looked identical to him chimed in.

They were twin brothers, THE Earth Region's Blair brothers. They were renowned for being almost telepathic when it came to working together. In the ranking of the top players during the King's Challenge, both of them occupied spots in it.

No one had expected that someone would be able to dodge such a barrage of attacks. This had already exceeded most people's imagination.

Lear's pupils widened before he quietly turned off the scream and the entire room submerged into darkness.

His choice of action was not stupid. He was a peerless warrior.

"Young Master, the investigation results are out."


"According to our data, the opponent seems like he is from Earth. However, there are traces of information that suggest he is from Atlantis. Any other information requires the highest clearance. Hence we should not continue looking for further information."

Lear waved his hands in the dark. Atlantis? Why would someone be so bored as to gallivant around Earth?


Truly a masterpiece!

The Wargod had descended!

Even the most beautiful of words could not describe this match. Accordingly, the level of fanaticism was also different. When the battle ended, the people in the VIP lounge were shocked. They were so shocked that they couldn't even make a sound. It seemed as though this battle had left an unforgettable mark on each of them.

On the other hand, the Skeleton Corps was cheering loudly. So what if it was a professional!? He would be destroyed all the same!

Rainbow and Wild King truly deserved their titles as heroes! What's so important about coordination?

Why does anyone even need a team?

What was most important was the fact that all were for one, and one was for all!

They had already reached the highest level!

When the match ended, Student Skeleton disappeared. However, Rainbow remained to answer questions.

"Rainbow, everyone would like to know how you communicated with the team. We heard that you have never fought as an organized team before. However, everyone realized that your ability to communicate tacitly was amazing. How did you do it?"

Bubbly Foam asked.

Rainbow smiled. "Trust!"

What did it mean to be a team? Trust was the most important thing!

"Old Deer, you look kind of pale." As one of the key members of the Skeleton Corps, Rainbow could not let this opportunity pass by. An eye for an eye after all.

"This old me is feeling sick. I should be fine after some rest." Old Deer looked like a little emperor who had been wronged. He had suddenly realized that his premonitions were even more accurate than others! Granny's leg.

"Congratulations, Rainbow, for your victory. Do you have anything you want to say right now?"

Bubbly Foam smiled. She looked extremely cute at this point in time.

Rainbow's face turned red, "Little Bubbly, would you be willing to be my girlfriend?"

Bubbly Foam never imagined he would say this here. The entire Skeleton Corps was roaring with laughter. Rainbow seemed so shy.

Bubbly Foam's face turned red. However, the answer was certain.

Yan Xiaosu, who was standing at the side, also laughed. He pulled open Wang Zheng's CT capsule door. "Little Red Noob is hilarious. He's done for this time. He will definitely be ridiculed to the end of time!"

"Little Red Noob, everyone loves you. Would you be willing to be my girlfriend?"

"Little Red Noob, let's get on the bed together!"

Wild King loved to cause a ruckus. This battle was one of his most exhilarating ones yet. At times, one's rate of winning when playing solo was very low. A team truly allowed one to be at their strongest!

Here, one was not merely looking for their own identity but that of the team's.

Bubbly Foam bowed as she said, "Good day, everyone. The livestream will end here. What's coming next is an analysis of the competition. Thank you for watching. Please give a hand of applause to all the participants. Thank you, everyone!"

In the CT office, all of the employees were cheering. This victory was truly too awesome.

"Boss, this was just too intense. When I saw the Wargod No. 1 reappear, my heart skipped a beat. I almost lost my year-end bonus!"

"That person is truly audacious!"

"I feel that he truly is a real man. All you grandpas! Im sure Skeleton was not fully confident of his win, but a true man will live up to his responsibilities!"

"That's right!"

"That was just too satisfying! This was the first time I felt that my work was just too cool!"

Solon smiled. "Alright, report the data. After we tidy it up, we can publish it."

"Boss! We have exceeded over 3.5million viewers. And it's continuing to rise! At this rate, we will likely exceed 4 million viewers!

Once this number appeared on the screen, the whole room devolved into a frenzy. This was just an amateur battle, but it had broken existing records! It was comparable to the viewer count of a professional battle!

"Boss, how shall we title the report? 'Amateur Overcomes Professionals?'"

Solon paused to think, pondering for a brief moment. "Invincibility stemming from trust!"

Rainbow wanted to block a round for Skeleton as he knew that Skeleton could win the competition for them. However, when Skeleton had thrown Rainbow into the air, he definitely believed in Rainbow's ability to defeat the two of them. Otherwise, the two of them would definitely have lost.

During the moment of crisis, what was important was trust.

This match was extremely important. It went without saying that no one was joking around.

After working for so many years, with all the infighting in his company, Solon had become desensitized to everything that happened. However, Solon finally felt something from this. It was something that had been missing for many years.

This was a great victory. This plan could have been considered to be successful. He had always fought with the board of directors, however he finally now had the courage to struggle with them all the way.

Release the horses, it was time to fight!

The surrounding workers looked at Solon in awe. He seemed to have gained a new found confidence. The reason why they strived so hard was also due to their trust in Solon.

In CT's top video rankings, the video of Team Skeleton vs the Star Emperor Corps ascended like a rocket through the rankings. This was a miracle because it had managed to displace the professional videos who had always had a monopoly on the top few most viewed videos.

In the VIP area, the number of people gradually increased. This was just too awesome.

The Prince had actually demonstrated his trump card meant for professional competitions in this amateur match.

Although he had failed, there were no doubts about the Prince's strength. The War Emperor's electric halberd and electro magnetic attraction system was executed flawlessly. This move had immense killing potential. If the move was successful, Prince would no doubt have occupied the headlines. Unfortunately, the new headline was slightly different. This move had been mercilessly countered. In Skeleton's eyes, all whimsical moves would be crushed.

To Wang Zheng, any imaginative moves like that were simply not practical enough to be used. Firstly, he would not have panicked when the move failed. Wang Zheng had essentially experienced all possible types of moves in his training with Bonehead. If someone had seen a new move for the first time, it was almost guaranteed that Wang Zheng would have understood and even experienced the move in some way or another! In fact, Wang Zheng would definitely have understood the concept behind it. It would be difficult to surprise him.

In fact, when it came to technical skills, when the Prince's imaginative move was used against the Wargod No. 1, it was a miracle that he had even dodged the electric blast and furthermore had even dodged all the mines, even those in his blind spot, which caused him to be completely overshadowed.

This skill had far surpassed the ordinary battle skill of the professionals on Earth.

Perhaps Skeleton really was a professional player?

However what shocked everyone was not only his technical skills. It was Skeleton Teams' cooperation. It was so natural! In most teams, they would have arranged for whom to be sacrificed and who would defend, however this was not the case in their team!

When the Wargod No. 1 flung the Tempest Condor into the air, everyone was blown away by the sight. This was true cooperation!

This was truly a classic example of a battle. Spending 10 federation dollars to watch this competition was truly worth it.

The Skeleton Corp once again had an explosive increase in the number of members.

This time, not only Skeleton was in the limelight, Rainbow and Wild King had also become exceptionally famous. Who would have expected that Wild King, who had previously been crushed by Hammer, would actually play so well? During the critical moment, he made the right decision and acted decisively, winning the game for them.

Rainbow was also famous. Many people thought that the Skeleton Corps was just full of noobs, that they were just a group that made a lot of noise. Who would have thought that Rainbow, a platinum-ranked player, would actually be able to face off against Lucky without giving any ground? During the crucial point of the battle, he had even finished off Lucky, Hammer, and even the Prince! This was something rarely seen even in professional battles!

This would not be possible without being able to stay sufficiently calm and without having sufficient skill. The battle wouldn't have been won even if Skeleton had heaven-defying skills.

The courage brought about by winning the match gave Little Red Noob the confidence to ask out Bubbly Foam. Even under relentless cheers, Bubbly Foam agreed.

This was a brave individual.

Every battle was a celebration. The Skeleton Corps quieted down slightly. Bubbly Foam had come and Little Red Noob was being ridiculed endlessly.

At Norton's Island of Life

This was a satellite outside of Earth that belonged to the Solar System Federation. It was an artificial space city. Although it was a space city, it had the best medical facilities in the entire Solar System and was also known as Paradise Island.

Qiangsen was currently undergoing the best medical treatment. His condition was quite complicated, so a normal place would not be able to treat him and the costs were high.

Qiangsen turned off his Skylink. He had just finished listening to the explanation of the entire battle. He was extremely happy for his brothers in his heart. To be honest, he did not feel that there was any chance of victory; the difficulty was just too high. Rainbow and Wild King had definitely exceeded their potential. Man had unlimited potential. Under pressure, they would be able to exhibit super strength. It could be said that Skeleton was excellent at motivating them.

However, what Qiangsen did not expect, as well as the Prince, was that Skeleton would play an auxiliary role. This distracted the Prince and Hammer. If they had not wanted to focus their efforts on defeating the Wargod No. 1, the result would not have been the same. By relegating himself to support, Hammer's attention was focused on one individual, and he lost sight of the overall picture. It was definitely his loss.

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